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Story Notes:
Part of Cramped Quarters. Slash is coming soon!
Author's Chapter Notes:
herpaderp. dont mind me. enjoy the story =3
T-Bag led a dripping wet and faint LJ into the kitchen, sitting him down at the table and placing his hands on the boy's shoulders firmly.

"Now you listen here, boy, and ya listen good." Here the murderer leant down to look into LJ's eyes and make sure he was listening. "If I eva' catch ya out there with that idiot, shovin' each other an' such near tha water again, I'll make sure every inch a your ass meets Johnny Boy's leather belt, ya hear me?" LJ nodded and closed his eyes, trying to fight off the wave of dizziness that accompanied the pain thrumming from the back of his head.
Him and Tweener had been hanging out on the rocky outcliff hanging over the beach. They started play-wrestling, and Tweener, not realizing how close they were to the edge, had given LJ a hearty shove. It had started out as innocent fun, and ended with Lj smashing his head on a rock and being knocked semi-unconcious as he sank into the water.

Luckily, Sucre had been watching them from the window and had been able to swim out and grab LJ before any serious damage was done. Unfortunately, Lincoln had gone out with Michael to get groceries, and the whole house was high strung with the tension and fear of what he would do when he found out.

T-Bag had been given the task of fixing the teenage boy up in the meantime, with Abruzzi hovering in the kitchen to make sure he was doing it right.

"John, talk to him for me, will ya? Need ta make sure he stays concious an' such while I treat 'im." The tall mobster nodded and sat down across from LJ, making sure his eyes were focused and clear.

"Alright, LJ, it's time for your exam. You pass this, and I'll allow you to make dinner one night a week. How's that sound?" LJ nodded eagerly, then groaned and grab his head as pain flashed and his vision swam. Refocusing, he managed to croak out, "Okay, lay it on me."

"What're the three main ingredients for bocconcini salad?"

The teenager grinned easily, the pain already fading as his mind worked and Teddy examined his blood matted hair.
"That's easy. Fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, and bocconcini."

"Good." Abruzzi nodded approvingly. "Next, from left to right, what order does the cutlery go at a formal dinner?"

Closing his eyes in concentration, LJ replied, "I don't see what that has to do with cooking, but if I know my stuff, it goes salad fork, dinner fork, dessert fork on the left side, then dinner knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon on the right. Oh, and of course the butter knife goes at the top. Am I right?"

"You picked up on the trick question. You're two for three." John smiled fully, baring his teeth as he thought to himself, I've taught him well. But before he could continue, Theodore intervened.

"Now, this is gon' sting somethin' fierce, but you just relax an' it'll be over real quick, mmkay?"

LJ didn't answer, the "exam" forgotten as he gripped the table tightly and tried not to scream when the Alabamian pressed a cloth doused in rubbing alcohol over the wound. It was painful, but necessary to prevent infection and flush out the wound. Lincoln Junior bit his lip so hard he drew blood, desperately knowing that if he didn't, he would lose his self control and break down. Mercifully, the sting was almost immediately removed and replaced with a soothing coldness.

"There now, we're done. You need ta be woken up every half hour, to make sure ya don' have a concussion, so we'll stay up with ya tonight." Theodore drawled, replacing his own hand with LJ's where he was holding the ice pack to the boy's head.

LJ frowned. "But Tweener could-"

"No!" Both the murderer and the mobster snapped at the same time. T-Bag glanced at Abruzzi, then said, "He's gon' be in a world o' trouble when your daddy gets home, so it's best if ya just stay away from him fer now, ya got me?"

LJ closed his eyes and leant back in his chair. "Yes, Uncle Teddy." There was a milisecond of stunned silence. The teenager clapped a hand over his mouth as T-Bag stared at him in shock.

"What... did you just say?" He asked, advancing slowly towards LJ, who was blushing hard and trying to worm away.

"I'm sorry-I didn't-It just slipped out-I mean-" he spluttered. "Don't tell Dad."

"Don't tell me what?" The trio turned to see Lincoln leaning in the doorway, muscled arms crossed over his chest as he stared down his son. A moment of hesitation passed before Abruzzi smoothly interjected.

"Your son had a bit of an... accident today. We took care of him, though. He just needs to be monitored for the next twenty four hours, right Theodore?" He said, turning to the shorter man. T-Bag snapped out of his reverie and cleared his throat.

"Ah, yessiree, tha's right. So long as he's woken up every half hour, he'll be righ' as rain come tomorrow. Now, if y'all gentleman will excuse me." And with that, he left the kitchen hurriedly.

"Are you okay, LJ?" Lincoln asked, crossing the room to kneel next to to his son, who rolled his eyes at Abruzzi before replying, "Dad, I'm fine. Teddy and John fixed me up. And," he continued, turning to the mobster, "I believe we were about to finish off a deal. So, hit me with it."

Johnathan Abruzzi grinned crookedly. "You got it, boy. Let's see if you can make it three for three. What is the basis for any good meal?" LJ laughed.

"Red wine, obviously." He said proudly as the mobster clapped him on the back.

"Congratulations, you just got kitchen duty for Wednesday nights. With my supervision, of course." He chuckled and then grimaced. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go deal with a certain pouty pedophile."

***** To the bedroom!*****

John Abruzzi opened his bedroom door to see Theodore standing with his back to the door, at the window, hands stuffed in his pockets. Approaching him quietly, the mobster put his hands on the short mans shoulders and began to rub them comfortingly.

"What's wrong, Theodore?" He asked, nimble fingers undoing the knots in the other's neck.

"Nothin', I just..." He trailed off, unsure. Abruzzi kept up working on his neck and shoulders, feeling T-Bag gradually unwind and relax into him. "I just don' want that boy lookin' up to me, is all. I mean, I'm not exactly what you'd call a shinin' star of purity 'n' goodness." John barked out a laugh, then sighed, his hands ceasing their movement and simply resting on his lover's shoulders.

"Theodore, despite the crimes you've committed in the past, the boy does look up to you. He thinks you're... you know... cool, or whatever." The word tasted cheap on Abruzzi's tongue, but he kept going. "And rather than run away from that, accept it. Embrace it. He's a sweet kid, after all. You don't need to be ashamed that you like mentoring him."

By now, John's chin was resting on Theodore's shoulder, his arms wrapped around his waist with fingers curling like wisps of smoke up and down his stomach.

"Well, damn, Johnny Boy. I nevah woulda pegged ya as the 'inspirin' speech' type, ya know?" He drawled out, turning to face the mafia man. "Now, as ya saw in tha kitchen, I make a damn good docter." He started to push the taller man back towards the bed. "An', in my professional opinion, ya need a very thorough check up, immediately." The last part came out almost a purr as T-Bag undid shirt buttons with one hand and pulled pants down with the other.

Abruzzi's head tilted back as he moaned, T-Bag's lips kissing, biting and nipping a pattern into his body, thinking only one thought.

I'll never get tired of this man.

I'm falling for him.
Chapter End Notes:
whos excited for tabruzzi slash? this chick :D keep an eye out, chickadees! And as always, review if you liked C: