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Story Notes:

I hope somebody reads this message and I hope there is at least 1 person who reads this fic -except me-.
It's the first fanfic I've wrote and it's an alternate universe and a MISA-story. Michael and Lic are brothers and Sara is still the daughter of the governor, but all the rest is different. Sometimes I put some lyrics/music in the story, I hope you can appreciate that!

English isn't my first or second language, so I would like to say thank you to my 2 betareaders B and Jen! I hope you enjoy this story, please let me know what you guys think about it and please leave your comments (good and bad).

Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Elke alias MartiniBaby

Chapter 1: Say goodbye...twice


“Come on Linc… Linc? Lincoln! Come on bro, we have to go to work, you know that! I know you end up looking at girls in bikinis, but I call it rescuing people. Come on Linc! We’re running late!”

Ten minutes later, Lincoln still hadn’t appeared, and Michael was getting annoyed.
“Linc, I'm coming in, I’m going to drag you out of your bed and I’m bringing a pail of cold water with me…”

Michael lost his patience and flung open the bedroom door, before Lincoln could stop him. Lincoln had just enough time to cover his body and the body of the girl lying next to him.

“Oh gosh, sorry bro, I didn’t know you had company… again.”

Lincoln heard the annoyance in his voice, but he didn’t apologise. He just said: “I’m coming Mike, give me five minutes to say goodbye to…err, umm…maybe ten minutes, if I have to say goodbye twice …”

Michael frowned as he closed the door and walked to the kitchen, where he began to prepare breakfast: strong coffee for Linc, hot chocolate for himself and blueberry pancakes for both of them.

“What happened to the time when my big brother took care of me and I was the little brother? How times have changed,” Michael thought. It was the third day into their work vacation… and it was the second girl Linc had slept with…

Last year was no different.

Last year…that was the first time they had come. When Mike finished high school, they needed money to pay his entry fee for university, to study Structural Engineering. So Linc had decided they should work during the summer. They drove to several places on the coast and at the fourth they had both got jobs as lifeguards. They did it for almost two months, made lots of money… and Linc slept with lots of girls. Mike didn’t get it at all: his brother looked at a pretty girl, they talked about non important stuff, they got a drink and then they left to test Linc’s bed.

In the morning, same old story again and again: he asks Mike to give him just five or ten more minutes to say goodbye to the girl whose name he never knows. And the girls don’t even have a problem with the fact that it’s just for one night, maybe two. No tears, no heartbreaking, only “passionate love”, as Linc calls it…

Last year, during their stay, Mike kissed just one girl: Karen. He hadn’t had feelings for her, he just wanted to prove to Linc that he wasn’t gay. But Karen wanted more, she wanted love and Mike couldn’t give that to her ‘cause he wasn’t in love at all. The girl cried, she wrote him letters, over and over again, but he never replied. He felt terrible - terrible for hurting someone like that. He would never do that again, he promised himself. He would only say ‘I love you’ when he really meant it.

He would wait for that special girl and he would never hurt her.

This year, however, was no different; at least the girl part wasn’t different. But this year they would only spend one month here.
Mike finished his first year successfully and during the school year he had earned some money by working in a bar. So now, they went back for just a month.
This year, Linc made a promise: he would never take a girl home this time, he would behave like a nice guy and wouldn’t sleep with every girl at the beach.

But he only kept his promise one day…

Chapter End Notes:
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