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Hey, I have been a lurker for a while *shames self* I intend to review all the stories that i have read to make up for it. OK, here I am and I have become a fan of slash fics, any pairings fine but I particularly like fics with T-Bag in. I also like fics with humour in and lightheartedness(is that a word? I dont think it is but you know what i mean)

I myself am not that funny but i do try and I usually try putting some humour into my fics which are mainly one shots.

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Series by Karinzo

This is just a little series where the escapees are hiding out in a cabin Strange things happen. Most T-Bag gets up to mischieve. Leading LJ on, teasing Lincoln, and most of all getting an eyefull of Pretty whenever he gets chance. It is no particular order unless it says in the summary that it follows on.

I just thought I would throw together the little stories when they are in a cabin because I already wrote two and have some more ideas.

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