Happily Ever After? by PBaddict4va

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In a far off kingdom, a sweet Princess searches for her perfect Prince but finds out that love doesn't come as easily as she hoped. A chance meeting sets the stage for a forbidden love between a beautiful Princess and a handsome Blacksmith.

Can a love doomed from the beginning withstand all the obstacles thrown in its way? Can two very different people, in dueling classes, bridge the gap to find happiness?

Can they have a "Happily Ever After"?

*A MiSa AU PB Fairytale*

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Story Notes:
This story will start off very PG-13 but i plan to go beyond that in later chapters. Thank you for reading.

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Chance Meeting by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Hello Everyone! Jacki here.

It has been a long road here for this story so let me start off with some background for a moment. This story was started as a joke and it quickly escalated to certain individuals blackmailing me to post it on the boards over in the PB Fox Site *Coughs Pbswimmer, Leikvin, Martinibaby1, and Kirsten2788* but the ringleader for that conspiracy was Jen, she promised me more Fic Love if I posted it and so being the Fic Whore that I am, I caved! : *shakes head*. So, now we come to this portion of the Conspiracy and this time my arch nemeses have been two people for the most part Martinibaby1 and Kirsten2788.

Although I love my sisters to death they have been real pain in the asses when it came to me posting here. LMAO...No they haven't been bad pains... they have been awesome! I know it was all love and for that THEY ROCK!!! But I have been resistant from the start and they always said “Oh come on Jacki its great, you know you want to.” But I was always able to resist and wiggle out of it. Well now I have finally succumbed to another carrot being thrown violently into my face as Kirsten threw down the gauntlet yesterday and told me that it was either, I post my story here or I would never, ever, ever…get another update in any of her stories and let me just say that the negotiations were fierce. Talks of us both quitting our stories was almost agreed upon because we were both so unrelenting on our positions ....would have worked fine for me but i needed my fix so I couldn't let her quit :( ....but now I stand here naked!!

Well sort of… not in the physical sense but in the emotional sense cause heaven knows no one wants the physical sense…LOL. THEY WON!!... *mumbles Damn it!* ... Damn my weakness for Fics, they knew how to play me from minute ONE!! So I EXPECT payment very very very soon!!!!! But all in all... I am surprised that they haven’t done this sooner…LOL! I am such a marshmallow...LOL!

So with that said, here is my story and needless to say that it’s my first fic. It’s a fairytale type story, completely AU and very MiSa Centric. Other characters will make their way through eventually but the focus will be MiSa for the most part. Also, it will start off PG-13ish but i plan to take it up a notch later on...I hope that everyone enjoys it and maybe some of you can drop me a line or two to tell me what you think of it…you know just food for thought. ;) I also want to thank everyone who has supported me through this up until now, I love you guys more than words can say and I really appreciate it all!


Once upon a time, in a land far far away.........................

There once was a princess who was beloved by all who knew her. She loved her town and those who lived there. Most were taken by her beauty, which at first and second sight was breath taking. Her long flowing auburn locks caressed her alabaster skin that was lightly kissed by a touch of rose color on her cheeks. Her eyes were deep dark pools of chocolate that held a sweetness that was matched by no other. She often left the confines of the palace and made visits into town. She would clothe herself in simpler garb, so that she could blend into the crowds and not be easily detected. During one of these visits, that is when he saw her.

He was a young man who recently moved into town with his brother and father. He was instantly taken and could recall everything about the day he first set his eyes on her, the day that forever changed his life and dreams. He was picking up some things that his father asked him to get so they could have a proper stew for that evenings dinner. As he was in the market square, looking for celery and carrots, out of the corner of his eye something caught his attention and as he looked up he saw her. Instantly all of the air escaped him and was unable to draw breath into his lungs, he could only look in fascination to the exquisite beauty before him.

She was walking out of the bakery holding a basket of bread. He devoured everything about her as she walked and smiled to the person to her right. He had never seen any other woman carry herself the way she did, she carried herself with a quiet grace and stern confidence that was evident with every fluid step she took. He was entranced and without realizing it he started to follow her as his mind was racing with all the data that he was accumulating watching her, so much so, that he did not see that he was about to step off the curb of the sidewalk and hit the cobble stone street in front of him.

His foot slipping jolted him back to reality as all the groceries from that days excursion were heavy and awkward and he could not keep his balance. As he willed his body to control his cargo with every once of strength that he had in his possession, he grunted and gasped loudly, catching everyone’s attention. Internally the only thought he could muster was that of "with the stage set, it was time for the star of the show to make his grand entrance....Here is ...Michael!" With a thunderous crash he fell, face first into the street. While his hands instinctively went to cushion his fall it caused all of his groceries spilled in every direction.

Silence. That is all he heard, until one child could not contain their laughter any longer and gave a hearty laugh. It only took that little encouragement for the entire crowd to join in and create an explosion of hysterical laughter. "Just Great Michael!" he let slip out before closing his eyes and placing his head down on top of his hands.

As he collected himself and prepared to face the questioning eyes and knowing smirks all around him, he heard a sweet voice ask him something. He couldn't make out what was being said over the crowd but annoyed at his current situation of being the laughing stock of the town, he lifted his head and retorted to the person in front of him with an accusatory tone, "What?!" As he looked up his mind instantly seized at the vision before him, it was her, his bakery angel. Lost in the rays of her beauty, he realized that she was more of an exquisite beauty up close than from afar.

She was talking to him, he couldn't believe that she was actually talking to him. He quickly willed his voice to speak but only a whispering "sorry" was all he produced.

"Are you alright?" she asked him while placing her hand on his shoulder gently.

He instantly felt the electricity of her touch that traveled throughout his body. He shook his head, trying to get a hold of himself then looked back up and said "eh…yeah...umm fine...thanks."

With a final squeeze of her hand on his shoulder and a sweet smile, she stood up and stepped back in order to give him room to get up. Suddenly her companion said "My Lady, please we must return its getting late."

With that, she quickly excused herself by apologizing for being unable to help him gather his things and slowly turned and started walking away. Instantly his heart ached, certainly this could not be it. It couldn't end, not like this.

Yet, he couldn't think of what to say and as she continued to walk away from him he heard himself blurt out, "I'm Michael by the way." She stopped and turned around. He saw her lift one eyebrow while smiling at him. "Sara" was all she said before she turned back around and continued walking away from him.

“Sara.” That one word would change his life forever. That single beautiful word would be forever tattooed on his heart, soul and mind. After that day, he went to the market square looking for her every moment he could. Hoping that he would be able to see and talk to her and thank her for her kindness but every time was the same. Frantic eyes scanning hundreds of faces while his heart raced out of control and his breath quickened with desire and longing but he never found her.

“Where was she?” he asked himself in silent agony. He dreamed of her with increasing frequency and at times he almost convinced himself that it had all been just a dream, that she was nothing more than a beautiful figment of his imagination. Yet, he willed himself to shake those delusions from his mind and believe that she was out there, hopefully, thinking of him.

“Does she think of me?” his mind asked his heart as memories of her on that day in the square flooded his mind. As he continued his sweet reverie, his mind wandered to her perfect face, her brilliant smile and her captivating eyes. Without hesitation, he traveled further into his vision and willingly dove into her deep pools of chocolate drowning him in ecstasy as the sweet sensations possessed his body and bewitching his soul.


A vast ocean of blue and green that was what she thought of when she remembered the boy from the square. On the surface it was a casual meeting, an insignificant occurrence that only made her late to the meeting with her parents at the palace to discuss the upcoming ball that would take place in three weeks time, but only on the surface. Underneath, she thought of him constantly, she was haunted by the intensity of his crystal blue orbs that seemed to touch her very soul.

She remembered how she had turned right at the moment of his certain demise. He was teetering on the verge of disaster and before she could react, he fell and watched as the destruction unfolded before her. At first, she held back her laughter but as she saw him flinch in pain and place his head on top of his hands like a weeping child, something inside her reacted and she walked toward him. Instinctively she placed her hand on his shoulder while asking him if he was alright.

His response was short and curt but the instant he looked up all of that disappeared. His eyes were in a word, beautiful… In another exquisite. They held such warmth and kindness that she was taken aback. While he thought of his answer to her question, she explored his face, only to be fascinated by this extraordinary specimen. From his shortly cropped hair, that suited him perfectly, to his full lips that he licked as he tried to find the words to respond to her. Separately, all these things were not all that meaningful but together, they were an answer to a long whispered prayer.


“Do you like him?”

“What?” Sara was shocked back by Katie’s question.

“Prince Kellerman? He’s going to be your escort for the Ball isn’t he?”

She closed her eyes and let out a cleansing breath. She thought she had been caught but when Katie clarified what she meant, she felt relived.

Katie used to be her nanny when she was younger, but now she was her constant companion, her very own partner in crime. If Katie was able to see the show that she was playing inside her mind, she would have known that she was thinking of Michael and not Paul.

“Yes.” Realizing possible confusion of her response, she quickly clarified what she meant.
“I mean yes, he is supposed to be my escort for the ball, but he’s just a friend. I don’t like him THAT way.”

She had known Paul since she was a little girl. They were great friends and had some wonderfully fun times when they were younger and besides some regular curiosity when they were older they never had been a true couple.

He was the heir to a very powerful family of a nearby Kingdom and it was long assumed, mostly by her father, that she would eventually marry Paul and create some type of aristocrat power house but that is not what Sara wanted. She wanted to marry a man that she loved, not one that would just improve her standing. Yet, even though, she wanted to marry someone she loved she also knew, being the next queen, she couldn’t marry some guy off the street, or more specifically, one she saw fall on the street. With that reality, she wished she was someone different, someone normal… someone free. With that, she decided she needed some air. “Katie, lets go shopping.”


“I’m late!” Michael yelled at himself.

He was due at his father’s shop 10 minutes ago. He promised his father that he would start learning the family business, but being a blacksmith was not his passion. He yearned to create drawings of massive structures.

He was mesmerized with tall buildings and their design and he loved how a building could serve a function but that it could also be a work of art. That is why he enjoyed looking and studying the palace. Its unique design was a pleasure to behold. The intricate carvings, the lattice work and the window designs that were fully functioning but also added to its allure. He always wanted to go and look inside the palace because he could only imagine the beauty within its walls. The splendor would no doubt capture his very soul, because he had already been fascinated by the outside of its walls.

When he tried to explain what he wanted to become, his father was not happy. His Father, Aldo, wanted him to follow in his footsteps, to carry on the tradition of the family trade since his brother, Lincoln, had decided to become a butcher. It pained him to disappoint his father and that is why, in part, he agreed to be an apprentice. He would be the dutiful son, the one that would make it right.

It was during this contemplation that he did not notice the event that would veer his life into chaos. He was fumbling with his books, looking down, walking at a hurried pace cursing his father for intruding on his “Sara Search,” when it happened. Just as he looked up for a moment, he saw what was going to happen and he was powerless to stop it.


Sara has tried to be elusive and secretive. She tried to discretely scan her surroundings without arousing anyone’s suspicion to what exactly she was searching for. While she was in the bakery, she purposefully looked at the picture window trying to see if she saw him. A pang of disappointment filled her when she didn’t see him. “Katie I’m going to the library, I will meet you back at the palace, and I promise I won’t be long.” She exited the bakery, barely hearing Katie’s objection and pleas to be careful. Katie knew all too well that Sara had a strong will and she could not be easily swayed so she quickly paid for the croissants and made her way for the door and back to the palace.

Sara walked oblivious to her surroundings. She was lost in thought, a common occurrence ever since she met Michael. Her thoughts were mesmerized by this stranger and they continued to gain fervor. At first they remained benign and sweet, she would flash to the tenderness of his eyes, the fullness of his smile and the strength and beauty of his arms and hands but now those thoughts evolved into something far more dangerous but at the same time, far more desirable.

In her mind, she let her deepest desire run wild and free. His eyes that once only reflected sweetness and playfulness mutated into dark blue pools of wanton desire. Eyes that were once content to passively observe, now were actively devouring every inch of her body sending her closer to a sweet oblivion. She imagined how his full lips would feel against hers. Soft supple lips feasting upon sweet sensitive flesh, long lost to human touch, nipping and teasing as he traveled to forbidden areas. Hands moving of their own volition, attempting to lay claim of newly discovered terrain. Each touch and caress a new experience of total bliss, each culminating into a perfect sensation of fulfillment.

“Is this all you need?”

“What?” Sara asked, awaken from her thoughts.

Again the librarian asked, “Will that do it for you?” Sara looked at her confused at her current situation; unknowingly she had causally walked up to the desk and placed the book in her hands on the counter.

“Umm, yes…umm...I am sorry.” She spewed out as she tried to regain her composure.

She willed her heart rate to normalize. She lightly touched her flushed cheeks, hoping that no one knew what caused her current state. She quickly turned around, avoiding eye contact and hurried towards the exit. Her single train of thought of fleeing the library made her blind to the oncoming collision.

End Notes:

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Bodies, Books and Coffee...OH MY!! by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

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She walked through the door as though a great weight had been lifted and she quickly took in a breath of air. Looking up with her eyes closed she continued to steady her breathing and center her thoughts while standing in the middle of the sidewalk. As she was finding her center, she could hear something approaching. She dismissed it but it got louder and hurried its pace, so she looked to her right and then she saw him. He was coming right for her and there was no where to hide from the inevitable.

She uttered, “Oh My Fairy God Mo-“ he had looked up the instance before he rammed his body into hers. A mighty thud was heard and they tumbled to the ground with books and bodies intermingled. ”Uuuggh” they simultaneously groaned as they hit the ground. It took a moment to process what occurred so they took physical inventory of their bodies to determine what damage, if any, had occurred. With no indication that they had any pain, they continued to take stock of the situation and it was only then, that they appreciated the position that they currently found themselves.

Sara became very conscious of that fact that she had landed on top of Michael. She blushed as she remembered how she dreamt of them in this exact position and she had to admit the reality greatly overshadowed the dream. She looked down and surveyed his body and as she slowly examined him, she wished her eyes could see more of what her body felt. He was soft and hard in all the right places and his dark blue shirt fitted him perfectly and only accentuated his olive skin of his neck and upper chest. He filled her senses completely as he invaded every part of her mind and her body instinctively drew closer. As she continued to feast upon him, she detected that he smelled like a rich mixture of soap and something else that was uniquely Michael. She was nearing complete overload and the nearly intimate connection was wondrous torture as she prayed that it would last forever. Just then, she felt his labored breathing, his bright orbs staring back at her. “He’s beautiful,” she thought.

“She’s beautiful,” that was all his mind could process as she laid on top of him and he couldn’t believe it. She was breath taking, literally, breath taking. He couldn’t get enough air and the harder he tried the more suffocated he felt yet, instead of feeling panicked he felt euphoric. He could live on her scent alone, oxygen be damned. She smelled of lilacs and something else, something sweet but he couldn't place it, but it would be forever stored in his mind as "Sara." The sight of her was glorious and long overdue as he had spent days looking for her and now here she was, her stunning face was just mere inches away, all he had to do was move his head so slightly and they would be kissing. He wanted to touch her, taste her, and make her his own. Forbidden thoughts that had been fermenting in his mind for days were now planning their escape and it took all his willpower for him not to act on his impulses. He felt her breasts against him and felt more of his will fade as he felt her delicately move on top of him. He willed his body to resist the onslaught of desire rushing throughout his body because he would not be betrayed by his own body, not now.

Michael was the first to speak. “Umm, I am so sorry. I got distracted and I didn’t see you there,” Michael blurted out.

“Well that’s the pattern with you Michael.” Sara replied with a coy tone and slight smile.

His breath hitched as he realized that she had remembered his name and he couldn’t help the smile that was instantly plastered on his face.

“Well if all my falls ended like this, I’m inclined to continue that pattern, Sara.” She could only giggle as a response. The way he said her name gave her goosebumps and the low intensity of his voice was intoxicating and she was already feeling tipsy.

She quickly looked around her and then willed her lithe body to get up off of him and it reluctantly obeyed but she instantly missed the contact. He watched her ease up off of him and he wished that he could grab her and pulled her back down, but those thoughts were to remain just that…wishes.

As Michael stood up, he surveyed the complete destruction around them.

“I’m sorry, let me help.” Michael said as he crouched down and started picking up their belongings.

She quickly replied. “No, that’s alright, you had more things …”

They began to stack the books and other objects into piles and then they reached for the last book at the same time, their hands touched and it stunned them both. The electric current surged through both their bodies and they basked in its warming caress and addicting hum. They both saw each other blushing so they quickly looked down and Sara slowly released her grip on the book.

“Shrekspeare’s Sonnets?” he asked in surprise while glancing at the book in his hands.

“Yes, they’re amazing.” She looked down and took a quick look at the pile of books that were in front of her.

“Remarkable Structures throughout history? Some light reading?” she playfully asked.

He chuckled as he replied, “Yeah, a little.”

“Well did you know what Shrekspeare said about your remarkable structures?…” Michael cut her off and said.

“Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;”

Her stomach flipped as his sensual voice breathed new life into those words. She was stunned by the wondrous realization that his mind was just as enchanting as his body. “You surprise me Michael.”

“Well then, would you like to go for a cup of coffee or tea?” Michael could barely contain his anticipation of her answer. He prayed she would say yes. “It’s the least I could do for totally ramming into you.”

She had promised Katie that she would return to the palace, but what if this was their only chance, the thought that this would be her only opportunity to spend any time with him made her heart ache. She needed to bring into focus what her dreams could not…she would no doubt get into trouble but sometimes doing the wrong thing was the right decision.

“That would be great.”


They couldn’t stop smiling as they talked about anything and everything. They had walked through the doors of the 3 wishes coffee shop over an hour and a half ago and they had ordered their drinks, often very telling of what someone wanted out of a mate. She had a strong extra hot cup of coffee while he had a Quad shot chocolate covered whipped cream topped coffee drink. They found a booth that was tucked away in a quiet corner of the cafe and while sitting across from each other, they talked about their likes and dislikes.

While they discussed Michael’s love of architecture and reading, he felt instantly at ease with her and noticed that he could tell her anything and he did. He had never done that before, he was usually very cautious and calculating on what he told new people, but Sara was different. Her warm chocolate pools reflected a kindness and purity that put him at ease and as he gazed further into her soul, he realized that she was someone that he could trust. A familiarity washed over him, it was like they had known each other for many years instead of mere hours. He wondered how he lived all those years without knowing her.

Sara discussed her charity work and her volunteering at the hospital. He had an ease about him that was comforting and soothing and she believed she could tell him everything, well not everything. She didn’t tell him about whom she really was, who her parents were, where she lived and she wasn’t sure if she should. She knew that once she told him that it would change what they had, a magically exquisite bond that energized the deepest parts of her. No, she had to hold out a little longer. She couldn’t lose him, not yet. She was shaken out of her reverie by his question.

“What? I am sorry,” She replied as she felt his hands on top of hers. Their first contact, well first deliberate contact and it was delicious. She lowered her gaze to the merging of flesh and drinking in the sight of how his long slender fingers softly caressed her and she welcomed his warmth as it enveloped her. He kept grazing his thumb across her knuckles as encouragement and she felt her body react to his soft touch. The eloquent sound of his voice made her look up at him, once again totally immersed into his deep crystal blue pools.

“What does your Dad do?” he said again. She sat there frozen, not knowing what to do next. “Umm he...” she had to think of something quick, something that wasn’t a complete lie. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and then let out a breath and quickly blurted out “He’s a worker…at the Palace.” She was silent for a moment as she waited for his reaction. “Wow, the Palace that must be a great place to work at. It must be very beautiful on the inside.” She quickly answered in the affirmative, as she hoped this would funnel the conversation to other topics, but he was unrelenting. He asked her about her mother and she gave him the same answer, wanting it to stop, she quickly tried to steer the conversation away from her. “What about your mom?”

He instantly retracted away from her, lowering his gaze to a spot in front of him, denying her the eye contact that she desperately sought to reestablish. She feared that she said or done something to make him distant himself, all she could do was wring her hands together as she thought of a way to make this right. Before she could delve into what had happened he answered with a slight tremble in his voice that was barely above a whisper, “She died when I was 8. My father was never the same after she died, no one was. She was the best part of us. She was our center, our heartbeat.” She could see the pain and the longing on his face as he continued to stare aimlessly in front of him. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

She saw the complete devastation that he tried to hide. He closed his eyes trying to regain his composure and that’s when it happened. She didn’t know where her boldness came from but she acted without hesitation. She got up from her side of the booth and traveled the short distance and slid into the other side where he was sitting. When he felt something next to him he glanced up and turned to her. Before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and gave him a reassuring hug. It took a moment for his mind to register what was happening, but then he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. Her comforting touch soothed his aching soul.

The death of his mother was something he rarely discussed with anyone but it felt right telling Sara. She molded right in his arms, as if she belonged there, meant for only his embrace. She made him feel complete and he never wanted to let her go. She moved one of her hands from his shoulder to hold the back of his head and soothed him as she gently stroked his neck. She spoke soft words of sweet comfort into his ear as they rocked back and forth in a steady rhythm.

Sara was the first to pull away a little but not completely out of his grasp. She could see the burgeoning tears that welled up in his eyes. They were a whisper away from each other and they both looked into each others eyes and seemed to reach an agreement, but Michael made sure that she was the one that made the first move. She started to lean closer, their lips only millimeters away from complete contact and the anticipation was intoxicating but excruciating at the same time. He wanted to just take her lips and bask in their delight, to taste the very essence of her soul but he allowed her to set the pace.

Suddenly they heard the door chime and someone call out. She instantly recognized the voice and knew that she was in trouble as the voice exclaimed “Sara! I have been looking for you all over the kingdom. I was beginning to get worried.”

She instinctively reacted to Katie’s voice and turned to look at her. The moment was shattered and Sara looked down between them as she couldn’t look up at him when she said “I have to leave.”

It felt as if a thousand knives were stuck into his heart at the same time. He released her but his body was not so easily convinced. He just watched her as she made her way for the door.

She turned around and told him that she had a wonderful time, but that is all she could choke out. She knew if she continued she would start to cry and she couldn’t do that, not here and not now. She turned back to Katie feeling that she missed a golden opportunity with Michael and was unsure if it would happen again.

“Sara, wait!”

He caught her arm before she could leave the coffee shop. She turned back and looked at him.

“Sara, could I see you again? Tomorrow? Or any other time you are free?”
Michael put all his hopes on the answer to his question. Her face turned serious as she told him her answer.

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The Answer......the Truth by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:
Hello All Here is the next chapter of my little story. :) Of course I missed my Monday deadline and I am sorry, I am still caught up in another update and I have come to the harsh reality that I suck at Multi-tasking as of late. :( *hangs head in shame* Oh well, hopefully this is a temporary condition ...LOL but with my luck..not! Well Enjoy and let me know how you like it. :) NEW END NOTES!!

He was infuriated. Michael had gone straight to his father’s workshop right after the coffee shop and got an ear full. His father was livid when he walked through the door almost 2 hours late and told him that he needed to be more responsible and punctual, his word needed to be his bond.

Aldo had several orders that needed to be completed and he needed Michael’s help in order to finish them on time. Aldo knew that his son’s concentration, as of late, was lacking because he used to be able to focus on his studies and apprenticeship but now he was basically useless. Yet, Aldo noticed other things as well, Michael seemed to have an added spring in his step and smiled constantly so he suspected that his son had a crush on some girl since he recognized all the tell tale signs like the look in his eyes, he knew that look all too well.

Christina Rose. His beloved Christina was his first and only love and she was the epitome of beauty and grace. Her warm chestnut brown curls complemented her fair skin, full lips and penetrating blue eyes. Her eyes were the first to capture his attention, an enchantress that was heaven sent, an angel, his angel. Yet the beauty of her body paled to the allure of her soul, her heart was so open and loving that Aldo thanked his lucky stars and fairy god mother that she chose him to build a life and family with.

The memories that rushed through his head, only made the emptiness in his heart flood with grief and pain. He took a deep breath to control the onslaught of bereavement he still felt and he brought up his soot stained hand and looked at the precious gold band that still adorned his finger. A single band of gold that stood testament of the happy life once lived but also served as a reminder of a life that would never be again.

He ran his hand through his salt and pepper hair to help clear his mind but the past years weighted heavy on Aldo, which could easily be seen on his face and made him look older beyond his years. His hazel orbs started to glisten with tears threatening to fall but Aldo fought to keep his emotions in check and hit his fist against the table and willed his body to comply. He knew that his son would return shortly with the sheets of metal that he sent him to fetch from the shed and he never wanted to show his sons the swirling emotions that haunted his every thought but he accepted that he failed many times before. With a final deep breath, a new wave of determination washed over him and he continued with his task.

Michael sheepishly walked in with the sheet metal in hand because he knew that he was walking a fine line and he needed to make sure that he did what he was told. He understood that is father was under great pressure and that his tardiness didn’t help. The tension that filled the shop was palpable but even the looming feeling of oppression couldn’t dampen his soaring spirit. Bumping into Sara and getting to know her over coffee was all surreal but fantastic. His mind traveled to when he had asked her if he could see her again and the determination in her eyes had scared him and he began to fear the worse. When she finally spoke and said that she could meet him tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock at a secluded place that she knew nearby the palace, he couldn’t contain his elation. She had said yes. That one word had set his soul free and whatever price he had to pay for that chance with Sara, he would gladly pay it.


This was going to be his day, he felt it. He woke up that morning rejuvenated and he couldn’t wait for that afternoon. The smile on his face was there all last night while his dreams were consumed by a single thought, Sara. His dreams were becoming more elaborate and intense as every look, smile and nervous twitch that he observed during their coffee date was permanently stored in his head. He recreated the entire date in his mind in intricate detail, but this time they kissed. It started off delicate and sweet but then his desires got the better of him and he wanted to possess her so he eagerly tugged at her bottom lip and playfully brushed his tongue against her lips seeking permission for further access, which she gladly gave without hesitation while an intoxicating moan escaped from deep inside her, making his body respond. His dreams were wishes that he craved to make into reality, but he knew they were a sorry substitute. She would be the sweetest thing that he would ever taste, her kiss would be sweet ambrosia and that was underestimating her power.

His father was still in a mood, he could tell, so it was best to keep it simple. Aldo told Michael that he needed him at noon today because he had a special invitation to meet a client but Michael didn’t pay complete attention, he just got the basics and knew that he had to be at the shop no later than 11:45am in order for them to be on time. He made the mental note and proceeded with his chores and other errands that needed to be completed before meeting his father. He quietly hoped that he would see Sara while on his errand run, but he conceded that it probably wouldn’t happen. He desperately wanted it to be 3 already, although he knew that his father would not be pleased with his absence again, he learned that after an appointment with a client, he could slip away for a period of time doing some form of errand, as his father always needed supplies when a new order came in but he hoped that it would be enough. Michael closed his eyes in silent prayer to whatever imp, pixy, fairy godmother or mystical ruler that was listening, that he would have enough time with her.

Just as he promised, Michael showed up on time and it was then, that Michael realized where they were going. He couldn’t believe it, but this indeed was going to be the best day of his life. His father had been summoned by the King in order to discuss an order of sophisticated weapons that were necessary for the ball in two weeks. Michael would finally see the inside of the palace, another dream coming to fruition.


When they arrived at the front gate, Michael stomach flipped in anticipation while the hairs on the back of his neck rose and his palms began to sweat, it was a glorious building and he tried to ready his mind so that it could record this momentous occasion. They told the guard who they were and what their business was, so he ushered them into the side entrance. As they entered a slim darkened hallway, Michael feared that the service entrance would completely bypass the beauty of the palace, but just as they turned the corner, it led them into a spectacular foyer.

Michael was in awe, he pictured what it would look like, but the reality was intrinsically more vibrant and elegant. As he surveyed the spacious ceiling while trying to keep his excitement contained and domineer poised, he beheld a series of marble buttresses that were adorned with delicate gold edging. The walls and floors were made of beautiful earth toned granite and limestone, while everything around them was polished and brilliantly displayed.

There was a large half round dark stained bureau with solid gold pulls, a pair of beautiful stone statues that stood 10 feet tall on either side depicting an ancient solider on one knee while the sword was tip first into the ground while bowing his head. Rich tapestries adorned every wall and as they made their way to the adjoining room, it was then that they noticed the portraits of all the previous kings displayed in succession. When he saw the final portrait, Michael deduced that he was the current King so he glanced down and read the name plate below the picture, King Frankabald Tancredi. Michael saw something in King Tancredi’s eyes that gave him an aura of certitude and sense of foreboding that was blatantly obvious. Michael took a deep breath silently thought, ‘Glad that he’s not my father-in-law.’

They halted at a pair of towering doors that were decorated with an intricate wood carving that depicted the great battle that resulted into Far Away being a sovereign nation, he could barely contain everything that he witnessed before him and every pore of his body was tingling. It was simply magnificent, with every figure masterfully recreated in meticulous detail that someone could spend days staring at its wonder and still find new details to occupy the mind. Everything around them was a work of art, as a fellow artisan, Michael appreciated great works and the entire castle was the culmination of several artists who gave their very souls and created something miraculous.

The heavy doors were dragged open by two men, Michael and Aldo stood stunned and held their breaths as they analyzed the great hall of the throne room. Gold was everywhere, a massive chandelier made of crystal and gold hung elegantly in their direct line of sight. As they looked around, they saw that the windows were almost from floor to ceiling and they were adorned with stained glass that displayed the various buildings that made up the kingdom and in the center was a stained glass representation of the palace. The high ceiling was decorated by a full mural depicting a great battle of good triumphing over evil in the great halls of Heaven, angels battling demons, bordered by rich mosaics in shades of black, blue and purple. It all flowed towards the end of the room where they saw 2 elegant thrones that were occupied by the King and Queen.

As they walked on crushed red velvet carpet adorned with gold trim and every 10 feet an embroidered royal crest, they were mesmerized by the grandeur that besieged them. When they finally reached the edge of the stairs that led to the thrones both Aldo and Michael kneeled before them, they bowed their heads down, looking at the floor and then they were instructed to rise.

They both fixated upon the very attractive couple, the Queen had her deep auburn hair pinned up that was topped by an exquisite crown which was decorated with gold and precious rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds all along the rim of her crown, yet they paled in comparison to her deep and vibrant chocolate orbs that instantly sparkled and reflected a brilliant kindness. A warm wave rippled throughout this body as her eyes triggered a familiarity for Michael but in his haze he couldn’t make the complete connection. Her alabaster skin was beautiful and fair giving her a warm glow, every feature was demure and alluring that was complimented by her stunning pink diamond necklace that hung delicately around her neck and her deep purple velvet dress that made her ravishing.

Where the Queen was a picture of warmth and beauty the King was another matter entirely different, even without his gold crown that was completely covered with precious stones and his royal vestments, one could see that he was meant to lead. The King had brown hair which was sprinkled with touches of gray, his features were chiseled but one could see the toll he paid for being King but even that could not completely overshadow the Adonis he once was. The King was ruggedly handsome but he gave the impression that something darker lurked just beneath the surface, his hazel eyes burred into theirs, unrelenting in assessing them, as his stoic face gave no indication of what he felt. Aldo and Michael both shifted nervously as Michael felt his heart rate quicken as the visual interrogation seemed to last forever.

The King finally spoke with his deep tone. “I have heard that you are new to our kingdom of Far Away Mr. Burrows, Welcome.”

“Thank you my lord, everyone has been most kind to us”, Aldo calmly replied.

The King continued, “I am in need of your assistance. I want to commission a set of swords for my elite royal forces and after seeing some of your impressive work, I’ve seen first hand that you’re an accomplished blacksmith and your masterful skill is what’s needed for these swords. There are 9 in total and I would like the swords to follow this design.”

The King waved his hands forward to the parchment that was on a pillow beside the King’s throne while a servant took the parchment and handed it to Aldo, he took the parchment and opened it up and there he could see the King’s intricate design and requirements.

“Are my instructions clear Mr. Burrows?” Aldo looked up and answered yes to the King. Aldo wondered where the raw materials would come from since precious metals and stones would need to be used. Just as he was about to ask the king, the King stated, “All the materials needed shall be delivered by the end of the day today so that you can get started right away. I will have guards posted at your shop until they are done.”

“Thank You my lord.”

“You have two weeks Mr. Burrows. No exception.” The King’s tone and look made it clear that failure was not an option and Aldo’s mind raced with everything that needed to be accomplished in order to make the two week deadline, but continued to respond to the King in a smooth tone, “Yes my lord, I completely understand.”

Michael just looked on, glancing back and forth from the King and his father. Michael knew that this was going to be a big project so he would most likely be stuck at the shop for the entire two weeks then suddenly his meeting with Sara later that day became that much more important.

“This ball is very important, I plan to announce my daughter’s engagement and everything must go according to plan.” The Kings eyes locked onto Aldo’s and he knew his response would be the equivalent of a hand shake and confidently responded, “Of course, My Lord.”

“Good, you are free to go.” The King said as he waved his hand towards the door behind them. “Bring my daughter in” he continued to say to his valet.

While they were leaving the doors opened and they could see a tall young woman standing in front of them in the doorway. At first, they couldn’t see her face clearly but could decipher that she was dressed in a green form fitting velvet dress with gold trimming, Michael tried to focus on the young lady before him, and even though he had never seen the princess she looked very familiar. As they closed the gap the details of her face came into focus and his heart dropped and his breath hitched as it felt like his soul tried to leave his body at that moment, but there was no denying it was Sara.

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The Dream vs. Reality by PBaddict4va
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Her thoughts were completely consumed by Michael but not only her thoughts but her dreams betrayed her to her desire as well. She replayed every wondrous glance, every lingering touch and every tender word spoken on their coffee date but in this rendition it went beyond anything she had experienced before.

She slowly leaned in feeling like time stood still and lightly brushed her lips over his. Awakening his desire, he hungrily put his lips on hers as he kissed her back with all the passion and longing he possessed. She basked in the delight of his lips on hers and as he deepened the kiss, the sweet taste of him made her ravenous to the point where she could not be satisfied.

She felt his right hand slowly come up her lissome body and lovingly caress her fluid neck, quickening her pulse as he kept her close by the back of her neck. While his left hand deliciously teased her stomach, she felt the warmth of his addictive touch radiate to her secret core as he continued onward to the small of her back driving her further into him. She wanted him, in every way, she wanted him and although he was the one person she could never have, there was no denying that one simple truth. She allowed her desire to roam free as she let her imagination take her on an exquisite journey of raw need.

Suddenly they were no longer in the noisy coffee shop but were lying on a large bed with silk sheets, alone with each other and free to do whatever they wished. He attacked her with ignited fervor and kissed and sucked her neck as he pushed her back against the mattress and bucked his hips against her to show her exactly what she did to him. She loved the feel of him hard against her and she wanted more.

She was addicted that was obvious and nothing else could satisfy her craving. She felt his hands slowly move down her body and felt him pull up her dress as he distracted her by kissing her so intensely that it shook her core. He skillfully pushed her dress up caressed the sweet supple skin of her legs but it all felt like too much yet at the same time, not enough. She moved her hands under his shirt and lightly caressed his chest and nipples and was rewarded with a deep moan as she deepened the kiss. She peeled off his shirt and was working on his pants when she stopped what she was doing.

He brought his long slender digits to the inner part of her thighs and lightly brushed against her wet core. He could feel her ready for him and he wanted nothing more than to please her. His lips left her mouth and moved southerly down her neck down the trail of skin down into the valley of her breasts. He placed soft kisses to that last of her skin before her dress covered her. Abandoning her hot center, his hands moved up to wrap around her back in search of the zipper of her dress. He quickly found it and pulled it down with ease as her dress slacked in the front. Sara was lost in a storm of sweet sensations and everything felt like it would explode at the very next touch. She traced his back and pulled him closer to her making them both relish the near connection of flesh. He was able to pull the front of her dress to expose her perfectly pert breast and just allowed her beauty to fill his vision. She was perfection, a flawless sculpture of flesh.

He slowly bent down and kissed her breast and teasingly scraped the hardened nipple with his teeth while massaging the other breast with his hand firmly. As he moved to the other side, Sara held the back of his neck as she wanted to make sure that he knew that she agreed with everything that he was doing. His hands moved back down to her heated core still protected by the thin material of her underwear. He felt her wet and knew that she was more than ready for the next step.

He stopped his assault of her body long enough to rid her of her underwear. He paused again to admire her and became painfully hard. His cock twitched in anticipation of the blissful connection to come but that would have to wait as he had other things in mind. He kissed her with all he had and as his tongue swirled in her mouth, his long slender fingers found her slick core and she let out a deep moan and then she realized she needed air but she didn’t want to stop kissing him. Sensing her need he moved to her neck and continued his admiration there. “Oh my…f…f… fairy godmother” she squeaked out as he quickened the pace of his fingers as she matched him stroke for stroke with the rocking of her hips. She felt the pressure build as he brought his lips to her ear and said, “Are you coming Sara?” The deep tone of his voice was almost enough to bring her over the edge. “Almost there, god yes, Please!” She was beside herself and nothing felt like this, she was feeling good so god damn good.

His palm continued to pound her clit harder and she felt herself inching towards the edge. Michael was saying something to her but couldn’t make out his words. Another wave came towards her as she heard a voice say, “Come on, Sara you’ve been coming for five minutes what’s the hold up?” She heard the words but did not understand their meaning as she responded breathlessly “Nothing. I am almost there” She struggled to keep her moans quiet but she relinquished herself to the moment and allowed herself to be unencumbered. She felt herself lose control just when she heard the loudest noise in her life. Continuous hard pounding against the door brought her out of her dream.

“Fuck” was all she could say as the reality sunk in and her body continued to tingle everywhere. She let out a cleansing breath as she touched her flushed face and willed the reddish hue to subside. “Sara come and open the door, I have been out here forever and you said you have been coming to the door for the past five minutes. No one is that slow and your bedroom is not that big child!” Katie’s rant made her laugh and when she thought she regained enough control, she shook her head as she dragged herself out of bed and went to the door, flipped the lock and turned the knob to let Katie into her room.

Katie walked in with a beautiful green velvet dress in her hands and laid it out on the bed while informing Sara that her father wanted to see her after his noon appointment. Sara found it odd that her father scheduled such an impromptu meeting especially since she saw him that morning and hadn’t mentioned anything to her. She quickly thought of all the previous times that this happened and even though she could count them on one hand, from past experience, it never ended well.

“Did he say what it was about?” Sara probed as she felt a chill run down her spine as her palms began sweating.

“No, but he said that it was something important concerning the ball.” Katie simply stated.

All the possible scenarios dashed through her mind but she couldn’t think straight, she had a one track mind and at the moment, Michael was the only train running.


She hesitantly walked to through the palace with tepid footsteps as she inched closer to the throne room and her father. Sara didn’t know where this feeling of dread came from but it possessed every fiber of her being. Her mind and heart raced while she slowly paced back and forth in the entryway like a caged tigress as she intensely focused on the closed door desperately wishing for a magic potion that would give her x-ray vision in order to see what was happening in the next room. As the ushers readied themselves to open the door, she stopped and fiddled with the end of her sleeves beseeching her body to relax.

Pre-occupied by the million and one thoughts coursing through her brain, she didn’t notice the doors opening and the usher inform her that the King was ready to see her, she only looked up for a moment and saw two figures walking towards her. She focused on the taller man as he strutted her way, something about him reminded her of Michael but she didn’t think it was him, she thought maybe she was seeing Michael everywhere in every man that resembled him in the slightest way. Yet, as they came closer she saw her dream morph into a nightmare as she acknowledged that it was really him, she knew in that moment, that nothing would be the same.

Her mind stopped as it grappled to deal with the fact that Michael stood before her and felt her heart sink into the farthest depths of her soul and waited for the explosion that would undoubtedly follow. She saw his face reluctantly register the harsh realization of her deception and observed his eyes grow dark and lifeless. She held her breath as her mind, still sluggish from the shock, searched for what she would say, what she needed to say but it was useless, nothing could change the truth, she lied to him and now he knew.

‘No. This can’t be happening. Please not this, anything but this.’ Michael prayed in his mind to whatever force ruled the universe as he walked down the isle. It was her, his Sara. She looked so gorgeous and lovely that it took his breath away and if it was at any other time he would not control his urge to grab and kiss her right then, but just as those thoughts entered his mind, the reality of the situation set in, and he sensed the last remnants of his lunch threatening to slowly rise up the back of his throat.

She lied to him but why? That was the one question he wanted answered but he didn’t know what to do next. His father was right next to him and she was the fucking princess, it’s not like he could demand an explanation right then and there, could he? His emotions swirled together, desire mixed with confusion mixed with deep resentment, all churning with each step he took. The distance between them dwindled with every agonizing moment and then he stopped right in front of her and their eyes locked. Sara noticed the hurt and betrayal, but most of all the anger, the seethed underneath the dark blue ocean of his eyes.

“Michael…” was all Sara choked out after a few moments of silence. Aldo looked on, confused by the fact as to how the princess knew Michael’s name if this was the first time that they had met any of the royals. Aldo’s eyes kept darting back and forth for a few frantic moments trying to decipher the exchange that his son and the princess were engaged in. The Usher told them that they needed to kneel and give the princess the proper respect, but Michael only stared at Sara trying to determine what he needed to say. It was not until the usher roughly grabbed Michael’s shoulder and ordered him to kneel that Aldo quickly forced his son down to kneel. While they knelt before her, Sara only looked down at her feet as she tried to erase the image of Michael kneeling in submission. As he slowly arose from the floor, a wave of determination washed over him and he realized what he wanted to know.

“Why? Why did you lie to me? After everything that I told you, how could you just sit there and lie to me?” he demanded, straining to control the onslaught of emotions that raged within him.

She couldn’t look at him, she knew she didn’t have a good reason but she decided that she would tell him the truth, if nothing else, if this is how it was going to end, he deserved the truth. After a few tense moments, she finally found the courage to look into his eyes and softly stated, “I wanted to tell you but I knew that once I did … that things would change between us and I didn’t want that, I wanted …”

“Sara!” echoed from the throne room and Sara felt the coldness emanating from her father tone as she was interrupted. She had no more time left and that realization burned her heart. “Could this get any worse?” Sara admonished herself as she quickly closed her eyes, willing herself to resist the urge to cry. She focused at Michael once again, begging him with her eyes and gave a final effort to make things right.

“Please Michael let me explain, I will tell you everything you need to know, just meet me later this afternoon. Hear me out please!”

She tried to grab Michael’s hand but he quickly pulled it from her grasp and stepped away from her. “You should go. Your father is waiting.” was all Michael said as he coldly stared at her.
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Standing Up by PBaddict4va
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“Sara, come here now! Leave those gentlemen to go about their business.” The King impatiently commanded as he found his daughter’s preoccupation with the young blacksmith unnerving.

His rejection paralyzed her as she watched Michael shake his head back and forth and turned his back and walked away. As fear and devastation coursed through her body, she secretly wished that he would turn back and give her a reassuring smile or anything that hinted to what he felt, something to give her some faith, but he didn’t. He kept walking away without a hint of him breaking his stride until he turned the corner and he was gone. She closed her eyes as she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces and swallowed down her sobs that were bursting to escape. Broken, she turned and made her way towards her father.

She was lost in the sea of her emotions as she absently walked toward her parents. She battled against the overwhelming urge that she was suffocating, 'breathe' was all she told herself. She was overtaken by a wave of panic, she willed her lungs to accept air but it was no use. Michael’s rejection was a painful blow, but as she fought with the effects of that, she yearned for his forgiveness but none was forth coming.

Her mind logically concluded, It was over and she would have to accept that. 'No! Not Yet!' her breaking heart screamed back, Not until every chance was exhausted! Yes. She would go to the pre-arranged meeting spot and wait, wait to see if he would give her a chance, to give 'them' a chance. 'them'? could there ever be a 'them'? For the first time she wanted a 'them', with all her heart she wanted 'them. With this small hope she slowly recovered the ability to breathe in and out. Her lungs expanded fully once again, and with a final deep cleansing breath, she finished her journey towards her parents.

Sara was too preoccupied to see her father’s very obvious disapproval of her actions with the young blacksmith as she made her way down the aisle. Frank wasn’t pleased with the fact that Sara and the young blacksmith seemed to be very familiar with each other, so much so that she reached out and almost touched him. Frank would not let this continue, but from the look on Sara’s face, he suspected that he really didn’t have to worry about that anymore and his plans could go on as scheduled. His legacy would not be denied, especially by a simple blacksmith, he would make sure that his plans came to fruition.

At the sound of her mother’s voice Sara stopped and looked up. It pained the Queen to see her daughter trying so hard to be strong and composed so that she wouldn’t cry in front of her father. She knew that their relationship wasn’t the best that it could be and she always wished that Frank could see the beauty and strength that their daughter possessed, but all he saw were her flaws and mistakes. She always tried to make him see the beautiful miracle their daughter was, their only miracle, but it was useless. Once Frank made up his mind, that was it, there was no going back. Little did she know the quality that once drew her to him and captured her would be the one she would grow to hate.

“Sara! Are you deaf? Have you lost the power of speech? What was all that about back there? Really Sara…sometimes I wonder if you just do things that seek out my disapproval.”

Sara only blankly stared at the wall behind her father, not really focusing on him, just taking in his rant as it came her way, as it always came her way. The haze of what had happened with Michael enveloped her completely and she couldn’t see her way out it. She just allowed her father’s comments to wash over her, what he said was nothing new but it just added more insult to injury.

“Frank that is enough. Let her have a chance to answer you before you berate her with additional questions.” The Queen’s words were soothing as she tried to calm Frank down but she knew it was a losing battle.

“Janet I’ll handle this, she has to learn that what she does or doesn’t do matters. She is going to be Queen and she better start acting like it!”

“Ruling is a fine art that Sara will have to learn for herself. What worked for you doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for her, she will…”

“Enough! I’ve had enough!” Frank’s frustration was evident as he tried to regain control of the conversation. “I have a lot of appointments today and I can’t waste anymore time on Sara and her behavior and lack of focus. I am tired of watching her procrastinate with everything. Sara, look at me!”

She knew the tone instantly and steeled every nerve and bone in her body and stared defiantly at her father. She would get this over with, she had enough as well and she wanted this to end.


“I worry about you. I really do. There will come a day where I will not be here to watch over you. You have to start making better choices Sara, well I should say that you should be making choices period.” He knew he had to make his case and since the delicate nudges had no effect, then he would bring the hammer down.

“What do you mean? I make choices everyday that will make this Kingdom better, more positive and evolve into a more nurturing Kingdom. I do charity work, I help with the soup kitchen and I have an after school mentoring program that I am in the mid…”

“That is all well and good but I need you to decide on who you will marry and who will take my place after I am gone. I am not as young as I used to be Sara. I would like to give you a proper wedding and be rest assured that the future of this Kingdom is taken care of. Some grandchildren before I die would be nice too.”

“What are you saying?” she asked hesitantly as her heart pounded frantically in her chest as she slowly realized where this conversation was ultimately heading.

As he saw the panic in her eyes, he knew that he needed to be firm and stay on course. “I am saying that I am tired of you balking at the very notion of choosing a king, so since you obviously are not interested in deciding your future, I will have to push you in the right direction.”

“What?” her shocked response reverberated throughout the room as her emotions struggled for freedom. All semblance of control was waning fast, the pain of keeping the waves of emotions in check was evident in her face but she knew what was coming next.

“You are getting married Sara. Paul Kellerman will be the next King and you shall rule over both Kingdoms. You will announce it at the ball in two weeks and you will follow through. Its all been arranged, King Kellerman has agreed to tell his son since Paul has also been all too happy to play the field with various bar maids, house wenches and the occasional fairy here and there. I heard his last conquest was a blonde bombshell that was the President of Spells and Potions at the local fairy university.”

“No! I won’t marry Paul.” she screamed as her emotions stormed their way through her body, “I have told you this a million times, I don’t love him and I won’t be forced into something that affects my life without my say so. I’ll choose the man I want and that is final!”

“No! It's not! You will do as you are told Sara! You have to start thinking of someone besides yourself young lady.” his steeled tone made it clear that he was standing his ground as he said, “This Kingdom is important and must be taken under consideration and dealt with! Love is a luxury that this Kingdom can ill afford and I will not allow it. You will do as you are told and you will tow the line. Is that clear?”

“I am sorry to disappoint you, but it’s nothing that I haven’t done a million times before right? Go to hell daddy!”

“Sara this is not over just because you say it is.”

“And my life can not be discussed or manipulated just because that’s what you want.”

With those final words Sara turned and stormed out of the room with tears streaming down her face while she thought to herself “Who did I piss off to get a day like this.”


The perfect storm raged on in his mind, clouding all thought and logic to the point where he could only focus on one thing, escape. Escape from everything and everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible. He was determined to walk out of the palace on his own terms, but he conceded the fact that if he looked back at Sara one more time he wouldn’t be able to walk away from her. Seeing that pain on her face from moments before when he rejected her attempts of comfort would be too daunting and he needed to leave. He craved space, the vastness and vacancy of space, since his head could go super nova at any moment. He busted through the last remaining barrier to the outside world, moving as quickly as his legs could take him. He vaguely registered his father’s pleas for an explanation but he ignored them.

“Michael? Michael? Do you hear me?” Aldo asked as he fought to be acknowledged.

“Not now dad, please.” Michael quickly dismissed his father’s urgent request for answers but he couldn’t deal with him now and hurried his pace.

“Michael, what the hell was all that about back there?” Aldo ran in front of Michael, stopping him dead in his tracks, he was tired of being ignored and forced the issue. Aldo wished he had a better relationship with his sons, but he acknowledged that it was of his own making. After losing his beloved Christina, he alienated himself by diving into his work, thus abandoning his sons at a time when they needed him the most. He figured he was too broken to be of any use to them, but he realized too late, that he wasn’t the only one who laid claim to the pain of losing her. He often thought that Christina would be disappointed at the state of his relationship with them, but he was determined to make her proud of him again, and mend the damage done.

“I really can’t talk now, I’m sorry, I just need some air. I’ll meet you at the shop later. Bye dad.” Michael rushed right passed him and started to jog as he headed into town. Instinctively Michael figured out where he needed to go and silently prayed he had enough strength to get there.

Getting to the heart of it by PBaddict4va
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The butcher shop had been alive with activity all morning, Linc loved it when it was hectic, business was booming and with a growing family he needed all the help that he could get. He always thought he led somewhat of the charmed life, with the exception of the death of his mother and his father’s neglect, the rest of his life came together pretty easily.

He met his wife when he first opened the shop, she was his first customer and she would be his first true love. The moment she walked through the door and devilishly swayed her way towards him, he was awe struck. While wearing the most beautiful blue sun dress, that accentuated her curves to perfection, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Linc loved her deep chocolate eyes and how they sparkled with a hint of mischief. The way the light hit her long flaxen hair as she walked in, made her look like an angel with the most radiant halo.

Her name was Sammie De La Rosa, and she was all sorts of passion and brimstone in one heavenly package. When they first started dating, he thought it was weird when she stared endlessly at him, he figured it was at his face but he later realized it was at his mouth. She was obsessed with watching him wet his lips or stick out his tongue, but once he found out how she reacted after every instance, he used it to his advantage more often than not, but Sammie never seemed to mind. He lovingly reminisced of all the instances that his slow lip licking led to other equally enjoyed things. He loved how his sweet angel could turn into a devilish temptress that showed him all the evil things that were possible. Her halo quickly replaced by her horns and evil smirk once she couldn’t get enough of his lip licking. She was a wicked temptress that knew what buttons to push and what things to do to him for him to wish for complete Sammie Damnation.

They were awaiting the birth of their first child and he anxiously waited for the day he would meet his son, although he knew that he would love a little girl just as much, but just as any typical male would, he wished for a son. He envisioned his son with Sammie’s eyes and loving heart while inheriting the Burrow’s charm and physique. They would play ball and go to the chariot races, where everyone were only interested in the crashes but it was great fun. Of course, they would follow all the great chariot racers like Jeff Potion, Jimmy Hexson and Dale Tarotcard jr. Linc wanted to do all the things that he did with his dad, well before his mother died. He knew his father was a destroyed man since losing his mother and even though they grew apart, with his new life with Sammie and the baby, he started to understand the devastation that his father experienced.

Linc heard the bell ring above the door, when he looked up he was surprised to see his brother walk in. Michael looked lost and Linc feared the worse as he rushed over to his side to determine what was wrong. Michael was lost in thought when Linc came up and asked him what he was doing there, when Linc received no response, he grabbed Michael’s shoulder and shook him out of his trance. Michael abruptly escaped his self imposed isolation and recognized that he arrived at his destination.

“Michael what’s wrong bro? You look pale, did something happen to dad? Mike?” Linc tried very hard to keep the panic out of his voice but the more Michael remained silent the more panic set in.

“Linc, what do I do? How? I don’t know what to do?” The emotion was evident in Michael’s voice as he spoke just above a whisper, acting as if he spoke any higher it would surely hurt more than it already did.

“Mike what happened? Did you rob a bank? Did something happen to dad? Tell me Michael. Please.” Linc pleaded as he tried to remain calm. He had always been protective of his little brother, and when they were little he made sure that bullies kept their distance, and even though they weren’t little anymore, he hated to see Michael in pain.

“She lied to me Linc. She didn’t tell me that she was … that she …and then she’s getting married. Just my luck, I actually think she could be “the one” and she’s marrying someone else.”

Linc tried to understand what he was trying to tell him but he wasn't connecting the dots. “Mike I have no idea what you are babbling on about. Who lied to you?”

“Sara! She lied to me. Telling me her parents worked at the palace. Ha! That’s rich! Yeah I guess the King and Queen work at the palace.” Michael scoffed as his resentment spewed out as he continued to say, “She played me from minute one Linc. I guess she wanted to slum it one last time before she got married. ”

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! You mean “the Princess” Princess? Princess Tancredi? You fell for her? You’re fucking kidding me!” Linc couldn’t hide the huge grin on his face as he realized Michael’s situation.

“Yeah I guess I’m the only dumb ass who didn’t know who she was. I’m such an idiot.” Michael leaned against the meat case and covered his face with his hands and let out a deep sigh.

Linc quickly moved next to his brother and put his arm around him, “Hey man, it’ll be alright. Tell me what happened, but remember the rule, no bullshit! Give it to me straight!”

Michael recounted his first encounter with Sara and everything that happened after that. Tears threatened to fall as he reminisced the part of the coffee date when he told her about the death of his mother. Linc was surprised how quickly Michael confessed the passing of their mother to Sara, that was something so guarded by Michael, that he rarely talked to him about it. Linc realized that Sara must be very exceptional in order for Michael to confess such a cherished memory. As Michael continued retelling the meeting at the palace, Linc became very aware of what happened and now understood why his little brother came to him, he needed guidance and it was up him to deliver.

“What do I do Linc? She lied to me but I don’t know what to do?”

Linc considered which tact to use then with a compassionate tone asked, “What does your heart tell you?”

“I don’t know it hurts too much.” Michael shyly replied as he kept looking at his feet, hiding the emerging pools of tears in his eyes.

“Then that tells you something.”

Michael quickly looked up at his brother with a perplexed look “What are you talking about?”

“Michael during the years that I have seen you with girls, it’s always been a battle with you to get involved. That was always their number one complaint, you never shared, and you always kept them at arms length. Yet with this girl, you dove in head first into a pool of shark infested water without a care in world.”


“No, let me finish.” Linc steadied his tone to emphasize his sincerity as he stated “You jumped right in with this chick and let her in. I have never seen you do that before and it seems to me that you should let her explain what happened.”

“So you think I should meet with her later?” asked in a hopeful tone as he fixated on his brothers eyes.

“Yes I do, at least hear her out and let her explain, because let’s get real bro” Lincoln paused and as he devilishly licked his lips as he knew what to say next. “She is the princess…and plus she’s hot! If I wasn’t married to the hottest most flexible blonde in the kingdom…”


“Oh sorry man, now I know you’re in love.” teasingly replied as he laughed and punched his brother in the arm.

Michael knew his brother was right, she captured his heart and now he prayed that it wasn’t too late to make this right. Yet, he couldn't forget the one sticky wicket in this whole plan. Doubt rushed his mind and flooded his tone as he asked, “But she’s getting married. I can’t compete with a prince. Look at me, I am just a blacksmith, well not even that, an apprentice. What do I have to offer her?”

“Love. Even I can see that. She wouldn’t have asked you to meet with her if you were just a play thing Michael. She would have let you go and maybe laughed in your face just to drive the point home, but she didn’t do that, she wanted you understand. So I say forget about that guy, because you can give her so much more than any prince could ever dream of.”

With a bright smile and new found confidence he stood up and said, “Thanks Lincoln.”

Lincoln followed suit and brought his brother into a hug, “No Problem Bro, I am always here for you.”


Sara nearly kicked the door off the hinges as she went into her bedroom letting out a frustrated sigh that ended up a throaty grunt. She quickly slammed the door shut, flipped the lock and plopped herself on her bed as she no longer held back the explosion of tears and painful sobs that promptly escaped her body. She craved release and she was tired of fighting it, so damn tired of fighting. With every sob, more of the weight that she carried seemed to melt away and as her tears dried and her sobs withered into faint sniffles, she felt a certain freedom and peace wash over her. A beautiful stillness filled her soul as she looked in the direction of the window in her room and gazed at the beauty that was just beyond her reach.

As she absently watched the beautiful sunny day and birds flying from branch to branch, she contemplated why her father decided, all of a sudden, that he would force her hand into marrying Paul but she always suspected it would happen sooner or later. She deliberated if her father really received the message that it was her choice to make and not his, but she doubted it. She knew him all to well and she suspected that he was working on a way to make her change her mind and convince her, somehow, that marrying Paul was the best for everyone. She needed a plan, some kind of strategy to stay low on her father’s radar and think of a solution to this whole mess before the ball.

Lost in thought she heard a soft knocking at her door and she promptly responded, “Go away Katie, I just want to be left alone right now.” She went back to staring at the window when another knock filled the room, she was beginning to get a little agitated that Katie didn’t get the hint so she raised her voice and she heightened her tone, “Go Away Katie!” but this time she heard the voice on the other side of the door and she instantly realized that it wasn’t Katie. “Sara honey, please open the door.”


Janet hated to be in the same room when Frank acted like a damn fool and since the rest of the appointments were with his Security Council and other staffers she quickly excused herself and went to her changing room. She hastily shed her crown and other indulgences and made her way to her daughter’s room. She worried that the latest battle with her father had Sara ready to do something foolish in order to punish him but the punishments only ended up hurting herself in the process, she was blind to her self destructive streak. She loved her daughter and wished that she protected her more than she felt she had, Janet had mixed feelings of failure and weariness with every new entanglement that Frank and Sara engaged in. What should she have done? What could she do? They were so alike and yet so different but they never saw it that way, they both had strong wills and sense of righteousness but both were unwilling to compromise.

She wanted to make sure that her daughter, her baby, was alright and confirm she wasn’t just festering in her room. She elegantly ascended the staircase as she thought of the many things that she should tell her daughter but her mind was frustratingly blank. She worried about saying the wrong thing because the last thing she wanted was to make things worse. She hesitantly walked up to her daughters closed door and with a final deep breath she confidently knocked on the door.

She heard her daughter’s sobbed filled voice scream something at the door which vaguely sounded like “Go Away” but undeterred she knocked again. Her daughter was much clearer this time with her dismissal but Janet called out to her daughter and requested that she open the door in the calmest voice that she could muster. She waited patiently and hoped she would either get another response or the door would open. As the moments painfully dragged on, she wondered what she should do next and just as she was about to knock again she heard the clicking of the lock and the door open slightly.

Janet gently opened the door and carefully peered in the room and saw her daughter sitting facing the door on her bed with her head down as she fiddled with her hands in her lap. Janet noticed that she tried to hide the fact that she was crying so she slowly made her way to the bed and carefully sat down next to Sara.

Janet slowly but steadily put her right arm around her daughter and once she made contact she pulled her closer and Sara gave no resistance and hugged her mother while she began to weep. Janet allowed her daughter to cry knowing that she just needed comfort more than anything at that moment. Slowly rocking them back and forth Sara finally said, “Why does he do it? Why does he push all the time?”

Janet heavily sighed as she replied, “That’s the way he is baby, he pushes and pushes but he just doesn’t know when to stop. I thought I could make him realize that but I am afraid the only way he’s going to see it is by magic potion or simple possession.” Sara lightly laughed at her mother’s lame attempt at humor. Sara knew that she meant well but it wasn’t what she needed, she needed to get away, follow her heart and there was only one place that she wanted to be.

“I love you mom and thanks for being here for me.” With a faint smile etched on her face, Sara tried to sell her mother on her new mood but she knew her mother could read her like a book so she hoped that her mother would just let her off the hook and give her space. “I will always be here for you my sweet girl.” Janet gave her daughter a peck on the lips and one last hug before she left the room giving her daughter have a moment to herself.

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Rendezvous by PBaddict4va
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This chapter is for "Mi Ama"


The King mulled over the events that occurred before and became more agitated and restless. Suddenly, the valet informed him that his next appointment was there. The King let out a deep breath in order to calm himself before finally deciding that he must continue on with his plan, regardless. Frank desperately needed to meet with his security council, all three of them.

His first in command was named Padraig Manson and he was an older gentleman around 55 and held his current position since the King started his rule. He had this curious habit of writing down his commands when he thought there were spies around, he experienced first hand that many wars and lives could be won and lost on the ability to control what recon the other side possessed.He was stern, unrelenting and an all around stubborn son of a bitch but he did credit to his post but what mattered most to the King was that he got things done, no matter what the cost.

The next gentlemen was a short stature Asian gentleman named Bill Kim, he was an effective General that gave off a menacing vibe and the look in his eyes warned that he wasn't to be trifled with. He always smiled and did anything the king instructed but Frank was always uneasy about his presence and allowed Padraig to control the General.

The other man was far more controlled and direct and to the point, he had an aura of controlled rage and had a cold blooded demeanor that reached out and captured everyone he knew. His name was Alex Mahone and he was loyal and a good solider and always accomplished his assignments without fail. Together Frank new that they were a force to be reckoned with, he even gave them a nick name, the Royal Company because they handled their job with precision and exactitude.

As the trio walked into the room Frank knew that his plan must be successful in order for his kingdom to survive and ensure his legacy. As the final thoughts of his plans played in his mind he steeled himself for what he was about to do. He whispered a hushed “Forgive me ” and then let out a long cleansing breath. The trio knelt before the King and he gave the order to rise as Padraig was the first to speak. “You summoned us my Lord?”

“Yes I did Pad. I have a matter that must be taken care of in the most discrete way possible and no one...I mean no one beyond this room must know what’s going on, not even the Queen.”

Padraig quickly answered, “Of Course my Lord, your wish is our command and no one shall know what is spoken here.”

“Gentlemen, I need to secure the future of this Kingdom, therefore I suggested to my daughter that she should marry Prince Kellerman but as usual, she rejected the idea so now I must make her see the wisdom of my words. Her strong will and stubbornness I fear will only make it harder and so now I must ask you to act on my behalf.”

“What do you have in mind my lord?” General Kim inquired as his evil smirk was plastered on his face as he guessed what was coming next.

“Gentlemen, I will leave the exact means to you but I want my daughter to see things my way by whatever means necessary.”

“By any means my lord?” Padraig asked.

“Yes, just get it done before the ball because I want to make the announcement then, in front of all the delegates" His voice never failed to remain stern as he had crossed an imaginary line that was now very real. A dark force settled in his heart and he realized there was no coming back from this, damnation or glory, the course was set.

Padraig sensed the King's concern and said confidently, “Of course my lord, consider it done.”

“Good. I want regular progress reports, I will not tolerate failure gentleman, that's not an option. Get it done or there will be hell to pay!”

“Yes My Lord.” All three men stated as they knelt back down before the King before leaving.

As they walked out of the palace and made their way to an awaiting carriage, Mahone was first to ask, “What do you have in mind for the Princess?”

“I think we need the assistance of Demona,” Padraig stated.

General Kim quickly interjected, “Sir, she is the most powerful witch in the kingdom but she’s extremely expensive and difficult to control.”

“You heard the king, by any means necessary and I believe that fits the bill.” He hated being questioned and his tone made no doubt that this was going to be the course of action.

“What are you going to ask for?” Mahone inquired.

“A powerful potion, love or maybe we can just get her hooked on something, I’m not sure. Either would work, just need to hinder her will to fight by the easiest, most effective way possible.”

Padraig continued to say, “We have two weeks before the ball and we have to act quickly and get this all in order. Mahone you are going to have to keep a close eye on the fair princess to make sure we know her routine and whereabouts at all times and so that we can administer our solution to her. Understood?"
Mahone nodded as he said, “Yes Sir, consider it done, I’ll start right away.”


She paced back and forth, her mind racing of what had happened with Michael and wished that he would be at the meeting point in 20 minutes as planned. She knew that it was a long shot but she had to wish, she just had to. She couldn’t give up now, not when she was so close and the moment of truth was at hand. She thought about arriving early in order to make his arrival less dramatic, well that's if he showed up at all. “No Sara, stop it!” She admonished herself for the negative thoughts as her nerves increased in intensity and then decided that she needed to act before she talked herself out of it. “Enough.” With a new found courage she gave herself a final look in the mirror and made her way to the cottage.

He saw her arrive at the cottage in a simple but lovely blue dress that hung on her body perfectly. It accentuated all her womanly curves and she was perfection in motion and she had him swooning. Realizing that he was losing control, he shook his head and forced to neutralize her affect on him. He would hear her out, let her explain, or try to explain, but he wasn’t going to accept any story, he wanted answers. As he watched her, he noticed that she looked nervous and bit her lip in such a way that made his stomach flip. “Oh please give me strength,” he silently wished as he stilled his heart and body’s reaction to her.

Sara nervously glanced at her watch as she scanned the surrounding area of this cottage. As each second agonizingly ticked away, he concluded he needed to go to her and with a final breath and balling of his hand he stepped forward.

Michael slowly made his way towards her from behind so that she couldn’t see him coming. As she turned to the side, she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye and turned around to face him. Her heart felt like it would jump out of her body so she placed her hand over her chest to make sure that her heart remained exactly where it was.

She fought to keep herself smiling like an idiot because she acknowledged this was far from over. He came but it didn’t mean that he had forgiven her and it only meant that he was open to her explanation and she feared that she was ill prepared and suddenly felt panic creep in her mind as cold shivers oozed up her spine. He stopped a foot in front of her because he wanted to give her space and so that he wouldn’t be compelled to touch her. As he stopped he said, “Hello Sara" in a breathy voice that carried a sad undertone.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Sara sheepishly said as she looked into his eyes trying to decipher his mood.

“Well I didn’t have a choice, my brother said he would kick my ass if I didn’t come and at least hear you out.” His tone was half joking but his eyes remained distant and cold.

“Well then, I love your brother.” Sara said nervously as she chuckled to lighten the mood.

After a few awkward moments of silence Sara softly started speaking, each word just above a whisper unsure if she had the courage to say them with any kind of confidence.

“Michael I want you …umm…to understand why I didn’t tell you who I was at the Café that day.” She hesitantly looked up at him to see what he thought so far and she saw that his eyes and whole body continued to be rigid and aloof so she knew that he was listening but he wasn’t going to make it any easier. She was going to have to work for every inch in order to gain his understanding so she sighed and continued to say.

“I wanted to tell you but I knew if …” she cursed her mind as it flustered to effectively explain what she felt in her heart.

“If I had, you’d probably treat me differently and I couldn’t handle that.”

“So you decided this all on your own? Do whatever you wanted and the rest be damned, was that it?” Michael was tired of her dancing and he was ready to push her a little.

“Yes, I mean no.” Sara's mind felt like it was stuck in quick sand but Michael wasted no time pushing the subject further.

“To con the new guy in town and mess with his feelings and make him look like an idiot when he finds out that not only he got played by the Princess but that she also has a fiancé to boot.”

“Wait what?” her mind stalled on his last few words and wondered why he thought she was engaged but then the realization hit her and an iced chill gripped her heart.

“Oh please Sara you can drop the act, I know that you are getting married. My question is Why? Why play me and make me tell you all that stuff and for what? So, you can laugh behind my back? I never played any games with you Sara cause I ..”

“Michael, no! I don’t have a fiancé and I wasn’t playing games with you. Everything that happened between us was real. You and me, it’s real!” The shock and confusion was visible on his face as he tried to gage if she was telling the truth or not.

“My father wants me to marry Paul but I never said yes. He just always assumed that it would happen, but I’ve told him it’s not. I won’t marry the man that my father wants, that's my choice to make.” She stepped closer to him making sure that he could see her eyes and the truth that they held but he was undeterred as he asked the one question he needed the answer to.

“Then what do you want Sara? Why are you here explaining this all to me? What am I Sara? Be real with me, what am I?”

“You’re…” the words stuck in her throat as she tried to force them out, she wanted to scream it but her body betrayed her.

“What?” Tension filled the air as he waited for a response, this was it, the moment he waited for and dreaded all at the same time.

“You’re what I want.” Sara allowed the simple words to fall from her lips as she felt as if she had just stepped towards oblivion and was free falling.

As soon as the words left her lips and before she could say another word he swiftly acted, Michael quickly stepped forward closing the remaining distance between them and covered her lips with his. A whimper of shock escaped her mouth before impact but she quickly recovered and found herself lost in the waves of sensations that were swirling throughout her body.

His lips were soft and supple just as she imagined but she didn’t anticipate the eagerness that possessed him. His tongue danced seductively over her bottom lip as it requested entrance which she freely gave. Their tongues were joined in a rhythmic dance each taking the lead as the sensations escalated and their bodies tingled. The deeper the kiss, the more intricate the dance as the sweet subtle movements and long strides culminated into a finale of vigorous exploration.

He desired more and drew her close by tugging at her waist and forced their hips together, they both devoured the moans that their union created and their desires heightened. She slowly caressed his neck and the back of his head as he gently stroked the small of her back slowly making his way to cup her ass.

The reality of the moment was far beyond anything that she ever imagined and now she yearned to satisfy her carnal hunger that was like a feral beast that could not be easily contained or appeased. Continuing their feverous kissing, her hand slowly traveled along his back and teasingly made contact with his taut buttocks and was rewarded with another whimper emanating from him as he bucked his hips.

She continued her carnal quest and with a small pinch, she abandoned his firm backside and searched for his waistband and started pulling his shirt from the back of his pants. When he was completely un-tucked she slipped her hands underneath his shirt and felt his warm smooth skin that instantly reacted to her touch. She smiled slightly against his lips at her affect on him and it only emboldened her actions further. She took both her hands underneath the front of his shirt and started caressing and teasing his stomach. As she continued, she felt his slight chest hair which led her to delicately fondle his hardening nipples.

Michael gasped at her ministrations and quickly breathed in much needed air and reluctantly ended their kissing. He rested his forehead against hers as their labored breathing slowly subsided but they still basked in the sensation of their caresses. He held her close by the waist as Sara’s hands made their way from his chest back down to the small of his back eventually sliding her hands slightly underneath his waistband. After a few moments of silence Michael pulled up and looked lovingly at Sara as he relished the dark chocolate pools that reflected a deep love and desire that he never thought he would see from her. A smile adorned his mouth as he said, “I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time,” Sara chuckled as she replied, “You’re not the only one.”

They continued the sweet touches over their bodies, they simply gazed at each other and delighted in their closeness. Michael’s face became serious as he wondered their next step. “What are we going to do now?” worry filled his words as he instinctively held her closer.

She saw the concern on his face but she didn’t know what they would do. The odds were stacked against them but she refused to deal with that now, she wanted to enjoy this perfect moment for awhile longer. She gave him a playful smirk and a magnificent smile and said in the most seductive tone as she moved her hips against him, “What do you want to do now?”

The brightness of his eyes could not be contained as he brought his face closer to hers. “I have an idea.” With those simple words they passionately kissed each other and made most of their perfect moment.

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Much Ado... by PBaddict4va
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Michael was frustrated beyond belief, it had been 3 days since he met Sara at the cottage, 3 days of agony and tormented dreams of her sublime kisses and addicting touches. The feel of her fingers and lips replayed endlessly in his mind as the smooth movement of her tongue in his mouth danced in his mind it took him further into their spectacular kiss. His father needed to make headway on the King’s order and each day had a specific goal in order to make sure that they finished on time and today’s goal was close at hand. Michael was determined to make it because today he had his father permission to leave the moment they met that day’s quota but he still had a lot to accomplish before then.

He made sure to tell Sara that he would see her today and they made arrangements for a late night date and she said that she had a present for him. His mind wondered what present she had for him and in his naughty heart he wished for a thousand things but he knew that it was too early for most of them but a guy could dream couldn’t he. As he put the finishing touches on the current sword he was making, a knock on the door was heard and since Aldo was by the door he causally went over and as he opened it, he saw a young lady looking at him. “Can I help you miss?” Aldo inquired.

“Yes sir, is Michael available?”

Aldo furrowed his brow and turned to Michael and thought for a moment and yelled, “Michael, a young lady is here to see you.”

Michael finished his last strike of his hammer and rushed over to the door praying it was his red headed princess that plagued his dreams.

When he got to the door his smile, which had been big and beaming, suddenly diminished when he saw who was at the door. “Hey Katie,” was all Michael could choke out and Katie could only laugh at his reaction since she was very aware that he was expecting Sara so she decided to put him out of his misery.

“The Princess wishes you to be at the meeting point at 7:30 instead of 8:00 if it’s at all possible and she would also like for you to wear this.” She handed him a large rectangular box and left.

Michael was a little confused and tried to get some clarity on the situation, “Ummm Katie did she say what this was about?”

A knowing smirk showed on her face and simply said, “It’s a surprise.”

Michael worked like a horse from the moment Katie left and since he had to finish even earlier he delved into his work and worked without a break for the next 4 hours. He was covered in sweat and his grueling pace made his shirt heavy and a nuisance that hindered his progress so he discarded the retched garment.

He focused intently on the task ahead of him, he needed to make the quota today because Sara had planned a surprise and since this would be their only time to be together for several days, he was determined to finish on time or die trying. He was so engrossed on the work that he was oblivious to the watchful eyes peering at him from one of the shop windows.


Sara was counting down the hours until she saw Michael. Since their schedules were hectic and Michael’s was severely taken up with her father’s order for the ball, there was no time for them to spend together and even though their first contact was only 3 days ago, it seemed like forever since she tasted him and felt him under her touch. She missed him with everything she was and in the deepest parts of her, the ache only intensified.

Her thoughts were consumed by him and only him, every part of him, a total possession of her soul. As she was running errands in preparation for that night and she was determined to make everything go smoothly because she wanted everything to be special and if all went according to plan, it would be. As she returned from the market square, she deftly passed by the blacksmith’s shop. She discovered the other day that she could see Michael through one of the windows on the covered side of the building without people noticing. She desperately needed something to tie her over until that night, so she carefully looked around and warily looked inside the window and what she saw there took her breath away.

She saw him and instantly reacted to the captivating sight of him. He had his shirt off and was sweating from the heat and his exertion of every stroke. Reach ping of the hammer on the steel anvil marked the moment of another finale of watching the perfect fluidity of his movements. His muscles clenched as he raised the mighty hammer, the muscles in his chest flexed in a sweet motion then when he willed his body, they would clench again in order to maximize his power with the down stoke. His face contorted to various faces that held a mixture of anger, accomplishment and complete concentration. She flushed as she wondered of other situations where she imagined him making similar faces and she felt her core burn.

She traveled all along his body from his beautiful face down his sculpted neck that bleed into the wondrous musculature of his shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen until she got to the low hung pants that fought hard to cling to his hips but she wished that they would lose the battle. She could see the beautiful definition of his body and the ridges of his muscles, even those that started the trail of the forbidden path, oh how she wanted to travel that road and damn the consequences but she knew that she needed to resist such thoughts.

Her inhibitions were becoming more flexible and her desires were hindering any control her mind tried to restore but Michael bewitched her like no one else before and the fear and excitement of that realization was daunting but she was still in control. Yet, she was only human after all and sure propriety and protocol were all well and good in the theory world but it always took a beating when it was applied to the real world, but that still was not a valid excuse to just give in to her impulses with reckless abandon.

As she continued to feed her voyeuristic pleasure, she felt her will soften just like the heated metal in his hands. Her willpower was strong and unbending in the real world, before Michael existed, but now with the heat of her desire and feelings she knew that she would succumb to his skilled touch and delicate but insistent movements. A loud noise shook her out from her thoughts, she left out a sign of relief when she realized that she wasn’t caught and composed herself. As she continued on with her errands she could not escape the glorious thought that soon she would be able to with Michael as she saw fit.


It had been a long arduous day but he fulfilled the quota and his father, true to his word, let him leave early which he assumed to go out with friends but Michael didn’t correct him. After ridding himself of his long day by taking the longest shower in his life, he stood in a simple towel in front of the box that Katie dropped off, on his bed. He wondered what it contained so he opened up the package and saw what Sara wanted him to wear for their date.

When he lifted the lid he saw that it contained a solider suit of sorts. It wasn’t anything he recognized but it had a white jacket with double buttons in the front and had a black material on the underside of the coat so when they were left unbuttoned it contrasted with the white outer material. There was also a pair a dark black leather pants with a silver buckle and long black leather boots along with a mercenary sword with sheath. He was confused to why he had to wear this but he trusted Sara had her reasons and quickly changed since it was almost time to meet her.

She paced back and forth waiting and hoping that he would arrive soon since it was nearly 7:30, she didn’t want him to be late since they were on a tight schedule but she recognized the real reason she was so impatient, she was desperate to see and be with him and she wanted every moment she could get. Thoughts of that afternoon invaded her mind as every flex of his beautiful body flashed before her, wishing that she could familiarize herself with those muscles intimately. A rustle from the woods brought her back and she gasped at the sight of him as he came towards her. The costume she had chosen for him fit him perfectly and hugged his body like a glove. Michael smiled profusely like a little boy on Christmas morning as he strolled up to her. She felt her desire fill her body and basked in its warmth.


She was exquisite in a shimmering form fitting white dress that had eloquent beading on the bodice and she had lovely daisies in her long straighten hair along a silver ribbon. Just the mere sight of her was enough to make Michael’s soul ache and his desire soar to the deep recesses of his gut and felt the beginnings of the forbidden twinges that manifested themselves. “Well I love what you are wearing Sara, but I am not sure why I am wearing this?”

“Oh come now Michael, you can’t tell me that you don’t know who we are dressed up as?

“Sorry its not coming to me at the moment...can you give me hint?”

“Well, think about our good friend Mr. Shrekspeare and his ‘Much Ado’”

A wide smile settled on his lovely features as he said, “Ahh, I get it now, I must be Claudio and you must be the lovely Hero.”

“You are very correct. It’s my favorite play and I thought since my surprise involves us getting dressed up, I thought that it would work nicely.”

He loved the way her mind worked but he was curious to see where this all was heading, “What are we dressed up for?”

“My friend Kirsten is having a birthday masquerade ball and she told everyone to dress up or she would kick anyone’s ass that doesn’t.”

“Wow, I guess you could call her a feisty one.”

Sara quickly laughed at his description of her friend, which was dead on, “Yeah, but she would do anything for her friends so feisty comes in handy.”

He began to visualize her friend and wondered if Sara wasn’t testing some class barrier or if he would even be accepted so he delicately tried to bring up the subject.

“So, is it ok for me to be going as your date? I mean, aren’t they expecting like royalty or something like that to be your escort?”

She could see Michael’s uncertainty and tried her best to put him at ease. “No, I told Kirsten I was bringing someone new but she is cool with it.”

Michael continued to look unconvinced and she decided to reassure him further.

“It’ll be ok Michael, I promise and since it’s a masquerade party people are not going to know who each other are anyways … and besides I think I can find ways of keeping you distracted.” She slowly moved closer to him and looked loving into his eyes as she took his hands in hers. Michael could see the playful glint that swirled in her deep chocolate eyes and couldn’t help to give into her touch.

“Oh, really? Well then I am looking forward to what you have planned.”

With a smirk on his lips, he closed the gap between them and kissed her gently. It was an undemanding kiss but one filled with feeling and promise. Sara wanted more but more was not on the agenda.....yet. She pulled away with a smile and said “Let’s go have some fun.” Michael loved her smile and craved to be near her so he silently prayed that everything would be alright.

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Discovering Colored Pant-Dom by PBaddict4va
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The carriage ride to the other rims of the kingdom was filled with passionate kisses and confident touches. At first, they started out subtle and controlled with delicate hand holding, his long fingers gently traveled over her knuckles which only served to stoke the fire that festered underneath the surface. When Michael started to kiss Sara’s hands, the touch of his lips on her body was something she was not prepared for but she didn’t want it to end. Her delicious moans urged him on while he started to travel up her arm and leaving a trail of scorching kisses on her skin. Michael worked his way to her neck and planted hungry kisses as he nipped and sucked the delicate skin, Sara knew that the last thing she needed was to explain away the mark that would sure be left behind but she didn’t care, she wallowed in his skilled kisses and felt her body yearn for more, soon hands were not enough, arms, bodies and legs were deployed to fulfill the mission of desire.

He pressed her down on the back seat with the whole length of his body as a wildfire consumed his entire body from head to toe. Her legs parted slightly for him as they settled against each other and he felt his whole body twitch while they hungrily groped in the backseat as their playful sounds, the deep groans of appreciation and gasps of delight resonated throughout the back of the carriage, which only urged on impulses for the complete melding of the flesh.

As their hunger for each other escalated they both realized they needed to stop and soon but it seemed impossible, they were engulfed in sea of fire and only the most wicked winter chill waited for them in the world beyond their sanctuary.

Breathless Sara squeaked out as she teased space between them, “Michael, we need to stop, I think we’re almost there and I probably have to do some damage control.”

With a final kiss at the base of her neck, Michael shyly looked up at her and said, “Sorry, I guess I went a little crazy there but I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Sara added as she took her hand and rubbed the back of his neck bringing his forehead closer and joining them in a gentle touch and with a final kiss they separated their bodies with a slight whimper escaping their lips.


A few minutes later they were at Strelen Palace and it looked magnificent. It was a massive white building with a beautiful stone exterior that stood a few story tall with two massive stone towers at either side of the building. As Michael fixed his Black mask he got out of the carriage first as Sara put her intricate white one on and helped Sara out of the carriage and offered her his hand. She took it and continued to hold onto his hand as they started to make their way up the red carpet, towards the entrance.

Michael took this opportunity to ask Sara a question. “Umm Sara, at the edge of the property there was a big stone sign that said ‘je bent een trut!’ What does that mean?”

Sara turned slightly to him and laughed a little, “I asked Kirsten that one time and she said that it was her father’s funny joke and that it was an Old Dutch greeting but I think there is more to it since she laughs every time someone asks.”

Michael lightly laughed, “Ok, I can live with that...for now.”

The Palace was beautifully decorated in white and black silks that covered every inch of the walls and elegant crystal chandeliers were hung through out the palace and millions of balloons and streamers were everywhere in every color imaginable. As they made their way further into the party, Sara heard her name being shouted out.


A tall amazon jumped and down and gave Sara three kisses on her cheeks before she crushed her with a huge hug. At 5’9” the young lady was a vision in her elegant white satin dress that ended right above the knee and fitted her perfectly as her Angel wings were perfectly attached on the back. Her halo was very bright and shiny and even had twinkling lights in order for everyone to see her halo. Her dark brown hair was pinned up as her hazel eyes sparkled with excitement.

“MAD!!” Sara yelled as she hugged the young lady back.

Kirsten lifted her mask as she asked, “So? How you like my little shin dig? Pretty bad ass?”

“Oh yeah it’s great Kirsten! Your parents outdid themselves here.” Sara said as she held Michael’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Yeah I know, but you know how it goes, anything for the baby.”

“Mad, I like for you to meet someone, Michael this is Kirsten Van Roth. Kirsten this is Michael my date.”

Unwilling to relinquish the sweet tether to Sara he bows while still holding her hand, “Nice meeting you Kirsten, your costume is great.”

“Why thank you Michael, and it’s very nice to meet you. When Sara told me she was bringing someone, I almost fell off my chair but I must insist on seeing you if you don’t mind.”

Michael reluctantly looked at Sara as she only laughed at her friend’s request. As he lifted his black mask up he saw a small twinkle in Kirsten’s hazel eyes that caused him to blush a little as she slowly looked him up and down. “Well Sara you are one lucky bitch that is for sure.”

“Oh Mad you are too much.” Sara was relieved that Kirsten liked Michael and knew that the rest of the group would be just as accepting.

“Well I have to welcome my other guests, but I will see you guys later and make sure you two have fun!” As she walked away they heard Kirsten loudly yell, “Belle Buddy!”

They laughed as Michael readjusted his mask and asked Sara, “If her name is Kirsten, why do you call her Mad?”

Sara just laughed as she replied, “Because that is what she is...totally crazy.... mad insane.”

He laughed at her explanation and suddenly understood, “Well that makes sense, she is a force to be reckoned with, I can totally tell.”

“Yeah she’s awesome and she’s always been there when I needed her actually, they all have.”

“Who’s all?”

“Oh Kirsten’s sisters Elke and Ina. They have been there for me when I needed to talk stuff out.”

“Well it’s great that they were there for you when you needed them.” Michael said as he squeezed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile.

“Yeah I’m lucky.” Just then Michael heard a familiar tune as the band started to play. He recognized the edgy beat of alternating high and low pitched notes of the guitar but once the singing started there was no doubt that he knew the band that was playing. As he heard the words of the song,

Break me in, teach us to cheat
And to lie and cover up
What shouldn't be shared?
All the truth unwinding
Scraping away at my mind
Please stop asking me to describe

Michael could help the excitement that came over him, “I can’t believe this. I know the band that’s playing.”

“Really? Have you heard them before?” Sara wondered where Michael knew the band since she only heard of them a little while ago.

“Oh yeah, they are my friends, we used to go to school together, they have been touring lately but I guess they are doing a special gig.”

“How great, actually they are also playing at my ball, Kirsten said I needed to book them because they were unlike anything else and she would kill me if I didn’t do it.”

“Pushy much?” Michael mockingly said as he smiled back at Sara.

Sara laughed, “Well she does knows what’s good and we have similar taste in music so I know she knows what she’s talking about.”

“Well since I know they are great, I applaud her taste.”

Michael lead Sara by the hand as they made their way towards the stage and as the song continued they saw the lead singer wow the audience with his unique voice and brilliant guitar playing while dressed up like a futuristic cowboy. His black outfit shimmered under the lights of the stage as the powerful rhythm of the music went from a fast intense pace to a delicate somber tune that entranced the audience. When the song was over the crowd erupted into deafening applause. The drum player, who had devil horns on his head that complimented his white shirt and tight pink pants, spoke in a sultry English accent, “How’s it going Strelen? You look like you’re having a good time,.... we are. We’re going to take a break then we shall continue this wicked time.”

With that Michael made his way to the stage and yelled out to the band, “Hey, Matt! Dom! Chris!” The lead singer was the first to respond to Michael as his brilliant blue eyes reflected that he instantly recognized him.

“Mike! How’s it going mate?” He held out his hand for a handshake and Michael took it instantly. “Been doing good, I didn’t know that you guys were in town.”

Matt quickly lifted his hands as he began to talk, “Oh yeah we came in for this private party because they said that they would donate a hefty sum to the Teenage Cancer Trust so we couldn’t pass that up, it was Ace mate, but it was all very fly by night.”

As Michael continued to talk with the Matt, Sara was grabbed from behind. “What the...” was all she got out as she faced the person that twirled her around.

“Mad what’s wrong?”

“Are you serious? Michael knows the band?”

“Yeah, apparently they are buddies from school, why?”

“Well when I booked them I never saw them before, I just listened to their demo but once they got here and started playing more songs, I loved them immediately, the lead singer is awesome and I love his voice, but then I saw the drummer and he did this amazing solo and when he smiled, it was the best smile I have ever seen in my entire life and now I can’t stop looking at him.”

“So why didn’t you ask to meet them before the party?”

“I was too damn busy getting dressed and with all the finishing touches for the party and everything. Please Sara! You have to help me get introduced to them.”

“Well I can’t say no to the birthday girl, come on.”

Sara and Kirsten rushed over to where Michael was talking with all 3 of the band members. When they joined them they stopped talking and Michael gave Sara such a brilliant smile that the whole room seemed to disappear and she only saw him and her world was complete. Kirsten violently slapped Sara’s arm and Sara looked at her friend questioningly, “What was that for?”

“You zoned out, I know he’s gorgeous but stay focused for like 2 seconds please.”

“Sorry.” Sara squeaked out as she tried to compose herself.

Michael continued to introduce them to the band, “Guys, this is the lovely Sara Tancredi and her equally lovely friend Kirsten Van Roth, whose birthday this is but you guys probably knew that. Kirsten, Sara this is Matt, Dom and Chris the famous Rocket Baby Dolls.” Matt quickly responded as his hands came up over his head, “Argh our name is such rubbish, how are we supposed to go on a world tour with such a wonky name.”

Dom quickly retorted, “You agreed to it mate, you even said that it was brilliant! You were practically in love with the damn name Matt”

“Well the love affair is over Dom, now I think that you were completely off your head mate.”

“Me? Off my head? If anyone is a doolally it’s you. You’re the one that talks all the day long about aliens and governmental conspiracies like a twat!”

“Better my conspiracies than dressing like a screaming queen.”

“Easy” Dom warned Matt as Chris only looked on and rolled his eyes as another spat between Dom and Matt became total chaos. He rolled his eyes as he said, “I should have become a doctor.” With that Chris jumped off the stage and went straight for the bar in his spiderman outfit.

“Come on guys I think we need to take a breather here, just take a time out. You guys can discuss what you want to name yourselves later ok?” Michael tried to play peace keeper between them since he didn’t want this to become a bigger scene than it already was.

Sara gave Kirsten a nudged her ribs and gave her a ‘come on this is your chance’ face and Kirsten quickly acted.

“Umm Dom would you mind coming with me? I would like to show you something in the Garden.”

“Yes, great idea!” Michael loved that Kirsten was able to find a way to separate Matt and Dom in order to diffuse the fight. “Go Dom and take as long as you need to cool off, ok?”

“Yeah. O.K.” Dom said as he slowly followed Kirsten out to the Garden. He couldn’t help but notice her angel costume and loved the fact that his Devil Costume worked well with hers and it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful and wondered if there was more to this outing than just making him cool off. A wicked grin came over his face as he admired the devilishly sinful vision in front of him.

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Exploring the Heights of Colored Pant-Dom by PBaddict4va
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As the reality of the situation finally hit Kirsten, her mind raced as it finally sunk in that she was alone with the Drumming God and had no clue what to say or what to do in the Garden. She just prayed that she wouldn’t make a complete fool of herself in front of him.

As they looked at the beautiful gardens, and even though it was dark, the small lights throughout the garden made it possible to make out the beauty lurking beneath the darkness.

“It’s beautiful.” Dom looked at Kirsten as she fiercely avoided eye contact. He could tell she was nervous and hoped that it was a good sign.

“Thanks” Kirsten simply stated as she planned what she would say next.

“Sorry about everything back there. Matt usually knows what buttons to push to make me react. Being together in the band since we were 15, we practically installed the bloody buttons.” A low chuckle escaped Dom’s lips as he slyly looked towards Kirsten for her reaction.

“Well you guys looked like you were going to go to blows back there. I was ready for a fight to break out.” Kirsten let out a nervous laugh as she looked anywhere but his face as she felt his gaze burn into her and willed herself to remain study, even though she knew she wasn’t blushing because she never blushed, it didn’t mean that he didn’t affect her.

“Well no worries my dear Kirsten, we wouldn’t do that at a gig and plus Matt is too much of a nesh wimp to fight me.”

His fabulous laugh invaded her ears like sweet music and she loved it from the first instance, he laughed with everything he was and she knew that she would never forget it.

Kirsten looked at him a little closer with a critical eye, she saw that he was much more attractive than she previously thought. His hair suited him as she examined his mid-length hair that had multi-shades of color that complemented him perfectly. It consisted of a layer of hair colored a dark black along the back on the bottom which contrasted with the blond layer right above it and it all came together with a light color of brown that dominated most of his hair. His eyes were a beautiful hazel that mimicked her own shade but they had more of an emerald tint to them that quickened her pulse.

As she moved to the rest of him she saw that he was totally delicious from his strong, sculpted arms and his stalwart hands to his chiseled torso and his powerfully built understated legs. She loved how his pink pants molded to his body like second skin. His white shirt was translucent and loved that the vague shape of him made her want to see more. She was losing herself in the moment but made sure that she was well aware of what he was saying. They continued to talk outside flirting actively and sometimes brazen to their attraction. Feeling that she was ready to escalate things, she thought of the perfect back drop to what she hoped would be the best present of the night.

“Do you want to work off the rest of that frustration?” Kirsten gave him a sweet smile as a wicked glint sparkled in her eyes.

“Sure what do you have in mind?”

“Oh I know just the thing, come on, I‘ll show you.” As she turned around to go back into the palace she heard Dom call out.

“Are you sure? Shouldn’t you be getting back to your guests?”

“Oh they will be alright and plus I have to make sure that my band is happy enough to continue the awesome party that they started and make my birthday that much more kick ass.”

When she saw that he still hesitated she continued, “Come on Dom, are you scared of a little angel?” Putting on the best 'innocent' face she could muster, and it only made him smile.

“How can the devil be afraid of an angel? Lead the way my beautiful celestial enchantress.”

Her eyes became a darker shade of brown as she hoped that her plan would work and prayed that he would play along.


Kirsten led Dom by the hand and turned the corner to the Game room and she realized that the name of the room was suddenly very appropriate. As she opened the giant oak doors and turned on the lights to the spacious room, her eyes landed to the billiard table that was right in front of them. She closed the doors behind them and wedged it shut and then very slowly swayed her way to the billiard table and semi sat on it facing him.

A teasing grin decorated her already radiant face as she asked, “Well Mr. Howard, do play pool?”

“No, never played before what is it?” Dom moved closer to her and started teasing her hand that rested on top of the billiard table.

“It’s a game of skill that involves taking the pool cue or stick, and hitting the cue ball so that the other balls fall into the pockets and the first one to clear their balls wins. Do you fancy a go?”

Her eyes emanated a look of want and playfulness that he could not resist and loved the way she was turning him on.
A wicked smile came over his lips as he said,
“Sticks, balls and pockets, what’s not to like my lovely Kirsten.”

The devilish grin betrayed her angelic exterior but accurately described the thoughts racing through her mind, 'Oh yes this was going to be good.'

She racked the balls in the triangle and set up the balls and gave Dom a quick overview of the rules and other necessities when she got through with the basics she told him, “I’ll break and then you can go.”

Dom did all he could to hide the pleasure he took when he looked at her coy smiles and sly confidence that only made her angel costume that much more devilish and wondered how much of the devil she wanted in her, he prayed she wanted total possession. With a final adjustment to his devil horns he chose his stick. “By all means, Ladies always come first, i mean go first.”

Kirsten loved that he was happily playing their game of words as well as their pool game. She slowly bent over the pool table making sure that he had a nice view of her ass so she held her pose longer than necessary as her dress hiked up exposing her upper thigh, before making the first hit and scattering the balls in all different directions. She stayed in her hitting position and looked over her shoulder at him and said, “Your turn.”

Dom’s tight pink pants suddenly got tighter as the rush of desire made its way southerly and he feared that he could not hide his reaction to her games but he believed that she only wanted confirmation that her game was having the desired effect. He confidently got up and awkwardly walked towards the table and saw her look at his pants and a hint of a smile washed over her lips as she slowly rose from the table and asked him, “Do you need me to teach you how to hold your stick?”

Dom almost lost it right there with the image of her anywhere near his “stick” but he knew that the longer he let her drag it out the better the result and he was all about the end result. “Well I have a pretty good idea but I am not opposed to some pointers.”

“Well there are generally two schools when you start out, one is just laying the stick in between the bridge of your thumb and index finger and stroking that way.”

Dom felt blood rushing everywhere, in his ears, in his face and down below but he was determined not go down without a fight, he would win this game so he stilled his voice as he said, “ and the other school?”

“The other school is wrapping the index finger around the cue for better control, like this.”

She showed him the hand position as she suggestively stroked the stick back and forth in between her index finger and saw that he was starting to sweat at the edge of his hairline and knew that she had him exactly where she wanted him. She looked him up and down one final time and continued admiring his pink pants and the white shirt that teased her with the details of his chest. “I think you are ready, your turn.”

She turned and sat on the stool by the table and watched him from behind. She wanted to have the same point of view that she displayed to him only moments before. As he bent over the table he was very uncomfortable, not only did he feel her consuming stare from behind him, devouring the sight of him but he also had to deal with the burgeoning desire that was continually being teased by the table so when he started for a ball that was near the right mid pocket and bent over the corner of the table to gain access, he felt the corner pocket rub against him. It was all too much to take and he closed his eyes trying to regain his composure, he couldn’t last long like this but he was determined to make his first shot.

“Are you ok?” Kirsten playfully asked as she suspected what the problem was.

“Just fine love, I am just visualizing my shot.”

He heard her laugh but she said nothing. Dom finally opened his eyes and saw the shot he would take, it wouldn’t put anything in the pockets but it was easy and right there and he just needed to get it over with. When his shot resulted in no pocketing of balls Kirsten scoffed as she got up from her chair. “Dom my love, you totally could have had that shot in middle right by the pocket, here try again and I will help you.”

She was evil, he knew that now, her angel facade was just that, camouflage to lure in her prey and then when her true colors were revealed it was too late, the trap sprung down with no escape, 'but what a way to go' he thought. He bent over again like before and his breath became labored as he wished for all the strength in the world in that one moment. Dom sensed her presence before feeling her next to him. Her lips were right next to his ear as he felt her right hand land on the small of his back where his shirt rose up a little and felt her teasing touch on his skin and as she rubbed up against his back and trailed her left hand down his arm. “You see, you just have to position the cue in the middle right of the cue ball and hit solidly and that should do it. You will totally score.”

She was pushing down on his body and felt the glorious pressure and he knew she was doing it on purpose, she wanted him at the very edge and he was already there and he couldn’t take anymore and decided that he needed to do some of his own lessons.

Without warning he turned around and pushed her on top of the table and kissed her with a ferocious hunger that came from the most primitive part of him. He needed her in every way and nothing was enough. They eagerly escalated their touches to satisfy the hunger that possessed them both. Their bodies moved together in a sweet rhythm which ended with a set of fulfilled screaming of their names.

Sweating bodies completely spent lay motionless recovering from their blissful experience. A few minutes passed before Kirsten regained the power of speech and said, “That was heavenly.”

Dom lightly caressed her back as he answered, “Oh I thought it devilishly delicious.”

As another devilish thought came to mind he playfully chuckled and said, “You know what drummers do the best?”

“What?” Kirsten asked as she suspected what would come next.


And with that the second round of their love making began.

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Instructional Couch Courses by PBaddict4va
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Michael had been a total gentleman all night long. He was a beautiful social butterfly and Sara was very pleased that he could blend in so well with everyone and not be intimidated by anyone. It made him all the more attractive because he was so at ease anywhere with anyone.

She was proud to show him off and introduce him to her friends and just as she suspected, Elke and Ina also liked Michael when she found them among the sea of people that were at the party but now the impulse to have him all to herself was all consuming and she knew that the cutting of the cake was coming up so they would have a brief window and she wanted to make good on her promise she made to him in the carriage.

She quickly scanned the crowd for the eyes that haunted her thoughts and then she found him charming a group of diplomats in the far corner and she thought to herself that she would never tire of watching him especially when he looked so divine. She quickly smiled as she made her way towards him as he talked to everyone by the small chocolate fountain, a delicious combination that she would remember trying later.

Michael noticed her coming towards him and smiled gorgeously back at her as she got closer. She grabbed his hand as she excused them from the group and quickly turned around making their way toward the front entrance of the ballroom.

Michael asked Sara where she was leading him but all she would say is a lilting “You’ll see.” With that mischievous tone, he could practically imagine the sly grin that was surely on her face as she continued down the great halls with him in tow but the only thing he saw was her sexily swaying hips in front of him.

Turn after turn felt like another step towards desolation, Michael wondered if he was left alone would he be able to find his way back to the party but the safe bet was no since he had spent more than half the journey being distracted by her beautiful feminine form and his own impure thoughts.

Determined to get some insight on where they were headed he tried again, “Sara, what are we doing?”

Sara slightly turns her head back to look at him, “Michael, trust me you are going to love it.”

“Oh I have no doubt that I will love it but how much longer? I think we crossed the Kingdom boundary about 3 miles back.”

They both laughed as Sara gave his hand a squeeze but never broke her stride as they continued on. After what seemed like a never ending journey Sara stopped in front of two huge oak doors that were similar to all the others in the palace but these had a simple gold plaque that said, “Bibliotheek.”

He felt like a kid asking his mom thousands of questions but he knew he had to ask the question again, “Sara where are we?”

She couldn’t help but just laugh, his constant questions would be very annoying if he wasn’t so damn sexy asking them. Deciding to continue the torture and keep the surprise a secret, “Oh you will find out soon enough.”

As she slowly opened the doors, lights automatically came on and illuminated the whole room which displayed the beauty within. Michael had never seen such a sight, a vast room bigger than any library that he had ever entered and books covered every inch of wall space of the spacious multi-story room. Staircases were everywhere and ladders to gain access to any and all books and there was still room for couches and tables in various places of the library.

He never seen such a splendor and just stood captivated by everything around him. Sara just looked at him gaging his reaction to it and she saw the awe and wonderment that bubbled underneath the surface. His eyes gained an innocence and radiance of a silver blue as his mouth opened slightly as he just continuously turned around in place to gain an overall vantage point to all the magnificence that surrounded them. He never knew that so many books could exist in the same place like this, but he loved the concept of the melding and exploring of million upon millions of ideas. As he continued taking in the sight Sara slyly asked “I take it you like it?”

Her heart ached when she saw his smile and the expression oh his face as he said, “You could say that, it’s just so amazing, I have never seen so many books in my life.”

“Well the one at home is a little bigger but not by much, but they were designed by the same man.”

He tried to imagine how such a luxury would be like in his everyday life, “Oh, I bet that must be so amazing. You could read whatever you want whenever you like.”

“It has its advantages, for sure and I learned a lot and had some amazing times in a similar place like this. Of course it also holds a lovely memory because it’s where I first fell in love. I was lucky that Mr. Shrekspeare was such a gentleman.” Sara laughed as she saw Michael react too soon to her confession of loving an author as opposed to a real person.

Shaking his head at her he decides to steer the conversation into another direction. “I bet it would take 3 lifetimes to read all these books.”


“Yeah and more are being made everyday, it’s great to think that those ideas will live on in books. Writers launch their books out into the world hoping that it finds someone and gives them some value or kernel of knowledge. That’s all they want, just a chance.”

“I like that.” Sara just loved how his mind worked and processed and it only caused her to swoon all the more.

“Me Too.” Michael saw the look in Sara’s eye darken slightly and always loved how she seemed to make him feel like he was the only person in the world.

Michael walked toward Sara and grabbed her by the waist and brought her to him. “Just a chance.”

The intensity of his eyes sent shivers throughout her body as the passion and desire that lurked beneath them was unmistakable. Michael slowly bent down and covered her lips with his in a sweet kiss. A kiss that sealed the deal of a contract that was unspoken but understood, that they were given a chance and they would make sure to make the best of the opportunity given them and gain the value that they had within each other.

Sara quickly deepened the kiss, as her re-acquaintance with his lips only made her desire skyrocket. He softly moaned as she softly swept her tongue in his mouth which was only more than willing to welcome the invasion. He was lost amid a wave of sensations that threatened to consume him whole as Sara felt every cell of her body scream out to be touched by his knowing hands.

He slowly slid his hands up her body relishing the terrain of heated moving flesh as one of his hands ended up holding her firmly by the back of her neck as the other grabbed her as close as possible at her waist. Sara felt like she was being devoured, the need to be completely together as one entity surpassed all as they were now traversing dangerous ground.

She wrapped her hands around his waist as they settled by the small of his back and rested slightly under his waistband. Her legs became increasing unstable as their oral exploration only intensified and the last thing she wanted was embarrassing herself by falling down so taking the upper hand she slowly pushed him towards the direction of part of the library where she knew there was a soft leather couch with their names written all over it.

She masterfully led him to the proper position in front of the couch and she simply gave him a slight push with her hands as she quickly followed his body’s journey to become horizontal on the couch. As soon as they landed they continued making out with added fervor as now they were comfortable and wonderfully cushioned.

Sara felt the deep groan that escaped Michael’s chest up to her lips. She felt his aroused state and instinctively moved against him as it only fueled more sounds emanating from him, loving her rhythmic movements but being slowly tortured by them at the same time so Michael quickly grabbed her hips and held her close to him. A breathless whimper escaped Michael lips, “Oh Sara.”

His voice only served to spur her on further as she simply answered “Michael” with a hunger that he had never heard from her or anyone for that matter, which only caused racing impulses to be delivered straight to where he wanted her the most.

As Sara felt his bulging desire underneath her, she felt her own body’s reaction to his touch and she only clenched her inner muscles in order to regain her control but it was a losing battle. Her hands had a life of their own as they systematically roamed all over his body as if they wanted to memorize everything about him by touch alone.

Sara was plagued by dueling sensations, she knew that she shouldn’t let things go too far but it was difficult holding back when all she wanted was to be closer to Michael. She felt his hands continue the journey where they had left off in the carriage as they went further up her dress. She cursed herself for picking such a cumbersome costume for him to wear because dealing with the double buttons of his jacket was a huge pain in the ass.

Yet even with the damn buttons from hell, he looked amazing and that made it all worth it and if she had to deal with some stubborn buttons to find her prize then so be it. She finally got enough buttons unfastened to gain access to some flesh. She pulled up his shirt and softly touched his stomach. She loved how the muscles of his stomach twitched against her touch and she let her hands roam freely around his lower abdomen as far as she dared.

She loved feeling to soft delicate hairs that sparingly inhabited the lower part of his stomach since she couldn’t deny that he felt so perfect, everything that she wanted and more. She was walking a tightrope of fear and excitement and she kept trying to decide what side she should follow. More moans rose between them as Sara continued to explore him and Michael needed to make sure that they were not going to be traveling into dangerous waters.

He cupped her face and looked into her eyes and saw her flushed face look back at him as he tenderly asked her, “ Sara are you…” that was all he got out as she suspected what would follow, “ Just a little while longer then we’ll stop, we have to. Ok?”

A slight smile pulled at the edges of his mouth as he simply nodded his head saying, “You’re the boss.”

With that, they quickly resumed their kissing as they were completely consumed by each other that they failed to hear someone enter the library.


A faint figure stood in the distance looking at the couple that were making themselves quite comfortable on the couch, entirely too comfortable in his opinion.

“This has to stop, honestly.” The figure whispers as he continues to make his way towards the couple. Count Peter Van Roth was a man a few words but the ones that were spoken he meant and he had lost count of the times that he had told his daughters that the library was not to be used as a make out spot and that proper ladies did not fraternize in such ways, but he wished that they listened to him more, its like his daughters had a sixth sense when a rule was based on some lie, its like they knew that he and their mother had done similar things when they were their age and could tell the hypocrisy of certain rules.

He softly laughed at the memories of the times that he and his wife had their own stolen moments on the couch but it was quickly over when he heard a loud moan coming from the direction of the couch and he found a new determination to accomplish the mission his wife had sent him on. As he got closer, he saw that the couple was not the one he was expecting to find, the guy was always the wild card but he could always half expected a pile of blond tendrils swirling about but this time he only saw dark auburn, then it dawned on him that the amorous couple did not include one of his daughters.

He stood there for a moment debating on what to do next, he couldn’t just let them continue but he really didn’t want to be the one to stop them either. With the last of his resolve withering away he tried the subtle approach of clearing his throat to get their attention but that failed miserably, in fact it only yielded more deep moans.

“You can do this.” was his internal mantra that he kept repeating as he stood there thinking of another way to get their attention but he felt that short of an atomic explosion not much would make them notice. He tried again but this time his throat clearing was louder and didn’t stop until they noticed someone else was there.

Michael slowly registered the constant noise that brought him back to the planet earth and caught sight of a standing figure from the corner of his eye. He quickly turned to look at the figure and suddenly fear seeped into his body. Sara stopped and looked at Michael and was surprised to see that he stopped and was looking at something else when she was about to ask him what was the matter, she finally realized that they were not alone.

The shadowy figure slowly revealed himself and Sara wanted to go crawl inside the deepest hole she could find and never leave. Sara quickly got up and adjusted her dress and whatever else as best she could but she could only do so much. Michael’s face was wrapped in worry but he adjusted himself haphazardly as he joined Sara by her side.

“Count Van Roth Sir” Sara squeaked out as she reached for Michael’s hand and gave it a tight squeeze. Michael just held Sara hand as tightly as he dared and made sure she knew that whatever came that they would see it through together.

“Hello Sara, I can see that you are doing very well this evening.”

Peter stated with a slight tease in his voice as his green eyes sparkled with mischief and Sara knew that she wasn’t in trouble but now she would terribly teased for the rest of her life, but if she had to choose her fate, that would be the one she would choose because the other had no appeal since that would involve her father.

As bright red hue covered her face and she only said, “Umm yeah I guess you can say that.”

“Oh it’s alright but you know when I came in here I half expected Ina with someone to be on that couch as opposed to you two. She is usually the one that is conducting instructional courses on the couch.”

They all laughed as he continued to say, “That is why Angelina made me do my rounds tonight, had to make sure that Ina wasn’t providing extensive lessons on her little sister’s birthday.”

“No she wasn’t in here when we came in but that does sound like Ina, but I haven’t seen much of her tonight. Humm now that you mentioned It, I only saw her at the beginning of the night and that was it.”

“Humm maybe she moved to another location, no doubt she is on to me. I need to Lo jack that one. But I doubt that any form of monitoring will stop her.”

Sara couldn’t contain her laughter at the Count’s joke about Ina but she did wonder where Ina could have gone or even Kirsten and Elke, she had seen very little of the sisters and wondered what they were all doing.

“Well I think its best that we join the others in the ballroom, don’t you think?”

Peter looked over to the couple and Sara agreed as they headed towards the door. As they neared the giant oak doors they saw the door open and a voice say, “Chris honey, if you think that you have a vast knowledge of the body, you don’t know the half of it. You are with the master and I am about to give you a lesson of a lifetime.”

As the door swung fully open the delighted blue pools that were dancing with excitement and mirth suddenly became quiet and stilled once she saw that they were not alone and that her father was there. “Daddy, what are you doing here?”

The count almost laughed as he saw the look of concern on his eldest daughter's face. “Well my sweetness I am here to make sure that no one misses the cake.”

“Oh, well I was just going to show Chris the library.” She was trying to maintain an innocent look on her face as she struggled to keep herself in check.

“Well you will have to show him another time my love, I have to go find your sisters so we can do the cake so come along, we shouldn’t keep your mother.”

“Ok, Daddy we will be there as soon as possible I just want to tell Sara something really fast, I promise it won’t take but 5 minutes.”

“Humm alright my dear but don’t be long you know if you don’t come back quickly your mother will be very upset.” With that said he kissed Ina’s head and left the couples behind in the hallway.

When the count was safely around the corner and walking away Ina quickly turned around to Sara, “Sara, what is up with you being busted my dad? Now who’s the naughty girl?”

The shock in Ina’s voice was classic. “It will be forever you my dear Ina, you are the Queen of that Kingdom! But I wasn’t being a naughty girl, I was just showing Michael the books and ..”

“And your boobs!” Ina scoffed back as she saw Sara disheveled state of dress and Michael’s unbuttoned jacket.

Sara instantly slapped Ina on the arm “INA!! You are terrible”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Chris said with a twinkle in his eyes as he touched Ina’s shoulder.

“Aww thanks babe, but you don’t know the half of how bad I can really be.” Her evil smirk blinded him as she took his hands from her shoulder and intertwined their fingers.

Sara saw that look and knew all too well what would follow so trying to diffuse the situation she tenderly asked, “Have you seen Elke or Kirsten tonight? I haven’t seen much of them.”

“Oh I doubt you have been looking very hard, where were all the places you checked? The couch in the library? Under Michael’s Jacket?”

Sara hated the fact that Ina was so quick witted and more so that it came at her expense, “INA! Stop!”

“Ok ok. But no I haven’t seen my sisters much tonight but I am sure they are fine, Kirsten rarely ever does anything and Elke only likes those artistic brooding types and there are never any around so I am sure they are both fine and doing nothing.”

“Well you do enough for everyone so there has to be a balance. Well we best get back before your Dad comes back and hunts us down.”

“Yeah you are right, should be on our way. Come along Slut-erella!!”

Sara only rolled her eyes as Ina could no longer control her laughter. Ina knew that Sara was in deep with Michael since she had never done this before and she knew that Sara was truly in love and wished her friend the best but she also couldn’t hide her joy at the fact that it was someone else who got caught in the act with a guy, the tables were turned and she loved it. She didn’t know when the next time would be so she had to capitalize on this moment as much as she could.


Matt sat quickly at the bar as he continued drinking his Wizard brand ale. He was about to order another beer when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He slowly turned in the direction of the most beautiful image he laid his eyes on. A 5’8” Amazon goddess slowly made her way towards him in an elegant form fitting spaghetti strapped emerald dress that ended just below her knees that clung nicely to her womanly curves as her legs were accentuated by her 4” high heels.

Although he could not see her face, he could clearly see her beautiful colored eyes that radiated from the intricate gold mask that she wore. She wore a costume that was very telling, she was an enchantress and he loved the fact that her costume was dead on.

His throat was dry as he tried to produce saliva in order to ease the itchy tickle in the back of his throat but it was hopeless, all he could do was stare at the captivating vision before him. He could see her smile as she got closer to him, but it couldn’t be for him since he doubted that this angel knew he existed as she was sexily walking towards him becoming breathless as she continued to look straight at him and continue straight ahead.

She stopped right next to him and quickly ordered a red wine then turned to face him.

“I usually don’t tell guys this but you were amazing up there. Your music really speaks to me and that was the first time that I heard you guys. It was so great.”

“Well thank you my dear…” he dragged out the last syllable trying to get her name.

She only laughed as he stopped when it was getting ridiculous at holding the last syllable for so long without getting her name. She was playing hard ball that was clear so he needed to take another approach in order to find out his new Muse’s name.

“My name is Matt, Matt Bellamy but you may have already known that but I want to make sure that you know since it would be a crime if we walked away without knowing our names at least.”

“Well I am sure that thousands of girls have given you their names, so I am sure that one less won’t matter.”

Matt's features recorded the slight remark but recovered quickly, “Well it all depends on that one I suppose. But I would love to know your name if you are willing to give it.”

Elke quickly thought about giving her name but wanted to play this game she started but she knew that his sexy accent would wear her down eventually.

“How about you guess and I will tell you if you are right or not.”

“Humm I guess so … humm so let’s see.”

He slowly looked her over, taking in the beautiful sight in front of him everything from her elegantly cropped brown hair to her lengthy long legs and he was completely taken of what he saw there but as he found his way to her eyes he saw what she tried to hide there.

He was able to see the woman and her soul through her elegant hazel eyes. He is taken aback to what he saw there and hoped that this vision would give him a chance. He leaned forward towards her neck and took in a deep breath and she flinched a little at his sudden movement.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making an informed decision, my dear.”

She only gave him a questioning look but allowed him to continue. As he returned to stand straight leaning against the bar with a bright smile adorning his face as his sparkling blue eyes danced with mischievousness.

“I will call you…Rose.”

The rush of heat from his name suggestion roamed free within her body, “Why is that?”

“Well you are a pure beauty with an intoxicating aroma but you are to be respected and if not, you will make sure they remember that.”

"My Fairy GOD MO " she thought, “Well that was very good explanation, but if I tell you my name now and it’s not anything near as beautiful as Rose, its going to be a disappointment.”

“Well that is where you are wrong Rose, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and still be a beautiful rose.”

She saw the sincerity of his words and just looked at him for a brief moment. She felt her heart tighten more when he kept his focus on her and only her. She could feel the power of his stare and she started to grow weaker in her resolve in playing her game with him but she was determined to be something more than a one night tryst, if that is where they were headed, and she wanted more and she had to be sure that he was capable of more.

She saw an endless stream of beautiful starlets doing a double take as they walked by but Matt keep his focus squarely on her and she was impressed that he could be so focused on her but she loved it even though he couldn’t do it forever, but she saw that he was capable so she allowed herself the indulgence of what else he could be capable of.

Her face blushed at her thoughts and she thanked the stars that she was wearing a mask. She wanted to keep him in the dark a little longer since she wanted to be in the one in control even if it was only a little while more. “Rose, would you please come with me to the garden, its quieter and it’s better if we don’t have to strain to listen to each other.” She agreed and only staying long enough to freshen up their drinks they made their way towards the garden.


The Garden was the perfect back drop to the beautiful summer night. The night was clear and warm while a slight breeze made its way through the trees and flowers that covered the garden area. Matt spied a bench and ushered them both to the sitting area that had an immaculate view of the lush greenery that surrounded them. The twilight wrapped around them as they sat in silence. Matt slowly looked around and then to the young woman sitting next to him and felt a warm blanket take over his body.

“So my dear Rose, what are you thinking about?”

As she smelled the sweet flowery fragrance that wafted in the air she answered “Just how much I love the summer nights here. The delicate aroma of the flowers and trees, the steady rumblings of the night life in the woods and how it’s all connected to each other. I love that. Beauty surrounds us and shows us what heaven must be like. Peace breathes and lives here. War is the farthest thing from this place because this beauty brings out the best in everything.”

“Did you know, that a dueling family vying for power from a Famous King in ancient times found out the entire Kingdom’s defenses while he was in the throws of passion because a mole bugged the bouquet of flowers that he always ordered for his lady in waiting? Soon after that King was overthrown. So you see beauty, if wrongly trusted, can have its price too.”

She turns to see him, “Is everything a conspiracy with you?”

“Umm, well not everything, there must be a couple of things that are not on the list. Farwton’s Second Law of Mystical Dynamics I have no beef with, or Farwin’s Law of Evil-ution seems relatively sound with some minor addendums.”

His tone danced as he made mock thinking gestures as his smile widened. “But some things are worth the punishment. If that was to be my fate, then I would gladly pay it in order to be by your side my lady.”

Oh he was smooth but she was not so easily bested. “Are you sure? A lifetime in the dungeons, it’s not a pretty fate and I fear that you wouldn’t stay pretty.”

“For you my dear, I would gladly become as ugly as Dom in order for a moment in our grace, so that should tell you how far I am willing to go.” His brilliant smile twinkled as brightly as any star in the sky and that was all she ever wanted to see for all her life.

Elke lightly laughed, “Well I see that you are damn serious!”

“Oh, I just know what I want, my precious Rose. But as I sit here I am reminded of one of my favorite poems.”

Her curiosity hits record levels and she wonders of all of all the possibilities. “Which one is that?”

He quickly takes a breath and hopes that she will accept his request. “I will tell you but only if you tell me your name after. Please. I promise that it will be worthy of the revelation of your sweet name.” The pleading in his eyes made the butterflies in her stomach flutter out of control.

“O.......k, but I have the final say.”


As his brilliant blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight, they took on a hue of a slate grey as he started to recite.

“When you are old and grey and full of sleep,

And nodding by the fire, take down this book,

And slowly read, and dream of the soft look

Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;”

Matt reached out and gently took hold of her hand as he continued,

"How many loved your moments of glad grace,

And loved your beauty with love false or true,

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

And loved the sorrows of your changing face;”

Matt couldn't contain his urge to stroke her face. Her delicate skin made him tingle inside and hoped that the words would sway her.

And bending down beside the glowing bars,

Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled

And paced upon the mountains overhead

And hid his face amid a crowd of stars. “

The beauty of the words warmed her heart as she couldn’t help herself from smiling at him and stroking his cheek as he looked at her like a timid child waiting to an answer to a question.

“Elke.” Was the only thing she said, as she continued looking at him gently stroking his face.

"Thank you my lovely Elke. I have the name of my angel."

Before she could reply Chris barged in and screamed, " Oi Mate, its time to get back to the show, people are getting restless."

Matt only looked at the ground for a moment and turned around telling him that he will be there in a moment and waited for Chris to leave them alone once again.

He turned back and faced Elke with a long face. "I have to go but would you be willing to continue this conversation later? Maybe, at my hotel?"

Fear suddenly rendered her speechless, she couldn't go back to his hotel, she wasn't that kind of woman but she had to admit that in the dark corners of her mind she loved to accept his invitation. "Matt I am not the kind of woman that just ..."

He quickly interrupted her, "No, I know that Elke and that is not what I meant. I am just talking about getting to know you better, somewhere private but you can bring anyone you want if that will make you feel better. But I swear that my intentions are good and I only want to know more about you."

"I don't know Matt" The uncertainty was all over her face.

"Elke, give me a chance, if by the end of the night you have any doubts you can back out. Just give me a chance to prove that I am not some perv trying to get you into bed.” He points to his chest, "These feelings are more than lust or momentary attraction. I see the pilgrim soul in you."

"You have until the end of the party to convince me of that."

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Convince Me by PBaddict4va
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Kirsten was lost in splendid weightlessness of complete and utter pleasure, wallowing within its depths. The feel of him inside her was nothing that she was prepared for but everything that she never knew she wanted. He filled her completely and felt like he was chiseled to fit her exactly. His breath had a steady rushed rhythm to it which was music to her ears, wavelengths that carried his sweet song tickled her receptors and she need to see him.

She looked at him hovering over her with such concentration and saw all the muscles in his arms straining to keep him above her as he continued to glide into her. The elegant sculpture of his arms were beautiful making her eyes travel the length of his glistening arms to his elegant hands that were spread out on the table. She saw his flawless design of every digit, every line, and every slight hair. She couldn’t stop her need to touch them and she quickly dipped her hand into his and he promptly took it and adjusted his movements to allow her to take hold of his hand and intertwine their fingers.

As she neared the end of this heavenly experience she heard a noise coming towards them and she instinctively knew who it was and she suddenly was thinking beyond the delicious moment with her Dom. Since she was little girl, she always could tell when her father was near, it seemed she had a super power and it at that moment it was in overdrive. She knew that her father was close and coming their way and she needed to make sure that he didn’t walk in on them because the last thing she needed was her father to go crazy seeing her in a compromising position. They were almost there but she needed to get their faster she needed him to succumb to her and right now.

She encouraged his movements again as she continued teasing him closer to the brink. She violently yanked her head forward hitting his shoulder as she held onto him firmly with her free hand around his neck as she came hard and her pulsating flesh was all it took as he spilled over the edge of euphoria and landed on her with his head at the base of her neck, perfectly cushioned by her breasts.

Rapid breaths were all that were heard for a few moments but then he heard her voice say his name again but it had a urgent undertone, he panicked for a moment thinking that he had done something without permission or hurt her but then he felt her hand come up on the back of his neck, “Dom, my father is coming, he will be here in no time, I can feel it, we have to get up and get dressed before he gets here.”

“Get up? I can’t move Love, you are going to have to help me do this.”

“I will do whatever you ask Dom” she said softly.

“Be mine.” He simply said.

Her breath hitched at his simple but honest request. “Already done. But if you ever want any more of the same, you are going to have to haul that sweet ass up off me and get dressed.”

He gently lifted his head and saw her brilliant flushed face and rubbed his thumb against the bottom of her lip, “Oh I want it all Love. I want it all. Always.”


As Peter Van Roth made his way back to ballroom he heard noises coming from the game room and as he got closer he heard the noises more clearly. He thought he heard his daughter Kirsten’s voice but he also confirmed that she was not alone. He heard the muffled sounds of their laughter and what he thought were loud moans followed by the deep groans of a man.

He stood frozen for a moment as he imagined what was happening on the other side of the door involving his daughter, his sweet baby. Panic and anger hit him all at once and he momentarily lost focus but then another set of grunts and moans made him resolute. He couldn’t hear anything more, he blocked everything else out as he made up his mind and quickly traveled the distance towards the giant oak doors and was ready to act once he opened them.

His body was poised for battle as the cool touch of the brass handles jarred him out of his internal planning. His sudden burst of strength caused the door to open with ease and without delay. He heard Kirsten laughing as she cried out, “God you are good!”

As soon as he passed through the entry way he started to say in a raised harsh tone, “What the HELL is going on in here !?!”

The two sweating bodies immediately halted all action as they stared blankly at the count. The silence seemed interminable until Kirsten was the first to end the silent stalemate

“Daddy, see the paddles? See the net and ball? What do you think? We are playing ping pong for fairy sakes.”

Peter quickly tried to reconcile all the information and looked at the scene before him. There was no denying that they were playing ping pong but he felt that he just missed something but he didn't dare say anything, well not yet anyways.

“Oh yes, well I just wanted to make sure that everything was all right in here.”

Kirsten just rolled her eyes as she gave her father a pointed look, “It is.”

“Well I am sure that your guests are waiting for you so its best to end this game and head back with me to the ballroom so this young man can get back to work.”

Kirsten just looked at her father, she hated to be told what to do but she knew that giving him this one battle would be better in the long run.

“Let’s go Dom we have played enough games for one night. Come on.”

She simply reached out for his hand, “Alright love, lead the way.”

With that Kirsten passed by her father and gave him an innocent look as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek as a truce. Dom only made momentary eye contact but quickly looked down as he passed by Peter. The Count knew something was amiss and couldn’t let go of that feeling but he also breathed a sigh of relief since he could still be oblivious to the truth.

He was quite aware that his daughters were young ladies but he also knew that they were his babies and he still held onto that ideal but he knew that it would only be a matter of time before he would have to abandon that ideal, but that would be for another day. The Count turned off the lights and closed the door behind them as he escorted the couple back to the ballroom.


All throughout the night Matt made a point finding Elke during his breaks and talk as much as possible but since the breaks were now being timed by Count Van Roth in order to make sure that no other shenanigans would take place on his watch only made it that much more difficult to get a steady exchange.

Elke talked with Michael when the band was on stage and tried getting as much information on Matt as possible but she was relying on stranger to gage another stranger but Elke trusted Sara and since she trusted Michael that eased some of her fears. She found out a lot about him, about how he loved to read and make his own theories about anything and everything, about how his last girlfriend broke his heart and how badly he took it since he felt alone and broken. Michael eased some of her fears that he was just looking for another notch on the bed post and that he was a man of his word.

As the party was winding down, the last song was being announced. Dom gratefully thanked the audience for their wonderful support and he personally congratulated Kirsten and wished her many more wonderful birthdays. With that an electronic melody began that had a haunting rhythm that captured Elke’s attention. Soon Matt began to sing.

Let your inhibitions go
Make every touch electrical

Elke’s heart pounded furiously as he continued to sing with such feeling.

I want to touch you deep inside
And find the secrets that you hide

She was confused and lost to what she was going to do but as she ran down the list of the pros and cons about going to his hotel room a strange calm came over her and she made her decision.


Elke slowly walked behind Matt as he escorted her to his room at the "Far Away from Home" Enchanted Hotel to the top floor penthouse suite. She was nervous but he had completely put her at ease and she felt safe coming this far alone. She didn’t expect much to happen and had told him as much but there was something in the air that that made her whole body tingle to the contrary. They stopped at room 71106 and he slid his key card in the lock and held open the door for Elke to come inside as he quickly hit the light switch to light up the room. She gave him a quick smile before entering the very spacious luxurious room.

The room was beautifully decorated in neutral brown tones and had very expensive but elegant furniture. The living space consisted of a glass coffee table with a large flat screen TV. Moving more forward into the room she saw that the living space continued on to include a glass dining room table set which was close to the sliding glass door that lead out to the balcony. In the distance she saw closed double doors which she assumed where the bedroom was and the idea of how graceful the bedroom would be sent a brief wave of heat to fill her cheeks.

“This is beautiful.” Elke commented as she headed towards the dark leather couches.

“Well not as beautiful as you but it is very nice. Its one of the many perks of getting hired for a private gig.”

Matt motioned for Elke to sit down on the black leather couch next to him and she felt a jolt of electricity as he smiled at her making her way towards him. She loved his smile there was such warmth and tenderness coming from it that she just basked the way his face glowed. As she looked over his features, she surrendered to the effects of his blue eyes, they were looking straight at her and had the ability to penetrate her skin, she felt him penetrate her thoughts. She feared that her thoughts screamed her deepest desires that shook her to her soul.

“Would you like something to drink? Water? Anything?” Matt asked hoping to put her more at ease.

“Water would be great. Thank you.”

As he went to the mini bar to grab her a bottle of water, she secretly admired the gentle swift movement of his hips. His taut buns of steel were a sight to behold and wondered what lay beneath his black slacks. She wanted him like nothing before in her life and she quickly felt the warm ooze of desire work its way in every direction. When he strutted back with a water bottle in hand, his beautiful smile stunned her as the twinkle of his beautiful sparkling baby blues pierced her soul once again, her composure was long gone and she allowed the onslaught of desire and emotion take her and drown her in ecstasy.

She felt on fire, she tried to douse the flames that threatened to over take her, as her skin became aware of the potential of the situation and she wondered what she would do if he actually touched her. “God,” she thought as she closed her eyes.

“Elke honey, are you alright?”

She loved that he seemed concerned for her.

“Yes, I am sorry. I am fine. Really, thank you for asking.”

He walked over to her with such a soft look in his eyes that almost made her faint. He cupped her cheeks and with the most solemn look in his eyes he said, “You know that nothing will happen that you are not comfortable with, right?”

“Yes I know, but I am just wondering … nah its stupid just forget it.”

“No, my dear sweet Elke, you were about to say something, please finish. What were you wondering about?”

“I was just wondering why me? Of all the girls that were there tonight? Why Me?”

He smiled as he remembered the way she walked towards him earlier that night. “Why not you? When you first came to me I thought that you were a vision in your beautiful dress and your hair was so perfect and fit your face elegantly. But then we started talking and I felt a connection that I never felt with anyone.

Elke, I didn’t invite you here to just give you a quick How’s your father? and bugger off. Know that. If nothing else, know that I felt a connection to you and we can go as slow as you want, I will wait for you. I just want to be with you even though I don’t deserve you but I will make sure that I do my best and be the man I know I can be and that is worthy of you.”

The truth in his eyes was enough to want to make her weep for she knew that he was being honest. “Well you my not deserve me but I deserve you so lets not talk about that.”

“Anything you say may dear Smelke.”

“Smelke? Why did you call me that?”

“Cause right now you are the sexiest most magnificent woman I have ever seen, hence Smelke.”

“Ahh I like that a lot, that is totally a keeper right there.”

“Just like you, a total keeper.”

He stroked her face and she felt the rush as she felt attracted to his touch, their bodies craved to be near each other as if they were willing to split on a molecular level in order to be as close as possible.

Elke, bewitched by his crystal orbs, wondered if she was powerless under his spell but then she decided that she didn’t care. She was safe and felt loved so she knew that this was the right thing to do but she needed one last step in order to give herself freely and she reluctantly looked down and went towards the large window as she collected herself for a moment.

As she saw the beautiful skyline of the kingdom, the hot summer night was kept at bay by the air conditioning of the hotel room and she felt the cool slick surface of the glass as she put her forehead on the window as she leaned forward. Soon she saw his long beautiful fingers lay flat on the window next to her head as she heard him ask, “What are you thinking?”

She wanted to tell him everything that she kept locked away, afraid to let him in but dying to give him the key. The dueling emotions were creating havoc as her body which only knew that its perfect match was right beside it. “Tell me something that no one else knows about you.”

He touched her shoulders and turned her around so that her back hit the cold window behind her and she saw the heat coming from his eyes. He rubbed his thumb against her shoulder in slow circles that drove her closer to the edge.

“I thought I was content keeping women at bay, giving them just enough of me but not everything. I gave myself completely before and when she left, I had nothing left for me and I promised from that day forward that I would keep something back, something that was just for me that I would never give away. I thought that would ease the pain when they inevitably left but I see now that since I never gave that piece to anyone then I wasn’t allowing them to love of all of me. It never seemed to be a problem or issue but meeting you I finally feel that I want to share everything with you because it finally dawned on me that keeping that piece locked away I was keeping myself imprisoned, weighed down. Giving yourself completely to someone is giving yourself a chance to explore all the possibilities of what love has to offer. That is what I feel right now, my heart is full and I have you to thank for that.”

He couldn’t help but run his right hand up along her shoulder and up her neck as he stopped at her jaw as his delightful long fingers gently caressed her face and shivers went up and down her spine as her body ignited instantly with flaming desire.

He voiced her one fear that this was only a means to an end but his feelings for her were ones that were not only based on need but out of love. She didn’t need anymore words, she needed actions and she wanted them now. She placed her hand on his chest over his heart and felt the quick beating of his heart which only caused her to smile as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her chest over her heart.

“You promise to keep mine safe and I promise to keep yours safe.”

“Promise” Matt quickly vowed.

Elke decided that her vow would be sealed with a kiss and she grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her and she kissed him with everything she had. The sweet delight of his lips was not like nothing she ever experienced but she needed more as she lightly teased his bottom lip and he instantly opened his mouth and eased his tongue inside her mouth as their tongues created a slow steady rhythm which would be the base melody of their own love song. Their moans became more forceful and expressed the urgent need for their merging of flesh and souls.

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Old Fashion NC-17 Love Song by PBaddict4va
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Elke slowly unbuttoned his shirt relishing the soft feel of silk underneath her touch but as she finally got the last button to yield its final hold upon him she finally felt the silky perfection of his skin. His heat that emanated from him was addictive and she allowed her hands to roam free without restraint, they were home.

She meticulously touched every muscle as his long elegant digits danced their way across her body to find the zipper of her dress behind her. He delicately stroked the skin right above zipper which caused her to whimper as he slowly pulled down the zipper one notch at a time while trailing his middle finger behind the zipper drawing an invisible line down her back. His touch was torture since he was completely at ease controlling how much he touched her, giving her just enough to stop her from completely jumping him and taking what he stingingly was keeping for himself but two could play at this game.

She slowly touched his chest and slowly trickled her fingers down towards his stomach as she felt him flinch from her eager touch. She smiled against his lips as she felt him respond to her while continuing their fluid oral assault. She loved the softness of his lips and the proficiency of his tongue mingling with hers with skillful intensity. He was forceful but not uncontrolled, harsh or overly demanding, not a singular purpose but a melody, a partnership of sweet movements set in motion.

When she was a whisper away from the zipper of his pants she felt his breath hitch in the back of his throat as it was followed by a long cleansing breath as she started unzipping him slowly, delicately teasing every inch of his hard manhood. Matt became more ravenous, he was hungry for everything… her touch, her mouth, her sweet essence, and love. It was all too much, she was touching him like she read his mind but at the same time it would never be enough, he wanted it all.

She felt her whole body burn from the inside out and felt small dew drops form at the edge of her hair line. She felt ablaze, the heat was overtaking her, gulping her whole. Every time he pushed her body toward the window, a surge of tantalizing cold took her by surprise but then basked in the sanctuary it provided. The stark contrast of hot and cold only served to heighten her senses more, taking her further into the pleasure center of her brain and body.

She continued the teasing of his flesh and felt him still as she touched him wandering beneath his boxers and stroking him with pure confidence that seemed to surge throughout her body now. All doubt and insecurity were erased, now she knew that this is what she wanted. She adored the looks on his face and loved when he opened his eyes and saw the crystal blue morph into a midnight shade. He grabbed her nimble hands and brought them up and kissed them and then placed them on his shoulders and he brought her closer to finish the job that he started.

He finally managed to get her zipper all the way down, he eased the silky straps of her dress forward to reveal the beauty of her body and he was blown away by everything he saw. Her bare breasts were right there before him to his surprise since her dress hadn’t necessitated one and he became excruciatingly hard. Matt had his fair share of one night encounters and each one had one goal, taking what he could and leaving but this was different. He wanted more, he wanted to give her everything and make her happy. He wanted to love and worship her because this was more than a single moment he was committed to a life of servitude.

Elke made quick work of taking off his pants which caused Matt to kick them away and stood in front of her just in his black boxers but she wanted to see all of him. Just as she was about to free him from her final obstacle she was distracted by his long finger kneading her firm breasts as he coaxed her nipples out with the soft supple teasing of his tongue, lips and teeth. Elke threw her head back as she gave him free reign to her body and felt more heat consume her. The hot prickling at the base of her neck made its way all along her back and found its final destination to her aching core.

As he continued his unrelenting attention on her breasts, she steadied herself by grabbing hold of the edge of the window with one hand and digging into his soft black locks with the other. Matt slowly worked his way down her stomach licking and sucking her along the way until he stopped where her dress pooled at her waist. He knelt down before her and with a final tender kiss above her belly button he took off the rest of her dress leaving her only in her dark emerald underwear. The hunger in his eyes could have been seen by a blind person but she admired how he slowly devoured every inch of her and instinctively touched her all over her lower body.

He looked up at her with awe and said, “You are so beautiful my lovely Smelke.”

Her smile brightly gleamed as her heart soared, “You’re not so bad yourself.”

As he smiled unabashedly back he realized what he wanted to do next and took hold of the edge of her silk panties and eased them down her long slender legs. Her dampness only made his cock twitch in anticipation, testing the limits of his boxer’s ability to keep his “partner in the band” within the venue.

He slowly caressed up and down her legs as he stared at her heated center. He placed a soft kiss on in the inside half of her thigh which caused Elke to gasp at his contact knowing what would follow and both her hands reached for the edge of the window, slightly sliding down and sitting on the small cool ledge of the window. Another arctic blast hit her but soon dissipated by the inferno of her body.

He parted her legs as he lifted them slightly off the ground so they could be draped over and supported by his strong able shoulders as his hands held her in place and opened her up to him. The first tangy taste of her was all it took for him to become voracious. He aroused her nub with expert movements of his tongue and sucking of his mouth. He took long licks of her honey well making each one illicit a moan from the deepest part of her soul.

She bucked against him as she succumbed to his ministrations, he took one hand off her and brought it forward and then she felt his delicate digit make its way inside her. The invasion was delicate and deliberate in their movements but then another finger joined in creating more sweet friction as he slowly moved his fingers inside her knowing that a magical spot was just within their reach.

Her breathing was labored as she closed her eyes trying to control the bedlam of activity that overtook her insides. She felt the pressure build quickly as he continued his arousal of her clit as his fingers seduced her closer to the edge. She held a firm death grip at the edge of window and the coldness from the window was her only reprieve from the scorching temperature brewing inside her.

As fire and ice met it created dew drops all along her back and she felt the trickle of droplets make their way all down her backside. “God it all feels so good” she thought as her senses were under complete assault as her mind struggled with processing and storing of everything but it did. Just when she thought the glorious bliss could not be surpassed she almost became completely unspooled as he started to hum and vibrate on her nub. “God!,” was all she strained out as her body tensed waiting for the delicious release that was within reach.

There was a rush of euphoria as with the final movements of his head going side to side quickly and his long fingers strumming inside her. She felt the explosive release of her body and she shuddered around his drenched fingers as they stilled inside her. Her orgasm robbed her of every ounce of energy that built up over the last minutes as Matt only looked on watching her body shake endlessly.

With the final weak pulsations of her flesh he eased out of her slick center and caressed the outside of her thigh. He looked up and only saw her face glow and radiate with her eyes tightly shut as her white knuckles stayed in place where they were. He smiled as he moved away from her and slowly eased her legs off his shoulders and down on the floor and made sure that they wouldn’t give out since they were still shaking. He put his hand on the window ledge and eased himself up. He felt the burn as the blood returned to his legs but it did not deter him from touching her, he cupped her cheek and placed a small kiss on her forehead hoping to open her eyes but it didn’t. He placed more light kisses on her eye lids which coaxed them slowly to open. When she opened her eyes her heart melted at the look on his face.

With a cocky grin and playful eyes he said, “You taste as good as you look my sweet rose.”

Before she could say anything he kissed her full force, pouring all his desire into his kiss. She felt him hard and unrelenting on her thigh and it only caused her to drip with desire for him. When he abruptly stopped and tried to take her away from the window she stopped him.

A look of concern took hold of his face as he tried understand if anything was wrong or if he had missed something. She only choked out, “Right here.”

As it slowly dawned on him what she meant, he needed to make sure that he understood. “Here? Are you sure?”

She only nodded as she reached out for him and tugged him back by the waistband of his boxers. “Positive.”

“Never thought you would be comfortable about giving everyone a show right here.”

“On the highest floor of the hotel, I rather doubt anyone can see us but I am sure that our audience will not leave disappointed.”

He laughed but as his appetite raged inside, he kissed her again and pushed her flush against the window as his hands splayed across the window pane on either side of her head and her legs parted allowing him to get as close as possible. She let go of the edge of the window and touched the sides of his torso and slowly left a trail of cool heat down his sides and grabbed the waistband of his black boxers.

She slid her hands underneath the edge of his shorts and slowly moved back to the small of his back and ran her hands down his firm buttocks bringing the delicate back fabric with her. Giving his ass a tight squeeze she moved her hands to the front and delicately pushed him back for easier access and removed the fabric covering his burgeoning desire. He was beautiful and exactly what she hoped he would be big, thick and long. She let his boxers slide down his powerful legs as she wandered back up to cup his taut backside pushing him closer to her. As he brushed his cock against her she moaned deeply and Matt couldn’t stand not being inside her and feel the deepest part of her.

Swiftly he lifted her up by her legs as she quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him as she felt the tip of his penis tease her liquid center. She leaned back against the window as the dueling hot and cold fought for supremacy of her senses. He kissed her as his long thick member made its way inside her as she continued to moan at the feel of his steeled flesh inside her. She was breathless as she nipped at his shoulder as he stilled his movements when he was buried deep within her honey well. She felt him twitch in anticipation as he buried his face in her neck and felt the heat of his breath tickle her skin as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

She urged him on as he began to suck and kiss her neck with reckless abandon. He constantly told her that she smelled sweet and tasted like sweet honey. They moved in harmony, a sweet soft melody sounding strongly but then the rhythm became fierce and more explosive. He rolled his hips steadily and with precision as he expertly hit her spot like a true prodigy. The condensation off the window mixed with the perspiration of their bodies as they quicken their pace, both hearing the music of their bodies and realized that the end was approaching.

She sensed the impending eruption and Elke forced her lungs to expand and accept the air that refused to make its way down. With the final moments of impeding delight waiting for their grand entrance, she roughly took hold of his dark mane as the final forceful thrusts were conducted. Knowing the finale was a breath away, he left his Elke sanctuary and lifted his head and told her to look at him. Her eyes were completely shut as her body readied itself for the impeding release.

He continued to ask her to open her eyes and when she finally pried her eyes open she saw his intense stare that was filled with love, confidence and pleasure. With locked eyes, they continued their swift movements toward oblivion. The sweet sounds of her screaming his name breathless and satisfied was the best ending of their song that he could have imagined. As she quivered endlessly, he succumbed to the final crescendo of their joining of flesh and blissfully came screaming her name over and over.

Their bodies slowly decreased their movements until they stilled their duet of bodies. Her legs slowly released their death grip of his waist as she slid down his body and touched the carpeted floor of the suite. She was exhausted but she felt unbelievably delirious and fulfilled. Matt quickly wrapped his arms around her and brought her into a hug. They held on to each other like they were each others life lines that anchored them in total rapture.

As they held each other tightly after their physical performance of their own personal love song, Elke asked, “Well Mr. Bellamy that was one hell of an opening act and main event! What is on the agenda for the after party?”

Combing through her hair, “Oh I have some ideas my sweet angel, but while my body gets it bearings let do some cuddling while we wait for the after party to begin.”

“As long as you shake that ass then I will do whatever you want.” The large smile on her face made his insides into goo.

“You got it!”

Leading her from the fogged window, he held her hand and wrapped their fingers together as Elke skillfully lagged behind, hypnotized by the sway of his ass as she evilly thought, “Shake that ass! Totally Lickable!”

When they reached the bed, Matt let her get into the bed first as he came up behind her and spooned her. As they nestled within the cocoon of their warm bodies, the cool sheets stunned their hot bodies but they quickly acclimated to their temperature. Soon the sweet lullaby made its way on stage to end the show.


The end of the party was wonderful and as they rode back to the palace Michael and Sara continued on where they left in the library for half of the ride but quickly stopped as they recognized the edges of the Kingdom limits. They helped each other collect themselves and tenderly held hands as they came to their stop in front of their meeting spot. Michael was the first to exit and helped Sara out of the carriage. He looked at her with fascination, she was everything that he ever hoped for and he yearned for the day that they could be together and have the future that he only wished in his dreams. Sara looked down at her feet, “I should get home, my parents will start to worry of I get home too late.”

She avoided his glance as she tried to fight away the tears that were starting to pool. As she fought to keep herself in check, he lifted her chin so he could see her eyes.

“I’m going to miss you.”

He gently rubbed his thumb against her jaw as she saw his own tears begin to show.

Sara couldn't mask what she was feeling, “It’s going to be the longest 10 days of my life.”

A soft chuckle hid the fact that she already longed for him and he hadn’t gone yet.

He wanted to hold onto her forever but he tried his best to make her feel better even though he knew that she felt the same, “Well you will be busy with party plans and seating charts and all those fabulous errands that go hand in hand with big parties.”

She held his hands tightly, “Well, all I will be thinking about while I am planning is the fact that I won’t be able to spend it with you and I want to, I want you.”

“I know but we can do this. You and I, together, can handle this.”

He squeezed her hands together and brought them up to his lips and lightly kissed them. She wanted to melt into him right then but she knew that was not an option, well not right then.

“Well, make sure you are here at midnight as planned so that we can spend some time together, which will be my single motivation getting through the ball.”

Michael couldn't hold in the smile at the thought of what the midnight meeting would involve, “Oh I will be here. Wild imps couldn’t keep me away.”

As she looked at the clock tower she knew that time had run out. With sad eyes she turned to look at him, “I have to go.”

Without another word Michael pulled her towards him and gave her one final deep kiss that shook her to her soul. She never wanted it to end because she could spend a lifetime just kissing him. As they concentrated on each other they were unaware of the glint of the watchful eyes in the distance.

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The Final Solution by PBaddict4va
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The dawn barely painted the kingdom skyline as two men impatiently waited in front of an enormous empty oak desk. A thick silence hung between them as they waited for the general to arrive. Padrig quickly made his way toward his office as he just finished his rounds and was ready to start his morning meeting with his men. He opened the door and quickly nodded to them as he passed by them and took a seat in front of Mahone and Kim.

“Well Gentlemen, what is the status of your tasks? Mr. Kim you may begin.”

“Well General, I had a meeting with Demona yesterday and we discussed some things and she is very confident that she can get us something that will do the trick, she just has to get some final things together, so I will go back today and get everything squared away.”

“Very good, hopefully you can secure that quickly and stay on schedule. Mr. Mahone, what have you learned?”

“We have a potential problem with the Princess Sir. It seems that she is seeing someone, which explains her resistance to the King’s plans of marrying Kellerman.”

“Who is it?” Padrig's eyes grew cold and dark as he looked at Alex.

“She’s seeing the new blacksmith, I saw them yesterday eh…orally engaged by the cottage as they returned from Lady Van Roth’s party. By the looks of it, she is very taken by him.”

Padrig only shook his head as he formulated the next steps. “Damn, she loves slumming it doesn’t she? I thought we were beyond this kind of rebellion at her age but apparently not, what a pity. I guess we will have to teach her a lesson of proper etiquette and discretion of being the next Queen.”

“Well she is not going to go down without a fight but I am sure we can find a way to convince her.”

“Good. I will inform the King of the situation and we shall see what he wants to do about the Blacksmith issue. Mr. Kim when you meet with Demona, make sure that you get something to get rid of our new complication as well, its time to take control of this situation before it all goes to hell. Mr. Mahone, continue your surveillance on the Princess and keep me posted if anything else happens before we have a chance to get this all resolved. We can not afford mistakes, gentlemen. That is all, dismissed.”

“Yes Sir.” Both men echoed as they stood up and left the office as Pad readied himself for his meeting with the King.


Padrig hastily made his way towards the King’s throne, as the King impatiently awaited to learn of the status of the plan that he had set into motion. He’d been restless for the past few days, unwilling to eat and sleep since he was continuously on edge. He even tried to ease his stress with the mindless pleasure of young women but even that could not quiet his mind. He was at war within himself and he knew that he was damned for what he was about to do but it was for the best, even though it could cost him everything, it was worth it, it had to be.

“What’s the word Pad?”

“My Lord, all is going to plan except for one thing.”

“What thing?” The emotion started to bubble to surface as Frank feared what would follow.

“Sire, it seems that the Princess has taken company with the young blacksmith.”

“Damn it Sara! Of course, it makes perfect sense now, explains that whole display a few days back with that boy. Well, Pad what’s the plan?” Frank puts his hands on his hips and waited for the answer.

“Well we were planning on resolving the issue as quickly and quietly as possible but I wanted to make sure that this was the course of action you wanted to take.”

“Get rid of him Pad. Permanently.”

“A final solution your Majesty?”

“Yes Pad, the only solution! I will not allow her birthing his half breed bastard children. She is royalty and I will not allow my bloodline to be tainted by a meager blacksmith. He will not fuck his way to the throne, over my dead body.”

“Yes, my King.”

“Don’t fail me now old friend. I can’t fail …not now.”

“I swear your Majesty, I will not fail you. You have my word on that.”

“Thank You Pad.” Relief was all the King felt as he realized that it was only a matter of time and everything would fall into place.

“Yes, my Lord.”


An elegant black carriage made its way up the pathway toward the Tancredi Palace. The clip clop of the horses’ shoes resonated throughout the vicinity of the palace. As the carriage stopped at the front entrance, the door was held opened by the valet and out stepped a beautiful specimen of a man. His strong and solid 6’2” frame stood straight as he stretched out his tired muscles from the lengthy ride.

As the handsome stranger bent back and forth contorting his elegant frame in all manner of positions, he looked around, re-familiarizing himself with his surroundings. As he evaluated everything around, mischief danced in his periwinkle eyes and made them twinkle in delight. His face lit up as a smarmy smile dominated his chiseled face as he planned what to do next.

Abruptly nodding to the valet, he ran his hand through his black hair making sure that he was presentable, as he made his way towards the front door. Entering inside the palace he looked at the clock tower to see the time, 12:30, he thought, “she should be in the garden.” He made his way towards the garden when he saw her, her back was towards him as she talked to Katie. She was beautiful as she was bathed in the summer’s afternoon light. She was radiant in every way and she would be the sun of one lucky man’s universe, but he learned long ago she was never meant to be in his.

He had missed her, she was his closest and oldest friend, they had grown up together, and their families were friends and often found themselves thrown together since they were 6. They did eventually try to be an official couple when they were teenagers but they found out that they made better friends than lovers. They loved each other but they weren’t “in love” with each other so they decided that they would be the best friend they needed when they were alone and needed a shoulder to cry on. She would be the woman always in his life and now he just needed to find the one of his life.

A pang of sadness filled his heart, he hadn’t been a very good friend lately, he’d been sidetracked with a specific woman but she only broke his heart and wished that he told Sara more about her and what he was going through but he thought they could overcome their problems, but he was wrong. He thought that Caroline was the one that he would be with forever but she broke his heart, she chose her career over him. She wanted to be more than a wife, mother, or even Queen, she wouldn’t be slave to him or anyone else, she wanted more than he offered. He wallowed in self pity, despair and loneliness when she left him. He hated her but loved her in the same breath but she was gone from his life forever. He shook himself out of his state and was determined to move on. His smarmy smile gained radiance as he decided what to do to her.

This needed to be done quickly before she had any time to see him so without making any noise, he stealthily made his way towards her and before she noticed him he grabbed her by the waist and with the other hand went to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He whispered in her ear in the lightest voice he could gather, “Hey honey, I am hoooommme.”

As she heard his voice she knew in an instant who had her and she relaxed her body as she formulated her escape from his grasp. With a wicked smile that was covered by his hand she opened her mouth and she stuck out her tongue and started licking his palm. He instantly felt the texture of her tongue glide up his hand leaving a trail of heated moisture in its wake, he hated what she was doing and couldn’t help but let her go.

“Ugh, honestly Sar, that is so disgusting especially since I don’t know where that mouth has been.” His wicked smile could be seen from space and she was shocked that he actually said that.

“I think I am the one that is in more danger out of the two of us, I honestly don’t know where that hand has been and if I think about it too long, my tongue will want to jump out.”

“Tell that to my hand! Does this look infected to you?” He tried to look concerned as he showed her his palm, which she only slapped away.

“Fuck You Paul!”

“We tried that once, but I was too much man for you to handle, remember? My buddy here was all excited but Sara didn’t want to play.” Paul loved teasing her and he could she that she was getting flustered and he couldn’t contain his wicked grin.

Her mouth was wide open as his words hung in the air and all she could do was hit him very hard in the arm repeatedly. “We promised never to speak of that you bastard!”

“Oh someone is feisty, could it be that there is a new stallion in the stable?”

“What?” Sara instantly stopped her assault as a light rose hue painted her cheeks.

“Oh my sources tell me you are cheating on me with a mysterious gentlemen, do tell.”

“Well first, your sources need to get a life and second, I am not cheating on you since we are not together.”

“Well not according to the gossip rags and of course …your Father. “

“Well he’s wrong and I told him so a few days ago, so I think we have that all sorted out.”

“I know you like to think that my dear, but your father wants to discuss the future of the joint kingdoms. That’s partly why I am here and he couldn’t wait to get me up here today.”

“Damn him! He doesn’t care or listen.” She quickly made her way to a near by railing and applied a death grip on it turning her knuckles white.

“Well you know how he gets but it seems like this time my father is giving him all the support he needs to continue this.” Paul made his way towards her and put his hand on lightly on her shoulder as he looked at her profile.

“I hate him.” Tears were swirling in her espresso colored eyes as her jaw clenched biting back the years of emotions that were locked inside.

“I know the feeling, come here.”

Paul patted his chest as she dove into his chest and held each other tightly as they felt each others pain since they carried the same one, being ruled by a world that didn’t care about what they wanted, only by what was expected of them.

They pecked each other softly on the lips and let each other go from their comforting embrace. Sara wiped the tears from her eyes and put on a smile as she looked at him.

“How have things been with you? It’s been forever since you have told me about the women in your life.”

“Well not much to tell on that front. She left. It’s over. Done.” Sara noticed that he tensed immediately as something dark laced his brilliant eyes giving them a menacing tint.

“No, not that simple Kellerman. I have never seen you like this after a break up. Sure you’re usually sad but you always bounce back but I still see that you’re a little broken. Spill it!

Paul turned around and leaned against the stone railing with his firm butt and folded his arms as he looked at the ground letting out a deep sigh.

“She broke my heart, she got in and she left her mark on my heart.”

“What happened?” Sara lightly touched his hand urging him to continue.

“She didn’t want me. It was that simple. I thought that I could give her everything she wanted or needed, but she didn’t want what I had to offer. I really thought that she was the one. The only one meant for me, but like everything else, she was a star that wasn’t meant to be in my sky.”

He couldn’t help but fight the tears that now threatened to fall from his dimmed paisley eyes, not wanting to let them fall as he always shied away from showing weakness but the pain was too much to bear and in this instance he felt that it filled him thoroughly.

She couldn’t bear to stand to see him so broken and in pain. She had never seen him like this but knew that this woman had done serious damage. “Hey, now you come here.” She cupped his face and brought it forward as she placed a kiss on his forehead then wrapped her arms protectively around his neck as they tried to find solace wrapped in each others warmth and comfort.


Alex chocked back the offensive bile that crept up his throat at the display before his eyes. He hated that he was tasked with the mundane assignment of following the princess especially since it was a misuse of his skills in his opinion and a bigger waste of his time. He wasn’t a baby sitter and resented the fact that was what he’d been reduced to. Although it had its perks at certain moments when Sara looked mesmerizing but he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his head. He was a happily married man who loved his wife and son and had the life that he had always wanted but he was haunted by the tasks that he done over the years.

He had seen the horrors of war and what manner of destruction could be inflicted upon the human body, but each of those monstrosities was filed under the unknown soldiers of war. They were nameless faces that had no history, no families, no love, no redeeming qualities, they were just his enemy that fell in his path and his task was to destroy them before they destroyed him, simple as that. Yet, when he joined the Security Council, he was tasked to spy and exterminate any and all problems that were deemed undesirable. These assignments were more difficult to disassociate from, he saw everything and he carried it all with him. They were fathers, sons, husbands and brothers. They loved and were loved, some from the meager beginnings, others from immeasurable wealth but all had lives and identities. They were real.

Please don’t, I beg you for my children, my wife. Please don’t do this Alex. Have mercy…show some mercy. You don’t have to do this! PLEEEAASSE!

He shook his head back and forth as he silenced his victim’s cries and pushed them far in the deepest corners of his mind. Each one took a part of him, his soul tainted and non existent. He was gutted hollow by everyone one his “assignments”, he was no longer a man, he hated what he had become, hating more the people that made him who he was.

He swore allegiance to men that made him a monster and didn’t care if he had a soul or not since he suspected that none of them had a soul of their own because some never had one to begin with or sold theirs long ago. But he felt infected and feared that this infection was spreading to his family, so he stayed away feeling that would spare them a horrible fate of loving someone that wasn’t worthy or whole, but all it did was infect them with bitterness and regret. He tried to save them but he only damned them further. He wanted to make them pay for what they had done behind closed doors and in back alley ways, one day he would exact his revenge, he just needed the right time to strike. He grinned as he hoped that the Princess would give him that opportunity.


Sara walked Paul to the throne room door and stopped right in front of it. She looked at the ground as she tried to figure out what she should say or do in order for Paul to be more relaxed about seeing her father. Sensing her distress, he grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Hey, you are not the one going in there so don’t fret so much about it, I have been through worse. I have seen my father naked, after that, nothing fazes me.”

The both laughed as Sara only shook her head, “Well I know you can handle my father, you are one of the few people that has been able to, but this is different. This involves both of us.”

“I know, but I am not sure we have a way out of this. We can fight it all we want but they will find a way to make this happen, it seems different this time somehow. Look, I am going to go in there and see what he has to say and see if I can make him see reason but its not like I am in much position to do anything.”

“I know. He seems so set and doesn’t care what anyone says anymore. All he cares about is how the Great Frank Tancredi will be remembered. Damn me or anyone else that gets in his way.” The sadness was evident in her voice and Paul wish that he could make it all go away but this time, they may be completely fucked.

“We will figure something out, I know we will and it may take some time to figure what exactly needs to be done but I have faith in us to find it, that I am sure of my dear Lady Sara.” He gently lifted up her hand to his mouth and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles and gave it one final squeeze before letting go. “Let’s go stop us a wedding!” Paul announces before strutting through the doors and toward the King.


A light knock was barely heard over the clamor of the everyday activity but the Queen was able to decipher the delicate sound. She called out that it was safe to enter and waited for the person on the other side of the door to come in. She heard the door open as someone scurried in, then heard the light click of the door being closed again and then Janet turned to see who had entered her room.

A young Mexican looking man stood before her, she vaguely recognized him as one of the various valets that worked in the palace. She was at a loss to recall his name and she hated it when she couldn’t remember her servant’s names, it irked her since they were under her care and deserved to be properly acknowledged.

Nothing. Damn it! She scolded herself at drawing a blank on the nervous young man’s name. She realized that he looked like he was ready to pass out while she was just staring at him. “I’m sorry for staring but I was just trying to remember what your name is and I am embarrassed that I am drawing a blank.”

“Fernando, mi reina.”

“Nice meeting you Fernando. Hables ingles o espanol?” (Do you speak english or spanish?)

“Entiendo y hablo los dos mi Reina.” (I know and speak both my Queen.)

“ Que bueno porque mi espanol es pura mierda mi querido Fernando.” (Very good because my spanish is complete shit, my dear Fernando.)

Fernando couldn’t help at laugh at the Queen’s evaluation of her Spanish, she gave herself too little credit. “No mi Reina, tu espanol es divina.” (No My Queen, your Spanish is divine.)

“Well you are much too kind Fernando. What can I do for you this evening?”

“My Queen I know that I have sworn loyalty to the King, unconditionally and I have followed it to the letter but I have found out certain things that I find troubling and I know that I had to tell someone but I would not betray my vow. That is why I have come to you.”

“What have you found out?”

“My Queen, the King is plotting with the Security Council to make the Princess follow the King’s edict that she marry Prince Kellerman and has given them orders to do whatever necessary to make her comply.”

“When did you find this out?” Janet's throat felt smaller as she struggled to breathe. She couldn't believe that Frank could be capable of such things but she knew that she was hearing the truth.

“A week ago when the King met with the council but today he gave orders to kill the young blacksmith and I felt that I had to do something since the Burrows’ have been nothing but kind to me and my family.”

“Thank You for coming to me with this Fernando. Tell no one that you told me and say nothing more about this to anyone, is that clear?”

“Yes My Queen, as you wish.”

“Thank You Fernando and be rest assured that I will take care of this matter.”

“Thank You my Queen.” As he knelt and made his way out of the room, the Queen could no longer contain her contempt for her husband. She went straight toward her vanity and cleared it of all objects in one swoop of her forearms.

A thunderous crash was made as Maricruz, her lady in waiting, came running into the room. “Is everything alright my Queen?”

“No Maricruz its not, but its going to be.” Confusion was all over Maricruz's face but she kept going forward. “I will clean this up my Queen just…” The Queen quickly interrupted her, “No, leave it! I will clean it later. Thank You Maricruz, I just need to be alone right now.”

“Of course, my Queen.” She wanted to hit something, anything. She needed release of all the years of frustration, anger and resentment that she felt in that moment. Her tolerance of excusing his behavior was over. He had crossed the final line and there was no coming back from this. Frank changed in her eyes and she knew that it would be difficult to hide her contempt for him. Not all the other women, not the constant manipulation or neglect, it was the plotting of a complete conspiracy that took her over the edge.

He was never the man she thought he was, he could not be redeemed or changed, not after this. Frank was just a monster that used her and she doubted if he even loved her to begin with. Every sweet word, every soft touch, everything was based on a lie. Now there was only one thing to do, stop this madness and make sure that her daughter never know her fate, she would break the cycle and she would be allowed to marry for love. Her baby would be happy and with a new found determination she made her way toward her husband chamber.

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Pissing Contest by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Here is a short update. I will try to update again soon but we shall see how that goes. Enjoy!

The rage choked her, its firm icy grip on her heart tightening with each passing breath. She knew what she had to do but unsure of how to go about it as she paced continuously around her room. Janet only saw blurred images surrounding her, her eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears. She couldn’t appear weak, not even now, in the seclusion of her room with no one else around her, she would have to face him soon and she vowed he wouldn’t see her dejected and wounded since he detested weakness.

She needed a plan, a set course to follow or else Frank would simply ignore her and nothing would be resolved. She thought of what to say and was suddenly overcome with boundless energy from the thoughts of what she would do to Frank. As the endless scenarios went through her mind, she slowly started to smile, as each scenario played out with all manner of destruction, pain, misogyny and sadism, she started to feel at ease.

Janet acknowledged that most of them were way overboard and could only be realized in imagination-land but it gave her a sense of confidence at her potential. She felt powerful, invincible as she could easily slay a dragon with her bare hands at that moment, fueling her resolve to find Frank. With a final look in the mirror, she felt a soothing calm wash over her as the next steps were made clear.

She casually walked to the door and flung it open without a care and walked through the threshold like a new woman, newly born with purpose. As she got closer to Frank’s room she felt her feet grow heavy, “Traitors” she thought but continued on, as a reckoning was at hand. As she stopped at Frank’s door, she balled her fists ready to unleash a thunderous knock but before she made contact the door opened with a stunned man standing at its opening. Padrig just stared coldly at her as he looked her over, her repulsion made its presence known as she choked it back down.

With an evil smirk he calmly said, “My Queen, what can I do to serve you?”

She willed her voice to be smooth and calm, “Padrig, I need to speak to my husband, let me in.”

He blocked her way by putting his hand against the threshold of the door.

“He is not here My Queen. He is downstairs in private conference with Prince Kellerman and can not be disturbed. Is there something that I can help you with?”

“Paul? I was unaware that Paul would be visiting today? What is the King discussing with Paul?”

Janet worried about what Frank planned for Paul and secretly knew that it was about Sara and his legacy. Her rage boiled and bubbled to the surface again. She loathed the idea of not only must she save the young blacksmith life, she needed to get her daughter away from him before he destroyed her.

“All he told me was that he would be talking to him about the current state of affairs, My Queen.” The smile on his face told her that he was aware of more than he was letting on but she knew that he would never tell her.

“That’s fine, I will return later when he is alone, good day Padrig.”

“Good day My Queen. I will inform the King that you wish to speak with him.”

“Thank you.”

She slowly walked backwards and when Padrig finally closed the door, she turned her back and finished the journey to her room to wait for Frank. “This would all be over soon.” She whispered as she closed her door behind her.


Paul knew how to handle Frank, it was no big secret, he had to be confident and look him straight in his eyes. Any look or hint of weakness would render him useless and for his and Sara’s sake this had to work. He had to convince him of another way but he also knew that if Frank wanted to, he wouldn’t care what he had to say about anything. So going over the game plan one last time in his head, he reached the end of the aisle and knelt before Frank. Paul sensed that Frank got up from his throne and walked towards him.

“Paul, rise. Come here my boy.”

As Paul got to his feet, he was trapped by Frank’s embrace. It wasn’t a mutual embrace nor was it designed to be, Frank was the one in control and that was the purpose of his exchange. Frank let Paul go and stepped back and looked at him, searching for some invisible tell betraying what Paul was thinking but when nothing appeared, he simply sat down in his throne.

“My Lord, what urgent business did you want to discuss?”

“Paul, my boy, you know that your father and I have been making plans for the future and these plans have always included a merging of the two kingdoms starting off a great future for everyone, well I am here to say that the future is now.”

“The Future is now? What do you mean exactly?”

“What do you think I mean? I plan to announce to everyone at this year ball that you and Sara are engaged and that you will be married as soon as possible. Then you will be King of both Kingdoms and Sara will be your faithful Queen and a new line of heirs can keep the bloodline going. Making the future of this Kingdom and its people secure and strong one.”

“Why the rush? Am I pregnant?” he couldn’t resist giving the King the smarmiest smile that he could as the King only gave Paul a disappointed look.

“Paul, why are you so resistant to this idea? Sara has always rebelled so I expect that, but why are you resistant? I know you care for my daughter, so why all the fighting and attitude?”

“Because we are people with our own thoughts and feelings and you and my father have never accepted or wanted to accept that fact since we are trusted to rule but not over our own lives. Sure you want me to be King but not allow me to choose my own Queen or Sara her husband. It’s obvious that Sara knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want.”

“Sara doesn’t have any idea what she wants, she never has. She only does what would displease me more but not for any other purpose than that.”

“Well Sara is her own person and not everything is about you, My Lord.”

“So I can see that she has clouded your mind as well. That is a shame Paul I thought you more of a man than that but now I see that Sara will be wearing the pants since she is the only one with balls apparently.”

“My Lord, a marriage should be a partnership of equals. Forcing your will doesn’t make you a man, it only proves that you are less of one since that is the only card you have to play.”

The King shot up from his throne wanting to make sure that this young man knew exactly who he was messing with.

“Watch yourself Paul, I am King and I am to be respected.”

“Of course My Lord, but questioning my manhood is not the best way to ingratiate me either.”

“Sara will fall in line, I can promise that much. I have already made plans to that end and have complete confidence that she will do what is best of this Kingdom which in turn will benefit her.”

“Well My King, Sara just told me that this marriage is not what she wants and as along as Sara thinks that way, then I am inclined to back her decision.”

“Paul don’t test my resolve on this issue, you don’t want to go there, not against me.”

“I love Sara My Lord, she has been the truest friend I have ever known and I love her as much or more than the members of my own family so I will support any decision she makes.” His periwinkle eyes were cold and deliberate, his glare never wavering from Frank’s unrelenting scowl.

“Is that so? Well Paul, if you refuse to tow the line I will make sure that Sara knows the price of your disobedience.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“That means my boy, that if you are with her then you are against me and I will make sure that she knows a price must be paid. Disobedience is not an option here. This is not some game, this is my life, my legacy and I will make sure that they will remember King Frank Tancredi and hell if I let anyone.... anyone get in the way of that. So if you won’t do it willingly then fine, but then it will be done by less than favorable means and more dire consequences. I will make sure that Sara bears the brunt since it’s her stupidity that is making this more difficult than necessary.”

“What do you mean bear the brunt?”

“I mean, that if a wild stallion will not take to the bit, then the bit will just have to bite back.” Frank’s wicked smile made Paul’s blood boil, he stepped closer to Frank curling his fingers into a fist.

“You bastard, she’s your daughter not a fucking horse.”

“She is mine to with as I see fit and she will learn her place.”

“You touch one hair on her head I swear to all that is powerful and mystical in this world that I will kill you myself without a moment hesitation.”

“You don’t scare me Paul. I am King and therefore God and you can’t touch a God.”

Adrenaline and rage worked its way through Paul’s system, he couldn’t stop what he was about to do since every impulse in him screamed that he needed to kick this man ass regardless of who he was or capable of. He needed to be stopped and before he did something to Sara.

“You are no God, you are just an old son of a bitch that is unworthy of his wife, his daughter and kingdom.” Paul raced forward and grabbed the King by his robe and forced him to the ground. He pulled back his clenched fist poised to strike and just when he was about to bring his fist down like a hammer, he felt cold steel dig into the side of his neck and knew that someone had the upper hand in this situation.

“Unhand him Prince, or I will be forced to run you through and send my condolences to your parents.” Alex's voice was calm and cool as he dug the sharp steel of the blade a little further against his throat and Paul knew that he was a whisper away from eternity. "Fuck," he scolded.

Paul reluctantly let Frank go while giving him a disgusted look as the warm trickle of blood started dripping on the side of his neck. The King only gave him a wicked smile as he got up and straighten out his clothes.

“Paul, my boy, I suggest you rethink your position because you and Sara will only find unhappiness going against me. Be smart, don’t make the mistake of becoming my enemy.”

“The only thing I believe is that you are a monster and I won’t let you hurt Sara or use me to hurt her. You may have won this round, but know that this is not over. We will fight back and win."

Paul turned away feeling as if he failed in every way and he didn’t know what he should do or even tell Sara. This was a fucking mess.

As Frank looked at Paul’s figure fade in the distance he smugly turned to his savior.

“Thank you Alex, I owe you my life.” Frank held out his hand toward Alex, which Alex shook firmly.

“My Pleasure, my Lord.” With a final shake, Alex let go of the King’s hand and steeped back.

“I will not forget this Alex, I promise.”

With that Alex nodded and walked out into the hallway back to his post.

On the Edge by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

i want to thank Nikki for all her help, i still love the storming boobs .. lmao! So good!!! Any hoo.... there are some intense moments in this chapter so ... just FYI. Hope that everyone is doing good and that everyone has a great valentine's day for those who celebrate it and Happy BDay Wishes for the great Jeneral! I do it now since there are no plans to update before then so... YAY!!! *hugs*

Paul stared into the distance, unfocused, at the garden. All he thought about was what Frank said about Sara and what he would do to make their marriage happen.

“What a sick fuck.”

He screamed out to the world not caring who heard him, only shaking his head back and forth trying to make sense of all the madness. He wanted to hit something, anything to shake the feelings swirling in the pit of his stomach but he realized that Frank was the cause for only part of them right now. He also felt despair and loneliness and it was all interconnected but also not. All this talk about marriage had him thinking about his life and whether he would ever have his own “Happily ever After.” He wanted to find the one person for him, to share his life with, to love for all his days, but so far nothing.

Would that day ever come?

He hoped so, he wanted someone fitted for him, not his Kingdom, just him and no one else. He thought of having a wife that loved him and having children that they would love forever and knowing he would be a great father, nothing like Frank, he would allow them to be happy, to give them the chance he was denied.

Thinking about him and Sara, bound into an arranged marriage, made his stomach churn and blood boil. They would be expected to produce heirs and that made the churned acid bubble up his throat. He wouldn’t do that to her, anything that would harm or distress her would be excluded out right. They could force him to marry her but they couldn’t make them force each other into something that was against their wishes, especially Sara. Sara.

“What do I fucking tell Sara?” gripping the cement railing tighter as the very thought sent shivers down his spine. He feared her reaction if he told her everything but he couldn’t avoid it either, he was screwed.

“Fucking tell me what?” Paul turned around and saw Sara stroll up next to him with a smile.

“Hey Prince Charming, how did the battle turnout?” He saw the sparkle in her cinnamon eyes and felt a twinge in his heart as he wondered how much he should say.

“Not good, beautiful.”

“What happened?” She quickly put her hand on his shoulder to see what happened with her father but from the look of it, it wasn’t promising.

“Well you are right, your father doesn’t care about what we want out of this, he is making sure that we go through this, come hell or high water.”

“I knew it. What did he tell you?”

“Oh a lot of things that are not important but he’s going to be watching us now, making sure we go along with things and that means announcing our engagement at the ball.” Paul carefully looked at her to see how she would react.

“There has to be something we can do, fight somehow.” Sara could only face forward and try to make some kind of plan through this whole mess.

“NO!” Sara looked at him questioningly as his reaction was not the one she was expecting. Paul calmed himself trying to avoid the questions she would have but they couldn’t go against Frank out in the open.

“I mean … we can but it will have to be undercover, he can’t know that we are trying to get out of this until we figure out a way to do it.”

“Paul, what did he tell you? You are freaking me out here so tell me!”

He battled the urge to tell her everything, that her worthless father would sacrifice his daughter for the sake of his warped ideas but he knew that would only hurt her more, thinking one thing and getting actual confirmation of it were entirely different and although she suspected that Frank was capable of anything, actually being brought face to face with that truth was entirely different and he wouldn’t do that to her.

“He said that he would make sure I pay for it if we fight or don’t go along with it.”

“What? How?” Sara tried to understand everything Paul was telling her but her panic only made her get bits and pieces but that was enough.

“I don’t know but I am pretty sure he has ideas.” A sad acceptance fell over his face as he couldn’t look at her panicked face any longer.

“What are we going to do?” Sara barely got the words out as it finally sunk in that they might actually have to go through with this madness. She couldn’t hurt Paul and if her father was true to his word, she wouldn’t let him hurt Paul and it wasn’t fair that he suffer just so that she could get what she wanted.

“I don’t know, but we will think of something…”

“Paul, what if we can’t?” A cold shiver ran through her body before it shimmied its way down her spine and nestled in the small of her back.

“Don’t think like that Sara, there is a way and we will find it.” He turned toward her stroking her back comfortingly.

“What if…”

“Stop, Sara. We can’t think like that.” He put on his best brave face that he could muster. He wouldn’t dash her hope and if he was honest, he didn’t want to give up hope that there was a way out.

“Ok, but I have a bad feeling already.” Paul couldn’t deny that he had the same feeling but they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“We will think of something, I promise. We will figure this out.”

As they hugged each other Sara couldn’t help the dread take over. What if they couldn’t find a way out, she wanted Michael, even if it was selfish and irresponsible, that is what she wanted most. That is all she knew, she wanted him there right then hugging her, holding her close, telling her everything would be alright and that they would find a way to get out of marrying Paul. She closed her eyes imagining his strong arms around her, snuggling close to his strong sculpted body and kissing her passionately until she could forget the fear that owned her body. She needed him and she wouldn’t last the rest of the time until the ball, she had to think of something to see him again.


Janet aimlessly wandered around, waiting for the inevitable fight to begin. She was ready for battle but she also feared her opponent, knowing that he would not give in easily, if at all. It would be war, a hellish war of wills that she had no real confidence that she could win but she had to try. Her heart pounded furiously as adrenaline filled her body and fear gripped her soul.

Answers and questions made its dizzying way through her mind and confusion was the only result. She stopped and let out a cleansing breath, she needed to calm down and it would not end well if she was an out of control emotional wreck. Suddenly, she heard the latch of the door as the door swung open. Frank scowled at Janet as he made his way into her room. He looked furious and cantankerous, “this was not good”, she thought.

“What is it Janet? I have had a disastrous day and I can’t imagine what’s so pressing but here I am so out with it!” He pinched the bridge of his nose as he yelled at her waiting for her to speak.

“I want to know why Paul was here today.” She made sure that her voice was level and calm, she didn’t want to tip him off of the fear that was racing throughout her body. Her pulse sky rocketed to dangerous heights but she forced herself put up a brave front.

A contemptuous guffaw spewed out his mouth, “You are bothering me with this? Why he’s here doesn’t concern you.”

“I think my daughter does concern me Frank and I know you are up to something and I want to know what it is, this instant!” Her rebellion was attractive but pointless as Frank knew that it was all show and all he had to do was break her down.

“No, you don’t. I am handling Sara, like I have been, like I should have long ago. She will no longer shame me and this kingdom and she will fulfill her duty.” A vein on the side of his head started to pulsate as he screamed back. Blood rushed in every direction as he decided to make sure this conversation would end her meddling and coddling.

“She has done nothing but fulfill her duty, but you always find her lacking when actually it’s you Frank. She doesn’t want this! Why are forcing everyone down a path that they don’t want. Sara will find her path and she will find it on her own terms, in her own time, she knows what she wants!” She balled her fists tightly as she squashed the urge to hit him. She wanted to inflict pain but the time was not right, she needed to wait for her moment.

“A Fucking Blacksmith!?! She wants a fucking Blacksmith with heaven knows what kind of education or background and that is unacceptable! I will not allow her to fuck a commoner, much less marry one. She is a Tancredi for goodness sake. A Stallion doesn’t consort with a one trick pony.”

“You fuck commoners, so I don’t see your sudden aversion to that or them sharing your blood. I am sure that we could find one or two children here and there that can claim that lineage.” Janet couldn’t help but smirk at her comment knowing full well that he no leg to stand on concerning that subject, but she also knew that she just unleashed his fury and there would be a price to pay.

“That’s different. I am the King and given certain latitude, and besides if you fulfilled your duty I wouldn’t have the need of others. But if such children existed, I would have made sure that I solved that problem.”

“Well I am tired of you “solving” problems the way you see fit, you solve them to only make it easier for you and the rest be damned, well I am not going to let you do that to Sara. We’ve had enough. I have had enough. I won’t let you mistreat her anymore because you have done enough damage and now its time to fix what you have broken.”

“You try my patience woman. There is no doubt where Sara gets her stubbornness and her taxing nature.” He felt himself reaching the end of his patience as the pressure was building and building, teetering on the edge of complete annihilation.

“You are the one who’s been taxing people patience, so whatever you are planning in order to make your little plan work, you’re stopping this instant!”

“You, telling me what I can or can’t do, nice try my dear but that will never happen. You don’t have it in you nor would you know where to look, so just do as you are told and everything will be fine.”

“No! Not this time! I won’t allow you…”

With lightening speed, he closed the gap between them and grabbed her neck with his right hand and angrily slammed the back of her head against the nearest wall. Frank’s body pressed against her along the wall and every nerve ending triggered impulses of pain that flooded her body. Janet’s pain filled groans were music to his ears and as much as her rebellion amused him, her pain was much more of an aphrodisiac. The power he felt was intoxicating and the tingle in his belly went down deeper to his crotch. He placed his lips right against her ear, she felt the faint tease of his lips and elevated breathing.

“The day I take orders from you is the day I allow this kingdom to burn to the ground.” He squeezed tighter with each passing word, each robbing her of more air until she felt the last remnants leave her body. She instinctively fought back, flailing about trying to hit anything and everything. She wiggled and lifted her hips to gain leverage but he only pushed more of his weight on her.

“Don’t test me Janet because you will fail. A plan is in motion and the course is set to ensure my legacy and no one will get in the way.” Frank increased the pressure on Janet’s neck as she fought hard to free herself from his iron grip but she was no challenge for him, he had the upper hand and that powerlessness caused her to eventually still, hoping he wouldn’t kill her. Defeat was written all over her and Frank smirked at her as she turned away from him.

Her resistance from before, her constant rubbing, flailing, and her crying caused him to get fully aroused. He vaguely remembered what it was to be with Janet intimately but this would be nothing like those times and that only made him feel more powerful and hungry. His primitive mind was taking over and he more than willingly gave it full control. As his body was lost amid the sensations of arousal and ecstasy, Frank continued with his tirade making sure she knew her place. “Do you hear me? NO ONE! will keep that from me. You will do as you are told and if not, you will be sorry. Believe me when I say, you have no idea what I am truly capable of.”

With a final squeeze before relaxing his hand, he covered her completely against the wall, fear gripped her soul as she felt him rock hard against her thigh. She closed her eyes as she waited for the air to re-enter her lungs but if he acted on his impulse she surely would only wish it gone the very next breath. The air stung her lungs as she felt the pain from her neck and knew there would be no hiding these bruises.

He repositioned his hand on her neck but still held her firmly as the tears in her eyes spilled effortlessly, refusing to be denied this time, as her body continued to be dazed. She felt him thrust against her as he grunted in her ear while kissing her neck and allowed his other hand to roam endlessly over her body. She pleaded as she tried to escape his grasp with the last of her strength but he just slammed his free hand against the wall next to her head and pushed harder against her. Frank repositioned his body and forced Janet’s trembling legs apart and settled in between them.

Janet stopped resisting him and started to pray that he would stop this vile madness, of all the possible scenarios she ran through her head, this one never entered her mind. He rocked against her as his aching member desired to be appeased, released and buried inside her core. Frank focused on her ample cleavage, the joyous mounds that were his for so long but had been denied access to as of late, he would reclaim them now.

He pulled the front of her dress freeing her breasts, spilling out of her corset. Her milky breasts tempted him and he quickly fondled them with brute force, squeezing them as much as he could. Without warning he bent down and bit her nipple hard and pulled it with his teeth, testing the elasticity of her skin. She yelped at his actions and he only smirked back at her as he did the same to her other nipple, leaving only angry, reddish marks and teeth impressions.

Frank then attacked Janet’s neck, kissing and biting her tender flesh with fervent need. She bit her lips in order to stop her whimpers as they only aroused him more and fueled his actions. She thought, “Where was her miracle that would free her and stop his attack?” Muffled moans and grunts were her only answer. She entered her mind to escape his torture but every time she found some solace, he would bring her out by another bite on her neck or roughly grappled her breasts as he pinched her tender nipple. Again, he made sure that she couldn’t escape his control and he wanted her to feel everything that he was doing to her.

Frank’s primitive mind screamed an endless anthem of, “Now, DO IT NOW!!” as he wandered down to her waistband and found the seam of her dress and with both hands he quickly ripped the soft purple velvet fabric. After her dress he made quick work of her slip and underwear. The rush of cold air hit her like a ton of bricks. She whipped her head around as the cold reality shocked her to prepare for the savagery to come.

His eyes were devoid of any emotion, vacant hollow orbs that she couldn’t bear to look at as he gawked at her, surveying what parts to attack first. He loosened the front of his pants and then pushed them down far enough so expose his cock that was poised and ready to go. He returned to finish opening her to him and as he came forward to access his prize, she couldn’t hold back the voice that was forced into submission before.

“You are no longer the man I loved or married. I only see the monster that you have become and I hate you! You can take this body but you will never rid me of my hate.” With her final word, she quickly slapped him across the face, there was no real power behind the slap as her body was incapable of such a strike but she hoped the jolt was enough to make him stop, the final plea of a woman forced to the edge.

The power of her words echoed in his mind and heart and something clicked inside Frank, as his primitive mind no longer had control, the voice silenced but it still didn’t stop the anger that bubbled to the surface. A look of contempt stared back at her as he reached for her throat again.

“Well. Get. In. Line. You are not the first and definitely not the last to hate me. Stay out of my way or next time will be your last.”

He glared at her before letting go of her throat and turned toward the door. He adjusted himself and forced his manhood back into its velvet confines as he fumbled toward the door. Janet didn’t move away from the wall, she only stared at the back of his head.

She wanted to attack him, to hit him or at the very least throw something at him while he was not looking but her body stayed frozen in its place. Her mind raged as her body stilled against its will. As Frank opened the door, she saw Padraig waiting for him on the other side of the door and the realization that no one could have saved her sent shivers down her spine.

As he closed the door behind him, her body went limp with exhaustion. She slowly slid down the wall until she reached the hard wood floor and started to sob and cover her body with her hands around her knees in a fetal position. Endless sobbing was all that she was capable of, in her protected cocoon.

She knew that she needed to get out of this situation and that Frank was beyond any reason and would destroy them all if she allowed this to go on, but that would be later, now she would mourn. She would mourn her life before this moment, mourn the happy memories, carefree days and lifelong dreams of the perfect life. She would mourn their wedding night that created a lifelong testament of their love and their promise to one another. She would mourn the man that held her hand reverently as they walked together, mourn his tender kisses that made her feel weightless, and mourn the future she always assumed they were destined to share but now would never have.


Frank body shook with anger and frustration. His thoughts were churning with every word that she spoke and every look she gave him, each one caused his body to tense anew. As he stopped in front of Janet’s door, he turned to Padraig.

“Pad, I need you to watch the Queen. She is going to be a problem and I don’t want her getting in the way of my plans. I want you to make sure that she doesn’t do anything foolish.”

“Yes my Lord. I will make sure that the Queen does not interfere with the plan at hand, but what should we do if she continues on track?”

“Then you are authorized to correct the situation. I warned her but I don’t think that is going to be enough so I will leave it in your hands Pad.” Padraig couldn’t help but feel proud in that moment. It was all coming together and all too easily.

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Thank you, old friend. I knew I could count on you.”

Frank turned to go back to his chambers down the hall and yelled for his favorite wench. He saw the curvaceous beauty topped off with storming boobs kneel in front of his door and it took his breath away.

“Yes, my King. I am at your service.”

He loved her on her knees and knew what a talented fuckable mouth she had, which he needed urgently. He yearned for release and decided to take it out on her. He placed his hand on her head making her look up at him with the most piercing blue eyes he had ever seen. He lifted her chin as he said, “Service me you will Gretchen my sweet, you and that lovely mouth of yours.”

She smiled wickedly as she started to stroke him through his pants and then brought her full supple lips to his quivering crotch and blew through the velvet material of his pants. The piercing pleasure heat that came from her mouth was tantalizing and when she sucked the air back the cool sensation only made his member stiffen with anticipation. “I need to fuck that mouth right now”, The piercing pleasure of her movements filled him with torturous anticipation. He needed to get her inside quickly as his resolve was melting with each passing moment and feared that he would take her right then and there if she continued.

He told her to get up and as she opened the door and walked through, he followed behind looking at her shapely ass. The sensual sway of her hips made another thought race through his head causing another delicious tingle to travel to his aroused aching cock. “Oh yes, there is time for it all.” As he closed and locked the door, she shed his pants with the easiest of movements and skillfully took him deep in her mouth. Forcefully gripping her long black hair, he kept her where he needed her to be. His hips couldn’t help but thrust him further down her throat as he didn’t suppress the loud moans of pleasure that echoed everywhere.


Janet felt like she had spent the entire day in the bath but knew that had only been a couple of hours. Her body still ached but felt better except for the pounding headache that still plagued her and the worsening marks on her neck. She looked endlessly in the mirror, gingerly touching each mark and imagining what each would look like in the passing days.

As she stared at them in her vanity, some one knocked on the door. She asked who it was and found out that it was Sara. Telling her to wait a moment she frantically searched for something that would cover her neck, she didn’t want Sara asking questions because she couldn’t lie to her. When she found a silk scarf in one of her upper drawers she took a final look in the mirror and slowly went to the bed and gave permission for her daughter to enter. As she pasted a brave happy face, she hoped that it would be enough to convince her daughter that nothing was out of the ordinary. Janet held her breath as the door crept opened, she only saw a moment’s hesitation on Sara face but when she smiled as she closed the door, she let it out knowing that she didn’t suspect anything was amiss.

“Hi mom, are you alright? I haven’t seen for a few hours and I wanted to make sure that everything was ok.” Sara sat next to her mother on the bed and wrapped her arms around her left arm as she put her head on Janet’s shoulder.

“Oh I am fine honey. I just have a headache but it’s getting better and will go away very soon.” Janet put head on Sara’s and gave her hand a small pat.

“Are you sure? You don’t look well. You’re very pale.” Sara lifted her head off her mother’s shoulder and gave her a worried look.

“I am fine baby. I took a bath and I feel right as rain.” Janet saw the concern in her daughter’s eyes and consoled her as much as she could.

“Ok, but you would tell me if something was wrong, right? I don’t want you to keep things secret from me, if you are not feeling well or anything. I’m not a baby anymore so you don’t have to protect me.”

“I would my love. I promise that I am fine. But, while we are on the subject of keeping secrets, a little birdie told me that you have a special someone roaming about? Why must the mother be the last to know?” Janet shook her head back and forth and put on a face of faux disappointment as she smirked at her daughter waiting for her reaction.

Sara gradually sat upright letting go of her mother while looking down at the floor as she twisted her hands together, thinking of all the people that could have told her about Michael.

“Who said that?”

“Is it true? Doesn’t matter who told me, is it true?” Janet put a comforting hand on Sara’s shoulder and tried to coax her to look in her direction.

“Yes.” Sara simply said as she continued to fixate on the floor, unwilling to see what her mother’s reaction.

“Who is he? Because I know its not Paul and you haven’t said anything about meeting anyone lately so…” Suddenly Sara stood up and paced in front of Janet, finally glancing in her direction.

“No, it’s not Paul you know that mother.”

“Then, who? You know you can tell me anything.” Sara saw her mother’s soft chocolate eyes plead with her to tell her but Sara still worried what reaction she would get.

“I know but its something that daddy will not be happy with.”

“Well never mind that, this is just girl talk, no boys allowed.” Janet forced herself to remain clam at the mention of Frank, even though she could spit fire at the very mention of him.

Sara’s heart started pounding and little droplets of sweat were collecting at the base of her neck, what was she going to say? What would her mother think? But she decided she would tell the truth, it would only make it worse if she started lying to her mother now.

“His name is Michael and he is the new blacksmith in town.” Sara looked down again, trying to catch her breath fighting to continue while feeling a 2 ton weight on her chest. “Well, not the blacksmith that is his father but he will be a blacksmith eventually. He helps his father with orders and everything, but he’s wonderful mother. He knows so much about different things and he reads constantly, he even reads Shrekspeare, the sonnets and everything. He’s kind, helpful, charming and handsome. I …I think I am falling for him mother.”

“Oh Sara…”

“I know what you are going to say, he’s a commoner, it’s forbidden and I shouldn’t even bother wasting my time on something that will never happen but he calls to me mom. He makes me feel things that I have never felt before with anyone. It’s like he sees the real me, even the part that I keep for myself, he sees it all and accepts me for who I am. Do you know what I mean?” Sara’s questioning face made Janet’s heart twinge, as she remembered a time when she had on the same face and she ached even more. She motioned for her daughter to take the seat next to her.

“Yes I know what you mean, and I can tell from the way you lit up just now that he means a great deal to you since I have never seen you glow so much and if he is the cause then I am grateful to him.” Sara didn’t know what to do since she hadn’t expected her mother to react that way, it couldn’t be that easy.

“You’re not mad?”

“No my love, I am not mad. How can I be mad when you are simply following your heart? You have grown into such a strong, beautiful, compassionate, caring and intelligent woman and you are the best accomplishment of my life. I am so proud of you Sara, you are the woman that I always picture you being, my sweet baby.”

Janet kissed Sara’s forehead and brought her into a tight hug. Janet couldn’t stop the tears that started immediately. Her soul ached for her daughter and for herself. She knew that the war would be long and very difficult, and the first battle was a near fatal disaster but she was determined to win, she would give her last breath for her daughter’s happiness, she would have her “happily ever after.”

“I love you Sara, so very much, never forget that.”

“I love you mom.”

Both women held on tightly to each other as they silently felt the comfort and love they had for each other and bathed them in its healing touch.

End Notes:

So ... still ok? I felt a little unclean there in the middle with Gretchen but oh well ... twas the nature of the beast. EEP! Well hoped everyone liked it ;)

Dream a little Dream by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Hello All in the Kingdom!!! The update is here and I am grateful for everyones patience! Hopefully people are still reading but I can understand that not updating for so long I may have lost some along the way, but maybe some are still lurking about. Its a good sized one but since its heavy in MiSa .. hopefully you won't mind.. hehe

One thing i can promise that Cristina is dead and will remain dead and be the good mom the boys remember cause the Whore in the White Suit... was seriously disappointing.. SO ... here you guys go ... hope you enjoy it! :) *hugs*


The ping of metal on metal ricocheted all over the workshop. The grueling hours were starting to weigh on Michael’s body but in his mind he was able to focus on only Sara. His mind recreated everything about her, her beautifully sculpted face that his finger tips still felt the faint echo of its perfection, her warm smile that made his heart seize from its radiance and her soft supple lips that tasted better than any candy he would ever know. Her copper orbs flashed before his mind’s eye as they were his only companion at night while the war battled between his weary body screaming for rest and his mind and soul craving fulfillment of the arousal that his endless thoughts elicited. Countless nights bled into the next day as he was consumed by painful longing.

Michael yearned to see Sara more than anything, to touch her, to kiss her again like he had on their last night together. He imagined a long life filled of kissing her and that always made him smile and his heart soar. But as much as he wanted that future, he didn’t know what the future really held for them. Sure he imagined growing old together but was that even a choice for her? Was that even an option? Or was it all they would have? Every stolen moment, look and touch, all on borrowed time, a finite amount that would never be again. With the loss of his mother, Michael learned that every moment could be the last and that the memories was all that was left and once it was over, then it would belong to eternity, was that their fate? He hoped not. He knew that she was the one that he would love forever, but would he be by her side or would it be someone else? That was the true question.

As he pounded away every thought of insecurity and fear, a loud persistent banging on the door was heard. Aldo quickly set his hammer down and went to see who it was. Alex stood at the door with his hands crossed and a smile slowly crept on his face.

“Good day, Mr. Burrows. I am here on the behalf of the King to follow your progress.”

Aldo felt uneasy every time he checked up on them, something inside him always triggered an alarm even if Alex was always pleasant and courteous.

“Oh of course Mr. Mahone, please come in. I assure you that we are on schedule and we shall have them ready in time for the ball. We are just finishing the last set as we speak.”

Alex strolled into the workshop and saw the two forges with high heat and saw that days finished product. They were spectacular pieces with intricate design and all the precious stones arranged in the same order.

“These are beautiful, the craftsmanship is superb. You are to be commended.” Alex couldn’t help but marvel over the swords as he held one in his hand. They were not only a form of weaponry but also pieces of intricate art. The blade was smooth, perfect and sharpened to a beautiful fine edge as he felt the raw potential of the sword’s edge with his thumb.

“Thank you, but it’s mostly my son, his attention to detail is his strong suit and really stands out in pieces like these.”

Aldo was very proud of Michael and what he was able to accomplish in such a short time. He knew that his son shared his wife’s mind and wondered how he would deal with that in this line of work, but the detail is what captured him. If a job was too simple, like a repair of a blade or fixing a wheel for a wagon, he was bored easily and would wonder and become distracted and find other things to occupy his mind which would usually involve a book away from the shop. Yet, when a project held his attention, it was a thing of beauty to observe. As he watched him working, he saw his mind process everything about it. It was amazing to see his mind processing every detail, seeing patterns in everyday things. It was like a dance, each movement purposeful and exact. Nothing was random, all destined to end the way it was meant to, flawless. But as wondrous that image was he also feared that he would lose his son, just like his wife.

His wife was a brilliant woman who saw the beauty in everything. The details that she described to him was amazing to hear and he wished that he could see things the way she did, that they could share that together, but it would not be meant to be. He remembered when the headaches first hit. He wished on every mystical being he could imagine for one moment of peace for his wife. Feeling helpless was something he could accept. He hated himself for his inability to give his wife the comfort she desperately pleaded for. All he could do was talk to her while holding her hand and trying to make her focus on something else, anything else but the pain that ravaged her mind. He thought that was the worse torture but he later realized that there was a higher level of the personal damnation he was doomed to endure. When she slipped into the coma, he thought that there could be a way out, a way to bring back his beloved Cristina but that is when he lost her. He remembered the last words she spoke to him before losing consciousness, she told him to take care of her babies.

He choked back the emotions that were always ready to swallowing him whole. He had failed her one request to him. He didn’t take care of their sons for a long time, the bitterness and loneliness was all too much. Instead of holding onto the last pieces of her on this earth, he pushed it all away, embracing his misery and pain all for himself. She was his and he didn’t know who he was without her, but he was terribly wrong. She wasn’t just his she was theirs, the three of them. He hated that he was so selfish and tried to mend what was broken but it was a slow journey back, one that was still not fully finished. He just hoped that one day he could make it up to Lincoln and Michael, making good on the final promise he made to her. He barely noticed Alex’s comments when he flickered back into the present.

“Well, they are very well crafted and the King will be pleased to hear that everything is going according to plan, just the way he likes it. This year’s ball is very important to the King, so everything must be ready to go.”

“Well he can rest assured that these will be finished on time and he won’t have to worry about our part.”

“Well the King would like to extend you and your son an invitation to the Ball in order to properly commend your work and a job well done. If you need proper attire, the King will see to it.”

“That is very generous of the King, we gladly accept.”

“See you then.”

As Mahone exited the shop he looked at Michael as he was diligently working on another sword when their eyes meet, Alex looked into his eyes and saw curiosity and then determination but even though he tried to hide it, Alex saw the flecks of fear that sparkled. With a slant smile and nod of his head, he turned and exited the door. Michael was left with an uneasy feeling but was soon brought out of it when his father told him to get back to work.


Sara was emotionally spent, she went through the situation with Paul and what her father had told him and then the confession of her feelings for Michael to her mother. She never expected this day to be such an emotional crazy train but it was. Now she was alone and she wanted to be with Michael, but she knew that he would busy with her father’s order but that didn’t matter, she needed to see him, to hold him but most of all feel him close to her. He intoxicated her and now she was sober, screaming for her next taste. Sara knew that it would be difficult sneaking over there but she had to try, she had to get rid of this feeling of dread and hopelessness that settled in her mind ever since she heard about her father’s continued effort of getting her married to Paul.

That night as the castle filled with silence, Sara climbed down her balcony and the ivy slats beside the balcony and when she successfully negotiated that obstacle she slyly made her way to the back of the property and with a final look back, scanning everywhere until she was satisfied she was alone, went through a back gate that lead to a small road into town.

A dark figure came from behind a tree a moment after they saw Sara leave and slowly made their way to the back gate, following the target at a discrete distance.

As Sara made her way into town by the light of the full moon and her little lantern she carried being mindful of the noises coming from behind her, she checked to see if someone was behind her or if there was something camouflaged in the woods. She was nervous of what the darkness kept hidden from her eyes, she imagined all the possible threats that lurked behind the corner and started to worry if sneaking out in the middle of the night was such a good idea. She should have at least told Katie where she was going but it was too late now, she was here and decided that there was no going back now even though every fiber in her being screamed to go back.

With each passing moment, she became increasingly tense until she was on the edge of breaking down. She was torn by her need to see Michael and the comfort she craved and the fear that was choking her mind and body. She felt the heaviness subside and started to relax when she saw the workshop through a clearing. She let out a sigh of relief as she realized she was almost there, with him. The fear that weighed her down magically disappeared off her shoulders and she quickened her pace and started to lightly jog as her inner voice of desire was all she heard.


She was there, he didn’t know how or why but at that moment it didn’t matter, she could have beamed there from a space ship for all he cared, she was there and that was all he needed to know. He missed her with such a soul crushing ache that having her in his arms kissing him was all he ever dreamed of. He missed the way she felt, the way she tasted, the time apart had been short by many standards but it might as well have been an eternity to his senses since they were overwhelmed with everything about her. The taste of her lips, mouth and tongue, the feel of her skin against him and the way her hips magically moved against him making him yearn and ache to become one with Sara.

The smell of her hair that tickled him even in the back of his throat tasting the hypnotic blend that was uniquely Sara and the delicious moans and sweet choked sounds she did whenever he touched a special spot on her body and caressed her face or even just gazing at her, taking in her complete perfection, it was the complete package that filled him and while all his senses were completely taken over, his mind felt perfectly at peace, there was no sensation of being overrun, on the contrary it felt right, perfect.

His world only contained them, nothing more existed, they were free to be with each other no rules, no expectations, no work, no obligations, nothing. It was only them and what they wanted, all they needed was there right there at their finger tips. In that moment, it only came to his attention that they were getting more naked by the moment, they were left wearing the last remnants of thin layers of clothing, where his were merely cotton but hers were magnificently silky, echoing the patches of skin he had access to. As she shakily went to remove the last tangible obstacle left on his body, he caught her hand and waited for her to look at him.

“Is this what you really want Sara, we don’t have to rush into anything, we can wait.” He lightly stroked her cheek and looked directly into her eyes so he could see her reaction.

“I don’t want to wait Michael, I am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, a month or even a year from now. All I know, that in this moment, I love you more that I ever thought I could love anyone and I want you, all of you. I want us. Do you want me Michael?”

Her eyes told the truth, they were open and beseeching him to see what she did and his heart melted in that moment. She wanted him, like he hoped, like he wanted her, completely.

“Of course I do, more than anything. You are my forever.”

With that, they kissed passionately as they tore off the final delicate pieces of fabrics that covered their bodies. Suddenly Sara turned to him and looked into his crystal sapphire eyes and whispered, “I need you Michael.”

“I need you too, so much.”

As they continued to enjoy the complete delight of being together, in pure heavenly ecstasy, Michael couldn’t ignore the incessant tapping coming from the window. The more he tried to ignore the sound the louder it seemed to get. As he grabbed Sara’s face bringing her closer, she couldn’t help the words tumble from her mouth, breathless and faint “Why don’t you open the window Michael? I need you to open the window.”

Confusion spread over his face as he tried to determine what was happening. “Are you hot or something?”

“I just need you to open the window Michael.”

Her breathlessness was wrecking havoc on his desire, his body craving more and since it was millimeters away, his body didn’t want it to end so as he gathered his strength, he heard a louder tapping. His frustration reached new heights as he let out an angry gruff and when he turned his head. When he looked around, he heard nothing, silence was all around him. He prayed that they had gone away so that he could be alone with Sara but as he smirked looking back to her, he was suddenly alone. The moonlight peeked from the sides of his curtains but that was all, Sara was gone. He looked all around for Sara, but she wasn’t there. His breath was shallow and he was all sweaty and obviously aroused as he flung his head back reconciling the fact that it was a dream, a beautiful dream, but nothing more than that.

When he heard the tapping again, he finally heard the voice that he missed all this time. He got up as quickly as he could and went to the window and peeked out from behind of the curtain, and he stopped breathing when he saw there. Bathed in radiant moonlight like an angel, a beautiful angel that was the most heavenly vision he had ever feasted his eyes on. He unlatched the window and simply stared at the mesmerizing reality in front of him.

“Michael, what took you so long, didn’t you hear me?”

Sara sounded a very annoyed but when he smiled at her, she couldn’t but help but melt. The desire that had been held at bay now rushed over her, seeping into every crevice of her body. “God, I am such a marshmallow” she thought as he finally answered her.

“I thought I was dreaming it, I’m sorry but the reality of this moment is beating any dream that I could have come up with.” As she blushed at his words, Michael realized that she was still outside and he very much wanted her in.

“Where are my manners? Come on in. Go to the door around the corner, I will meet you there.”

They both smiled as they both casually started to move but once they were out of each others sight, they rushed toward the door. As Michael opened the door he saw a breathless Sara and it reminded him of dream and his body began to tighten and tingle all over.

They stood there for a moment just looking at each other with such awe that they both couldn’t contain the smiles on their faces. Suddenly, the need to be close was too much and they flew into each others arms, they instantly felt whole. The other part of him was right there, in his arms. She held on tightly to him, closing her eyes wishing that it wasn’t a dream, but as she felt his beating heart she knew it was beautifully real. She smiled as she nestled against his chest. He held her with such tenderness she wanted to cry but all she could do was hold him tighter.

They couldn’t get close enough, the ache that gnawed at him was no longer there, replaced by the fervent need to keep her there with him, kiss her, all of her, forever. They slightly pulled away, their bodies were still connected together as he brought his hands to her face and gently touched her cheeks and jaw then finally he stared at her lips rubbing her lower lip with his thumb. She kissed his thumb as continued to caress her face then he kissed her hard, the need controlled him now, there was nothing else but them, nothing else mattered. He flicked his tongue against her and she opened her mouth so that he could dip into her mouth and deepened the kiss. His tongue swirled in her mouth as they both tried to consume as much of each other as possible.

When they finally parted, they were breathless, heaving chests trying to return to normal, but it wasn’t normal being without each other. Michael reached for her hands and pulled her toward his room. Sara silently followed him, not really knowing what he was planning and she became worried. Worried not because he wanted more, worried that she wanted more and was unsure she could stop herself. As he closed the door and ushered her to his bed, they both sat down while still holding hands.

Sara didn’t dare look into his crystal blue pools that only reflected his feelings for her because she knew she would melt at very sight of them. She had wished for nothing else the whole time they were apart and now that she was here, it was all too real. She wanted to attack him but was scared to attack him. She wanted it so bad but wondered what would be waiting on the other side for her if she took what she wanted. She didn’t hear Michael’s attempts of getting her attention and it was his cautious touch that brought her out of the swirling thoughts in her head. He lifted her chin with his finger and made her look up at him.

“Sara, what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

“Wrong? No, of course not. I was just thinking about us.”

A cold shiver hit his heart in an instant, this was it, this is when she said that it was over, that she would end it all and break his heart. He wanted to cry but there was no way he would do it in front of her, he had to retain some ounce of self respect.

“What about us? What is it Sara?”

“Its just… I think… I mean …”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

Sara looked at him as if he had grown a second head and wondered how he came up with that idea.

“NO. How can you think that?”

“Well you are here late at night, in secret I would imagine and you look like you were about to tell me something really bad and that was the first thing that came to mind.”

She placed her hands on each side of his face looking at him and made sure that he saw that she was telling him the truth.

“You are the one piece of sanity of my life and I am not letting go of that. I love you Michael, more than I ever thought I could love anyone. People can say anything they want, but the one thing that I know is true is that I love you. Completely.”

Sara brought his face towards her and kissed him long and hard. She quickly deepened the kiss as soon as she felt him relax and wrap his hands around here waist. She moved closer and wrapped her arms around his neck wanting him closer to her. His sounds were driving her wild, making her hunger more as she pushed him down on the bed with her body flush on top. Michael let his hand wander all along her back as he worked his way down until he touched her ass. Sara’s confidence skyrocketed with his simple touch, she wanted to devour him, burrow inside.

She was driving him crazy, he was losing all restraint, and she was pulling him over the edge of reason. She touched him all over from the side of his face down the length of his neck down his shoulders and all along his chest. She hovered at his waist teasing him, toying with his waistband. A whispered, “I love you,” was all she said as Michael flipped their positions and rolled on top of her nestling in between her legs. Michael rested his weight on his elbows as he stared into her eyes and flushed face. Stroking her face, he waited for the words to come as he caught his breath. Giving her a sheepish smile he softly choked out, “You may be the future Queen of this Kingdom, but you will forever rule my heart. I am yours now, tomorrow and forever.”

Sara couldn’t help but start crying while giving him a peck on the lips. “And you are the King of mine.”

Michael lips crashed on Sara’s and he held back nothing. He poured out all his emotion in that one kiss, the intensity was boundless. He rocked his hips against Sara as they both moaned at the sensation of their aching clothed centers connecting. They both were oblivious to the sounds and volume of everything they were feeling that it was only when they heard a knock at the door did they realize how loud they were being.

“Michael, are you alright in there? Why is this door locked?”

“Shit” was all Michael thought as he was lost on how he would get out of this situation, amazing as it was.

“Just a second. Hide under the bed, try not to make any noise, my dad is like a witch, he can sense anything out of place.”

“Ok.” Sara feared that this would not end well.

“I will make it up to you, I promise.”

With a wicked smile he pushed her under the bed and placed the covers over the edge of the bed to hide where Sara was. Giving the room one final look around he hurriedly opened the door and saw his father’s disapproving stare front and center.

“Michael, what is going on in here?!” He walked right passed Michael into his room and started looking around.

“I heard moaning coming from in here. Who’s in here with you?”

“No one Dad.”

“Didn’t sound like no one Michael, tell me the truth!”

“I ….uh… I had a stomach ache, that’s all and I am sorry that I made so much noise but I think I am better now.”

“All of a sudden?” Michael saw the look on his father’s face and knew he was losing the fight.


“No Michael, tell me the truth right now or you are not going to Ball.”

“What? That’s not fair? After everything I have done, I want to go.”

“Well stop lying and tell me the truth!”

“Ok you want to know the truth? Fine!!!

I will tell you the truth.

I was …..

with Sara….. in a dream. In ahh… well …. a very nice dream.”

His haggard appearance and flushed cheeks made it obvious what kind of a nice dream he was having and the thought of having “The Talk” with his son was the last thing he wanted, so he tried to delicately maneuver around the Sara subject.

“Oh, I see. Ahem. Well Michael it’s not a good idea to even dream about her son, it’s only going to make it harder on you when she marries Prince Kellerman and you have to part ways.”

“Dad, I don’t want to think about that now, please. I am aware of the reality of the situation, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“But I do worry Michael, you are my son and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know, Dad. I know.” Aldo could see that Michael was shutting down, so he knew there was not much point to continue the conversation.

“Well, get some sleep, we start early tomorrow.”

“Ok. Night, Dad.”

“Night, Son.” Aldo placed his hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze and left the room.

When Michael rushed over and threw the cover on top of the bed again he saw the hurt expression on Sara’s face. He offered his hand to her to help her from under the bed but she didn’t take it, she only looked at him.

“What’s wrong Sara?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Come here.” Michael dragged Sara out form under his bed and sat her down on the bed as he kneeled in front of her.

“Don’t listen to my Dad. We can’t worry about tomorrow or what the future will bring. All we have is now, and as much as I want forever with you Sara, I will take now. Now is what we have and now is where we are together.”

As he tenderly kissed her lips, she couldn’t help but think about what he had said and wanted now to count. She deepened the kiss quickly as she became frantic for his touch.

Michael couldn’t help but feel like he was drowning, he needed to stop her before it got insane. As they parted, gasping and flushed he rested his forehead against hers.

“You want to kill me now, don’t you?”

“Well it’s not a bad way to go.”

As they laugh they couldn’t help but notice that it was time for Sara to go back before they found out she was gone and alarms would be triggered.

“I have to go.” Sara wrapped her arms around him tighter contradicting her words.

“I know”

“I don’t want to.” Tears escaped from the corners of Sara’s eyes as she started to wish that there would be a day that she would have to say goodbye to him.

“I don’t want you to either.” He kissed her salted tears as they stained her cheeks.

“Well I see that you will be at the Ball now so that makes it even better.”

“Oh it does now, does it? Well I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from you looking all gorgeous.”

“And… we could get to my plans for after much quicker too.” Her light smile caused Michael to wish that the ball was right now. He didn’t want to be away from her.

“I can’t wait.” With a final kiss goodbye Sara reluctantly pulled herself away from him and carefully crawled out of his bedroom window so that his father couldn’t hear.

“I should go with you and make sure that you make it home ok.”

“No, I will be fine Michael. It’s not too far and what if your father comes back to check on you? No I will be ok.”

“Sara. It’s dark and late and I don’t want anything to happen to you, I am going to take you home.”

“Michael I was fine coming here and I will be fine going back. I promise. Everything will be alright. Night, Michael.”

As she started to walk away he couldn’t help to see how lovely she looked bathed in the final moments of pure moonlight. He never thought he would see anything as beautiful as that in all his life. As she disappeared from his sight, Michael couldn’t ignore the dreadful feeling that settled in the pit of his stomach.

Sara felt like she was floating as she continued her journey back home. She thought about how wonderful it would be to have Michael at the ball but the slow clarity of what that exactly entailed finally dawned on her. Michael would be around her Father, he would have to hear the announcement of her wedding. The bubbling dread slowly started to flow through her system. Her father was up to something and it wasn’t good. The more she thought about it, the more she panicked. The unknown scared her and she needed to find out what her father was up to. She was heavily distracted with her thoughts that she didn’t hear the person coming up from behind her. It was too late to do anything as she felt someone cover her mouth and grabbed her waist.

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Looking Down the Barrel by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

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I want to thank Kirsten2788 and Ncoop for their help in these updates. You guys rock! Thank you! *hugs*


Sara couldn’t help but react and scream but as soon as she did a hand from behind covered her mouth and attempted to soothe her with a light but creepy, “Shhhhushhh.”

She was over-powered and unable to fight back much but was determined not to cower like a defenseless creature. She was in deep trouble, that much was obvious, but if she couldn’t win then she would go down inflicting as much pain without giving him the satisfaction of showing him the fear that gripped every cell in her body. His arms held firmly around her waist and over her mouth as the chills went down her spine every time he breathed against her ear, making her stomach churn.

“Now, now my sweet spring fla’wer. What is a beautiful lady doing walking around late at night all alone? You should have a proper chaperone by your side, because you never know what lurks in the dark waiting to pounce.”

His hips thrust forward against her ass and she feels him hard against her and the situation was the worse possible kind of trouble.

“But...another man’s fuck up is another man's fuck.”

Sara couldn’t help the whimper that trickled out, muffled by the hand over her mouth, she had an idea what could happen but until he made his intentions clear, it was all too real to hope she would get out of this situation unscathed. She couldn’t stand the thought of what he intended to do and she wished now that she stayed with Michael or let him take her home. She heard her mother’s voice echoing in her mind, “What were you thinking?”


She knew how Michael would hate himself for not listening to his instincts about escorting her home but now none of that mattered, she had to live with the consequences of that fateful decision. As seconds passed like hours, she came to the realization that the more she crumbled the more her attacker loved it and she resisted any reactions that showed her as the broken victim, she would lose there was no doubt in her mind but she would die in a glorious battle. Her resolve instantly tested when he slowly licked her ear and growled how yummy she was.

Holding back the vomit that threaten to explode from back of her throat, his drawl got deeper and his grip tighten as he rocked against her saying vile things that she wished she could forget.

“Come on sweetness, time for us to get better acquainted. Teddy has been denied the comfort of a la’dy for far too long, especially one that is beautiful and tender like you but enough of that, time for us to get sit’e’ated and become very. Close. Friends.” His panting increased as the animal within took over. There were no restrictions, only pure unadulterated desire.

As she closed her eyes, preparing her mind to go far away, a place where she was safe and happy with Michael. Those nights when she dreamt of the life they could have, the life she so desperately wanted for them, would now only be found in a fairy tale. A tale sealed in perfection and purity in every detail, a story that felt lost and out of reach, she knew it was a childish desire, the fairy tale of finding her one true love and living that life that was meant to be, but now it would be taken from her, from both of them. There was no coming back from this, not like before, it would be different. She would be different.

As she felt the cascade of tears falling from her eyes, she cringed as the unknown assailant grunted in her ear that he would make her feel better soon enough, the confidence of his words made her body prepare for the complete violation promised.

She didn’t feel his hands pull her down to the ground pinning her to the ground with the full weight of his body. She didn’t feel as he pried her legs apart and settled in between them rocking against her with his aroused cock. She didn’t feel his hands greedily wander over her body ripping whatever fabric touched his fingers along the way as his biting kisses attacked her delicate neck but her body did. Her body instinctively fought against him but nothing worked, she was still pinned down.

Silently she prayed for Michael to come and save her but she knew that no one heard her and no one was coming to save her. As she felt the last trickle of herself leave her body, she felt calm, light, near weightless. There was no fear, no urgency, and no pain. There was nothing, absolutely nothing.

Sara was in her own space, she was safe there and nothing could hurt her, a place that she learned existed as a child and visited when she was scared and alone. It kept her protected from the dark places and the boogie men, but she learned eventually that the boogie men found you regardless of where you hid.

When she heard scuffling in the background she dared herself to see what was going on, but her eyes refused to open. She felt trapped in a mummified body, unmoving, non compliant. She urged her body to move but nothing, nothing dared move in the uncertainty of the moment.

Eventually as the sounds of grunts and groans increased, her eyes slowly cracked open and she saw two men rolling around, fighting, trading blows. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light of the moon and see what exactly was happening.

As she concentrated on their faces, she noticed the vast size discrepancy there was between the two men but once she saw one of their faces she knew that it was him. Hope rose like the phoenix, rising reborn from the ashes of hell. Her body slowly thawed from its icy tomb and she gradually rose to her feet and looked around to see if anyone else was around to help them or to worry about but there was no one else besides them and that thought both comforted and terrified her.

As the men continued to fight, Sara thought about intervening but figured that she would only get in the way, trying to decipher how to help him. The fight was evenly matched until the taller man kicked the other in side with his knee stunning him momentarily and grabbed a nearby stone, hitting him on the head which instantly stopped his movements. As he raised the stone again for another hit, Sara quickly grabbed his arm and with as much volume her body could produce she pleaded, “Paul, no! Stop!”

Paul whipped his head back and looked at her and Sara only saw the feral hate reflected in his dark blue eyes and when he turned back to look at the motionless man, he pushed up the stone farther as all his muscles were at the ready to expend all of their energy in one final blow.

Sara knew what would happen next and closed her eyes, unwilling to see him take a life. As she heard Paul's final grunt echo, the stone made a giant thud on the ground and she slowly turned to see Paul stare at the man he straddled and the rock inches from the man’s head. She let out a sigh of relief that he didn’t kill her attacker but she also felt a twinge of sadness that he let him live.

Paul stood still for many moments and then he started to get up slowly making sure that the motionless body stayed that way. Paul focused only on the threat in front of him and when he remembered what he was trying to do before he tackled him, the rage bubbled up again with a final explosive wave of anger, gave one final kick to his head.

In that final second he wished it was the King, it was probably the main motivation of why he did it, a surrogate to the true son of a bitch who needed to die because of the pain that he had inflicted on his family but most of all, Sara.

When he turned around and saw her, she tried to put on a brave face but failed miserably. It was only when he saw her dirt lined tears he wanted to hurt him all over again, but all he did was scoop Sara up in his arms and tell her that she was safe and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Sara started to sob as soon as she crashed into his chest and felt his warmth. She held on tightly trying to convince herself that he was there and that she was safe.

Paul kissed her hair and tried to see if she was hurt but she wouldn’t let him go or even bring her head out from his chest. He looked around and triple checked that they were alone and safe but it was getting late and he knew that it was only a matter of time before they found out Sara was missing.

“Sara, we have to get you back to the castle, can you do it on your own or do you need help?” Sara’s only response was holding him tighter. He positioned her so that he could pick her up and she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face as he lifted her up into his arms and starting walking towards the castle.

As Paul and Sara made their way to the castle, they didn’t see a dark figure appear from the seclusion of the woods and check on the man lying on the ground. He hovered over the body checking to see if he was still alive and as he crouched down he could tell that the man was still alive...barely. He slapped him on the face, but got no response.

“Bagwell, wake up!”

When he received no response he stood up again and heard a rustling behind him and by the time he turned, he saw who it was.

“Commander Kim, I didn’t see you there.”

“Hello Alex, so I see you were doing your job and saw my plan go into effect?”

"Fucker," Alex thought. He would be nothing if he didn't have the support of the General. “Always, but I didn’t think he would get so badly beaten, not that it matters, just didn’t think I would be stuck cleaning up the collateral damage.”

“Oh there is always collateral damage Alex, you know that. But I thought Teddy here would make better sport but I guess we underestimated Paul’s rage factor with the princess. Too bad it wasn't the young blacksmith, would have made our plans easier but at least now we know what the next step will be and when.”

“Yes, I guess we do.” Alex tried to hide his contempt for Kim, but it was difficult to manage. He always hated Kim’s methods but the General loved them so he just kept quiet, but all he really wanted to do was punch him in the face.

“Well Alex, I am going to give the General the status of everything.”

As Kim turned toward the castle Alex pointed to the body, “What do we do with him?”

“Leave him, he was paid and served his purpose, whatever happens he has it coming.”

As Kim left promptly, Alex just looked down on the broken man and made his way back toward home, he needed to see his family more than ever.


Paul was getting tired from the long walk back to the castle and everything in his body burned, his legs, his arms, his lungs and especially his mind. He kept reliving the attack on Sara and was relieved that he decided to follow her when she escaped the castle. When he saw her at the blacksmith's and was about to leave her something held him back, something in the air, an odd energy that clashed with the tranquil night. He made sure to keep his distance because if she saw him then she would give him an ear full of how she was big enough to do things on her own just fine and give him the “I am all powerful witchy woman! hear me roar” anthem, but this was not a macho thing. Something was wrong and he had to be sure and if nothing happened then no one would be the wiser but that wasn’t to be.

As he finally saw the servant’s entrance on the side of the castle he kicked the door waiting for someone to open it. Slowly the door opened and Paul quickly stepped past the petite young woman at and made his way to Sara’s room. Katie rushed up on them and asked what happened but Paul continued on into Sara’s room. Katie closed the door behind her, allowing only herself to be with Paul and Sara.

Paul carefully placed Sara on the bed but she clung to him and forced him to sit by her on the bed. He cradled her as much as he could in his awkward position and slowly rubbed her back knowing that she would talk when she was ready. After a long silence, a faint “Thank you,” was heard and both Paul and Katie looked down at Sara who looked up at him with such tenderness and frailty that he almost cried. Katie excused herself to get Sara some tea for her nerves so they could talk alone.

“Thank you. Without you, my hero services would have not been necessary.” Paul said lightly in order to lessen the sting of her attack.

Sara faintly smirked. “Well I have to give a hand out to guy with no prospects, now you can tell all the girly girls that you are a big tough man that rides in on his white horse to save them.”

“Oh yeah, that should get me some action, then I can show them my real big, trustee steed that they can ride on.”

The devilish smile Paul flashed her was all she needed to laugh and smile back at him.

“You are so crude, you are going to need a woman who can dish it as much as you give out.”

“Yes, but where to find this imaginary woman? Maybe in a fairytale somewhere but of course she would need to have killer boobs!”

The bruise that would be on his upper arm tomorrow would be a warm reminder of that moment since it confirmed that Sara was getting back to her old self. As the laughter died down, Paul couldn’t resist on more question about what happened.

“He didn’t hurt you, right?”

Hurt, well yes he hurt her but she knew the exact meaning of what he was referring to, she looked at him with tears in her eyes, she simply shook her head No and quickly looked down at her nervous hands. Paul couldn’t keep out the twinge of annoyance at her so called “prince charming.”

“Why didn’t that boy wonder of yours bring you back home?”

“He wanted to, but I told him that it would be ok, that nothing would happen.”

“Well that was just stupid Sara. He must have been a good kisser for you to lose what common sense you have, or was there more than kissing that happened in the smithy’s room?”

“How? Not that it’s any of your business what Michael and I did, but no we still haven’t…. done… that.” The rush of blood made her cheek burn as she thought of being with Michael and how she would love to have him here with her right now.

“Ahhh well theres plenty of time for that, but you just have to be more careful Sara, we were lucky that I stayed the night and saw you sneak out. You have to promise me that you won’t do something stupid like that again without someone going with you. Promise me!”

She faintly smiled as she looked into his eyes, “I promise.”

“Good, because once I meet Mrs. Right or Mrs, Right now… I will be indisposed to save your ass because I will be too busy tapping hers.”

With the roll of her eyes they both started laughing, a little too loudly before Katie peeked in and told them they were too loud and would wake everyone up. As Katie made sure that Sara had everything she needed, she excused herself to return to bed and make sure that everything was dealt with properly.

“You ok by yourself, or you need me to stay?” Paul lifted her chin to make sure that she told him the truth.

“No, I am fine. I think I can take it from here. Thank you Paul, I am lucky to have you in my life.” His heart hurt as he felt her gratitude and thanked the stars that he was there to help her.

“Damn straight, but you have your good points…. Well actually you have two pretty good looking points.”

Sara scoffed at his lame attempt to make her smile and she loved him for knowing what she needed at this moment but she needed time to herself and even though the last thing she really wanted was to be alone, she had to deal with what happened.

“Ok, you can go now.” She started to playfully push him off her bed and when he got up he bent down and kissed her head.

“I love you Sara.” Sara smiled at him, thanking her lucky stars that he was her best friend and was there for her for the millionth time since it all began.

“I love you too.”

End Notes:

Well that was path number 2 ;) hehe and believe me path number 1 was in some ways similar but in others very very different but I am good with 2 :D

More will be on the way...a couple weeks at the most but could come sooner!


Biting the bullet by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Well here it is :) The other update! I am not sure when this will be posted but Enjoy! when it does. It gets heated!! *wink wink* Thanks to all *hugs*


Slumber denied him entrance into the warm depths of dreams and wonder that night, his mind made sure of that, no matter how much he begged for the peace of sweet sleep. There were only endless pictures replaying themselves, continuous viewing of horror movies, images burned onto his eyes. The gnawing feeling that something happened to Sara haunted him.

Every possible scenario being watched and examined over and over, with the latest installment of horror being the worst of all and when he thought he heard her scream his name that ended the last of his resolve. He had to make sure that she was ok, he thought she would get mad at him for thinking she couldn’t handle herself or think he was crazy to check up on her but he didn’t care, he had to be sure she was alright or there was no point trying to work later that morning.

Just as the faint slivers of the morning sun light broke through the ground, he ran toward the castle. Michael didn’t stop, he had a singular focus and destination and there was no veering off course. When he hit the back gate of the castle he stopped and ensured that there were no guards waiting and quickly made his way toward Sara’s window.

Michael made systematic glances side to side while quickly climbing up the balcony, when he got to the top, he checked to see if the doors were opened and was grateful they were unlocked. As he slowly opened the doors, he methodically secured the room and skillfully made his way toward the figure on the bed.

As he came around to the front side of bed, he saw her sleeping face and couldn’t resist smiling. She looked so beautiful while she slept but as he looked at her features, he noticed marks on her neck that weren’t there before. Michael didn’t remember being that rough with Sara last night so he crept closer to inspect the angry marks.

Just as he was about to touch the bruised skin on Sara’s neck, he heard a soul crushing sound. Sara screamed as she woke up seeing someone hovering over her in her room. For a moment, she thought her attacker was there, exactly like in her dream but when she saw the terrified expression in his eyes, she finally recognized who it was. They waited in silence as Sara listened for anyone coming toward her room to investigate the screams but was quickly satisfied that no one heard her.

“Michael, what are you doing?” She heard the harsh tone of her voice and knew it was unfair but she couldn’t control that, much the less the jumble of emotions rushing to the surface. She felt fear, anger, panic, worry, desire and love all at once. It was all too much for her to remain focused and she hated feeling out of control.

Michael looked like a scolded child, with his eyes looking down at the floor with a worried look on his face while trying to find the words that were stuck in his mind.

“I came to check on you, I was worried something happened so I wanted to make sure but then I thought I saw something on your neck and I don’t remember being rough with you, so I was checking to make sure it was really there and not a shadow and that is when you woke up.”

“Oh…ok” She only nodded satisfied with his answer and thinking what would happen next. Would she tell him the truth? Tell him that nothing happened and hope that he never found out the truth? But what if he found out she lied to him, she knew that there were no more second chances even if it was to spare him pain, it was a betrayal just the same.

“What’s wrong? I can tell that something is bothering you and what’s that mark on your neck?” Michael waited nervously as fear spread all over his body since it was never a good sign when she refused to look at him.

She couldn’t bear to look at him, she knew it would hurt him to find out that something happened, just like he feared but she couldn’t bear watching him go through that pain but she had no choice.

“Umm…. Something happened.” Cold chills tingled at the base of Michael’s neck, hoping that it was something small but as he kept looking at her, he knew it wasn’t. Again, he failed to protect the most important woman in his life.

“What!? What happened Sara? Tell me!” The panicked tone of his voice made her calculate how much detail she should divulge.

“Someone. Umm. As I was walking back home, someone. Ahhh attacked. Me.”

“No.” The faint whimper of his voice caused her look up at his tortured face but witnessed the slow transformation into what she feared.

Fear boiled into rage twisted into undeniable hate. The evolution was fast and steady, each stage of emotion resulting in an intensified response in his body.




What happened? I knew this would happen! It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let you convince me that it would be ok. I should have known better.”

“Michael it’s not your fault, it was my choice, granted the wrong one but I was lucky that someone was there to help me.”

“Who?” The flicker of jealousy went through his body as he yelled out his question but was quickly extinguished as he realized that whoever it was, saved her.

“Paul followed me and was able to fight the man off me when I was pinned on the ground as he was… trying … to.” There it was, the final piece of information that Michael feared was waiting to be discovered.

“Did he…” The pleading look in his eyes and the soft whisper of his voice broke her heart as she tried not to cry.

“No, he didn’t. He didn’t have time, Paul got there before that happened.” Sara stared down at the floor knowing that if she looked into his eyes she would lose control of the tears she held back.

“I should have been there, protected you and made sure you got home ok. None of this would have happened if I just took you home. I am sorry Sara. I am so sorry, can you ever forgive me?” He walked toward her on the bed and knelt down next to her but still denying himself the comfort of touching her. He was startled when she cupped his cheek with her hand trying to soothe him.

“Michael there is nothing to forgive, it wasn’t your fault. I was stupid but I dodged a big bullet and it won’t happen again so it’s fine. We’re fine. Aren’t we?”

He finally touched the outside of her hand that was on his cheek, covering it completely with his and pressed it closer to him.

“Yes, but you got hurt. I could have lost you. I can’t lose you.” She saw the fear that settled in his eyes, knowing what could have been.

“You didn’t lose me, I am right here. Alive, with my head tightly fastened on the rest of my body and intact so nothing to worry about.”

“Don’t.” Michael hated it when Sara tried to minimize the situation but he knew that she had a point but it still didn’t help the guilt that nestled itself deep in his stomach.

“I’m fine, really. I promise.” She brought up her other had and held his face while slowly caressing his cheeks with her thumbs in soothing comfort.

“What do you need me to do? Do you need anything?”

Michael wanted to cover her in his love, healing her, making the pain go away. He wanted to make up for failing her, for his absence but knew that he never could, but he would spend the rest of his days trying.

“Hold me.”

Without hesitation he brought her up and captured her in a bone crushing hug that left her breathless for many reasons, both physically and emotionally. He whispered words of sympathy and asked for forgiveness but she only dove deeper into the warmth that surrounded her. This was the one place she wanted to be all night, here she felt no pain, no fear, no sadness, only love. The aura of that love smothered her completely, making the scars from last night heal all the more.

She brought her lips close to his ear and whispered, “Michael, kiss it better.”

He pulled away slightly, looking at her with a baffled gaze as to what she wanted him to do, she reassured him by giving him a mischievous grin but remained unconvinced. When she stepped away lifting her hand and pointed to her knuckle that had a slight abrasion, raising her eyebrow at him and that was all it took to melt him. He gently took her hand and kissed the cut as lightly as he could. When he looked at her again he saw desire blossoming in her eyes.

He continued where he left off, kissing up her arm and her shoulder and carefully worked his way up to her neck taking extra care around the angry marks ensuring he didn’t hurt her but making sure he wiped away any hint of the unknown man he would hate all his life. She allowed him to reclaim her, to cleanse her, claiming her mind, body and soul. Encouraged by her delicate moans of pleasure he worked his way further up to her ear and gently kissed and tugged at her lobe and whispered, “Do you want me to continue?”

The low husky sound of his voice was all she needed to hear, “Oh yes.”

He guided her back onto the bed to lay down as he carefully climbed on top of her making sure he supported his weight as much as he could even though every fiber of his soul wanted to be fully pressed against her but she needed this closeness and he would never deny her that. He delicately kissed her cheeks, eyes, forehead, chin and nose, sending her senses into overload, she wanted more.
As he gently gave her an Eskimo kiss, he slowly proceeded giving a soul-crushingly intense, overpowering kiss to her mouth.

His lips engulfed hers as his tongue eagerly nudged her mouth open and felt the light stirrings of desire become full tornadoes of lust as he worked her mouth over. His mouth opened wide as it felt like he tried to suck the very life out of her body, but she quickly matched him in intensity and motions. Her life was his to have, to do with as he wished, there was no denying that fact now. The insatiable need flickered all over her body but soon settled in her heated center which caused her to be bold, seek out what instinctively she needed while trying to orally merge with Michael. Sara tightly wrapped her arms around him bringing his body flush with hers, creating delicious friction. She wanted to touch him all over, to feel his skin flush with hers, she wanted him against her, inside her. That single thought made her slick with desire, there were no more barriers, no more fears, only the need to let go, to be one.

He moaned as she eagerly moved against him, touching him instantly making his body react, seeking out release, a refuge that was just beyond his reach. She yanked out his shirt, feeling the smooth skin of his muscular stomach then traveled down cupping him over his buttoned fly. He felt lightheaded she didn't hesitate, her touch was intoxicating as much as her taste. Thrusting himself against her hand over and over again, his ache to be closer only intensified.

When the need for air was too much, he moved down to the valley of her breast and placed feathery kisses all over her heaving bosom while breathing in "Sara" air. She held the back of his neck caressing it but holding it firm when he hit a spot that sent delicious impulses of electricity straight to her core. She was melting, slowly but steadily melting, molding to her desires. She rocked against his hard cock causing the hem of her night shirt to rise up. The buttons on his fly were caressing her silk covered core. She managed to unfastened a couple of buttons of his fly with one hand and then slipped it in his pants. His name filled the room, and it only served to heighten his need to satisfy her, make her happy, to give her anything and everything she wanted. They were lost in each other when the constant clapping started which was easily ignored but the booming voice could not.

“Way to go Saaaaara, so I take it, this is basically a play by play of what happened in the smithy’s bedroom last night? No wonder you were both brain dead, not enough blood was getting up there, every drop was pooling down in the naughty parts.”

Michael staggered to his feet as Sara scolded Paul. “Yeah, take a picture and flag off.”

“Aww come on, I am praised one moment then severely dismissed the next.” His mocking tone was only annoying her more, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

“Yeah well I am a Tancredi remember? Its about “what have you done for me lately"!"

“Your father would be so proud.” Sara held back the growing desire to tackle Paul and gouge his eyes out but she knew she couldn’t do that, well not in front of witnesses.

“Why are you here Paul?”

“Oh just came to check how you were doing but I can see that you are well on your way to a full recovery.” Paul loved every opportunity to embarrass Sara since they rarely ever happened but as much as he loved to see her squirm, he loved seeing her happy.

“We haven’t been properly introduced. I am Paul, the future husband.” Paul couldn’t resist a final jab at her expense.

“He’s kidding.” Sara smacked him on the arm as she gave him a "You're Fucking Dead" look.

“I am Michael, the one she loves.”

“Oh Sara, you have found your match indeed. Well Michael, nice to meet you. Take care of our girl here but better than you did last night, deal? Or I will have to kill you.”

“I won’t fail again. I promise that.” Paul held out his hand and they shook hands solidifying their pact as Paul patted Michael’s back with the other.

“Well, I am going to get ready. I personally don’t want to witness the creation of your babies but if you don’t want Frank to know what’s going on, I suggest Michael gets out of here soon.”

“I know, thanks Paul.” As Paul exited Sara’s room, Sara went over and wrapped her arms around his waist and dug her head in his chest as his arms went around her.

“I’m sorry that Paul's such an ass but he’s a good guy.”

“It’s alright, the ass was there for you when I wasn’t so I can let it slide since I owe him one. Plus, it was probably good he showed up when he did, I let myself get carried away when you only wanted comfort. ”

“Michael, stop. You didn’t do anything wrong. I get lost in you too, it feels right and it’s the first time that I am doing exactly what I want.” Michael couldn’t breathe as he felt his heart grow to the size of his chest, he never felt this before, but was grateful that he did.

“I love you Sara. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” The gentle kiss betrayed the fury of lust that still lingered in his body but he knew that their time was up.

“I have to go. My dad is probably looking for me.” Sara frowned at the thought of him leaving but she knew he had to.

“Ok, but I will see at the ball right?” She held onto him tightly relishing the last moments of their time, the ball was only a short time away but it was enough time for her to miss him.

“Well if my dad doesn’t kill me first, but even he does, I think I would find a way to get there.”

“Well it’s going to be better to spend the whole night with you and not just our special time after.” She was his drug, he wanted to be with her every moment and he was glad to see that she felt the same way.

“What is the surprise anyways?” Sara beamed at the thought of her plans for after the ball, if everything went accordingly, it would be the one day she would remember for the rest of her life.

“Well if I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?” While glaring at her, he laughed when she batted her eyelids innocently at him.

“Ok, have it your way, for now. But I will be thinking about it until then.”

“Go ahead, so will I.” The sexy way she said that sent a delightful wave of heat all over his body and even though Michael knew that he wasn’t good enough for her, he was grateful to have her as long as she was willing.

“See you then, My Queen.”

“Until then, My King.”

With a final deep kiss goodbye, Michael shimmied down the balcony and back to his house. Sara was happy that she forgot her nightmare while he was here with her but now she was alone with the thoughts of what could have been. Sara quickly shook herself out of the dark place she was in and decided she wouldn’t allow that dark moment cloud over her life. She decided to learn from it and move on, even though it would be in the back of her mind for awhile, she couldn’t let the near miss taint her. She felt a weight lifted off her. Before the Ball was always an event of impending doom but now, for the first time, it would not only be a celebration but mark the moment that would change the rest of her life.


In a black carriage bathed in the new light of morning, a fiery red haired woman fidgeted with the buttons of her tan vest making sure that they were properly fastened and everything looking perfect. She loved her outfit, it was her “I’m fuckable and free from that prick” dress, it was all white and the tan vest brought the attention square on the girls who looked fabulous in with the sliming, form fitting cut of the dress. Hugging her body, it accentuated all the positives of her short but stacked body.

Doing a final look over and satisfied she looked like 7 million pounds, she picked up her scheduling book and reviewed the rest of her day. Nikki was a woman of schedules and lists, everything having a proper place and time and there was little or no deviation from that. She knew that her fetish of lists was always a point of contention with the men in her life since they hated them and always felt slaves to them. She loved them of course, they gave her a slice of control over the chaos that could be her life, so that is why they stayed and the men didn’t.

“James, hurry up a little babes, if we are late to Sara’s, my schedule will be right shit and we can’t have that.”

“Yes ma’am.”

As the carriage stopped in front of the doors of the Tancredi Castle, Nikki opened the door and flew out before the valet could open it for her, and efficiently made her way and knocked on the front door. Before it was fully opened, she passed by the tall gentlemen, thanking him as she left him holding both his mouth and door open. She swiftly made her way to Sara’s room and knocked on the door. When Sara opened the door she half expected it to be Katie, but before she could react, Nikki beat her to it.

“Hi babes, how are you? How goes the battle?”

“It was shit but good now. How are you?”

“Oh you know how it is, been hard dealing with the whole Nigel situation and did I tell you that twat still tried to get back with me saying that ugly cow he was shagging was his way of getting my attention and saving our relationship? Little shit actually told me that, daft prick!”

“I am so sorry Nik, but Nigel was complete and utter shit. He was all wrong for you. You love the bad boys but they are always well…bad and will break your heart.”

“I know hun, I am terminal. I want a lovely man but all I seem to attract are the bad boys but they are in my blood babes, I want the bad boy persona but in a good man but right there, it’s not going to happen, hence why I am doomed to be alone. Nikki, Queen of the Spinsters”

“No you won’t hun, I promise you are going to find the right guy for you. I know it.” Sara couldn’t wait to tell Nikki about introducing her to Paul, she knew that she would hit it off.

“Thanks babes. So, how are we with the whole Ball? Are we all to plan or do I have to rattle cages?”

“Oh I think we are getting there, the tablecloths came yesterday so did the other linens and place settings.”

“Did you get those exquisite ones that Michaela said were divine? I must see them because she said I would love similar ones for my birthday coming up in October.”

“Oh sure, they are in the guest bedroom down the hall, on the left. Here let me show you.”

“No, I’ll find it, you get out that setting chart, I want to know where I am at, its my first one and I want to see if I am going to be in a centralized spot.”

“Nikki I am not going to put you in the corner or something. I love that you were able to help me with all the planning stuff so I take care of my peeps but yes I shall let “Queen Nikki” have the final say of where she’s seated.” Sara laughed at Nikki and knew her friend was in the zone, the little tornado was in full force but she loved it, Sara was grateful to have met her new friend when she did.

“Nik, go down the hall, it should be the 6th, no 7th door.”

“Right, get on it and I will be back in a flash!” Nikki flew out of the room with a set itinerary, she needed to see those tablecloths before she told Michaela yes or no. Nikki had a million and one things on her mind and was too distracted by counting the right amount of doors that she’d forgotten which side Sara said the room was on.

“Shit! Was it left or right? Ahh sod it, what could it hurt?”

When she picked the door on the right, she flung the door open expecting to find a darken room but instead was blinded by natural light which wasn’t the only thing. Standing before her was the most perfect male specimen she had ever seen, clothed or naked, but she was glad that he was the latter. He was tall, built, wet and wonderfully naked, well half naked to be exact. He was caught mid-close with the towel around his waist when she came in.

At first, she could tell that he was surprised and scared when she barged in on him but when as he saw her flushed cheeks, he flashed the most beautiful smile she’d ever gazed on, she was suddenly very aware that he wasn’t the only one wet.

"Fuck me,” was the only thought her mind could process as she continued to stare at the body of the Adonis in front of her. She saw the trickles of water flow across his body and she imagined her tongue taking the same routes and when she followed the ones that rippled down his tight stomach maneuvering though the dark hairs of his chest and stomach along the way. Once it landed on the v of his hips, disappearing below the towel via the muscular canal, she knew she needed to get out of there before they had to call the police and arrest her for raping that man right then and there.

“Umm, I am so sexy...SORRY...sorry. I am such a daft bint that I went through the wrong door, so se..ahh..sorry.”

She trembled as she closed the door behind her before running back towards Sara’s room. She had never been so affected by a man, but she didn’t mind it. “Bloody hell, he’s fit as houses! Nigel can shag every cow on this planet, I want a piece of that!”


Paul didn’t know what to do, he was frozen in place, he couldn’t wrap his head around what just happened. One moment he was in the middle of his usual ritual, finishing his shower he dried himself before wrapping the towel around his waist so he could shave and just as he was wrapping the towel around his waist, a small surprise barged right in. She was a small little thing, five foot tall in heels was his guess, but she was a whole lot of woman in a small package.

Her hair was fire, red, a darker red than Sara’s, deeper, fuller. Her eyes were a piercing blue, clear like the Caribbean, pools of light endless and deep. Her lips were full and pouty, begging to be kissed. As he moved down her body, memorizing all he could of her petite frame, he couldn’t help notice her ample assets. “Fuck me,” was his only thought of the spectacular vision before him. “Killer boobs indeed.”

As he continued his way down her body, her curves and glory were all perfectly in proportion and very striking. He felt the simple stirrings of his body but once he heard her speak, he was fully aroused. The accent was something he definitely didn't expect but gladly accepted. Her flushed cheeks, heaving chest and sultry voice sent his mind into frenzy while thoughts of having her right there in the bathroom was all he thought about. His attraction to her was powerful, like nothing he felt before. But as soon as she came, she was gone, he wanted to run after her but since he was only in a towel it wasn’t the smartest thing but it didn’t stop him from getting dressed in record time hoping to catch up to her.

End Notes:

Yes i know..... forever a tease *snickers* but I can guarantee that there WILL BE NC-17 action soonish SOOOOOOOO... I am a tease but I eventually put out, LMAO!!

Since I have been inspired but some new album releases I am on a bit of a roll so hopefully that will translate into more updates but we shall see :) But more is coming! :D

Falling by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Here is an update before I leave for vacay. Enjoy!!

Her legs were jell-o, ready to give way at any moment, she wondered how she was still moving but finding a place of refuge was imperative. Nikki had never fallen victim to a man’s essence before, his pure aura. Of course when she got to know them, she knew what qualities spoke to her, that resonating pitch that called to her on a fundamental level, but this was completely different.

She didn’t know thing one about this man, not his name, who he was, what he did, nothing. Well almost nothing, she knew he was hung like a horse but that wasn’t the point. He was a blank slate, a ghost of a person yet she was ready to give herself to him completely, in that single moment her mind, body and heart were all on the same page.

“Insanity! BLOODY INSANITY THAT IS!!!!” She scolded herself, but nothing made a difference, she knew the logic was all wrong, but it did nothing to quench her need for him.

She prayed to the bloody holiest of fairy godmothers that Sara knew the Adonis talking a shower in that bathroom, she didn’t want to think about the possibilities if she didn’t. Her logical mind was gone, for the first time she was lost, uncertain in the chaos swirling around her.

When she took the only corner that stood in her way before Sara’s room she didn’t bother to check if others were coming, she just assumed that no one would be in her way but the solid object that knocked her back told her otherwise. She landed hard on her ass cursing up a storm at the shooting pain. When she realized what she bumped into, she instantly wished for a reprieve. King Tancredi. “Fuck all.”

“What the hell…,” Frank was instantly annoyed with whomever couldn’t walk down a hall without running into people and would instantly fire once he found out who the fuck they were but when he noticed the petite woman on the floor, he thought better of it. The first thing he noticed was her size able assets that were perfection in every detail. They were very ample and in perfect size for her figure, it had been awhile since he'd seen breasts of that caliber and instantly needed to adjust himself as he continued to stare her up and down. He noticed that her vest popped a button and the top of her dress shifted a bit showing far more than he expected.

“She looks familiar, please be a new wench.”

“My Dear, you must be more careful, you could have badly hurt yourself. Are you alright my dear lady? You look familiar, have I had the pleasure of meeting you before?”

Nikki noticed that the King was doing his best to give her diabetes, but she thought it was better than being an ornery bastard.

“Thank you, King Tancredi, I am fine. Yes, I am Sara’s friend Nikki, My Father is the ruler of Chesterfield. I am so sorry that I bumped into you, I guess I was too distracted to notice where I was going. The Daft Bint Strikes again.”

“Oh it’s quite alright my dear, you are young, the world is in constant motion for the generation of today, busy busy busy. Here let me help you up.”

“Thank you.” As she gave him her hand, she was forcefully brought up with too much strength and she crashed against him again but this time he held her firmly against him.

You are very welcome.” Nikki felt dirty, dirtier than she ever thought possible, she needed to get out of there quickly.

“Well I have to head back to Sara’s, she's going to worry about me if I don’t return.” She tried to move away be he kept her close, she couldn't believe he was this forward and inappropriate.

“Oh I am sure that Sara will wait for you my dear, I know I would.”

She tried again to pry herself from his grasp and when she finally did, she stepped back for more room.

“Thank you but…” Before she uttered another word, she felt something from behind push her forward, landing flat on her face.


Paul practically sprinted as he rounded the corner trying to catch up to his mystery woman, so much so that he didn’t see her before he plowed and landed right on top of her. As he got his bearings, he slowly devoured the sweet aroma that surrounded him and when he opened his eyes, he saw her hair, fire red.

“Oh please let it be her.”

As she turned her head, ready to breathe fire at the git who was another cog in the whole Universe’s Big “Fuck You” machine that was shitting all over today. She was ready to fight, spill out venom never known to human ears before but stopped cold when she saw his smarmy smile and his magnificent eyes, they were more beautiful close up than what she saw in the bathroom not too long ago. She saw the subtle hints of color mixed in making the loveliest shade of blue, they were periwinkle in the light. “Fuck me, Are my knickers still on?”

When she saw the intimate position of their bodies, she internally moaned as she closed her eyes memorizing the feel of him on top of her, this would have to be explored in the very near future, 2 seconds after getting rid of gramps there. “My knickers have officially melted.”

Paul supported as much of his weight as he could with his left hand but he couldn’t help but grip her hip with the right. Her ass was flush against him, the most tortured rapture in his life. He closed his eyes trying to will his body to stay dormant but it was like holding back the sea with a stick, it was impossible with her. “She’s trying to fucking kill me.”

Frank was unimpressed with their display, they were enjoying themselves way too much. His rage exploded inside him, he saw her first and hell if he was going to be out maneuvered by a fucking boy.

“You poor thing, here let me free you from those caddy hands.”

Paul registered Frank’s presence and was instantly set off, “this old motherfucker is asking for it.”

“Well they seem very capable to me.” Nikki breathed out while giving him a sly smile behind her.

Paul quickly quirked his eyebrow at her and starting laughing, she was his, it was just that simple.

“Come on my dear, let’s get you situated.”

Frank practically pulled Paul off Nikki tossing him over his body off to the side, making sure that Paul got the message to stay away.

“Paul, you need to be more careful. This lady has been through enough already. Are you alright my dear? Nothing broken or hurt? If so, I am sure I can make it better.”

“Gah, as if Gerry. Fucking Old Bugger!”
“No I am perfectly alright, nothing broken or hurt.”

“Well best to apologize just the same Paul.” Frank’s demeaning tone triggered Paul’s annoyance but he couldn’t say anything.

“You should apologize for rubbing all over her asshole.” “Of course, I am sorry…”

Paul gazed at her with an expectant look, and then it finally dawned on her what he was getting at.

“Nikki, my name is Nikki Krychek.”

“I am sorry Nikki, Nikki Krychek, so sorry that I crashed into you when you weren’t looking but maybe we can do it again sometime when you are.”

“Bloody Hell. He’s good.” She stood their lost in his eyes and smile, her body hummed.

“Well …”

“Paul, Paul Kellerman.”

“Oh bloody hell my initials would be the same if we got married and had babies.”

“Well Paul, Paul Kellerman, I think I will be on the look out from now on.”

Frank heard enough, he needed to put a stop to this.

“Well I am afraid those days are over Paul especially since you will be marrying Sara very soon.”

The words echoed in the new silence that surrounded them.
Nikki didn’t know what to think, he was going to marry Sara? What the hell? The pit of her stomach ached, the man of her dreams was going to marry someone else, but not just any random stranger, one of her friends. That was the end of that, the man of her dreams belonged to someone else. She hated the fates at that moment, she needed to run away, get out, be far away from him, forget him or at least try to. She hoped that this was the start of something fated but it wasn’t meant to be, not for her.

Paul glared at Frank, wanting to punch him square in his big mouth. He couldn’t say that they weren't getting married and deny everything he said because that would only cause trouble for Sara, he was caught in the middle of keeping Sara safe and losing the woman of his dreams. He saw the moment he lost her when she gave him a twisted look that could kill and then down at the floor. “Fuck that dirty ol’ man and the fucking horse he rode in on. I should have kicked his ass when I had the chance!”

“Well I have to be going, good day gentlemen.” Nikki wasted no time making her way to the staircase but before she got there she nearly crashed into Sara in the hallway. “Damn it! Can I walk 2 meters without bloody crashing into people?”

“Whoa, Nikki! Where have you been? Did you get lost?”

“Ummm… yeah babes… I did. I ... I .. just got lost.”

Nikki’s nervous twitching and lack of eye contact worried Sara as Nikki looked like she had a rough few minutes.

“Nikki what’s the matter? You don’t look good hun, what happened?”

Suddenly Paul screamed for Nikki down the hall, she couldn’t face them both, she had to leave. She didn’t even bother to answer Sara’s question, she just ran down the staircase before the river of tears started flowing.

“Nikki? NIKKI!!! WAIT!” Sara had no idea what was going on but she was going to get answers.

Nikki ran, she had no clue where to go but away from there was the only direction she cared about. With Sara hot on her heels, she needed to make quick work of where she was headed. She remembered the vast garden in the back, “good enough.”

When Paul caught up with Sara in the main floor foyer, he spun her around asking, “Where is she? Where is Nikki?”

“What? How do you know Nikki? I haven’t introduced you to her yet?”

“Well we got plenty acquainted but your asshole of a father ruined it.”

“Huh? Wait? What the hell happened? She goes off to look at tablecloths and all hell breaks loose, what did you do to her Paul?” Sara smacked Paul’s chest with her hand in order to get his attention and some answers.

Me? I didn’t do anything to her, although that thought had crossed my mind, but I didn’t do anything to her, your father did.”

“What did he do?” Sara was annoyed at Paul's lack of communication.

“Well we were lightly flirting and I thought we had a moment in the bathroom but then your dad had to be King Dick and told her that I was marrying you and that my wild days were behind me or something like that, asshole, that’s when she stormed off.”

“Fuck. Well I don’t know where she went, she’s small but she’s fucking quick, we have to find her, she’s in a bad state, I have to make sure she’s alright.” Sara was worried about Nikki and her urgency only escalated.

“Ok well we will split up, you go the west and I will take the east, hopefully we can find her .”

“Paul, why do you want to find her so bad? Do you like her?” Her quirked eyebrow and sly smile told Paul that he had to come clean since it was obvious he did.

“What? I mean…. Sure... Well you know me and red heads.” The slight hue of crimson painted his cheeks and Sara knew everything she needed to.

“OOOOOOOOh man … you are so one smitten kitten, look at you. You are blushing and a loss for words…. Paulie has it bad!” Sara was practically singing by the end of her sentence, annoying Paul with her teasing.

“Stop it. I just … want … I mean I wouldn’t mind if … you … know.” Paul couldn’t get the words out, he wanted to say them, he thought of everything that he wanted to do with Nikki and how he felt but saying it made it real and he wanted to say it to Nikki first in order to make sure that it was real for both of them.

“No, I don’t know … what?” Sara was jumping up and down in place as she was beaming with a huge smile.

“Fine! Fine you win. I like her ok! Well, I more than like her, I’ve fallen for her. It’s crazy, I know, but it’s real. I think she’s the one I was meant for. Once I saw her, I needed her to be mine.”

The honesty of his words shocked her since he never spoke about a woman like that. It was always, “she’s hot” or “she’s stacked” or “she’s a tomcat in the sack,” but nothing on this level of emotion and conviction. He was in love, utterly and truly, in a moment his life changed and would never be the same, but that was not a bad thing, it was perfect.

“Wow, I have never heard you talk like this before. You are in love, Paul. That is so great. I am happy for both of you.” She quickly wrapped her arms around him in the reassuring hug. Paul was grateful that Sara approved, the women in his life would get along with each other. “His women.” That thought made his soul soar, now he needed to find her.

“Well we have to fix this first because right now she probably thinks I am some womanizing creep for trying to get on her while marrying someone else. I can’t lose her, Sara.”

“We will find her, I promise. Now get going, she’s pumping those little legs like a mad woman, she’s probably half way to China by now.”

Sara gave Paul’s arm a light squeeze and turned to search his part of the castle but Sara thought of place to check, Sara could see her going there, because that would be the place she would go if her heart was broken.

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Talking it through by PBaddict4va
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Here is the latest chapter, thanks to everyone who had input in this chapter. Old Flannel, Kirsten2788, Nikki, Warriors Movie Reference ;) hehe

Hopefully 2010 has been only filled with awesome!



Nikki nestled in the dark bushes near the center of the gardens. They were close to a bench that was used to sit and observe the beauty all around, which she had done before but this time, she wanted to be lost, hidden away.

Her cries accompanied the sounds of the every day life of the gardens, the activity of birds singing and creatures of all manner of origin and design hard at work. In the distance she heard footsteps and plants displaced waiting to see if someone that was looking for her. She waited in anguished silence praying that they wouldn’t find her but she figured that it was only a matter of time before they did. When the footsteps got closer she huddled into a ball, wishing for invisibility. Before long, she heard her name being called out and her heart sank.

“NIKKI!!!!” Nikki could tell it was Sara and wished that she would give up her search but knew deep inside that was impossible and she wouldn’t stop until she found her.

“NIK I KNOW YOU ARE OUT HERE!!!” Sara direct tone only confirmed her determination to find her friend. Nikki remained silent, giving nothing away, staying within her own fortress of solitude.


“Like Hell I can’t” Her inner words echoing in her mind, two could play at this game and Nikki was determined to win the battle of wills.

Nikki’s heart raced as the eerie silence continued and only the faint stirrings of Sara searching for her, she wasn’t ready to explain what happened only moments ago, not yet. She tried to steady herself but nothing was working, she only felt the dread filling her heart. She wished that the sounds around her would cloak her in invisibility.


Sara’s high pitched squeals were complete torture and with the increased amplification of volume it only increased the annoyance that settled underneath her skin but was undeterred from her resolve to endure Sara’s cruel torture.


The back of her neck tingled as the horrid pitch of Sara’s voice teased her battled body. The effect was becoming too much and she feared that she could not withstand much more.


She was at the end of her rope, the torture was too much, especially after everything that she had gone through the last few minutes, she was done, she could take a lot but she already had more than enough.

“BLIMEY BABES SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Nikki ran her hand through her hair trying to calm her nerves.

“Muauahahahahaaa… I knew you couldn’t last. I knew you were back here. What’s up Nik? Why did you take off like that? What happened?” Sara sat next to Nikki and put her arm on Nikki’s back trying to comfort her, coaxing her to talk.

“Nothing important hun, I am alright.” Sara wasn’t convinced by Nikki’s lame attempt to pacify the situation but she wasn’t about to let her off the hook that easily.

“Bullshit, don’t give me that, I know you better than that. Spill it!” The determination in Sara’s eyes was all it took for Nikki to know that she wouldn’t escape as easily as she hoped. She let out a final deep breath and prayed she wouldn’t lose a dear friend.

“Well there was a little something, but I swear babes it was a complete accident.”

“What was?”

“When I was searching for the room to see the tablecloths well I forgot what side the room was on and when I opened the door I thought it was, I saw a man naked coming out of the shower. We flirted a bit but it was before I knew he was and I am sorry babes, I didn’t know Paul was your fiancé I didn’t even know you had one, but it doesn’t make it right. I am sorry Sara I hope you can forgive me babes.”

Sara only smiled as she saw Nikki’s shame before she put her head on her knees.

“Nik, there’s nothing to forgive, Paul is not my fiancé, although my father would love nothing else, we are just friends. In fact, I was going to set you up but I see that fate was ahead of me again.” Nikki couldn’t help but look up at Sara to make sure what she heard was actually right.

“What? You mean you are not a couple? You’re not getting married?”

“No, I don’t love Paul, well not in that way and plus I love Michael so it’s just a matter of time before my father has to accept that.” Nikki’s brain was stuck in first gear, slow moving barely grasping what Sara what saying beyond that Paul was not her fiancé and her heart began to flutter at the new life beating in her broken heart.

“Who’s Michael? You have been hiding him from me.”

“Well do you blame me? You will barge on him when he’s naked apparently.”
Nikki’s “Oh please…” look just made Sara laugh.

“No, I met him awhile ago but it’s been getting serious. I think he is the one for me.”

“Oh babes, that is wonderful. Just wonderful.” Nikki looked at the ground lost in the moment and all the day’s happenings, Sara saw Nikki was battered and needed a boost.

“I am totally going to tell Paul you called his thing little.” Sara snickered at the thought of Paul’s reaction if she told him that.

“I did not, and besides I would be an out right liar if I had, he’s very fit. Bloody hell, beyond fucking fit and well endowed. He’s one hell of a stallion”

“Oh man, well he certainly made an impression on you.”

“Like no one before babe, like never before.” Sara put her hand over Nikki’s hands that were fiddling on top of her knees.

“Well what are you doing hiding here? Best go find your fit man and see where it takes you.”

“Oh I don’t know about that hun, I think I have made a complete arse out of myself, I can only take so much.” Sara was unaccustomed seeing her friend so unsure of herself and tried to make her see that she was stronger than she was letting on.

“Oh come on, this is not you Nikolassa. You go guns blazing!!”

“Not today, today I want to hide and sulk.”

“Nikki, you are a Queen, through and through, but I think its also a little scary finding the one man that can have this hold over you because you love being in control, but love is love Nik. Love is losing control but gaining so much more.”

“That’s beautiful babes. Yes I know, but still scary to think about it and who knows how he feels, or if I am alone in this.” Sara leaned over and gave her friend a hug reassuring her that it would work out before pulling back and looking straight into her friend’s eyes.

“Nikki I can pretty much guarantee that he feels the same, you should have seen his tormented eyes pleading with me to find you so he could apologize and explain everything to you."

“But I still don’t know anything about him Sara, but here I am, ready to say sod it and attack him until he’s battered and bruised… well …at the very least chaffing and sore.” Sara could just picture Nikki attacking Paul and it only made her laugh harder.

“I love it! You are sooooo a smitten kitten hun. But what does your heart say?”

“It says to hold him and never let him go.”

“Well then, that’s your answer.” Nikki shook her head in protest, knowing that nothing was ever as easy as that, well not for her anyways.

“It’s not that simple Sara, sometimes it’s not always enough. We don’t live in a fairytale Sara, we live in the real world.”

“But at least you know. Give it a chance, you might be surprised.” The sincerity of Sara’s words warmed her heart and crumbled the wall that she had been putting up for the last few minutes and hoped she was right.

“Yes I suppose that’s true.”

“Of course it’s true, I am just that good.”

Sara playfully nudged her friend with her shoulder, happy that Nikki was making an effort to see the possibility of what could be.

“Well someone is cocky today.”

“Ahh well, maybe that is what love does to me.”

“Well it suit you babes, I have never seen you so happy.”

“Thanks Nik, I am happy. Come on, let go see where we can find Paul.”

As Sara moved to get up Nikki stayed sitting down with her eyes looking down at the ground. Sara lifted Nikki’s chin up making her look into her eyes.

“Trust him Nik, I know he would walk on water for you or drown trying, it will be ok.” Nikki knew that Sara was right, either way she would try because not trying at all was not something she was ready to do.


They slowly made their way to the main foyer of the castle when they saw Paul pacing back and forth running his hand through his hair with a pained look on his face. Sara cleared her throat to get his attention. When he looked up, he instantly changed his demeanor. He had a huge smile on his face when he saw Nikki with Sara. Relief washed over him freeing him from the worry and doubt of not finding her, unable to talk to her and explain himself.

“My lady, I am so glad that you are alright. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I am fine kind sir, but please call me Nikki.”

“Please it’s Paul, but you can call me Manly.”

His evil smirk and the brilliant twinkle in his periwinkle eyes melted her very core, why did she feel this connection on such a deep level? She felt insane, but it didn’t lessen the hunger she felt in the pit of her stomach, a hunger that could only be filled by him.

“Well from what I have seen so far, that is very true Manly”

“I thought you called his thing little.”


Sara began laughing as hard as she could since the look on both their faces was priceless.

“Oh that was sooooooooo worth it to see the look on your faces.”


The ding of the bell filled the store as Linc was cutting a slab of meat into quarter inch steaks. The shop had been slow all day and he was grateful to have a customer walk through the door. “Be with ya in a minute.”

Finishing the piece of meat he had before him he wiped his hands and turned around, finally seeing who was in his shop. He didn’t expect the person he saw in front of him with his hands buried in his pockets looking like a kicked little puppy.

“What’s up Mike? Something wrong? Its not Dad is it?”

A rush of panic hit Linc square in the chest as the countless reasons of why Michael would be there with a pained look on his face, silently praying that his father was alright.

“No, Dad is fine. I am fine. We are all good.” Linc quickly came around from behind the counter and slapped Michael behind the head.

“Geez Mike, give me a heart attack! Sammie would’ve kicked your ass if I died.”

“Owww, dramatic much! But I have no doubt that underneath that angel face bride of yours beats the heart of a killer if anything happened to you.”

Linc started to laugh at the visual of his bride going all crazy and beating down his little brother, which only made his heart flutter and his body shudder with a sudden aching need.

“So what’s up Mike?” Michael preparation was suddenly missing, as his well rehearsed questions were all muddled hoping he wouldn’t make a complete ass of himself.

“Umm… I need some advice … well maybe not advice … more like guidance.” Michael felt more exposed by the moment, it was not a good sign, and history dictated this would not end well. The last time he spoke to Linc about this serious of a topic it was about missing their mother, but knowing this was potentially more awkward.

“Guidance? From me? About what?” Linc was not used to Michael asking him for advice, rare was the time he opened up that way so he instantly recognized that it must be big.

“Women.” The response was so soft Linc was unsure if he heard Michael right.

“Women? Really?” Curiosity filled his mind, wondering where this conversation was going exactly but with Michael’s continued unease the bomb was yet to explode.

“Yeah.” Suddenly Linc worried about what mine field he was about to enter and made a last ditch attempt.

“Can’t you talk to Dad about this?” Michael gave Linc a “are you joking” look that answered the question straight away, there would be no easy way out.

“Ahh ok, well what do you need?”

“Well Sara and I have been getting serious and I think … well we were close to … you know … but I was wondering … you know… If … Ummm… how… ?”

Linc instantly felt the cold shiver down his spine as his stomach instantly dropped, this was the last conversation he wanted to have with his little brother but he always vowed to be there whenever he needed him but he never imagined this scenario.

“Uhh..” Linc nervously rocked back and forth scratching his head, trying to find the proper response amid the knowledge that his baby brother was coming to him for sex advice.

“Well… Mike…you stick your…ahh…in…. when a man and woman love each other, very much they get….”

“NO Linc. Not that. I don’t need a play by play that would permanently warp my fragile little mind. I am just wondering if there is a way… to … guarantee that it will be good? I mean for her, since my experience in that department is… well you know and I want to make her happy and I don’t want to screw it up.”

“Ahhhhh so you have come to the Major Don Juan of Casanovas to seek the great knowledge, well little grasshopper, you can try to take the lotus flower from my hand but let me first begin that the means of being a super lover has been passed down through your blood, you are destined to be a great lover that makes the ladies scream in ecstasy and quiver with satisfaction…”

“Linc… seriously…” Michael was getting annoyed at Linc’s continued levity, this was supposed to be a serious discussion and right now all he wanted to do was kick his brother’s ass.

“You are over thinking this Mikey that is your biggest flaw. You think and think and think things to death! You need to relax bro.”

“Easy for you to say Linc, but I don’t want to disappoint her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love her and I want to make her happy.”

“Well I am sure you make her happy Mike. Look Michael when you cross that final intimacy threshold with the person you love, it’s the most scary and exciting thing especially the first time. You are fumbling toward something you know is out there but not sure if you are heading the in right direction but you find a way.”

“I’m just worried…I…”

“Michael it will be fine. Sara is going to be just as nervous and worried as you are. Believe me, whenever this happens it will be ok because you love each other. There is always next time, rare is the time the first time is super amazing, and that is how they came up with the saying, Practice makes perfect, especially if you add some whipped cream in there...”

“I don’t know Linc what if...”

“Just go slow and listen to her, if you pay attention which you always do, she will tell you if it feels good or not, since it’s all about her and you will enjoy yourself either way. ”


“Just remember not to ram it home right away the first time and you will do fine. Ok Mike, just listen to her, actually that is just good basic advice in general all the time. Could have saved me a lot of hurt with Sammie if I just did that, but I got it, eventually. You will do fine Mikey, just trust yourself…she does.”

“Thanks Linc.”

“Anytime Mike.”

They heard Sammie thunder down the stairs into the store cussing up a storm in half gibberish, blaming Linc for his seed possessing her body and refusing to come out, just like its father. Sammie instantly stopped when she saw Lincoln was not alone, this conversation would have wait and she would have to wait and punish him …later. The pool of desire was gushing in her core, even though she was sick of sharing her body with the biggest baby known to man, she knew that she loved her husband and wanted him with every fiber of her being. Composing herself by directing the attention away from her naughty thoughts of taking some whip cream and covering him all over with it, attempting mindless conversation.

“What’s all this? A beefcake convention?”

“As if babe, you know I am all beefcake but Mike is more beef… muffin.”

In the Backseat by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

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Thank you to those who are still reading this! I appreciate it.


The ride back home was thick with silence, Nikki knew the expression deafening silence but she never experienced it until this moment. Paul and Nikki silently existed as they just sat in the back of her carriage, heading towards Nikki house and hadn’t spoken a word to each other since they got in over 10 minutes ago. She wanted to say something, anything but her fear held her and her tongue back.

“Wish he had my tongue.”

She shifted slightly, admonishing herself for having such thoughts involving a man that she hadn’t so much as spoken to, much less all the naughty things racing in her mind. In the silent moments that wrapped around them, she drank him in with her many senses each one setting off an array of instant reactions in her body but the one dominating the most was taste. She wanted to devour him, savor him, engraving him on her tongue memorizing the taste that belonged to him distinguishing above all others, especially in the dark, branding him to her. She felt weak and empowered in the same swirling moment, wanting to embed herself in a Paul shell but she held firm by the thinnest of threads. She wasn’t used to being this passive and submissive with a man she fancied but he did that to her, she hated it but it was something that no other man accomplished. She knew she was brazen, but she never apologized for that since that was who she was, direct and to the point, there wasn’t time to muck about. There was no time to waste on things that mattered, she always thought so but now she felt lost, rudderless in the vast sea with no one else around her.

When Paul offered taking her home, she instantly agreed but failed to realize the awkwardness that would ensue but the damage was done and there was no way of reversing it, so she sat there with nothing to say but thinking plenty. The endless mindless conversation starters came to mind, every cheesy pick up line, her favorite of which was, “You’re fit, lets fuck.” She snorted mentally laughing at the way she thought the line with a sultry tone, unable to deny how true the words were but still making it utterly wrong.

She was too lost in her own mind to see that Paul immediately looked at her with his eye brow quirked after he heard her snort. He didn’t think she realized what she had done but if she had, she didn’t much care from the look of it. He couldn’t help but find that adorable, she was so beautiful and mesmerizing that he was befuddled and lost on what to say or do. He never felt this lost talking to a woman, expressing what was on his mind, taking charge and going to the next logical step but she had that power over him, he was fucked. He desperately offered to take her home since he didn’t want her out of his sight after all they had been through, thinking that he could explain himself and put it in the proper light but now he didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t make him a stalker, stupid or some sexual deviant.

Paul just continued gazing at Nikki, enjoying the fact that she is oblivious to his all consuming eye fucking, which he was grateful for. He looked at her lips, mouth, profile, and her soft blue eyes that were deeper than his own. He loved her fire hair, staring at the thick silky sea, hypnotized by its flowing tendrils and the inviting pull to dive his hand in its soft depths yet resisting its alluring siren song. He visually surfed down her hair, traveling up and down each wave until he reached past her shoulder and continued his journey down her body. He couldn’t help but stop at her captivating mounds of flesh, relishing their symmetry, complementing her small frame. “Killer boobs.” He went further down her body enjoying the whole ride that was Nikki, only to be brought out of his evaluation from her continued coughing. When he looked up at her, he saw her quirked eyebrow with a not so pleasing face, the clear message that she was not amused. Knowing the best thing to do was a quick retreat, Paul quietly uttered a “Sorry” and looked out the window.

“Damn it! Can’t I go one minute without imagining ripping her clothes off and ravaging her 6 ways from Sunday?”

“Do you want a 10X12 or you want a poster size of my girls for your collection?”

Paul quickly turned to Nikki gauging if she was serious while deciphering her pissed off facade, he saw it was all for appearances, so best make a great show out of it.

“Poster size would be excellent, it certainly would help me visualize easier if they were close to actual size.”

The tone of his voice both aroused and annoyed her, she didn’t know what the hell what happening but this was not her, this was another person, the evil Nikki not the person she knew herself to be.

“You are a right smug bastard aren’t you? Probably used to women just throwing themselves at you, well I am one woman that won’t throw you her knickers so that she could get a free ride. No sir. I am a lady, not some porkies spouting tart that uses both pairs of lips like a merry go round.”

“What the fuck… I have no idea where you are getting these things but I never thought any of that. I don’t think…”

“And don’t you dare talk down to me, I know what time it is! I don’t need to be taught by the likes of you so if you just want a couple of rounds of “how’s your father,” you are looking in the wrong place.”

“Is that so? Well who said that I needed that from you since I can get it from any other woman apparently? Man whore and all that.” He was hurt, everything shouted that she wronged him and didn't know where else to go.

“Didn’t you?” Paul saw a kink in her armor and knew that this was the time to call her on her Queen McBossy ploy. He quickly leaned closer to her, noses almost touching as her eyes got big as saucers trying to guess what he would do next.

“I see you.” His gaze never waivered from her eyes, dedication of the single statement sent shivers down her spine, not from fear but the all too consuming heat of her body’s need for him.


“I . See. You.”

Each word hitting Nikki square in the chest, each one a single piercing blow of the truth that she resisted believing. No man ever saw the real Nikki, only glimpses but if he was right then she was truly fucked.

“You pillock. I have no idea what you think you see but…”

“I see every time I get closer to you, you do one… thing.”

Paul inched closer to her, pushing her limits but neither backed away, no one wanted to give in and show weakness, a verbal game of chicken waiting to see who flinched first.

“What thing?” Nikki wished she sounded more forceful but she only managed a shaky reply with the vortex of emotions raging inside her.

"That thing."


“You look at my eyes then you stare at my lips while licking yours. Every time I get closer to you, you have done that. So I can understand you coming on all shirty and everything but I know that you like me. Your words can say one thing but your body tells me the truth.”

“I don’t…”

Without thinking Paul pressed his lips hard onto Nikki’s, swallowing the next words on the verge of tumbling out. He devoured the sweetness of her lips, the delicate supple skin instantly making him hard. His cock screamed to be plunged inside no matter if it was contained in its clothed harness. She moaned as his tongue hastened her permission allowing him further inside, which she quickly gave as her own tongue dove into his, fighting for control. Nikki felt Paul’s cock hard against her, her body craved to be one with his, remembering his body naked and wet made her crave the same for her own. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt herself being pushed back against the side of the carriage. Paul’s hands touched her lightly at first but after the first few hesitant touches they got bolder, hungrier, starving for attention. He started at her waist and then quickly moved to squeeze her breast feeling her nipples harden at his touch above her dress. He gave them loving attention before moving his way down her body, further than Nikki expected, which she was both scared and grateful for. Paul went down the slope of her hips pinching her ass before continuing down before finding the hem of her dress that rode up to her knees.

She felt him go under her hem and traveled up her thigh, making her wild with anticipation. Her body was overwhelmed by what he did to her, he could make her do anything she was sure of it, all he needed to do was ask or take it, it made no difference, she was his to control. When she felt his fingers circle her clothed wet entrance, she allowed the beast inside to take over. Nikki wasted little time implementing her next move. With the speed rivaling a gazelle, she pushed him back with all the force she could muster, catching him off guard and he quickly found himself underneath her being eaten alive. “Take that you teasing sexy fucker.”

Paul felt the pressure of her body against him and it only caused him to ache more. His member grew harder as she continued rubbing against him, slowly devouring him. When the need for air was too much, Nikki released him for their kiss and quickly went down his neck, biting his sensitive skin with no remorse or hesitation. Paul felt Nikki’s hand work its way underneath his shirt, tickling the soft hairs that covered his chest and stomach. He groaned grabbing her ass tightly that made her hiss but effectively got her grinding further against him. She started kissing her way back up his neck and along his jaw. She felt his slight stubble against her tongue and lips before capturing his lips again. Nikki never imagined feeling this way with him, it felt safe and right. There was no hesitation, she didn’t feel like she needed permission to touch him, she just took everything she wanted and allowed him the same access. His touch was urgent but never clumsy, like he knew what she needed, wanted and liked. This was too much, she needed to stop this before letting things go any farther. Their heavy panting filled the back of the carriage as Nikki stopped kissing him and rested against his chest.

"Paul I can't."

He barely heard her voice over his heavy breathing but could only rub her back with his hand comforting her as best he could, but he worried what she meant exactly.

"Now or Us?"

She looked up at him, seeing the fear in his periwinkle eyes that called to her, knowing that he was the place where she wanted to be.

"Now." The relief in his eyes warmed her heart but only made it more difficult handling the warring sides of herself.

“Its not that I don’t want to, I just need time to get this all sorted in my head. I don’t just jump in without looking over things. It’s not how I work.” He looked down at her, seeing her conflict and could only reassure her as best he could.

“Well if that was any indication of how you work, then I am completely fine with it.” Paul happy flushed face almost weakened her will but Nikki remained strong.

“Yeah well when I am making my 3rd list of the day’s schedule we shall see if you are fine with it.”

“I think I will be, I just want to know you, to know what makes Nikki tick.”

“I thought you could see me already.” The smug in her voice made him laugh.

“Only parts, I want the whole package.”

“Funny, that was my thought too.”


Janet sat outside on her balcony over looking the garden and thoroughly enjoyed the drama that played right before her eyes. She saw her daughter’s friend Nikki running out to the garden in tears while trying to find a place to hide and debated doing something since she was obviously upset and distraught but then Sara followed her and tried some of the most brilliant and funny tactics of flushing her friend out of hiding. She heard the glee in her daughter’s voice when she finally found her and instantly felt her heart warm, witnessing your child in a moment and knowing that they are truly happy.

As the sounds of the nature flooded her surround once again, she continued thinking about what would happen in the coming days, the eventual sequence of events destined to play out if her husband had his way. She feared deep inside, there wasn’t much she could do to help her daughter, because like it or not, hard as they might, it still could be all for not. Yet, Janet was bound and determined to do something, she needed to protect her, that’s what mothers do, they protected their babies no matter what the predator, even if it meant going against her own husband. The faint moans in the next room left little doubt on what was going on, every time more of her heart died, replaced with bitterness and hate of each betrayal. The lump in her throat eventually subsided as her body eventually followed what the mind already accepted.

She wished she could leave, escape this hell but it was pointless. Escaping was the easy part, where would be more difficult. There was no place to go, her family was scattered all over the world, even though Janet knew that her sister would gladly take them in, it would still be pointless. Even if there they found a place of solace, she couldn’t leave Sara behind and Frank would never stop looking for them, sure he didn’t want them but it wouldn’t stop him from claiming them none the less. She saw Frank barging into her sister’s house destroying everything in his path searching for them, using anything and everything to his advantage. Regardless of scenario, she only felt the hopelessness of the whole situation wash over her. Endless upon endless nights plagued Janet since the first day that Sara begged her to stop Frank, trying to find a way out but finding the same dark corner every time. Would there ever be a solution? Even with all the wishing and hoping of a lifetime, it didn’t look like it, this wasn’t a fairy tale with a happy ending.


Nikki regretted her statement about waiting to sleep with Paul because she’d been the aggressor in the back seat the entire rest of the trip to her house. The more she kissed him the more it felt right and the more she wanted him. This man bewitched her to her very core, which wanted nothing more than to be wrapped around him in heavenly bliss, taking him in every way and claiming him as hers. He was hers that was it, nothing more than that, it was the inescapable truth.

As things escalated, Paul was worried that he pushed her into something too soon but he quickly learned that Nikki didn’t do anything she didn’t want to. She was a woman possessed, a feral beast whose wanton desires was its prime directive, and her singular focus was to claim this man. Greedy, yes that was the description that was coming constantly into his mind, she was a greedy little she beast that knew what she wanted and how to take it. He laughed against her eager lips and nipping kisses all along his jaw line and neck as her hands became ravenous, touching every inch of his skin that she could access.

When they arrived in front of Nikki’s castle, Nikki straddled his lap and continued her playful ministrations. Paul followed her lead as she yearned for more, teasing her legs with his finger tips and hiked up her skirt feeling more of her supple skin. She covered his lips completely creating desperate sucking sounds as she plunged her tongue inside him creating slick, sultry, ravenous kisses. She went down his neck and along his jaw line while continuing to work her way down as much as she was able in her position, discovering the other spots Paul loved to be touched

She continued to sway her hips against his aroused center, teasing him beyond what his mind could handle. She felt him grip her thighs tightly when she scraped her teeth against his neck before biting the sweet flesh at the base of his neck.

“You want to suck my blood?” He joked loving her eagerness and talent at finding what he liked.

“No, I want to suck something else.”

As she innocently rubbed their noses together belying her provocative words, he groaned, thrusting against her. Imagining her doing just that made him hungry for her, a desperate unrelenting urge, tingled his body with promise. He quickly put his hands on her cheeks bringing her to his lips, piercing her mouth with his stroking tongue. Their moans filled the carriage, making no mistake what was going on within its confines. Soon the need for air was too much and he rested his forehead against hers as they fought to catch their breaths.

“You are naughty aren’t you Nikki?” Her smirk was sexy and alluring and it only served to heighten his desire for her.

“Wouldn’t you like to know but I just know what I want, when I want it.”

The words were whispers against his lips before she continued her assault on them, creating more succulent friction, the heat building towards an inevitable flash over.

“I want you.”

Her words were desperate, but they were the same ones that echoed in his mind with even more intensity, he only grabbed her hips and brought them flush against his aching desire. Only thin barriers separated them merging together creating more slick heat, forcing them closer together.

“I want you too. Here?”

“No, my room.”

“Just show me the way.” His smile made her tingle all the more over her entire body as she felt another wave of heat cover her, drowning her in their lust.

“Just up the stairs, 4th door on your left. Hurry, I am about to rip your belt and zipper open and take you wherever we get to in about 1 minute!”

He groaned against her lips as she crashed against them, cupping him through his pants and making him wild with anticipation from all the words that she had uttered in the last few minutes. Paul knocked his foot against the side of the carriage signaling for the door to be opened and swiftly picked up the petite figure on his lap that was feather light and quickly maneuvering her easily out of the carriage, carrying her toward her room. No one else came near them but he wouldn’t have noticed anyway, the only thing in his world was Nikki, everything else was meaningless noise. He gripped her ass tightly as she squeezed her legs against his waist while peppering his neck with kisses and bites, urging him to hurry up. His legs were growing weak as his aching member was erect and ready. He quickly managed opening the door and stepped into a giant room decorated in lavish furnishings and elegant rugs but the only thing he wanted to find was the bed. It was easy spotting, it was giant compared to everything else, a huge elegant cherry four poster bed draped in black silk bed covers.

“Such a big bed for a tiny hobbit of a woman.”

He smirked at her, his blue eyes sparkling back at her.

“Oh I need a lot of room, what I lack in height I make up for in vigor, and besides when you lay down all the parts line up.”

She was a vixen, her words taunting him, exciting his body with every utterance.

“Woman, you are driving me crazy with that mouth of yours.”

“That’s not the half of it stud. You are about to find out just how crazy this mouth can make you.”

His desires never knew this level of intensity, every inch of his body screamed for her, to be touched by her, to be covered by her. He was suffocated by his need for her, there was nothing that he didn’t want to know about her, to do to her, making her completely his. His eyes were smoldering, the periwinkle that sparkled now was deep shades of midnight blue, she felt raw like she had already been undressed and fucked to oblivion before she hit the top of the bed. She got to her elbows and stared at him, standing in between her legs that dangled off the side of the bed looking at her as he took his shirt up over his head and got another glimpse of his solid masculine frame. She traveled up and down his chest visually, and enjoyed the flexing of his musculature when she heard him ask, “Are you sure this is what you want? This is more than just sex to me, I hope you know that. We can stop if you want to wait for later in our relationship for this. I will wait, however long. We don’t have to rush.”

She saw him breathe heavily while remaining focused on his burgeoning manhood. She lifted herself up, sitting in front of him as she brought him to her for a passionate kiss, her hands traveling the back of his neck, down his chest, teasing his flesh with feather touches all over his torso as she continued her way down until she lightly caressed his arousal. He groaned in her mouth gripping her hips, bringing her closer to him and trapping her hand in between them.

“Looks like someone is ready to come out and play.” The deep sultry tone of her voice sharpened his senses to a lethal point, dialed in on her and pounced.

All she felt was the rough weight of his body and being pushed down on the bed, his hands hungrily traveled up her legs and thighs pushing her dress up until she felt the cool air against her heated center as she faintly heard the last remnants of her underwear being ripped away. She felt his biting kisses against her neck as he rocked against her exposed core, gasping every time she felt him. She clawed his back, wanting nothing more to sheath him, making him relent to her desires.

“Tell me.”

He grunted against her ear, his heated panting breath caressing her ear and his hips rolled against her. Her mind was unable to scream what she wanted, vocalize all the things she needed him to do, experience by his design. In the end she kept it simple, exactly like his question.

“Fuck me raw.”

The hunger inside him erupted with her words, the throbbing need he felt was the same she echoed to him now. They were lost in the same vast ocean drowning in each others depths, holding on to each other. There was no more reason, logic, nothing only his need for her, wrapped around him in complete oneness. The oneness, not just physically but spiritually and mentally, creating the unique merging of a complete whole. Paul collapsed on her, kissing her with fervor as he worked off the final barriers left on their bodies. Their breathing was fast and shallow, their chests clashing with every breath, causing the heat to smother them. Paul’s lips instantly went towards her perfect breasts, he knew they would be magnificent but the reality far exceeded his expectations. He let his tongue circle her rosy nipple, as it instantly hardened under his slippery touch. He scrapped his teeth over in various directions before trapping it against his teeth, sucking it up into his mouth.

Nikki moaned as the rushing sensations swallowed her whole, rubbing against him, coating him in her essence. He growled as she rocked against him luring him deeper into her bliss, letting go of her nipple in the process making her whimper at the lost of his touch. His hungry eyes looked at her until their eyes met and he pinched her nipple right before his lips crashed back onto her lips in a soul crushing kiss. As he sucked her soul, he hitched up her legs up to his waist and nestled closer to her dripping core which wanted nothing more than to feel him as intimately as possible. She panted harder and harder with each tease of his heated cock against her, each time she readied herself for the delicious sensation that she imagined him creating inside her. She never thought this was possible a mere 3 hours ago, her life was completely different and now she was here, a life changing point of her life.

“Now Paul.” She pleaded for him to take her out of her misery, she wanted him and she wanted him now.

“Someone is very eager” His smirk made her boil over with emotion, she was on the razor’s edge, any movement deadly but she wouldn’t allow him to think that he could hold out on her. She instantly wrapped her hand around him. He growled as he held the bedding at either side of her head in a death grip.

“Seems that I’m not the only one, you are ready for prime time my dear Sir.”

He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at her proud smile and her glowing eyes and he was taken away by her stunning beauty, she was flush and her hair tussled but she was amazingly beautiful in that moment to him that he could no longer resist her pull on him.

“Well then I guess we need to get this show on the road my sweet Madame.”

Paul kissed her passionately as he slowly joined their bodies together. They both fed on each others moans that escaped their chests and when he was completely engulfed by her heated walls he looked into her dark blue eyes, “I am yours, forever.”

Her heart stopped then nearly exploded inside her chest, those words were spoken with such intensity that she was simply awestruck, a rare moment. She couldn’t speak, she only grabbed the nape of his neck and brought him forward to her lips, pouring all her feelings into that kiss, letting him know that she felt the same way. As she kissed him, he couldn’t resist moving, in and out in a torturous slow and easy rhythm. Her need for air along with the overwhelming feelings he evoked inside her and her body, gulping air into her lungs, drowning in the pleasure that she had not known before. She guided his lips to her neck as she held him there as she recovered matching their movements perfectly, creating exquisite heat.

He grunted every time he was wrapped in her warmth, feeling her respond to him with every stroke. Her sounds were loud and clear, she restrained nothing, giving him everything, making him swell with pride, wanting every sound of pleasure and ecstasy flowing from her. He pulled away from her neck gasping for breath, titling his head back and sucked in a huge breath, clearing his lungs while continuing to move within her as she gripped his flexing butt.

“God, Paul, fuck yes.”

Her words spurred him on as he continued, making sure that he filled her completely with every thrust.

“Fuck you are too good to be true Nikki.”

His pace became more hurried, restraint weakening as the explosion neared. He felt it, making his toes curl in anticipation, she drove him to the point of no return, he was on the edge, a feather’s touch away from oblivion but he had to wait to make sure that she relented to their joined bliss before he did and wished he had enough strength to carry it out. Paul started shaking from the exertion he put his body through, sweat covered every pore, but he was not alone. Both of their bodies were coated and dripping with sweat as they exerted all their energy to their coupling. He was weakening, he felt it, he saw the inevitable end which caused him to bite her, hastening her release and felt her react, causing his own release as she milked him thoroughly with every pulse. Paul collapsed onto Nikki, nestling himself at the base of her neck cradling her petite body in his arms.

“Babe, that was …fuck…amazing!” Nikki panted when she was able to form complete words after the most exhilarating orgasm of her life.

“You said it beautiful! I know it’s beyond late to ask this but what happened to waiting for the right time, needing to sort things out?” He snickered as he waited for her response.

“Whoopsie, did I say that? You must have heard me wrong Paul because that sounds sooo unlike me.”

She felt him laugh and kiss her neck so lovingly that she melted even more. She imagined waking up and going to bed every day and night like this and she felt the fire burn again from her heart all the way to her toes.


She hated visiting that castle, every time it was a new experience in tortuous hell. After each visit, she needed magic spas to help ease her pounding headaches from clenching her mouth shut all the time, biting her tongue or else she would be in the jail for murder which she would accept that fate, if it wasn’t for her daughter Miccy. Feeling Frank’s warm blood on her hands as it drained from his body was the subject of countless dreams but they all ended the same, her ecstatically happy but her sister asking her why?

Jennifer always questioned her older sister Janet’s decision staying with Frank for all these years, he was a hateful son of bitch that only made her sister cry and her niece a nervous wreck. Janet needed a good man, who treated her right and made her happy but then again so did she. Losing her husband Robert 6 years ago left her hallow inside, the darkness surrounded her and would have happily let it consume her except for her one light, her Miccy Moo. Her daughter was the only reason she was sane, watching her evolve into a beautiful, generous woman made her very proud and she couldn’t help see a lot of her father in her.

Jennifer met her husband when she was 6 and he was 9, a play date of a lifetime. He said that he always knew she was meant for him and were inseparable from that point on. They married when she was 18 and when they were settled, they tried for a baby and after some waiting they had a beautiful baby girl. Robert loved his little girl with all his heart and even cried when he saw her for the first time, Jen cherished that moment. Robert always said he was a ladies man when Jen asked him if he wished for a boy.

They always planned on having more children but life got in the way and Robert always reassured her that there was time but eventually time ran out. Losing him in a carriage accident was the worse thing she thought could happen in their lives but she was wrong, telling their little daughter that her father was never coming home was the worse thing she ever had to do. Looking in to her deep dark chocolate brown eyes as they pooled with tears that were never ending once she started letting them go, the endless sobs that they shared together, a pain that they would carry forever. Jen thought she would never recover but she did, for Miccy, she couldn’t lose her mother along with her father.

She tried to make her, then 11 year old, as happy as she could, nothing like it would be before but at least going forward, living life as best they knew how. Yet going with Janet was one thing that she always wanted but once she got there, she couldn’t get over the bitterness she felt. Robert was gone, a sweet, caring man that was a wonderful father and husband and there mocking her was Frank, the most evil sadistic bastard on this planet still walking around like the selfish mother fucker he was.

Every time she wished things were different, Frank being the one 6 feet under and Robert still alive, but no, evil always lived forever, she convinced herself and Frank continued proving it with every breath he uttered. She couldn’t hide her contempt of what Frank did, making her blood boil and her venom hit the mark most of the time but in return, Janet was always the victim standing in the middle when they went toe to toe which Jen regretted but it was beyond her control now.

“Mom, you ready to go to Aunt Janet’s? I have all my stuff ready for the ball.” Jen watched her daughter as she jumped on the bed as she packed her bags.

“Yes almost finished, I just need my shoes and we are ready to go.”

“I am so excited mom, it’s going to be the best ball ever, Sara said the band she got this year is totally awesome! She gave me the demo and I love it.” Jen saw the excitement in Miccy’s eyes and loved that she would have a great time at the ball.

“Well see, then you'll have a great time Miccy Moo.” Miccy instantly stopped her jumping and looked at her mother, speaking in a direct tone.

Mother, what I say about the ‘Miccy Moo’?” Jen tried hiding the smile on her face but she couldn’t, Miccy’s threat from the last time the “Miccy Moo” subject was addressed filled her thoughts.

“That you love it and miss me saying it every time?”

Miccy’s face was one of no nonsense displeasure waiting for her to give the correct answer as she crossed her arms and continued staring Jen down.

“Ok, ok … I promise I will try but you know it’s going to come out Miccy. I am sorry but those are the things you get used to. I can’t undo what I have done for 17 years. You are my baby and will be my baby until the day I die, you can be a 50 year old woman with bad posture, deaf in one ear but you will always be my baby. Tough break kid, its how it goes.” Jen heard Miccy mumble something under her breath but she put her arms at her side accepting her Miccy Moo fate.

“Hummpff, fine but try to control yourself in front of strangers mom.”

“Deal! Now go help your mother find her bright pink shoes, I feel like glowing in the dark this year.”

Rise and Shine by PBaddict4va
Author's Notes:

Hello All!! I hope that everyone is having a great start the New Year and hopefully 2011 is treating you right :) Another year brings another update :) Hopefully this year will be better update wise as well ;) But we shall see!


The penetrating sounds of birds chirping and the daily clamor of a new day brought her out of her slumber. Sara stretched out, awakening her body from a restful night of dreams, which had become more heated than usual. Her dreams were becoming all consuming, possessed by a singular thought, Michael. She smiled when she realized what day it was, the day. After weeks of planning everything, it was here at her finger tips, the ball and then her special surprise for Michael.

The anticipation of the moment filled her heart and made her soul sing song in unison, a decadent melody singularly just for him and only him. The excitement took her over and now the realization of surviving the last grueling hours until she saw him, seemed like a small price pay for the rest of her future, their future. Feeling the nervous energy coat her with every passing moment, she soon realized that with every second she stayed perfectly still, only worsened the itch underneath her skin. She sprang from the bed deciding to officially start the day, she still had the final preparations to oversee and confirm Nikki’s Pre-Party check list. She checked the clock and mentally counted the hours, 16 hours until their date and 10 hours until the beginning of the ball.

“Totally doable. I’m tough. I got this... Maybe.”

Sara went to the closet and saw her ball gown hanging on in the inside of the door, ready to be worn later that night. She had finalized the last touches of her dress only days before and loved how it had all came perfectly together. It was elegant and flattering, sculpting to her body like a glove, two perfect pieces uniting into one. The flicker of heat hit her stomach and rippled through her, she thought about how Michael would reaction upon seeing her and how she would react. The flicker of desire swirled inside her stomach and she shook her head clear, knowing that this was not the time to indulge such explicit thoughts. She wanted everything to be flawless, every detail but if she was honest with herself she only wanted one part to be completely perfect, the whole event could be catastrophe, the food terrible, no one showing up, the band double booking the day, anything was fair game but her time with Michael had to be perfect. She choked down the nauseating mixture of panic and elation, it was all confusing but she knew that it would pass, all she needed was Michael.

She jumped slightly at the knock on the door, “Come in,” she squeaked while staring at her gown.

Katie walked in with the final accessories for her dress and the ball.

“Morning Katie, it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?”

Katie just smiled at Sara as she jumped up and down slightly, “Yes miss, a glorious day for a party.”

Sara’s goofy smile said it all and Katie just laughed knowing exactly what the reason behind her elation was, “Ahh Young love.”

“It’s going to be a perfect day Katie, I can feel it. Every second of it of every moment will be perfect.”

“Oh child I know it will be, but there is still plenty to do before tonight that need to be dealt with and your aunt and cousin will be arriving this afternoon, so you have a lot to finish up before then.”

“Right, then lets get to it!” Sara stood up a little straighter and grabbed her agenda determined on getting everything done in time.


A loud knock at the door begrudgingly brought him out of another perfect Sara dream, he groaned at the realization that it was all indeed just a dream, an excellent one but a dream none the less. He couldn’t help think of what awaited him later that day, the ball….. finally. Michael had been waiting for this day for weeks, not only would his work be done but now, he was free to spend more time with Sara, well at least the opportunity of seeing her more, he knew that the King would try his best to stop that but he could work around that, “Where there is a will, there is a plan.”

Over the past weeks he had breathed, eaten and slept the King’s order, every muscle was tired and ached with all the intricate and exacting work each sword demanded but now he saw the finish line, Sara. His heart skipped a beat every time he thought of her name, the more benign of his body’s reaction to her, the other more obtrusive one was staring him in the face as the trickle of soft light made its way into his room. He laid back down releasing a frustrated groan, willing his body to return to normal but in the past few weeks, this had become his normal state more often than not. Another series of hard insistent knocking on the door signaled that he only had a few moments before the door was coming down.

“COME ON MICHAEL, this is not a day you can sleep in, we need to finish these last pieces before they come fetch them this afternoon. MOVE!!”

His father’s tone made sure there no room for error, so he reluctantly rolled out of bed and slapped on the first pieces of clothing that he found and made his way toward the kiln.

“Coming! Hold your horses”


A soft knock on the door confirmed that the day had begun. She let out a tired sigh before calling out for the person to enter the room. Another sleepless night, adding to the sickening pattern established during the last few days, eternal night bleeding into each interminable day without peace, without a single moment of tranquility. Her mind constantly kept thinking about her life, choices made and regrets realized. Janet didn’t know if she had the strength for today, but had little choice, the day was at hand and ready or not, whatever happened it would change the kingdom, forever. She felt like a fast forward button was being pushed for the day, going through the motions but feeling disconnected from everything and everyone around her. She wondered how her life became this void, and that only made her heart ache more at everything that weighed on her.

“My lady, your sister has confirmed that she will arrive before noon today.” The delicate young girl waited for her response but she was still processing the words spoken.

“Thank you Maricruz, let me know when they arrive. Make sure that everything is prepared for their arrival.” Janet smiled as best she could but knew it had no life behind it, no light, no feeling.

“Yes My Lady.” Maricruz grew more concerned about the Queen, every day brought a new level of worry. She saw the Queen slowly change into a darker and more hollow version of herself, more silent, more recluse. She reluctantly decided to stay quiet, at least for the moment.

As Maricruz made her way towards the door, Janet walked out to the balcony to gain some final moments of peace before the chaos of the day swirled them up.

“Give me strength.” She whispered in the wind as she clutched the banister.


The clack of the horses shoes against the cobble stones echoed in the air and Janet knew that her sister had finally arrived and of course right on time. She loved seeing her sister and niece, they were part of her but they rarely visited on the count of Frank’s foul attitude towards her little sister and her sister’s tenancy of giving it right back. She regretted how she allowed Frank to estrange her relationship with the one person that connected her with herself, to her youth, her life free and filled with love and happiness. Another flame of regret burned her throat dousing the flame as she swallowed down before she had a chance to cry. She missed her, she never let herself admit how much but with each minute passing closer to seeing her, the more the feeling washed over her. She waited at the platform before the final set of stairs for them to come inside the house.

Janet couldn’t help but smile as soon as they came through the threshold. It was her first true smile in days, she felt it. When their eyes connected it only took a moment for Janet to be in near tears at the sight of her baby sister.

“Janiebear, your favorite sister is here!!” Jennifer’s tone was boisterous and full of whimsy as it echoed in the castle and Janet felt her heart warm at her spirit.

“Well since you are my only sister, I guess technically you are correct.” Janet laughed as Jennifer gave her a hurt look as she started coming toward her for a hug.

“Technically schmechically… you know you love your baby sis.” Janet smiled right before the impact of Jennifer’s hug. She always gave excellently strong hugs, that crushed you and knocked the air out of you from all the love but this time it felt more powerful than ever which caught Janet off guard for a moment but she quickly adjusted.

“Well you are lucky that is true Jenny Bean.” They held each other for a minute before regretfully letting each other go. Janet gave her sister a weak smile knowing that her sister could see right through her. Just then she saw her niece, she was taken back at her maturity. She looked like a beautiful young woman, the child she remembered was gone. Her jaw dropped as she continued to look Miccy up and down.

“Miccy Moo you are all grown up, where’s the ankle biter that used to scream ‘Moo’ to everyone. You have grown up so fast but so very beautiful, just like your mom. Come here sweetheart.”

She felt Miccy shake her had back and forth as she went to hug her, “Humpf, well not that grown up if you are still calling me Miccy Moo.”

Janet laughed at Miccy’s sarcasm and looked over at Jennifer. She missed moments like this, enjoying it for what it was but also felt the pang in her heart that she shouldn’t have let moments like these fade.

“She is your daughter Jen.” Janet laughed as she went through her rolodex of Jen memories of her famous stubbornness.

Jen huffed out, “Yeah the 16 hours of labor proved that. She was gripping my insides as she popped out!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, we all know about the hours mom.” The sarcasm in Miccy’s voice dripped out for all to hear.

“See! THAT is what I get for pushing her out my once ravishing body.” Janet loved Jen's joking manner and instantly felt sad that it had been so long since they have laughed together.

Miccy just rolled her eyes and whispered, “Yeah yeah …whatever mother.”

“Aunt Janet, where’s Sara?”

Janet looked toward Miccy as she saw Jen put her hand on her forehead milking her struggle of child birth from the corner of her eye softly chuckling before answering, “She should be upstairs making the final preparations honey, go on up I know she will be very happy to see you.”

“Ok, later mom!” Miccy ran up the stairs quickly waving her hand, leaving the two sisters to wander to the garden to catch up.

End Notes:

Thank you to everyone that is still reading :) You make me happy beyond words! *more hugs*

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