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“YES” Michael screamed at the tv.

Lincoln turns to his younger brother, this is shaping up to be a great game, we are gonna beat the Lakers I can feel it.

Michael laughing at his brother’s optimism, “it’s half time Linc, long way to go yet and we are down by 10”

Faith bro just have a little faith.

Ok ok, fancy another beer?

nah man, I’m driving and I better get home tonight as Vee has a hair appointment early tomorrow morning. I got to take care of the twins.

Ok, fancy a coke or Sprite?

Coke thanks.

Michael fetches himself another beer, a sprite and some nachos from the kitchen.

So Mikey, you got yourself a bit of tail recently?

Shaking his head and laughing Michael responds with a shut up

Linc takes hold of the tv control and hits mute, turning back to his brother he can already see the look of fear in Michael’s eyes. Thinking to himself maybe he should give his brother a break but hell no he needs to hear this.

You work too damn hard Mike you know that right. All work no play makes Mikey a dull boy.

I’ve been busy on a project Linc and I have another one coming up, I can’t avoid work.

I understand that Michael I do but no one expects you to work 24/7

But I enjoy what I do and............

No Mike, we work to live not live to work. When was the last time you went out on a date?

I’m happy with my life Linc, me and Maddy are settled. Isn’t that right Mads? Michael and Linc share a laugh at snoring Maddy who is laid on the rug in front of the fire. Maddy is Michaels British bull dog who he has had for 2 years, since she was a puppy.

Mike I’ll tell you when your last date was, 3 months ago with that Jennifer chick from Vee office. She was hot and you guys got along ,then you tell her you aren’t interested.

That's because Linc she was only interested in the car I drive, the place I live, the clothes I can afford to buy and how much money I make. She hated Mads and only cared for herself, We had nothing in common all she would talk about is what she wants, who’s sleeping with who in the celebrity world and how she doesn’t want to be a receptionist anymore as she didn’t want to work for a living. She goes to the toilet every 5 minutes to reapply her makeup, she is way too much maintenance for me. I like someone who is naturally pretty, has her own hair and nails, someone who isn’t in this world to take what they can get but to give something back and just someone I generally get along with.

I hear ya bro I do. I have an idea and just hear me out, ok?

I’m guessing I’m not going to like this.

A couple of guys from my work have signed up to this dating web site, hey mike listen don’t sit there shaking your head. They have both been on a few dates with some really cool women, sure they met up with some old dogs but now both of them have found someone. Hell Paul is now engaged.

Don’t dismiss something you haven’t tried Michael it only makes you the fool, your ideal woman isn’t going to appear on your doorstep you have to get out there make your own luck.

Dating web site really? That’s your expert advice Linc?

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. This stigma about these kind of sites is not there anymore Mike. More and more people are signed up, Vee was saying she knew a couple of women who have signed on to it. What have you seriously got to lose, you can’t just be alone Mike it’s not healthy to just devote your life to work.

I don’t Linc, I spend time with Mads, you, Vee and the twins, LJ and the sucre’s. I go out with work colleagues after work now and again for drinks, I’m not a recluse Linc.

Just as Michael began to prepare himself for more unwanted brotherly advice, the game came back on for the 3rd quarter. To Mike’s relief Linc let it be and put the volume back on and went back to his animated self screaming and shouting at his boys in Red.

That might as well of been the end of the game for Michael he could not get Linc’s words out of his head. He had to admit he was lonely which intensified whenever he saw his brother and Vee together. He at times was jealous of what his brother had, even though he wasn’t married to Vee yet. They shared two beautiful twins together and both helped raise LJ after Lisa was tragically killed in a car accident. Michael had reached his original goal which was to be successful professionally earning enough to buy the land needed to build his dream home he had already designed, he also was earning enough to support a wife and children and pay for future college tuition. But trying to reach this goal Michael had not allowed time to put himself out there to meet that special someone. He thought he had found the one back in college, her name was Jessica and they were together for 4 years until that day when Michael found out she was cheating on him with his so called best friend. Up until that moment Michael was convinced she was the one, that his first love and his first experience in the full act of love would be the mother of his children. It did take Michael the best part of two years to get over her. Since then he had dated but nothing really lasting beyond 3months, they would get annoyed at his work comes first attitude which Michael knew given the right woman he would make certain sacrifices to ensure they remained happy.

As he sat there pondering the idea of signing on to this web site, he was brought out of his ravine by his brothers shouting.


Did you see that Mike? Vee would have done a better lay up than that.

Face it Linc the Bulls aren’t gonna win this one.

Receiving a cold grunt from Linc, Michael continued to get lost it his own thoughts. Will it be my life from now on? friends trying to hook me up with their single friends? Soon those single friends will be divorcee’s then Widowers, still trying to fix a date with the Chicago’s longest running bachelor the one the only Michael Schofield. Maybe this internet thing isn’t a bad idea, at least I can kind of vet them before committing to a date.

“AHHHHH SHIT, what a load of CRAP”

Mmmm............... Ahhh yeah, they pretty much sucked tonight, Michael says unconvincingly. Michael had been lost in his thoughts that he didn’t actually watch any of the game in the 3rd or 4th quarter.

Mike, I really don’t want to get on your case but Vee and I are just worried about you. We want you to have someone, you deserve that. In Vee’s word not mine your good looking, good job, nice loft, good clothes, warm heart and a great sense of humour. She just wanted me to tell you that and also to tell you not to be such a baby and put yourself out there. But I personally think you being a wuss and soon your find LJ married with children before you have even been on your next date.

Linc gets up giving his brother a little wink and a pat on the shoulder, I’ll speak to you tomorrow, laters bro.

See ya Linc.

After Linc had left Michael sat there eating some nachos, watching the sports channel. But however sports mad he was due to his brother raising him from a young age to worship the Bulls, love the bears and support the Cubs. Michael just couldn't shake Lincs pep talk from his mind. Maybe I need to cut back at the office, stop the 12-14 hour days and the working from home at the weekends. First of all it's not fair on Maddy, sure she has Angie who pops in to walk her everyday but she is his dog and his companion. I really need to make time for myself. I need a new me starting tonight, now where's my laptop.

Michael begins to search dating web sites until he finds the one Linc had mentioned, turning to Maddy he asks " What am I doing Mads"

Silence follows

"Ok thanks for the advice mad, here goes"

As Michael stares at the screen he realises 20 minutes has past, with a big sigh Michael hits the sign up button and begins entering his details. After completing this Michael is now faced with questions about what he is looking for in a partner.

Woman definitely a woman

26-35 years old, "see this Mads 35 years I could get me a cougar" Michael says laughing to his own joke

Brunette or red head

Slim or athletic build


Someone who's interests include reading, movies, sports, supports local charities, animals and travelling

After entering his payment details. Michael receives a welcome message in his inbox.

Thank you Mr Scofield, your details will now be processed and your soon be visable to our site. We shall match you to suitable companions, you can then begin chatting freely online. Match.com wishes you all the best in finding a suitable partner.

Michael decides that he has had enough excitement for one night, so he signs out making a mental note to check tomorrow to see if he has any messages. He then heads to bed with Maddy trailing sleepy behind.