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Story Notes:
Beta by Foxriverinmate
The sun was shining quite nicely and the beach was free of any other people. Since they’d moved to Costa Rica, their entire group had bought a large plot of land and built their houses close together. Lincoln shared one with LJ and Michael had set up shop with Sara.

Although Lincoln wasn’t always happy with the fact, Sucre and Mari Cruz lived nearby with their eleven children; two of their own and the rest from various family members who had ended up in the slammer. Sucre had taken a liking to taking in strays, which seemed to be some weird Mexican practice.

And then there was Mahone. He’d built a house near them too. Safety in numbers, he’d said. He kept to himself most of the time, only meeting up with them during fondue nights, because apparently he liked cheese. Lincoln thought he just liked to poke around in it with little pointy forks; that’s the kind of guy he seemed to be anyway.

Bellick had also travelled with them, but didn’t get any further than Cuba where he’d met a cop with a hairy back and stiff upper lip who took him on as an assistant sheriff. Apparently, all his dreams came true in one neat Cuban package. He flew his Mom over the following week.

Still, even though they had their millions and their freedom, they always had to look over their shoulders in case a guy with shades was also wearing a suit. It was the suit that gave the bad guys away. They’d stopped running from guys in shades after the first week at the beach. It also helped that they bought the large lot. It was theirs, all theirs, and the private beach was included.

Michael had given up on the surf shop though. Because of their private hideaway and the signs saying ‘trespassers will be shot’ in several languages, they never got a customer in and even Michael got bored after watching paint dry day after day. As well as that, Lincoln had complained about having to take a pregnant and wedding-ring-less Sara to the market every day. He really was sick of the looks he got. He’d only knocked up one unmarried woman for Christ’s sake. It wasn’t like he had gone around and banged a second one. Two weeks before, an old Costa Rican woman had come at him with a rotten banana, splatting his manly chest with it and then his head. Sara had laughed; hard. It had taken him two hours to get the pulps out of his hair. He could still smell it.

Yeah life got crazy sometimes. It still did. Especially with Sucre’s kids trying to play soccer behind his house all the time. He’d sorted them out soon enough after they’d woken him up at 11 AM for the 32nd time that month. Or something like that.

But today, life was good. The Sucres had gone to the Zoo, Michael had taken Sara to the market for fresh fruit and was undoubtedly not getting any bad looks because everybody already thought Linc had done the deed, and LJ was studying obscure 80s movies for some reason.

So, Lincoln was taking his time and was sunbathing; naked. He’d thrown his boxers and shirt aside, not caring about anything, and lay down. It was heaven, except for the fact that using sun lotion wasn’t easy, but he’d thrown some on his back and ass and got most of it rubbed in anyway.

His chest was tanned enough. Open shirts gave year round tans anyway and he was thinking about wearing a mesh shirt. That might let the sun through on his back as well.

He was dozing lightly on his stomach when he heard movement behind him. “It’s just me. Stay down.” A raspy voice said. Ah right; Mahone. Was it fondue night already? Lincoln wondered if he’d brought his own fork again.

“Yeah, okay. There’s lotion there if you need it.” Lincoln said feeling quite mellow. No need to be uncivilized and he guessed Mahone could use it with that pale skin of his.

Mahone didn’t answer but flipped the cap off and used the stuff. Lincoln could hear it. It rather took him out of his buzz of enjoyment. He sighed and opened one eye. He could see Mahone slicking himself up, but... what the hell?

“You’re not going to get dick burn when you wear your shorts. You don't have to put anything on it, man.” He mumbled. Really, didn’t Mahone know anything?

Mahone stopped moving his hand and let it fall away. Right, that was something Lincoln did *not* want to see. He closed his eyes and thought of England. He didn’t know why, but they said it was the right thing to do in situations like this.

“I’ve got some tissues near my boxers.” He ground out, hoping Mahone would get the hint.

A bit of sand flew in his direction as Mahone walked to Lincoln’s feet, obviously taking Lincoln’s advice. It made him relax a bit.

“Shit!” was the word he heard right before a stinging pain made its way up his ass and back. Lincoln groaned. “I’m sorry, I fell.” Mahone puffed near Lincoln’s ear and he sounded strained. Lincoln tried to move, but that hurt. Mahone didn’t anymore though. He had stilled completely. How the hell had he fallen exactly on Lincoln’s back anyway?

“Man, I’m not that young anymore. Get off will you?” Lincoln groused, not happy with how this was going.

Then a tongue licked his neck. “Don’t mind if I do…” Mahone husked as he grabbed Lincoln’s flank with one hand and his neck with the other. “Don’t move; I’ll do the work.”

Lincoln started to get angry and tried to buck, but then he felt something actually slide out of his ass and then in again. He stopped and tried to get his brain to work. “What?-” he swallowed/gasped.”

He heard a short laugh behind him. “Yeah, you like that don’t you? I’ve always known. You and Michael. That’s why he went to such great lengths, wasn’t it? I’ve seen you two play Twister…” Mahone pushed down on Lincoln’s neck. “Hmm, you’ve got the most luscious ass.” His voice sounded in control.

Lincoln tried to move again, really getting angry now, but the grip on his neck practically immobilized him. Mahone actually dared... he dared to, to- “I don’t take dicks up my ass, Mahone. Get off me and out… I mean out and off me!”

Mahone gave him a short in and out and it hurt. It fucking burnt. “I fell, Lincoln. God, you fit so snugly… it’s nature’s way of showing us what a natural fit we could be.”
Another short jerking movement, in and out. Lincoln closed his eyes. The burn lessened a bit but like hell was he snugly! Did Mahone pull out? No, no he didn’t; it still felt like there was a thick lubed-up cucumber in there. Not that he’d know what that would feel like, but still.

“We’re not a fit of anything, Mahone.” Lincoln gasped as he tried to hiss, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. What if somebody saw them? Would they pull Alex off or take pictures? “Please man, just stop. We’ll chalk it up to sunburn and the smell of sun lotion.”

Mahone laughed deeply, vibrating all the way through Lincoln’s body and again he moved inside Lincoln’s ass. The burn was fading as spikes of pleasure entered the mix. This wasn’t happening! “Don’t tell me you never thought about it. I felt it, when we fought in that warehouse… you and I…”

Lincoln couldn’t believe this. “That was your gun! We struggled for it!”

Wet lips kissed his neck. Lincoln shuddered and tried to think of England again. It didn’t work; maybe it was Scotland he should think about?

“I understand that you need to believe that, but let’s stop pretending,” Mahone husked behind him, tiny gasps punctuating his words.

“I am not pretending! You had the gun on me and then chained me to a pillar, you dick!” Lincoln was heaving from the effort now. He was being fucked by a guy thinner than he was and he couldn’t get out, under or whatever.
He would think ‘what the fuck’ if it wasn’t such a bad thing to think under the circumstances. He couldn’t yell help either or go to the cops. Well, certainly not now, but… *fuck*, shit he’d thought it, what if Mahone wouldn’t let him go after he’d had his fun?

“You liked it, didn’t you, Lincoln? And that’s what’s scary. I thought you and Michael-” Mahone started to set a steady pace. It knocked the wind out of Lincoln.

The only thing he could do was close his eyes and try to conjure up other mental pictures. Mahone was doing something… and…

“We’re brothers, you sick fuck! I should have known after that first night of fondue!” He should have stayed in high school. They taught you how to deal with shit like this there.

“Calm down with the profanity, Lincoln. It’s all right, my mistake. I should have known you were a virgin; you’re so tight... even though I slid right in. We’re made for each other. Oh yeah,” Mahone breathed as he was speeding up the pace now, whispering in Lincoln’s ear, hot breathe following his words.
Lincoln swallowed bile as his cock started to harden. He wished he’d gone to the market with Sara. They had such nice melons on that table near the cantina.

“Dad? What are you… shit, Dad?!”

His son’s voice pierced through Mahone’s grunts and Lincoln tried to whip his head in the direction it came from. Some sand drifted into his left eye and he cursed.

“Damn! Couldn’t you guys get a room? I’m scarred for life now.” LJ ran away before Lincoln could say a word.

“LJ!” he tried feebly, but his son was gone as fast as he’d come. Oh no! Mahone could come... up his ass… Shit! He hadn’t used a condom, what if he’d get Lincoln in a bad way? He didn’t want to walk around with a Mahone bulge for 9 months! “Mahone, please, just stop.” He tried again. “You didn’t use... ”

Mahone was rutting in earnest now, his heart hammering against Lincoln’s back. “I can’t, I’m sorry, Lincoln, but once you’re, I mean was, am in your ass, I just can’t, not without-”

Suddenly Lincoln felt Mahone’s hand slither from his hip to his groin. Lincoln didn’t know how he did it, but between sand and Lincoln’s body he got his hand around Lincoln’s half-hard cock.

“No way. No Mahone!” Mahone didn’t answer as he worked Lincoln’s ass and cock. Lincoln closed his eyes again, but seconds later he opened them wide when he felt wetness on his arms. “Are you chewing and drooling on my shoulder?!”

Mahone breathed deeply now, pumping so hard that Lincoln was sliding up and down the sand. Talk about rug burn. “Just-”

“I do not want hickeys, man! You’re already violating my ass and dick! Keep your mouth off my shoulder!” Lincoln all but shouted as if the air hadn’t left his lungs after Mahone hit his prostate.

“But-” Mahone tried. He withdrew his mouth from Lincoln’s skin though.

Lincoln tried to ignore the tightening of his sack, the pleasant wave of cum pushing its way up his cock. Mahone was getting there too and even though Lincoln knew it was coming, the crashing wave caught him by surprise anyway.

Mahone had stilled and Lincoln had no idea if he had come, but his ass started to feel wet, so he guessed the other man had. The haze you get after sex must have softened Mahone a little, because he had let go of Lincoln’s neck. Lincoln took that moment to summon up his strength and roll them on their side. He extricated himself from Mahone’s cock with a simple twist.

“Shit!” he let slip from his mouth and he turned, seeing Mahone lying on the sand, looking at him with a sappy smile on his face. He probably wanted to cuddle. That bastard! “Be more careful next time, you stupid fuck! No more tripping of any kind!” Mahone had the decency to look ashamed. Lincoln grabbed his boxers and shirt and put them on with jerky movements. Damn it, his ass hurt. “I’m going to exclude you from fondue night,” he groused. Damn it, he had a right to be angry.

For a moment he thought Mahone was going to cry. “Come on, Lincoln, I said I was clumsy! It could have happened to anyone! My feet got tangled up in your shorts!”

Lincoln snorted and kept his distance from Mahone. “Not pulling out and taking your merry time is not clumsy!”

Mahone sighed and propped himself up on one arm. He actually looked pleased with himself even though he tried to hide it. “If you could have fucked yourself you would understand.”

Lincoln wiped a hand across his face. He didn’t want to behave over-emotionally, but this really had ruined his day. Not to mention he had to explain things to LJ.

Shit! “Make sure you’re careful where you walk from now on and no staring at my ass!” He caught Mahone at it, looking at Lincoln’s midsection.

“But wasn’t it just a little bit good?” Mahone asked, using his thumb and finger to show a margin.

Lincoln balled his hand into a fist. He’d promised Michael to keep a lid on his temper and stay friends with everybody. “No!” He wondered if Michael would make an exception for a situation like this.

“What can I do to make it better then?” Mahone asked, slowly standing now. Lincoln really didn’t like to look at his naked body. He wondered how women could.

“First get dressed and then…” Lincoln thought what he needed most. “Get me a beer.”

Apparently, it threw Mahone who looked at him as he did a double take. “A beer?”

Lincoln nodded. “A beer. If all else fails and Michael can’t fix it, there’s beer… well, that and weed, but I don’t do that anymore.”

Mahone put on his boxers as he stared at Lincoln. “But-” Mahone started.

Lincoln held up his finger and that silenced him right away. “Get me my beer, good beer, and I’ll think about this. You boned me, man! I never even got boned in prison!” His voice was too loud. He needed to keep it in check. Mahone was dressed now and looked a lot less pleased with himself than he had before.

Things were looking up. Lincoln could use some help around the house. Somebody to fix the roof, clean the toilets. A smile crept up his face.

“I’m really sorry, Lincoln.” Mahone said again.

Lincoln shrugged. “It’s about time you started showing it then. Go on, my beer!” After some hesitation, Mahone started to walk in the direction of his house. Lincoln hollered after him. “Make sure it’s cold.” Oh yeah, Mahone boned him by accident, but Lincoln was going to make damned sure he was going to bone him in more ways than one.

A soft breeze came up. A seagull flew past and let something fly. It wiped the smile off Lincoln’s face again. Damn it.