SCYLLA heirs: Lincoln and Michael - the college years

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1. Fashion Week by Nika

2. Static 1 by Nika

3. Golden Gods I by Nika

Fashion Week by Nika
Author's Notes:

This was an idea to tell a story of the life of Linc and Mike as heirs to the SCYLLA empire through anything but prose writing. A sort of puzzle, like a police inverstigation collecting intel by means of telephone recordings, diary entries, interviews of witnesses etc.

Song: Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand

Wednesday, 25th February 2009, 2:38 pm, The Dorchester, Park Lane, London


“Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much.”

“You busy?”

“Nope, just chilling.”


“Um, the Dorchester, I think.”

“You think?”

“Yes, was too drunk last night to pay attention but from the interior I guess it’s the good old Harlequin Suite at the D.”

“Decadent youth! So, you’re still in London?”


“What are ya doing?”

“Recovering from Bailey’s afterparty.”

“Ahh, how’s fashion week so far?”

“A nightmare. Christopher made me open his show, so did Viv and Stella and the press was all over me afterwards.”

“Are they heralding you as the new male supermodel?”

“Worse, they're calling me the first genuine It Boy!!! Made me pose with all the Pixiepeaches and some annoying redhead offspring of that obscure duchess.”

“Poor boy, I already told you in Stockholm: you shouldn’t have fucked that Scandinavian at the ball.”

“Yeah, well... too late for that now. Why didn’t you tell me she was a damn princess? If I'm not careful I’ll go down in history as the boy who fucked his way through the Royal Register.”

“Why, who else has been added to the list since Sweden?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Atta boy. Guess they’ll hang garlands on your door in Magdalen. When are you heading back to Ox?”

“Tomorrow morning. Have my tute with old Windermere on Friday.”

“How is he?”

“Good. We’re discussing Greek philosophers at the moment while playing chess and backgammon.”

“He’s keeping your fingers busy, huh? Is he still as obsessed about them as ever?”

“More, I am afraid. I dread that if I play the cembalo for him he’ll orgasm.”

“Wouldn’t be the first one. Remember Miss Kobayashi, the piano teacher?”

“How could I forget. The first time I got to touch a female there, man, and I couldn’t get enough.”

“It sure did wonders to your dexterity. Your Revolutionary Etude by Chopin never sounded quite as virtuoso once she was gone.”

“That’s your fault, fucker. Why did you have to do her on the damn concert grand and get caught by mom?”

“Well, it was an original Bösendorfer Piano or better Mösendorfer, had to do it justice.”

“Möse. That must be the only German word you remember from your days in Vienna, right?”

“Well, I did a lot of pussies back then.”

“I remember, the infamous Opera Ball. Am still amazed that mom didn’t realize that her eldest son had banged more than half of the attending female debutantes.”

“Best fortnight in my life. They should have given me an order for my special services to the country.”

“Yeah, engraved with Pretium laborum non vile... No wait, that is actually the motto on the Order of the Golden Fleece.”

“Perfect, there was definitely more than one golden fleece, I can assure you!"


"Wow, no laughter at my bad joke? What’s wrong?”

“Huh? Nothing. I was momentarily distracted, sorry.”

“How come?”

“Exactly. Am getting blown by a Russian topmodel.”

“How very European of you. Is she any good?”

“Sucks like a hoover. Judging from her emaciated frame I guess she’s hungry. Can’t be too bad for her to have a proteine shake, right?"

“If it’s one of yours? Most definitely! Wait, can she understand what you’re saying?”


“Good. Then get her sloshed. Come to think of it, when can we expect you in Cannes on the yacht? Better stock up the Bollinger if the Chosen One from Ox arrives. Even more so since the old head and his young bride are gonna join us on our trip along the Cote d’Azur.”

“Which, I guess, is an adequate affair for the Sons of Scylla, right? Well, my last mod is just before the end of Hilary in March and I have to get back in May for the Trinity prelims.”

“Hilary pillory, gee, don’t you crave Princeton and it’s simplicity of fall and spring terms?”

“No, not really."

“Meritocratic dick.”

“Wow, best neologism of the day, bro. Seems like you’re coping well with ivy league yourself, huh? How are you doing there, Tiger?”

“Just dandy. The old man used to have me under 24-hour-surveillance but with his new mistress he’s finally cutting me some slack. But wait till it’s your turn to be polished to perfection at Princeton. You’re gonna miss your innocent, glorious Oxford days as an undergraduate soon enough."

“Well not so innocent right now. Ohhh, fuck... hold on a sec... aarrggghh, fuck!!!!”

“You doing okay?”

“Fuck, yeah! Ooohh, that was... pppfffttt,  bloody hell. Little Miss Romanova sure knows how to work those eggs.”

“Have her add some Roquefort, Caviar and Cayenne Pepper next time. And stop saying bloody hell. You sound like a pompous pommy to me.”

“Sorry, where were we?”

“Aegean. Greece. You coming, me listening to it... Aaahh, glorious days indeed.”

“Did it get you hard? As it used to?"



“Okay, what?”

“Okay, I am right. It did get you hard.”

“How d’you know that?”

“Because your silence is louder than ever.”

“That’s no affirmation.”

“Do you miss me?"


“See, it is affirmative.”

“You little shit.”

“I miss you, too.”

“Even with Miss Moscow wrapped around you?”

“Yes. An infinite deal more!”


“Woah, you know I could actually hear your smile just now.”

“You little fucker.”

“Stop sobriquetting, you’re making me blush.”

“Okay, gotta go. See you soon. Give Russia my love.”

“Will do. By the way, are you still a free agent?”

“As free as can be. Price to pay of being Company.”

“I’ll deprive you of your liberty as best as I can once we’re on that boat.”



“What about our new mom?”

“Let her watch. Think she’ll be up for it?”

“You bet.”

“Fine. See ya.”




End Notes:

Tute: short for tutorial. Individual sessions with tutors. Important part of Oxford college education.

Kobayashi (japanese) - surname, means little forest.

Revolutionary Etude by Chopin: difficult song that requires a skilled finger technique *g*

Bösendorfer: world famous Austrian instrument builder. A Bösendorfer Piano is played by singer/songwriter Tori Amos ( one of the authors favorite musicians btw!)

Mösendorfer:  pun made by author. A german word (also spoken in Austria) for cunt is Möse

Vienna Opera Ball: famous society event in Austria. Opened by up to 180 dancing couples, the so-called debutantes. Previous special guests included Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan, Anna Netrebko, Princess Caroline of Monaco

Order of the Golden Fleece: Austrian order

Pretium laborum non vile (latin) - Not a bad reward for labour (Motto of said order)

Bollinger: expensive Champagne brand

Mod's and prelims: examinations at Oxford

Hilary and Trinity: second and third trimester terms in Oxford from January till March and April til June

Eggs Romanoff: appetizer based on famous Russian family of last Tzar Romanov

Sobriquet: a nickname

From Russia with Love (1963): second film of the James Bond series starring Sean Connery (as if there ever could be any other James Bond!... Mmmmh, Wenty???!!)

Static 1 by Nika
Author's Notes:

Song: Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Phone messages left on various answering machines/ mailboxes:


Monday, 2nd March 2009, 4:46 am, Daniel Harris for Michael Scofield

Dude, dude? Where the fuck are you??? I pray to god you’re already on your way down to the river because if you stand me up for rowing practice I will kill you!”


Monday, 2nd March 2009, 9:12 am,, William Dunleary for Michael Scofield

"Good Morning Mr Scofield, Dunleary here from the Porters’ Lodge. I am sorry to inform you that your pidgeon hole is bursting more than ever with mail since last weekend. Could you please be so kind and drop by to collect it? And may I suggest you pick it up daily from now on? Thank you."


Monday, 2nd March 2009, 10:43 am, Lincoln Burrows for Michael Scofield

“Hey, my little one. Congrats on advancing to the next level of possible candidates for The Race. Well done, man. I heard you saved their asses on the last day of Torpids. How very maudlin, hahaha, no wonder they want you on the team. My own training schedule’s pretty paranoid, too. Have to obliterate P and C. Sorry, but it looks as if I won’t make it over to cheer for you. But knowing you I guess Cambridge’s hopes will founder yet again. If you get picked for the team that is. Tell them I’ll personally deliver you back for practice on Isis after our sailing trip with me, the man and the foxy lady. We’ll all be there to see you in the Summer Eights, anyway. Okay, gotta go, miss you. See you on the yacht soon. Til then try to keep the Royal Register rogering to a minimum."


Tuesday, 3rd March 2009,4:28 pm, Jacinta Aranxa Santiso Rodriguez for Katie Lehman

“Katie, this is Jacinta…Damn, pick up the phone… Aren’t you back from your lecture yet??? … Humpf, apparently not, mierda! If you hear this, text me back URGENTAMENTE!!!!! I am at the Rad Cam in the lower reading section and your not gonna believe who is sitting two rows away from me!!!! Michael Scofield!!!!  Madre de dios, he looks divine when he is studying. Is it just a rumor or really true that he… you know… has a habit of getting down and dirty with girls between the shelves in the Theology section? Mierda, he just looked at me... and I mean like that look, you know? Like he was totally checking me out. Christo amado, his glances are killing me! Do you think I’d be his type…? OH. MY. GOD. Katie… he is getting up!!! ... He is coming over!!! What am I supposed to do???”  


Wednesday, 4th March 2009, 11:04 am, Doctor Smytheson for Professor Wilbur Windermere

“Professor Windermere, this is Doctor Smytheson calling from the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital. I would like to make another appointment for an examination. I don’t want to worry you but it would be good if we could schedule our meeting as soon as possible, maybe even this week? Just call the oncology department. The numbers are all in your folder. The sooner we know what exactly we’re dealing with the sooner we can start with the therapy. Okay, um, thank you. Bye.”


Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 5:22 pm, Professor Windermere for Michael Scofield

"Mr Scofield, I am fretfully sorry to cancel your tute on Friday at such short notice but I have some unpostponable issues to sort out. We will resume our conversation about the concept of Socratic Philosophy next week, instead. And since Miss Roland is still too sick to attend her tute you will have the honor of a double session with me. I don’t have to tell you which texts to prepare. Knowing you I assume you’ve already buried your nose in the Politeia and will probably drag old Seneca into the discussion as well. I wouldn’t mind that as long as you bring another cask of that lovely uisge beatha with you, deliciolae.”


Thurday, 5th March 2009,3:55 pm, Fern Dobson for Michael Scofield

“Mr Scofield? Fern Dobson, senior editor from Clotheshorse Magazine. We would like to print the article about you and your brother in our upcoming summer issue and I am calling again about scheduling a meeting between you and our reporter Alex Mahone. Just let me know what dates are convenient for you and he’ll come up to Oxford to talk to you. Of course you can always call him directly if that is easier for you. His number is 171-234876. Thank you!”


Friday, 6th March 2009, 12:18 pm, Tristan Selwyn for Michael Scofield

“Pretty one, oh pretty one where art thou? Hey, it’s half a T-twin. Me and Tom have decided to crash the bob over at Balliol tonight, wanna come? Let’s get wasted on their stash of Pimm’s and fuck their prettiest girls. Or boys. Whatever comes first. And if they all turn out to be a bore, well then it’s just your petal lips, Tom’s luscious body, my vile character and the first class coke in my pocket. Not to forget your excellent whisky collection. So very Marchmain of you. Later, Pretty! Btw what the hell did you do with the Pixiepeaches?”


Saturday, 7th March 2009, 9:00 pm, Lennert Wilcox II for SaraTancredi

“Hey Saralove, I handed Francis Greene your portfolio and he read a few of your articles and although he tried to hide it I could tell that he was impressed with your work. We don’t have any job vacancies at the moment but if I may suggest something? I know you’re pretty much stressed out with your transferral from Yale to Oxford but then again that will give you immediate access to the local college gossip. Everyone is going bonkers over that Scylla kid. You heard of him? Michael Scofield! He is an icon that’s quickly becoming a legend and if you could get up, close and personal with him for a story I bet my allowance that Greene would think benevolently about giving you a regular spot as contributing journalist for our mag. With your looks it shouldn’t be too hard to lure Scofield in and get some fascinating details of his sparkling persona. So think about it. I know you hate those shallow jet-set kids but he is the current craze and I am sure it would raise your profile and increase your chances to edge into journalism if you could get him, preferably exclusive. Well, think about it and call me as soon as you’ve settled into Oxfordshire. Ta-ta.”


Sunday, 8th March 2009, Lila Hammond for Michael Scofield

“Hey sex god, you’re still asleep right next to me and I am so sore I can barely move but I wanted to tell you what an incredible night that was. And if you hear this once you get back to your college room: turn around, come back and fuck me again. And again. Will ya?”



End Notes:

Porter's Lodge: is a place near the entrance of a building where one or more porters can be found to respond to enquiries from the public and direct them around the building. It is particularly associated with university accommodation. Porters' lodges at residences usually accept mail for the members of the college and have hubs for CCTV control and alarm systems. They also make sure that no annyoing tourists enter the college grounds without paying the access fee!!!

Pidgeon hole/pidgeon post/ to pidge something: traditionally an way to send letters by pidgeons but here another college form of mail service. All students have their own hole and can send letters and notes to each other within the college and to other colleges as well

The Race: short for the Boat Race, traditional and prestigious varsity rowing race between Cambridgeand Oxford, annually on the river Thames. Last race (155th) was on March 29th 2009. Oxford's won, defeating Cambridge for the fourth time in five years. Currently the wins are Cambridge (79), Oxford(75)

Torpids and Summer Eights : a special "Bump" rowing race in Oxford on the River Isis (short for latin name of Thames = Tamensis). Because the river isn't wide enough to row next to each other the contestants row behind each other with 1.5 boat lengths distance in between, trying to bump the boat in front of them and thus eliminating it. Aim is to become Head of the River and win. While at Torpids the bumped boat continues to row, making it easier to move up or down, during Summer VII's the boat has to stop rowing

Obliterate P and C: Lincoln refers to Penn and Columbia University, the adversaries in the Childe's Cup Rowing Race against Princeton. The race between these three universities was established in 1879 and Princeton has won the trophy every year since 1994.

to roger: colloquial term for fucking

urgentamente (spanish): urgently, as in right, f**ing now!!!!

Rad Cam: short for the Radcliffe Camera, reading rooms and part of the Bodleian Library, housing the texts for English, Latin American, Theology and Film students

Socratic Philosophy: dialectic method of inquiry, a concept developed by the greek philosopher. An inquiry in which the questioner explores the implications of others' positions, to stimulate rational thinking and illuminate ideas

Politeia: written by greek Philosopher Platon (380BC). One of the most influential works of philosophy and political theory and Plato's best known work where in which fictional dialogues the characters of Socrates as well as various Athenians and foreigners discuss the meaning of justice

Seneca: roman philosopher and dramatist,  tutor and later advisor to emperor Nero whose work and theoretical ideas where inspired and based on Socrates. Note: Of course brilliant Michael is studying the necessary texts in roman and ancient greek!!!

Uisge beatha (gaelic): Water of Life, today known as Whisky

deliciolae (Latin): delicious one, darling

T twin: moniker of Michael's fellow students and friends in crime Tom and Tristan Selwyn (tall, blonde, gorgeous) part of the inverted Oreo cookie package!!! (Wanna guess who is the cream filling???)

Bob: big open party. This is the name given to parties that are open to all students of the university. Sometimes open to students from other colleges too, sometimes not!!!

Balliol: a college in Oxford on Broad Street

Pimm's: Britain's national drink, a herbal liquor  based on Gin (No 1) There used to be five more versions with different bases of alcohol but only No 3, based on brandy, is being produced too as the Winter version. Favorite mixture is with 7-Up or Ginger Ale, a slice of cucumber!!! (orange peel and warm apple juice and slices for the winter version) and ice cubes served in a pitcher at British high class events like the Henley Regatta, Ascot Horse Race, the Boat Race and basically any kind of lavish summer party. Lemonade can be exchanged for champage to turn it into the so-called Royal Cup

So very Marchmain of you: reference to Lord Marchmain alia Sebastian Flyte, fictional character in Evelyn Waughs novel Brideshead Revisited, who became an alcoholic with a special penchant for whisky and red wine

to go bonkers: british slang to go completely crazy over or s.o.

ta-ta: british slang, also used in Australia by older people, meaning goodbye

Golden Gods I by Nika
Author's Notes:

Song: Depeche Mode - Wrong

Article in Summer Edition of Clotheshorse Magazine 


Golden Gods - the Sons of Scylla Part I

Lincoln Burrows

Written by Alexander Mahone

Carnegie Lake, Shea Rowing Center, Princeton, NJ

With the Childs Cup Race approaching and the Tigers determined to once more prove their superiority over Penn and Columbia the crew team is on a tight training schedule and has just finished its daily practice. I am here to meet a heavyweight from the crew and a sturdy fella he is indeed: Lincoln Burrows (24), Oxford Blue alumn and double winner of the Varsity Medal of Honor. Apart from his intimidating physique it is obvious why Burrows is the strokeman of the 8+. This man was born to give the beat, a natural commander. With the assumption of leadership for the COMPANY in a year’s time Lincoln Burrows will no longer determine only the fate of the Princeton boat but that of the whole world.

“I’ve got a temporary reprieve,” jokes the 6’2 hunk while changing in the locker room. “My stepdad is currently controlling the fate of the COMPANY but since the deaths of our parents Michael and I are the majority stockholders. I guess our stepdad will gradually leave it all to us in the future and then Mike and I will split responsibilities.”

I am not sure if Jonathan Krantz is a man to hand over the reigns just like that but it is true, the golden gods are Scylla’s sons and heirs to the COMPANY, an empire that will change the face of the earth with the utilization of alternative energies and solar power and whose turnover and net worth has the other corporations on Fortune's Global 500 burst into tears, not to mention that many of them could be easily bought up with COMPANY’s petty cash.

Like his father Aldo Burrows Lincoln studied in Oxford, UK before he transferred to Princeton for his graduate degree. After having finished his BA in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics with honors he is currently enrolled in the QCB program at the ivy-league college and will graduate with the class of 2010, from the look of it as valedictorian.

“But before that I am gonna have a lot of fun and get every trophy that ever existed in varsity rowing!”

Since his first year at Oxford Lincoln Burrows was not only member of the Magdalen college 8+ rowing team but also first choice candidate for the Oxford Boat Race crew. He led the team to victory for the dark blues in two consecutive years and during his final year his team even won the prestigious Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta.  

“I’ve loved rowing since I was a little kid. When we still lived in Chicago my dad went down to the river ever day at the crack of dawn. A soon as I was strong enough to carry an oar he took me along. We rowed on the Chicago River every morning and later we’d participate every year in the father-son competition of the local rowing club as coxless pair. At some point mom begged us to lose because she had no more space to store the goblets and trophies.”

Apparently a tradition Burrows has been continuing since way before Oxford. No wonder Princeton was ecstatic to hear that Lincoln had decided to join his father’s Alma Mater and enrolled in their graduate program. Since then he not only hits the headlines with varsity sport successes but also dazzles with his academic records and exceptional grades.

Nevertheless Lincoln finds time to indulge in the Dionysian principle of wine, women and song. But isn’t he scared that the girls are more into the millions than the man? After all there’s hardly a more covetable and eligible bachelor in the whole world, apart from his younger brother Michael. He shrugs carelessly while we head over to his favorite breakfast haunt on campus.

“Course it’s not easy to find a girl that’s not a gold digger but I am not looking for a woman to settle down and have kids with yet. And in the meantime there’s a lot of fun to be had with the girls.”

As if on cue a pack of them crosses our path in skimpy (on purpose?) jogging outfits. “Hi, Lincoln!!!” Those three syllables drip with innuendo and endless possibilities for threesomes and other sex scenarios.

“Hey.” His smile is disarmingly charming. But somehow I don’t really buy Lincoln’s ruthless womanizer performance, his manners are too polite and courteous. The aged waitress at PJ’s Pancake House who unsolicitedly serves him an extra large helping of blueberry pancakes and a glass of milk even before we have settled into our booth is unceremoniously pulled into one of his heartily bear hugs.

“Thanks Ella, you’re the best!”

The woman, well beyond her forties, beams as if she’d just been presented with a diamond necklace. It is obvious that Lincoln Burrows is her favorite and that she cares for him like a mother would. After all the young man has lost both his parents and an ocean separates him from his brother. Blows of fate even a fortune of millions of billion dollars couldn’t  keep from happening.

Lincoln and Michael were barely twelve and nine years old when Aldo Burrows failed to return for Christmas from a one-man sailing trip on Australia’s West Coast. An extensive search and rescue mission remained unsuccessful. Henceforth Christina Scofield had to deal with the COMPANY issues on her own, overcome her loss and look after her two devastated sons. In 2000 she married Jonathan Krantz, a longtime employee and executive of the firm who stood in for his new wife and dealt with the business when her psychic and emotional condition worsened and became unstable.

Four years later Christina disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea under uncleared circumstances from the Christina Rose, the yacht that had been her wedding gift from her first husband Aldo Burrows. Nineteen-year-old Lincoln and Michael (16) were accompanying their mother during the summer holidays on the annual sailing trip through the Aegean. Crew members of another ship alarmed the coast guard to an apparently pilotless yacht drifting under full sails through the waters of Kea Island in the Cyclades. When the coast guard had boarded the ship they found no trace of Christina Scofield “ who had been seen on deck three days before in the port of Mykonos “ while her sons were under shock and unable to give a statement.

The suspicion of murder as well as kidnapping was quickly dismissed when a note from Christina was discovered. Despite the evidence the boys refused to acknowledge their mother’s suicide. They do so to this day and therefore even slightly grazing the subject is an absolute taboo in interviews.

I can barely imagine what it must be like to lose both parents to the deep blue ocean, yet, or maybe because of it, Lincoln and Michael cling to and cherish the tradition of their annual summer sailing trip in the Aegean.

“The ocean is in our blood. Our parents used to be enthusiastic sailors and took us with them since we were kids. Michael was even born on a yacht in the Caribbean. Mom used to say that you can see it in his eyes.”

As usual when the conversation drifts towards his younger sibling Lincoln’s voice becomes incredibly tender and the soft core shines through his otherwise often gruff demeanor. He is very proud of his little brother who has created himself a reputation as a model student (and no I am not referring to his latest stint for Christopher Bailey here) and top varsity athlete as well as an ardent party animal and ladies’ man.

“What can I say? We’re the Sons of Scylla. It feels as if we’re obliged to fulfill the people’s expectations of a jet-set lifestyle with private planes and yachts, booze and drugs, lavish parties with models and rock star friends. It can be fun, and I admit it is… most of the times. But when it’s just me and Michael together we’re completely different. Sometimes I wonder if we would behave like this if things would have turned out differently in the past, if our parents had simply been ordinary people instead of these genius scientists who developed the concept for limitless solar power and created this gigantic empire called COMPANY. Everything would be different!”

For a moment there is a vast sadness and longing in his eyes. “I would give anything to bring them back. Everything. But maybe it had to happen like this and it was their fate to die? Scylla’s Curse? In the Iliad Ulysses’s companions have to die, too, swallowed by Scylla. Who knows, perhaps Mike and I are next? Maybe that would be for the best. I am not sure if our father would be truly satisfied with the path the COMPANY’s headed for, the direction it has taken under the reign of our stepdad.”

Confronted with my curious gaze he tries to row back a little. “Don’t get me wrong, I am really thankful for all our stepfather’s done for the COMPANY, and us… our mother. His experience is of invaluable worth to me when I become CEO.  Yet Aldo and Christina’s prime effort has always been the benefit of mankind but of course economic and political factors play a significant role and many of today’s sectors of industry have previously been just a sort of by-product of the development and refinement of the solar technology for Scylla.

The further I progress with my studies and research the more I feel certain that we haven’t reached the limit of the Scylla technology yet and I intent to exploit it completely, for the benefit of everyone. Hopefully Michael and I will succeed in leading the COMPANY the way our parents would have wanted it. Therefore I am looking forward to my Inauguration. Even though I know that becoming a full-time COMPANY member I’ll be completely engrossed in it without any precious free time.

Our dad used to dream about participating in the Volvo Ocean Race. But the COMPANY didn’t allow him the time. Maybe Michael and I will be able to share and coordinate the immense workload and then we’ll build ourselves a boat, hire a crew and sail across these goddamn oceans!!!”

I gaze into his eyes and know that Lincoln Burrows will withstand tide and fate and even break Scylla’s Curse through sheer volition and obstinacy. Aldo Burrows and Christina Scofield would be proud of their oldest son whose integrity and kindness has been apparent despite his occasional jet-set mannerisms and who is steadily gaining himself a seat in the hall of fame where only the truly great ones dwell with his humanity and benevolence, top athletic performances and his ambition for excellence.



End Notes:

Childs Cup: annual rowing competition between universities of Pennsylvania, Columbia and Princeton

Tigers: the Tiger is the mascot of Princeton university. That's why it is called Princeton Tigertones and honestly is there anybody in here who didn't know that already?????

Oxford Blue: someone who has represented the university in a sport against Cambridge University

strokeman: sits directly opposite the so-called coxswain (or cox who steers the boat and coordinates the power and the rhythm of the boat) in the stern and is the one dictating the rhythm to the rest of the rowers behind him

8+: boat with eight rowers plus cox

Fortune's Global 500: list with the 500 biggest companies, currently led by Wal-Mart (Revenues: 379 billion)

QCB: Quantitative and Computational Biology, graduate program at Princeton

dark blue: color of the rowing blades of the Oxford crew, Cambridge is light blue. therefore members are called "Blue" after beating Cam

Grand Challenge Cup/ Henley Royal Regatta: rowing competition for men's eights, oldest and most prestigious challenge at Henley Royal Regatta on River Thames, UK open to international teams

coxless pair: a boat with just two rowers who have to coordinate themselves

Dionysos: greek god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy, patron deity of agriculture and theatre, also known as Bacchus

gold digger: girl who's seeking her sugar daddy with credit cards

Pj's Pancake House: real spot on Princeton campus, located on 154, Nassau Street

Cyclades: group of islands in the Southern Aegean, biggest ones include Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini (the pretty white houses with blue roofs)

Christopher Bailey: Creative Director of british brand Burberry, think trenchcoats and scarfs in beige plaid

CEO: chief executive officer, aka man in charge


Volvo Ocean Race (VOR): greatest sailing challenge, established 1973, every four years different teams sail around the globe in various legs, starting in Europe, past Africa, then across the South Pacific past South America, VOR 2008 is currently on the 5th leg with team Ericsson leading

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