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Series by 27kate17
Summary: It takes place six years after Michael and Lincoln brought down the company and finally got their lives back. All Michaelís charges were dropped thanks to the friend of Sara's father. They all moved back to chicago Lincoln, Michael, Sara and L.J. although he left and went to college.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Alternate Universe, Post-Escape
Characters: Fernando Sucre, Henry Pope, LJ Burrows, Lincoln Burrows, Maricruz Delgado, Michael Scofield, Nika Volek, Sara Tancredi
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Humor, Romance
Pairing: Michael and Sara
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Open: Closed [Report This]
Summary: High school is a whole new world for teenagers to discover as well as find themselves. Teen drama of love, lust, control, curiousty, danger, lost, temptation are a few of many experiences teenagers go through during this time in their lives. This is the journey Lincoln, Michael and all their friends as they go through high school. It is both the best and worst time in their lives.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: Agent Paul Kellerman, Charles Westmoreland, Fernando Sucre, James Whistler, LJ Burrows, Lincoln Burrows, Lisa Rix, Michael Scofield, Nick Savrinn, Nika Volek, Nurse Katie, Sara Tancredi, Veronica Donovan
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Veronica, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Underage Sex
Challenges: None
Open: Closed [Report This]