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Author's Chapter Notes:
So here it is the sequel. It picks up 4 days after Can't Move On ended. Enjoy! ;)

The riot had grown out of control, there were dangerous inmates running wildly through the hallways of the trashed prison. But he didn't care; he only cared about reaching her in time. She was in danger because of him and now it was up to him to save her.

He crawled through the musky crawl space trying to navigate his way to the infirmary. He heard the shouting of inmates below and pulled the panel from under him. In the next room he could see her boxed in and trying to fight off the advancing criminals.

He pulled the panels back into place and moved further down the hall until he knew he was directly above the exam room. The room was full of smoke and he could barely see her. He reached down and gently touched her shoulder. Her head shot up to look at him as the shrill beeping filled the air.

Michael was shaken awake by the ringing of his alarm clock. He rested his arm over his face trying to yield off the sunlight shining through the large window next to his bed.

This wasn't the first time he had had a dream similar to this one. Each one featuring the same woman, but each time he was never able to see her face. At first he thought maybe it was memory but as the week wore on he tried convince himself otherwise.

In his dreams it was becoming more and more apparent that this was a woman he truly cared for and maybe even loved, but that was impossible right? He was getting married to Emily and she was a blonde so she obviously wasn't the mystery woman in his dreams. And it couldn't possibly be a memory because if he really was in love with this woman why would he be getting married to Emily? Who marries a person when they're in love with somebody else? Obviously this just had to be a weird dream... right?


Sara and Lincoln walked through the heavy doors of the police station and into the sunlight for the first time in 4 days.

They had been kept in individual holding cells deep within the police station while the detectives worked on trying to find enough evidence to convict them. After an exhausting 4 day search with no evidence to show for it they had no choice other than to release them.

LJ stood outside leaning up against the car as his father and Sara approached.
"Good morning!" LJ said with a smile "How are my little fugitives doing today?"
"Oh just shut up." Lincoln replied crankily as he flopped into the passengers’ seat.
"Nice to see you too Dad." LJ smirked as he and Sara climbed into the car as well.

"Have you heard anything about Michael?" Sara asked from the backseat as they drove down the road.
"Yeah, I've been following him like you guys asked and he was finally released from the hospital yesterday."
"Did he have any more complications or any other problems?" Sara asked with concern.
"I don't think so. He still doesn't remember anything but he looked okay yesterday."
"Where is he now?" Lincoln piped in.
"Some apartment on the other side of town."
"Well let's go. We'll storm the castle and tell him about all of this and everything can go back to normal."

"It's not that easy. With amnesia as severe as Michael's a sensory overload to all of his memories will just overwork his brain. That combined with his LLI could cause some serious damage and a whole mess of things could go wrong and trust me it won't be good, I've saw it plenty of times during my residency." Sara said leaning her head against the cool window.

"That and Emily has put out a restraining order out against you two." LJ informed them.
"Great." Lincoln mumbled "Now what are we supposed to do?"
Sara gave a slight smile "I'm working on a plan."