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The Jeep slowly pulled into Henry Pope’s driveway after a successful, thrilling mission to recover the tape. Lincoln held the tape in his hand securely as his mind raced with possibilities for their next move. Before the car came to a complete stop, Pope opened the passenger side car door and stepped out. As Pope quickly closed the door, he stared at Michael through the open window with an expectant glare. Michael took a deep breath, dreading what he had to do. He felt sick inside yet resigned to make good on his end of the deal: turn himself in.

As Michael left the car and walked slowly towards Pope, Lincoln and Sara exited the car from the back seat.

Lincoln loudly attempted to dissuade Michael from returning to the confinement and danger of prison. "You can't do this, Michael! There's no going back!"

Michael held out his arm as he walked away from the car, trying to calm his feisty brother. His turquoise eyes registered a deep sadness of leaving behind the people he loved.

Sara hung her head in desperation—how could this be happening? Why must she be separated from the first man she ever loved, yet again?

Michael reached Pope who asked, “Are you ready?”

Michael’s blue eyes were pleading as he responded, “Is it okay if I say goodbye to them?” Pope nodded, realizing the enormity of the situation for the three fugitives.