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i am 28 year old married woman,an economist and i love prisonbreak. i use all my spare time when not at work watching it.
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Series by yomibolo
Summary: Chapter One

Michael Scofield

My name is Michael Scofield .I have been through a lot in just a few months. I broke out of prison with my brother and six other inmates. I have been on the greatest manhunt this country has ever seen and I have hurt the most important chance I have ever had at love Sara Tancredi. But I have a plan to make things really right for us all and maybe I will get her back-Sara. After our intimate moments on the train to see the president I decided I would never let her out of my sight again. On our way to see the president we were intercepted by the F.B.I. as good as trapped. That’s when Special Agent Grace Madison steps into the picture. For some reason she saves us yes Sara and I. She takes us to this secret cabin that only she knows about. Right now I have so many questions running through my mind that is this beautiful creature that has risked her life and career to aide and abed a fugitive. About 5 feet 7 inches cascades of strawberry blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. She is gorgeous and I figure Sara is also aware of it but of course I have eyes only for Sara or so I thought. “Who are you and why are you doing this”? Mr. Scofield I suggest for now you shelf the questions .I just saved you and Dr.Tancredi. That’s all you need to know. I am Special Agent Grace Madison. Read about Lincoln burrows case did my own investigation. I know he’s innocent but who do we tell that to. You can’t arrest the President of the United States. There is a way out of all this. I have a plan.

She sounded just like me. “Stay here there’s clean clothes, towels and a week’s worth of food. You stay here. Lincoln and L.j are safe. Michael, I will be back a week from now.” “My brother needs to know where I am.” “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you get to talk. You have my word.” Then with a grin she adds “you can take this as a romantic getaway with the love of your life. Then with that she was gone. I had to trust her I had no choice.

Sara Tancredi
She is a beauty. There was something about her I didn’t like or trust. I was uncomfortable with the Nika issue but this was worst. Michael is usually careful but he has let his guard down. And I most certainly didn’t like the way she looked at my Michael, Rescue Man. “I don’t trust her Michael” “Neither do I, but we have no choice but to have a little faith. Well it was an interesting week Michael had a Plan B. During the day we searched the woods for a possible getaway if Agent Madison decided to bring along company and at night we made love. This was like a real high for Michael and now me. Living life on the edge, looking around, study the environs and still having passionate moments with the man I love. During that time we found a basement and a laptop. Michael happened to get it starting. We were looking for signals anything to search for what we could get on Agent Madison. I couldn’t imagine him and her doing what we had being all week. It almost made me sick. At least I was safe with Michael. He would always be there to protect me.

Chapter Two
Special Agent Grace Madison
Scofield was cuter than I thought. He was smart discovered a way of escape, a basement but what he didn’t know was that I was on his side. But understandably I had to keep a tap on him. That’s the reason I had to bug the place. It was fun watching the two of them together making love kind of gives me a rush but honestly I wished at that moment I was Sara Tancredi in Scofield’s arms. Well Sara should enjoy it while it lasts. She would soon be out of the picture but as much as I agreed with them on this Lincoln Burrows case I had my own plans and was not willing to be a protégée to anyone including Agent Mahone or The Company. I had my own people in place to make sure all went according to the way I planned it. The truth of the matter is that Scofield didn’t know exactly what happened but Sara had the key therefore she was in the way. I contacted Jane she will make sure Lincoln and Michael speak a week from now.

Michael Scofield

A week passes and surely she’s back alone with her phone and I speak to Lincoln and he says he and l.j. are okay with Jane. “They are on our side Michael, 3 weeks from now we will be gone for good.” I don’t say anything scared the phone is tapped. Destroy it in front of Agent Madison to be sure it is not tapped. “Michael you need to trust me. 3 weeks from now you will be in Australia with 2 million dollars; you can start over, all four of you.” “Why are you doing this?” “Well I am sort of two faced. I work for the F.B.I. and The Company and with Jane and your late father. I know everything.” “Then whose side are you on?” “I am on your side Michael. You and your family.” She leaves us clean clothes, towels and a week worth of food again. Something just isn’t right but I have checked everything out nothing fishy yet I just wish I could get signal for the internet. I need to do a back check on her.

Two weeks later

Sara Tancredi
I have been feeling really nauseated for like 3 days. I need to be fine. Agent Madison says we would be in Australia latest this weekend. I have to be strong. But Michael is suspicious he knows I am sick. “Are you okay Sara?” “I am fine just a bit tired. I’ll be okay let’s focus on what’s ahead.” The truth is I have been here for almost a month and I actually missed my period. I just couldn’t be pregnant. This is not the right time to bring a baby into this world. I had to tell him my suspicions. “Michael something is wrong okay.” “You think you are pregnant right.” “How did you know?” “Well we have been having unprotected sex for almost a month now.” “I need to do a pregnancy test Michael.” “Sara even if you are pregnant it doesn’t matter. We still have 9 months to go. We would have been long gone by then.” “You don’t understand. My mom never recovered from having me. She had a special condition diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy-gestation diabetes. But there are drugs to use now immediately the pregnancy is detected. This family history issue Michael I need to know if I am pregnant and if I suffer from gestation diabetes.”

Chapter Three
Michael Scofield

After Sara told me what she feared I doubt if I could wait 4 days. Too long .I would never risk her life. I had to head out to get the the pregnancy test kit and the drugs she needed immediately. I headed out the next morning made sure I followed the path I had drawn on my notepad. I got the pregnancy kit test and just as I was asking the pharmacist about the drugs Sara might need they were on my tail. But I vanished of course. I am used to not being caught sort of like the gingerbread man.

Special agent Grace Madison

Where is Michael? I turn my back for a few minutes and his gone. Well I had to be calm. He would never leave Sara alone. He is too loyal. Sort of like Scully and Mulder on the X-files. I had to believe in him. He would come back.

Michael Scofield

“I got the kit Sara, but they were on my tail, but I promise you I will go back.” “That’s not important yet”, she says. She does the test and bingo our fears are confirmed. She is definitely pregnant. “Michael, what are we going to do?” “I don’t know yet, but I promise you nothing will happen to you or our baby. “You have my word Sara.” “Michael if it’s a boy I want to call him Frank if that’s okay with you.” “Frank as in Governor Frank Tancredi” She nodded. I know she felt somehow responsible for what happened to her father and so did I. “That’s okay but if it’s a girl I want to call her Faith because to get this far we really did need faith.” “So Frank if it’s a boy; Faith if it’s a girl”, she said as she managed a smile. I was determined to make her laugh. “Sara, you know I always win so she’s definitely Faith” and with that she burst into laughter. I really wanted to make her happy but I still had this sort of uneasy feeling that something was going down and I knew nothing about it.

Special Agent Grace Madison

So that’s why he escaped to get the kit for Sara now she was more vulnerable than she knew. Perfect hostage situation. Mother and child or maybe I should just get rid of her. However way it had to happen tomorrow.

We really want to thank you for your help. Agent Madison had pulled through. Here in my hands were four passports one for me Linc, L.j. and Sara and money to get away and four plane tickets to Australia. It’s nothing I believe in doing the right thing. Anyway I can help, I make sure I do. She gazed at me seriously as if she knew what I was about to ask. “Where’s Sara?” Sara had been really sick throwing up everything and even blood. I tried to get it to stop but she was a mess ands pretty dehydrated. “Am I going to die, Michael”, she asked? “Don’t even say that. You’ll be fine.” “ I know it’s what I feared. I have to get to the hospital.” “Something’s wrong, what is it Michael. Maybe I can help.” I stare at Sara and without asking for her permission. “We need your help, Agent Madison.” “Call me Grace.” “Thank you Grace. Um Grace well Sara is really sick. I am worried she has been vomiting non stop since last night.” “Why what happened.” “Well, I am pregnant just found out but I will be fine I am okay.” “You look like shit you couldn’t make it to the airport.” Grace laughs. “Oh common I am pregnant I will be fine there are many doctors in Australia.” “You don’t understand do you this is suspicious they will be all over you wondering why you are traveling in such a state.” “Gestation diabetes" I wonder just what it is. I look at Sara letting her know it’s okay to talk. “My mom had it when she had me back then there were little doctors to do. I am a doctor and I know the importance of tests, please but I can’t leave Michael.” “I don’t know that’s a big risk you guys. If she doesn’t go to the hospital forget about Australia. I think I have tried enough.” With that I grab her hand practically begging her. “Alright let’s go to the hospital.” “No.” Michael you are a fugitive, they could catch you. Sara and I go alone. I swear Agent Madison had this obvious grin on her face. “So you wait here, Michael this will be over with soon.” “Sara, baby let’s wait I am sure you will be fine.” With that I turn to Agent Grace. “No way, wherever she goes, I go. I am not leaving her alone with you.” She lets out a laugh. “So, after everything you still don’t trust me. You know what you are very ungrateful.” “Stop it, Michael she is right, I have to go I am probably six weeks off and anything could go wrong, besides they could recognize you. I will be safe.” I sigh and roll my eyes scared as hell. “Okay Sara, baby please be safe. I love you.”With that I hug her and give her a deep kiss more out of desperation and fear than of passion. “Take the bowl Sara and be strong.” “Michael we will be back just give me two hours. Take this phone you can contact Dr. Tancredi and myself anytime and this phone isn’t traceable. I promise you your girl will be fine.” And just like that they were gone. My mind and my soul knew something was wrong. I had promised Sara I’d protect her but I let her go just like that.

I had to call Lincoln. I couldn’t remember his number. I had to stand still and bingo it all came back. “Lincoln, something terrible has happened.” “Not true. We will meet you guys in an hour.” “That’s not possible Sara is very sick.” “What happened?” “It’s a long story. She needs to get to the hospital. Hopefully she will be fine.” “She can meet us later. We are the fugitives Michael. We have to go.” “Lincoln, there is no way I am leaving the States without Sara.” “Is she really worth all the trouble. She is not blood. She is just a girl that you feel indebted too. Forget it Mikey.” “No, you don’t understand. She saved your ungrateful ass and when someone sticks out her neck for you. You help her when she’s down. Besides she is sick and it’s my fault.” “What are you talking about?” I sigh deeply. “Linc, Sara is pregnant and very sick. I can’t leave them here. They are family too.” “So sorry I didn’t know. Alright we will wait. I am going to be an uncle. Be safe Michael.” “Thanks for understanding”

Chapter 5

“So doctor, what is it am I going to be fine?” “You have to stay for observation.” “I feel better. I think the ivrs helped .I have to go.” “You have gestation diabetes. Please unless you want to miscarry, you will wait.” I couldn’t believe it. Definitely wrong timing. “So what did the doctor say?” “He said I should stay overnight for observation. Please I need to call Michael. Let him know what happened to me. He is probably very worried. You know what, I feel better Grace. Will you help me get out?” “Would micheal want you to do that?” “No, but we have to go. I don’t want to jeopardize their freedom.” “Alright let’s go.” With that we are off. She is nice after all. I guess I was just being jealous and insecure. “Um Sara this is Billy Myles. He works for me. You stay here with him in this van.” “Where are you going?” “I need to get your supplies from the hospital. Hold this phone. It’s not traceable okay. But I need to call Michael.” “You will very soon. Um Sara if it’s a girl I hope Grace is gaining popularity.” She said it and smiled. Trying to calm me down. I returned the smile. Before I could blink my eyes the locks shut and this Billy guy just drives full force ahead. “Um what’s happening? “Lady, you are going wish you never messed with the Company.” “Where are you taking me?” “You’ll know very soon.” I just couldn’t die like this I had survived many attempts on my life. I wasn’t gonna give up like that, at least for the sake of my precious baby. I had already formed a bond with it and no one would take it from me. “I demand to know where you are taking me.” After like forever we stop probably near a deserted cabin. “Um lady, I am sorry but I have to kill you.” “Why?” “The agent lady and the company they are in it together. You have a key that they want and she, I think she is crazy. Multiple personality or something. Since the hunt for Michael scofield and the others she has been obsessed with meeting the man. She wants that man for herself. Guess you were in the way.” Oh my God, I knew something was wrong. “Please Billy, I am pregnant. If you kill me you kill my baby as well. I promise if you let me go I will never show myself again .Please, please.” I must have been sobbing uncontrollably then. I saw a hint of pity in his eyes. “Alright I will let you go but here you will probably die but I won’t kill you. Alright get out of here before I change my mind.” With that I run. Run without knowing where I am going and it’s dark and I find myself slipping away.

Chapter 6
“Where’s Sara?” “Don’t worry she had to stay for observations. So tomorrow we get her and head out.” “But you agreed I would talk to her.” “There was no time.” “She’s okay.” I really wanted to stay here with him tonight. I was scared of what he would say. Afraid of rejection but anyway I have always been the bold type. “I will stay here and we could head out tomorrow together.” “Um well sure you are calling the shots; I just need to tell Linc what happened.” “Don’t worry I have all that taken care of. You are on your way out of America. “He doesn’t seem interested in me at all. I will need to do a lot to rid his mind of Sara Tancredi. “Tell me how you fell in love?” “Excuse me.” “You and Sara what happened? How did the sparks start?” “No offense but that’s a story for another day. I have got a lot on my mind okay.” “Okay, none taken.” That night I dreamt I saw a baby crying in the woods almost dead and then I saw Sara with an axe about to take me out. I awake hearing nothing but the noise of the still night and I see Michael on the couch. He had refused to share their bed with me. What a terrible nightmare. I had to focus on positive things. Soon Michael will be mine and mine alone and he would make love to me the way he did with Sara; even better. I was obsessed with this perfectionist. I wanted to be a part of this dysfunctional family and Sara Tancredi was out of my way for good.

Chapter 7
I wake up feeling so sore wondering where I was. “Hi sweetie. You should be careful you know.” I see an older African American woman. “Where am I?” “This is Toledo.” “Where is that?” “Ohio. We found you in the woods. Where were you going?” “Um I got lost.” “You had a bad fever and thank God my husband found you and I am a retired nurse. Anyway you will be fine girl. I am Beulah McKenzie and you are?” “My name is Sharon.” She had to be careful with giving out any information. She could even be in danger here. “Thank you for everything but I have to go really.” I try to get up but I don’t last at all. I suddenly feel nausea and it starts again the vomiting. “My baby.” “Are you pregnant?” “Yes.” “We have to get you to the hospital.” “No.” “Please girl there is a clinic down the road. You will be fine. Charlie, get the car we have to get to the clinic.” “So how did you find her?” “I don’t know she passed out near our farm and well we just couldn’t leave her there.” Dr. Francis Holmes had interrogated the McKenzies. “Well she is pregnant with gestation diabetes. She almost lost the baby, but they are both tough cookies. I need to run more tests on her okay.” “Please take care of her we will look for money.” “Don’t worry it’s on the house. I think I have seen her before. She looks very familiar.” Dr. Francis Holmes was the opposite of Michael Scofield. Bleach blonde hair brown eyes very cute about Sara’s height 5’8. Nice and warm. “So will I live?” “Sure of course and you are Sharon right.” “Right Sharon scofield.” “Where is your husband?” “We had a fight and I ran off but I don’t think he’ll look for me.” “Why?” “Forget it doc, how’s my baby.” “ Very fine.” Great, when do I leave?” “Leave. You will be here for at least a week. Please Mrs. Scofield think of your child okay.” He probably was right. Staying in this clinic was probably the safest thing for all of them. She missed Michael and had no way of reaching him. He would probably be so worried about her.

Chapter 8
“She’s gone Michael. The doctor said she just disappeared. I am so sorry. There is something else. She had an abortion.” I could not believe what I was hearing. She would never do that. “Forget her she will be fine. I promise you I will look for her later. You and your brother have to leave today, right now.”I suddenly felt a pang of rage and hatred for Sara. Why would she do that? I wish she had told me her fears and she told me she felt safe with me. I felt tears well up in my eyes and realize it was probably for the better. She is better off without me. What kind of life could I give her anyway? But the baby Faith or Frank had become so real. Why did she kill their baby? Well Grace and I were off to the airport and I saw Lincoln and Lj. “Where’s Sara?” “She left me.” “why.” “Forget it okay.” I turn around to face Grace. “Thank you so much. You are a good friend. Hope we meet again soon. Thanks.” “Michael I’ll go with you.” “No there’s no need for that. We will be fine.” “I have to meet with the people who will take you in. I have to go okay.” I didn’t know it but right there something started between Grace and I . I wanted to forget about the pain and rejection I went through because of Sara and grace well she was here with me, not a memory. Real.

Seven months later
A lot had happened since we left the states. We started a small construction company and thank God for Grace the money she gave us was more than enough. L.j. had adjusted. Of course we had changed our names. Lincoln was Max Bennet, l.j. was Max Jr. and I was Sean Cole. I was still bitter of course but I was happy that at least my brother was alive. We had to grow our hair. Linc and me. Linc was seeing some Australian girl Jamie and me. I couldn’t stop thinking of Sara until… “I think Grace likes you Michael. She threw her career away for you.” “So did Sara.” “She is here. She likes you a lot. Give her a chance it’s been seven months.” Grace had stayed and she was staying with us and proved that she could be trusted. It happened four months ago. “Michael I am in love with you and I want to help you okay. Let me in baby.” “It wouldn’t be fair to you, you are a good person I don’t want to hurt you.” “How could you hurt me?” “I am not over her-Sara. I still dream about her she is here. I carry her with me.” “Well I didn’t want to tell you this but she well she’s dead. She overdosed apparently. My sources tell me a month ago or so. You have to move on.” “Shut up she can’t be dead.” “Yes she is.” I feel the tears rolling down my cheeks and wonder why. Why were we destined to fail? “I am sorry but I had to tell you. Let me help you Michael. I will be waiting.”

Chapter 9

I couldn’t believe after seven months it had happened. Lincoln played an important part obviously. “Grace, why don’t we go some place today?” “Where.” “That little restaurant near Bardoes Beach.” “Sure, what’s up?” “I just need to talk ok. I’ll close early and we will meet by 6 this evening.” “Fine, I’ll be waiting.” I wore a see through blue-green sleeve less short Fendi dress with a black belt. I was very sexy and my plan was to seduce him. I had waited so long for this. “Wow, you look great.” His eyes roamed all over me. He had broken the fences finally. “So what I am trying to say is I really care for you Grace. This could work.” “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend Michael,” I ask laughing. He smiles. “You know you are so beautiful. Yes I want us to be a couple.” “So what is the first thing a couple does?” “I don’t know hold hands, take pictures, have dinner.” “All of the above and you missed one important thing.” I didn’t hide the fact that I wanted him to make love to me. “Oh, that. You are a bad girl.” “Yes I am call Lincoln tell him not to wait for us.” And he does and we hold hands, take pictures, have dinner and finally get home very late and Michael sleeps in my room and we make sweet love. He is such a perfectionist. I try not to scream but this man is good and he knows just what to do and he puts my needs before his and and I can’t take it anymore. I am breathless with his hands and his powerful trusts. I go over board, he follows me shortly. “Wow. You are a stallion.” He kisses me but he is mute and suddenly very distant. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Sleep okay.” “I love you Michael.” He doesn’t reply but I know soon I will be there in his heart. And with that I drift off peacefully to sleep.

Chapter 10
Sharon push you are almost there. “I can’t.” “Come on.’ I am pushing and it hurts so much and I wish Michael was here. I am alone as usual except for these amazing people. The McKenzies took me in. They had been great. I hated lying to them and well I finally told them the truth about everything. I was promised a permanent home till I was ready to leave.
Dr. Francis Holmes
had fallen in love with Sharon (she never told him the truth) and wondering what man wouldn’t look for his beautiful pregnant wife. He found out without her knowledge who Mr. Scofield was, an escaped convict that just dropped of the radar at least he was no where in the States. There were no clues as to where he was. He didn’t care that she didn’t tell him the truth or that she was the infamous Sara Tancredi that opened the door for all those criminals to escape. He admired her loyalty towards this Michael. He didn’t deserve it. He would make things right for her and her bay. He planned to ask her to marry him very soon.
Francis was my present rock. I really needed his support now and he had been good to me and my unborn child. He told me he loved me. I thanked him but told him to forget me, but he was very persistent. I was grateful these people cared for me. I was not alone after all. I heard her crying. Yes, my daughter. “Please let me hold her.” “Let me get her cleaned up.” “No Francis, please.” I beg him with tears in my eyes and he gives her to me with embryonic fluid and blood. This is me, Michael and me. Our Faith. I was mesmerized by her and overwhelmed with emotions.

“So what are you going to call her?” “Faith. Faith Beulah Scofield.” She is definitely a beauty, brunette and her eyes are blue grey, she looks like her father you know.” “How do you know that?” “I know everything Sara. Your name is Sara , right. Look I understand why you lied to me. It’s okay, but he is in Australia and he has a lover a former F.B.I. agent.” “What.” “I did my own investigation. If you want…” “You hired a private detective. How much do you know? I have to get out of here.” “No, I won’t hurt you, I love you I was just curious and I had my own way of finding out.” “What.” “Yes, Grace Madison the former F.B.I. agent well she um she’s my ex-wife.” This can’t be true. Was Francis right? Michael was with the woman that tried to kill her. Talk about having faith in something. He didn’t even wait a year. “Where are they? “Um why?” “I need to know please.”

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