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Story Notes:
Spoilers; Season 5 episode 9
This is my vision of how things happened after Michael came back from his interrogation as a free man. Here's part two of the story. Enjoy!
Oh and P.S please do comment how you liked it.
Mike was still a little hesitant, that was something both Michael and Sara could understand. He had been through a trauma, a big change. It would take some time for both Michael and Mike to get to know each other, to fully accept and welcome each other’s presence/reality.
After hugging Michael for a long-time mike finally pulled away admitting to Sara that he was in fact tired. They waited until mike was in bed, tucked him in and then, wishing him goodbye turned to leave, but Michael stopped midway and turned to his son, a sort of guilt in his eyes and spoke slowly;
“I’m sorry, mike. For everything. For not being there, for lying about my death………. Everything.” Michael said with sincerity realizing he had yet to apologize to his son and wife.
Mike gave an acknowledging nod, not saying he forgave his father but knowing that his dad was in fact sorry for everything that had happened. Sara stood at the door way encountering the scene with a loving smile, Sara knew mike would soon forgive Michael and love the person Michael is. He worshipped him and that was reason enough for Sara to believe that time was all they needed, time and faith, to fix their family. Sara’s smile only grew when she saw Michael ruffle mike’s hair, kiss his forehead and walk towards her.
“Were just across the hall. Okay, love?” Sara assured mike, waving at her son she turned around and lead the way to her room for Michael. She opened the door and waited for him to enter.
“Room looks empty, so does the house. No pictures- “Michael started throwing his observations at Sara as he walked in.
“Didn’t think you’d like to see his face I know couldn’t.” Sara cut him off eager not to think about Jacob; to move on from this awful chapter of their lives.
Michael sat down on the bed tired and worn out. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath finally relieved that he was home with his wife and son. That they had accepted him; broken and battered, just as he was. Michael ‘s gratitude and ever-growing love for his family was affectious. Lost in his thoughts he had no idea that Sara was watching him with an affectionate smile, thinking of all he had done for her, for their family, leaned against the door.
“You should change.” Sara said breaking Michael’s peaceful moment and straightening herself.
“Into what?” Michael opened his eyes, a playful smile across his lips knowing Sara’s suggestion was invalid as these were the only clothes he owned.
Sara walked into the bathroom, smiling at Michael’s play full mood, coming out a minute later with neatly folded clothes in her hand offering them to Michael.
Michael raised an eyebrow, ready to decline if the clothes belonged to Jacob. Sarah gave a small laugh understanding his concern.
“There Lincoln’s. He stayed here awhile before he left for Yemen. I think they should fit.” Michael nodded extending his hand to accept the clothes. “In a while” he replied.
Sara walked towards the bathroom to change herself when she heard Michael call her,
“Yeah?” she turned around to face him; knowing what he was about to say. She stood there waiting for Michael to acknowledge that he needed medical help for the wounds inflicted by Jacob. To ask for any sort of help voluntarily.
“Ugh… Never mind.” Was what Michael said, as if he had changed his mind in the last moment, deemed himself unworthy of Sara’s help.
“I’ll dress your wounds once I’ve changed.” Sara retorted admitting defeat in front of Michael’s stubbornness to never ask for help.
“Wha……. How?” Michael asked perplexed.
“There’s blood on the back of your shirt.” Sara replied with a small smile. It had been a long time since she had seen Michael Scofield confused and perplexed.
“Oh” he smiled back at her as walked into the bathroom.
Sara came back rather quickly Michael thought. She was ready for bed, her hair loosely falling on her shoulders, a first aid kit in her hand as she walked towards him.
“Take off your shirt” Sara softly commanded. Michael sat at the edge of the bed hunched over shirtless. Sara winced when she saw his back; approaching him gently. She hovered a soft hand over his wounds.
“I can’t believe what he’s put you through.” Her words having a deeper meaning. Her subconscious mind telling that it’s her fault for believing Jacob, for letting him in. He’d taken Michael away from her and mike, depriving all three of them of happiness, deep disgust arose inside her again for having lost so much.
Michael looked up at Sara; holding her hand to his lips and placing a soft kiss on her hand. It was his silent was of assuring her not to worry, he gave her the same look he’d given her in fox river, back when he was buried in secrets. He still was buried in lies and secrets he thought, because while he told everyone he was fine, he was actually far from okay. Whips death, the joy of having a family, the disappointment of having to prove himself and guilt…. 7 years’ worth of guilt. He tried to push it all away because he was with Sara and he wanted to live in the present with her rather than wallow in his guilt, because his guilt brought terrible memories, memories he didn’t want to ruin tonight with, while Sara………. Sara brought to him just the opposite. It was only when Sara’s soft hands touched his back beginning to tend to his wounds, did he realize that he had zoned out.
As Sara nursed Michael they sat in silence, until Michael remembered a very similar day in the infirmary seven years ago when Sara was attending to his burn; when they had had their first kiss.
“This is nice.” Michael noted with a smile at the sweet memory.
“Peroxide in an open wound?” Sara replied with a smile.
An involuntary laugh escaped Michael; warming Sarah’s heart.
“I meant you, nursing me back to health” Michael responded still not looking at Sara. She placed a kiss on his head and continued to dress his wounds.
Once finished Sara looked down at Michael; who was looking up at her with an intent stare; smiling, and with that smile he leaned in; recreating their scene in the infirmary.
Sara laughed as she pulled away, realizing the similar situations, placing her head against his; looking at him intently.
“I love you.” Sara declared in all seriousness.
“I love you too.” Michael sighed with a smile tucking her brown locks behind her ears feeling as if words weren’t enough to express how he felt about Sara. After a minute of silence Sara spoke again;
“Change; you need to rest” Sara gently told Michael kissing his hand.
Michael didn’t want to let go, he thought once he would let go he might wake up from this blissful dream. Desperation to hold on to Sarah must have shown in his eyes for Sara gave him a comforting smile and his hand a reassuring squeeze.
“I’m going to be right here.” she whispered.
Michael closed his eyes hoping her words were true; he nodded slowly letting her go. Picking up the clothes Sarah had given him walking into the bathroom to change, leaving Sara to arrange the kit she’d been using to dress him.

Michael thought Sara must have gone to sleep but when he walked into the room he saw Sara sitting at the edge of the bed waiting for him; smiling.
He walked to her holding her hands placing a soft kiss.
“Come on.” Sara whispered gently, guiding him up to the bed; he hesitantly followed pursuit, unsure if Sara wanted him with her or was trying to save him more pain. He laid down on his side to face Sara as she pulled the comforter over them. She lay right next to Michael her hand on the side of his face.
“Tired? She asked.
He gave her a silent nod.
“You didn’t even ask me anything?” Michael whispered he didn’t know why Sara hadn’t asked a damn question about the last seven years but he hadn’t voiced his concerns until now. He was glad though, because he didn’t want to be put through the torture of reliving those memories again, but he knew he needed to tell Sara everything; the bad, the worst and the ugly, his crimes, his mistakes, his guilt because as Lincoln had said he couldn’t carry the burden alone.
“We can talk in the morning. You’re tired and right now I’m just glad you’re with us.” Sara said with a smile “But mike…. He deserves to know his father, and I couldn’t keep that from him.” As Sara ended Michael could see Sara was afraid of all that he had to tell her, all that she had to tell him, he remembered Lincoln’s words from so long ago when he had said things were goanna get a whole lot worse before they got better.
“Do you think he’ll ever consider me his father?” Michael asked changing the topic to what was occupying his mind.
“He will. Just give him time. He worships you.” Sara laughed.
“What?” Michael asked in disbelief.
“Yeah…I uh…… Lincoln and I might have given mike an account of you because of which he’s mythologized you into a god.” Sara laughed while explaining herself. Michael had waited so long to see and hear her laugh again, he couldn’t help but laugh alongside her.
The idea of his son mythologizing him into a god warmed and scared his heart. He was afraid of what his son expected of him, Sara must have told mike of the person she used to know having no idea that the man that lay next to her right now was only a ghost of that person, haunted by his past, an absolutely different person and just like that the fear of disappointing his son became all too real. Trying to push these thoughts away Michael lay flat on his back. Sara scooted closer to him and placed her head on his chest. Taking one of his hand in hers. Michael smiled at her, he couldn’t believe that even after seven years Sara would love him. He’d thought she would have completely moved on by now; he couldn’t understand as he looked at her what he’d done to deserve her, her love. After 7 years without hesitation she embraced him as if they’d been apart 7 days.
“I thought you would hate me.” Michael said softly breaking the momentary silence.
“Why would I do that?” Sara asked gently
“I’m not the man you knew Sara. I left you, and mike. I’ve made you believe that I was dead-” Michael replied losing his grip on Sara’s hand but she just held on refusing to let go.
“You know why I know you’re still our Michael?” Sara cut him off “Because after everything you’ve done for us Michael you still think that somehow you’re at fault. I did, I did hate you for dying. But…… I knew I would never stop loving you because everything I have Michael is because of you.” Sara ended with a smile looking up at him caressing his cheek.
“I……. “ “Michael began but couldn’t form words, he’d never expected gratitude for what he’d done. He had thought of it as his duty to protect Sarah and mike, because if they were protected so was his love. Without them it felt as if the world didn’t have much for him. The only reason he’d put up with everything was because he knew his wife, son and brother were safe.
“Hey,” Sara called out to her zoned-out husband to look at her. “We will get through this, you just need to be honest with me. No secrets.” Sara smiled assuring him
He believed her, that they’ll get through this. He liked the sound of her words lifting a huge burden off his shoulders, he leaned in slowly capturing her lips, breaking apart he put his forehead against hers closing his eyes, he didn’t know if it was Sara’s assurance or the weight of his guilt that made him pour out his heart.
“I’ve done some horrible things.” He confessed his guilt; scared still that she’ll leave him.
“Nothing will ever come between us.” Sara assured him yet again.
For some strange reason Michael believed her, it was as if a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, he leaned in slowly capturing her lips, pulling apart he held Sara close to him finally at ease and peace closing his eyes.
Within minutes Sarah could feel Michael’s even breaths. But deep down she realized that if she really knew Michael and his subconscious well, many sleepless nights awaited them. But today…… Maybe it was the joy of being free, or the tiredness from the chase, or the peace of finally being home, or maybe it was because of just having Sarah beside him; but tonight, Michael was soundly in a deep slumber within minutes.
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