Transcendence by angell cakes
Summary: Lifting my eyes to the sky, squeezing Sara's limp hand one more time, I breathe a sigh of relief, telling her silently I'd be by her side again soon before the shot rings out and blackens my world.
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This is dedicated to my dear friend kindy A.K.A VaughnsRobe. Thank you for helping me with this chapter, and the brainstorming. xox
Chapter 1-Black Purple and Red by angell cakes
Bodies. So many bodies lying still and lifeless like red splattered statues on the rain soaked ground. Looking up at the purple sky I let the rain wash over me. It's like the angels are crying for all the pain and suffering happening before my eyes.

I can see my brother fighting a Company agent. His son and my nephew lay dead – cold and lifeless on the ground not far away.

Another red statue.

It has happened so fast; one second we were cautiously talking to our mother, face to face for the first time after so many years thinking she was dead. The next thing we knew a man in a black suit was coming towards us, gun ready and loaded, aimed at us. My mother was shouting at him, ordering him to lower his weapon. It was the last words we heard from her before an explosion rang out in our ears. Then she was falling back, the bullet nestled deep in her head. The other suits seemed confused - that was clearly not part of their orders.

Linc was staring down at her, oblivious to the man coming closer as he mourned the woman she used to be. Before I could call out, tell him to move out of the way, L.J was suddenly at his side, pushing his father to safety. Another explosion rang out loudly in the eerily silent night. He looked stunned, confusion distorting his young face as he looked down at his chest, blood already soaking his shirt. I could only watch helplessly as he, too, falls to the ground and grows still. Still like a statue. Someone calls out his name and it takes a second to realize it had been me.

Everything happened so quickly after that. Linc had crawled over to his son, cradling his dead boy to his chest like he used to when he was little boy, his body heaving in sobs. It had gotten so loud after that, bullets were flying, people were shouting. I could see Don, Alex, and Gretchen scrambling for cover behind trees and cars, reaching for their own weapons. Sara was pulling on my hand, pleading with me to get down, to get out of the line of fire. Crouching behind a car I watched as chaos erupted around me; Linc was wrestling the suit for his gun, his eyes dead, only revenge on his mind. I knew how he was feeling and turned to the woman beside me.

She wasn't there. My heart speeds up as I search for her, calling her name. I spot her a few yards ahead of me. On her hands and knees she reaches for the statue's gun gripped limply in his hand. How'd she get there so fast, I wondered? Time was going faster then my mind could take in. My mind was unable able to process all the tragedy surrounding me.

She's making her way back to me with my hand slowly reaching up for hers when the bullet hits her. I could hear her gasp, sharp and quick. She had the same confused look on her face that L.J had as she looked down at the wound. Her mind struggled to comprehend the offending object that violated her body. She crumbles to her knees, looking up at me before falling on her back. I watched as she unsuccessfully attempted to stem the flow of blood that was already forming a puddle around her. This was not happening, I thought. It was a horrible nightmare. But no matter how many times I blinked, everything and everyone continued on around me, some living. Most dying. It was real.

I wanted to get to Sara to hold her, to ease her pain. I started to crawl towards her; she had seemed so far away. My fingers sunk into the ground as I pulled myself closer to her and brought my hand to my face, my reflexes still so slow. Everything was turning to mud, and I turned my face upward. It was raining - hard, and for the second time that day I wished for everything to stop, for the rain to wash away all the pain and violence. God must have been busy, or maybe he was smart enough to take off long ago. I finally made it to her side and gathered her up in my arms. I've only known her less then a year, but I fell in love with her almost instantly. She was my soul mate, my other half.

I had just enough time to tell her I loved her and that I'd be with her soon before she left me. Leaning down I brushed my lips over hers softly. I don't know if I cried, my face was already wet with rain. It was in that moment that I crumbled, in that moment everything became real, and sitting here, still holding her to me, I now realize that she had completed me. My whole life I was searching for a missing piece to my intricate puzzle, and just as I had finally found it, or her for that matter, I lost it just as quickly as the bullets whizzing by my head. I was supposed to protect her and I failed.

Blinking suddenly, my vision clears, the world coming limpid and focused again. The bloody statues littered the field, sinking slowly into the mud, slowly became people again, their blurred faces come into focus.

Gretchen has a knife sticking out of her abdomen, her face frozen in pain. Don is to her left, face down, his hair once blond now stained red. Alex is still gasping for his last few breaths to my right, reaching up for the sky. Maybe he sees the angels. T-Bag somehow managed to stay unscathed, hiding behind an old tree, pleading for his life, that he's on their side. Bastard.

Turning my head I catch sight of my brother. He's sitting beside L.J talking to him, two agents dead behind him. I don't understand why he bothers, he clearly can't hear him. All I can do is watch helplessly as he slowly lifts the gun to his temple, still holding tightly to L.J's hand. It's as if he can sense me watching him, like he can read my thoughts. His eyes are flat, holding no emotion except defeat. His face crumples in a sob as he turns away from me, not having the guts to look me in the eye as he pulls the trigger.

I know I should feel something, anything. Feel the pain of watching so many of my loved ones die in front of me. All I can feel is a numbness spreading through me. I don't know how long I've been sitting here before someone finds me. Sara is still lying in my lap. It can't be that long; her skin is still warm to my touch. I feel the cold steel press against the back of my head before he speaks.

'Still alive, huh Scofield? Think you can get out of this one too?'

Instead of feeling fear, I feel a warmth spread through my body, replacing the numb feeling.

'Think you can plead and manipulate your way out of this? C'mon let's hear it. I want to hear you beg for your life.' The man laughs cruelly behind me, pressing the gun harder into my skull.

'Kill me,' I hear myself say, much to his surprise,' I have nothing, no one left, please.. kill me.'

The man hesitates before laughing again, cocking the gun. Lifting my eyes to the sky, squeezing Sara's limp hand one more time, I breathe a sigh of relief, telling her silently I'd be by her side again soon before the shot rings out and blackens my world.


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