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The second but last epilogue is up! This story is really finished now... Before Sara goes to the university, she spends the summer with her friends Nika, Veronica and Kathy. At the beach she meets Michael Socfield, who is a lifeguard, and his brother Linc. But there are also surf boys... are they good or are they evil... read it to find it out...

Rated: NC-17
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Agent Paul Kellerman, Brad Bellick, C-Note, Fernando Sucre, Frank Tancredi, Hector Avila, Jane Phillips, John Abruzzi, Lincoln Burrows, Lisa Rix, LJ Burrows, Maricruz Delgado, Michael Scofield, Nika Volek, Nurse Katie, Other, Sara Tancredi, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, Tweener, Veronica Donovan
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Jane, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Rape, Sexual Situations
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Published: June 26, 2007 Updated: February 27, 2008
Story Notes:

I hope somebody reads this message and I hope there is at least 1 person who reads this fic -except me-.
It's the first fanfic I've wrote and it's an alternate universe and a MISA-story. Michael and Lic are brothers and Sara is still the daughter of the governor, but all the rest is different. Sometimes I put some lyrics/music in the story, I hope you can appreciate that!

English isn't my first or second language, so I would like to say thank you to my 2 betareaders B and Jen! I hope you enjoy this story, please let me know what you guys think about it and please leave your comments (good and bad).

Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Elke alias MartiniBaby

1. Chapter 1: Say goodbye... twice by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (610 words)

2. Chapter 2: Writing letters to heaven by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (499 words)
Here you go! Thanks for al the kind reviews guys!

3. Chapter 3: Brother talk by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (692 words)
Chapter 3 and 4 aren't very long, but that changes when the 5th chapter arrives. I hope you like it... tell me what you think, I would like to know that!

4. Chapter 4: Stupid surf boys by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstar (682 words)
This will be the last short chapter, I promise that.
I will post the next one tomorrow I think, but I can't promise anything!

5. Chapter 5: The good kind by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1131 words)

This is the only chapter I can post today, maybe one more tomorrow or Sunday. It's a chapter with some music in it, hope you like that 'cause I'm planning to do that again...

Tell me what you think...


6. Chapter 6: I thought he really cared by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1092 words)
The last chapter without MISA-interaction... Please review!

7. Chapter 7: ‘I love red’ versus ‘Eyes blue like steel and deep as the sea’ by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1675 words)
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It feels like walking on clouds, with my head in the air, when I read them.
So please, keep on reviewing because it's nice there, in the air :-)

8. Chapter 8: Campfire at the beach by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1531 words)
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9. Chapter 9: One word by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2339 words)
Take your time to read this new chapter!
There is also some music in it, I hope you like it!

10. Chapter 10: No surname by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1005 words)

Hello guys!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story, for letting a kind review and for undergoing my torture with the cliffhangers. I don't want you to suffer anymore, so here is the cure for your pain! *I think I just saw a smile appear on your face, that makes me happy too*. The chapter isn't very long today, but I promise you all that it is just this once!

There was someone who emailed me to say that this story is getting better and better, and I just wanna say 'thank you' *big smile on my face, a huge grin actually* to you all. It's because of you all that I can write better and better! So I say it again 'thank you'.


I want to say a special 'thank you' to my betareader, who lives in the UK. Her name is Belinda and she is a wonderful person. She edites my story before I post it on the site, she makes sure that there are no mistakes (words, verbs, sense-construction,...) in this story anymore. So ~B~: I roll op my pants, fall down on my bare knees, kiss your feet and say 'thank you' 'thank you' 'thank you'.

Take the time to read it, and if you have time, please review it!

Bai guys, Elke alias MartiniBaby


PS Thank you too Mikoki, she told me how to take care of the lay-out! Thank you. She has a story on this site too: Waiting for absolution. Read this chapter first and than check her story.

11. Chapter 11: Be my guide by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1323 words)


It's a lovely day here in Belgium (Europe) and I'm in a great mood, and I wanna share that with you all. For all the people who read this: HAVE A GOOD DAY AND SMILE ALL DAY LONG (it doesn't cost a thing to smile!).

I'm sitting behind my screen with a huge grin on my face, with a twinkle in my eye and with my brand new summer dress on! Life is great, isn't it??? Ok, enough about me! Here is chapter 11!

12. Chapter 12: Surrounded by stars by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1836 words)

Here is the next chapter for today! I hope you have warm fuzzies all around when you've read it!

13. Chapter 13: I want more... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1223 words)

Previously on 'Life's an beach':

Michael Scofield takes Sara to his favourit spot in the dunes. He brought all kinds of food and they are having a very good time. When they decide to watch the starry sky, Sara uses Michael's chest as her human pillow. Michael is drifted in a hot dream with a hotter girl and Sara has the perfect wake-up move in her mind...


Please, the 13th chapter!
Please take your time to read it, and to review too... I would love that...


14. Chapter 14: Wrong action... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1408 words)

Hello guys,


I think I'm going to organize an audition or something, because there are a lot of (female) readers who want a hot goodnight kiss of Lifeguard Michael Scofield. He just called me and told me that it's fine for him, to do an audition, so please let me know when you want to come to it.

Please imagine the setting: Bradford beach... a hot an very sunny day... blue water that is not too cold... Michael Scofield removing his t-shirt, his boards hanging low on his hips, his muscular, tanned body... he walks you home... pins you against to front door... of you own beach house... perfect location for an audition I think...

But please... dry your mouth, you are slobbering (or drooling/dribbling -I don't know what the right word is to use here). Please stop hyperventilating or something like that, please read and review...

15. Chapter 15: Can I please stay tonight? by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1754 words)

Good morning everybody!

Welcome to the latest update of my story! I hope you are all having a good time, just like me! I'm spending the summer at Milwaukee, Bradford Beach and my roommates are Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, both a lifeguard! I don't think I need to tell you how great they look/are/taste ;-)

Please enjoy this (fluffy) chapter!

16. Chapter 16: Just forget the world by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2266 words)

Hello peeps!

This is a crucial chapter in my story, I hope you won't hate me after reading it... I really hope that...
So now, I'm going to beg you to read and review it, tell me honestly if you hate me/this chapter, but please, let me know too if you still like it...So let me know if I need to continue or if I just stop it right here and now...

Just read...

17. Chapter 17: Stay focused... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2146 words)

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Here is the new update for today. It's an extra long chapter, to please you all. But you need to do me a favor after reading this chappie (yeah, I'm here again with my begging): review. I don't know what it is lately, but less people let me know what they think about it. And please, I need your reviews to continue. If it sucks, please, tell me. But if you liked it, tell me too. And if you have any suggestions for this story, please tell it!

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18. Chapter 18: You have my heart by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1829 words)

Hello people from all over the world!

This is always the most difficult part of every chapter to write! Which words am I going to choose for the chapter notes, which one for the endnotes? Begging or no begging? No begging this time, I just hope you all let me know what you think of this :-)
It was hard to write, you know, this chapter. I almost cried writing it. So girls and boys, take a handkerchief -for the very sensitive readers take a towel- and expect to get know the most emotional side of Mister Lover lover Michael Scofield!

Elke x

19. Chapter 19: Six eyes by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1869 words)

A new character appears in this chapter! I hope you will like it, but if I am honest, you will all think this sucks!
After reading this chapter you will all think 'Run Michael, run!'.

I know, I am speaking Chinese! Just read the chapter and you will understand what I am talking about! Enjoy it!

20. Chapter 20: You don't fool me by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2480 words)
Sorry for the long waiting peeps, but the next chapter will be up tomorrow! Enjoy!

21. Chapter 21: Life's a beach... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2279 words)

Like I promised: here is the next chapter!
It's not -13page anymore, so I hope that the little boys and girls be nice and don't read it. To the grown-ups: don't expect this to be a hot and steamy chapter... I just think that there are some lines in that kids shouldn't read...

Please tell me what you think of it! Oh, and enjoy!
Elke x

22. Chapter 22: She wasn't that good after all by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1769 words)
Here you go again!

23. Chapter 23: You don't know anything about me by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2628 words)

First of all: sorry, truly madly deeply sorry for letting you wait sooooooo long. I punch myself right here and now in the face * aaaaahhhh god dam Elke, you hurt me... yourself...*. I am moved last weekend and it was so hectic, there are still some boxes, waiting to be unpacked by my and and didn't had an internet connection untill today! So here, boys and girls, is the next chapter!



24. Chapter 24: How to save a life by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2617 words)

Hello again!

After drinking a whole bottle of Martini on my own, somebody called me a MartiniBaby! Hihi, no no no that's not the truth! There is a Martini-advertising spot with a speaking bird. The parrot is in a hotelroom, where a hansom lady stays. When a butler brings a bottle of Martini, the lady starts to seduce the butler and the parrot is saying: 'Ooh Baby... Yeah Baby... Martini Baby'. So that's what my name means, if somebody ever wanted to know ;-) Pretty boring for you? Than go, and read the next chapter and tell me what you think about it!


PS I want to thanks my betareader ~B~ again, she is so good. She gives me good advice, corrects me when  am wrong, she encourages me to write more and more and that's good for you guys! Thanks ~B~!

Elke alias MartiniBaby1


25. Chapter 25: A supermodel and a princess by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2206 words)

Hello everybody!

I need to share 3 things with you, let me explain it before you contine reading! Oh maybe I have 4 things to share. Take a seat, grab something to eat and to drink, tell your kids/parents/hubby/boyfriend/... or whatever that's walking around, to leave you alone for awhile. You deserve some time alone, and this is the moment you can demand that time! Ok, 4 things to share with you:

- first of all: The moving in and out went very well, my internet connection is re-instated and I will be posting more frequently. Jep, you are reading this right, you don't need glasses or whatever you think you need: I am posting MORE frequently!

- secondly: Some of you knew that I suffored with serious healt problems. 3 months ago, the day before my 25th birthday, I faint away, and when I woke up, some time had past. My mum brought me to the hospital and before I knew it I was at intensive care, with a huge lung clutter. My parents and boyfriend were told that they needed to prepare themselves for the worst, but I fought back and here I am, alive and kicking. I spend some time in the hospital, and everything is going very well. But some weeks ago, my specialist told me that I wasn't allowed to have kids anymore, at least, that was his opinion. I cried and I prayed and Monday I went to another doctor, a professor, and she told me that there is no problem! Jiha, I can have kids!
*jumps in the air, waving with my hands above my head, my boyfriend is looking very suspicious again hihi* Sorry I needed to share that with you guys because I am so happy and I want to scream from the top of my lungs! JIHA! JIHA! JIHA! And because of that good news, I am posting the 26th chapter FRIDAY! jep, Friday as in the day after tomorrow! Ok, you can jump in the air now, wave your arms and smile! Oh and if you want to clap your hands, you are allowed to do that too! :-)

3rd: I played a role in Nikki's (alias Nscoop) story: Perfect Lies. It's a very good story, but expect Michael to be different! I had sex with him on an airplane, OMG, I am fainting away again, of all her fans and friends, she thought at me for having sex in the toilet of an airplane! *I am doing a victory dance again, smiling and grinning*

4th: I won't annoye you with something else: you can scroll down and read the next chapter! Enjoy! x

26. Chapter 26: Do you need some fresh air? by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2290 words)

No chapter notes, I am too scared to tell you anything, *my throat is so dry, from all the worrying* If you want to know why I feel how I feel now, read the next chappie and the end notes, and you will understand!


*Oh please God, Ghandi, Allah, Boedha, stand with me please* *looks at the blue sky, with my vowed hands* *swallow hard again*

27. Chapter 27: Have a little faith... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2576 words)

Hey peeps!

I'll let you wait long enough to find out what is going to happen so Sara.

There is a little warning: this chapter containts some violent and verbal parts...

Read and enjoy...

28. Chapter 28: Feelings of guilt by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2159 words)

Tetetetetetetetetetetetetetetete here is MartiniBaby with an .................................

Oh you don't want one? Good than I am gone! Bye!

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29. Chapter 29: Comforting hands versus terrible nightmares by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2633 words)

Bonjorno Principessa!
Goeie morgen iedereen!
Good morning, good night and good evening!
Bonjour tout le monde!
Hello hello!

I was checking this site for updates of my favourite stories and when none of my favourites has updated, I checked mine, and OMG, it's been an eternity since I have updated! So here peeps! Enjoy this update and let me know how you feel ;)


Elke alias MartiniBaby

30. Chapter 30: Two ‘first times’ by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1665 words)
No annoying chapter notes this time! Enjoy and make me feel loved... Or a little bit loved maybe... :-)

31. Chapter 31: Pacing a hole in the floor by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2499 words)

OK peeps, here is the next update!

How will Michael look like after his beautysleep? Will he have more penetrating blue eyes? Will his voice be more husky and hoarse? Will his lips be more swollen???

I know, hard to imagine that he looks even more beautiful then before! OK girls and boys; squeeze your legs together, I don't want you to get hot and bothered will reading my fic! Hihi!

Have fun! (with the MISA-action! Jep you hear it right, MISA MISA MISA action!)


32. Chapter 32: You have put me down so many times before by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2651 words)

No annoying chapter notes this time! Just read and enjoy!

Oh, sorry, I had something to say, it would me rude of me if I didn't say that: THANKS EVERYBODY! thank you loyal fans, new fans (alias lurkers or lookers: welcome in the review world, it's great here, much sun and love) and the onces that I don't know yet! thank you everybody for helping me in the top 10 of the most reviewed stories! Thanks for all the nice words of encouragement, thanks for all the stars, kisses and hugs!

 I give you all a big fat hug,  this beautiful star and a zillion of kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


33. Chapter 33: Swimming in an ocean of deep love -part 1- by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2031 words)

Nothing except this:

- the paragraph in italic : that's Sara's imagination that is playing tricks with her!

- read, enjoy, fainr, review: the order doesn't matter to me, just do it!

*smirks again*

Elke x

34. Chapter 34: Swimming in an ocean of deep love -part 2- by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1890 words)
No bullshit this time, just read and faint!

35. Chapter 35: I want someone to stay by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2490 words)

Hey everybody!

This chapter is dedicated to Sarah, a very very good friend of mine who stays in Congo for 1 year, and she is already gone since april... Jiha, the countdown has begon! Sarah, I hope you will read this! Hug and kiss elke x

Thanks for all the encouraging reviews, I think you all liked the 'hot' update, maybe this is one too... Nope, I don't want to give you fals hope, but it is an update, hot or not! Enjoy it!

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36. Chapter 36: Too late by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2374 words)

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I am back with an update in the hand! I hope you all read it and take your role as reader/reviewer serious!


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Oh, just this: please check this week the 'most recent' section, I have written a hot one two shot (I explain in my story why it's called a one two shot) but I can tell you this: I needed to squeeze my legs together while I was writing it, take an ice cold shower to cool down, I drippled while I was writing it and ok, my boyfriend was part of the discharge too... smirks! Oh but I didn't hear him complain... hihi too much information? Ok, just scroll down and read!

37. Chapter 37: It's raining cats and dogs... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2263 words)

Hey guys!

The one two hot MISA shot isn't up yet... so you can stop pressing the refresh button for a moment, just read the new update!

38. Chapter 38: Two letters, the same feeling by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2691 words)

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Thanks for all the encouraging reviews! I feel loved again... Thanks for all the new reviewers, for letting me know that you like my story, means the world to me! Hug for all of you!

You can expect an emotional chapter... be prepared peeps!

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39. Chapter 39: Just hold on to me, I hold on to you by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2628 words)

For all the ones that read and review the previous chapter: I roll up my pants, kneel down on the floor and bow for you! I appreciate the efforts you do to make me happy, so I give you something back: the next emotional chapter!

There is no hot MISA-action coming in the next 2 chapters, but there will be, eventually! But if you guys are dying to read hot MISA interaction, check out my one two hot MISA shot 'Kitchen encounter' and let hotness wash over you! (Lyn, please check it out and Elisabeth too, you will see why :))

Greetz elke!

40. Chapter 40: The smell of the one you love by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2695 words)

Hey peeps!

A small question: are you guys enjoying the new PB season? Or am I the only one that has double feelings every time she watches the show? I don't know why but I am a bit disappointed every time I see a new epi, I think the lack of action and the huge number of new characters is the cuase of that. Let me know what you think, and now read the next chapter!

Elke x

41. Chapter 41: Dead, rape and rage by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3796 words)

Hey peeps,

First of all: I bow my head in shame because of the long delay between the updates. I am slowing down the writing pace, I only write when I have enough time and feel the need to write, I just hope I have some fans left by now...

Second is a warning: this chapter contains sexual violence! It was hard to write this chapter, but on the other hand, it was the most easiest chapter to write and before I knew it, I had 4 pages and so I ended the chapter... Chapter 42 is now with my beta to be edited, I hope to post it at the end of the week!

Melke x

42. Chapter 42: Safe haven by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2529 words)

Hello hello girls and boys!

Melke is back in da house with an update under the arm! Do you want it? *smirks* Stop nodding at the screen, I can't see it girls :-)

Oh and for the ones that are actually interested in who I am: check out my biography and enjoy it!

Have fun!

43. Chapter 43: Jelly by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2482 words)

We are getting closer to chapter 44 (the hot one, remember) ... and closer to the end of this fic too...

44. Chapter 44: Undiscovered Michael Sco-field land by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2419 words)

Hey peeps,

I am sorry for the long delay between the chapters but my beta and I are very busy girls (staring at our Michael Scofield posters *wink*)! Now serious: this is the chapter I talked about a few weeks back, the 'hot' (keep in mind what Sara has been trough, this is not the kamasutra they are practising!) chapter you all have been waiting for. And to make you even more happy, the next one has some more hotness...and will be up next Wednesday! So keep your eyes open!

Oh and I wanted to welcome Sean, the 24 year old Michael Scofield look a like, living in Seatle, who recently joined the readingclub! Welcome Sean!

So peeps, enjoy the undiscovered Michael Sco-Fields *wink wink* (thanks Jacki!)


45. Chapter 45: Skin to skin by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2496 words)

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46. Chapter 46: Horny teenagers by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1934 words)

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I am very proud to introduce you all to *imagine some drumming, dimmed lights and some gigling, whispers in the audience* chapter 46, titled Horny teenagers.

*applause applause*

I bow for you all, my dearest readers, and wish you all a wonderful reading. We see each other after the show *wink wink* What you don't get it??? We see each other after the show *wink wink*

Oh god, I meant the review section, rolles eyes!

Greets, Melke Pumpkin!

47. Chapter 47: LLI by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3882 words)

Here it is, chapter 47. Prepare yourself to the long chapter 47: almost 4000 words. Take yourself a drink, a cookie or better take a Muffin, make yourself comfortable at the couch and enjoy!

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48. Chapter 48: There is still hope by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2872 words)

*Bow my head in shame* Sorry girls (and boys) for the long waiting... But here is chapter 48... Enjoy it!

49. Chapter 49: Best dorm mate ever! by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2021 words)

Hello hello!

A new 'Life's a beach' update is in da house! After this one, 2 more chapters and the epilogue left. *hands tissues to all the sad readers* *blows own nose* I know peeps, sad but true! But to cheer you up a bit: a nice picture! :) And use the tissue for the drooling ok? :)

50. Chapter 50: The question by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3199 words)

Melke is back in da house, with an update! *covers ears, all the readers are screaming so loud* Well, let's see if you still scream that loud afterwards *giggles nervously*

Ladies and gents, this is the chapter were I am so content and happy about. This is how I had written this chapter in my head, and when I reread it, it's just perfect... for me... But a professional opinion is adviced. So please, take your time to read it, and please review too...

After this one, 2 chapters left... *sobs silently*


51. Chapter 51: Crashing volcano’s by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2824 words)

I won't bother you with boring chapter notes, because this is the chapter where you are all have been waiting for soooooooooooooooooo long! Thanks for being so patient readers! You all deserve the award for most patient readers!

So here you go, oh and at the end of the chapter, there is a little *ahum* surpise waiting for all of you! *giggles nervously*

PS: To the reviews I haven't answered yet: I will do that tonight, I promise. Real life has been rather hectic! but I loved the reviews, thanks a lot ;D

52. Chapter 52: The horn by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2487 words)


I am here again, the last chapter before the epilogue! I hope you all like it, and a small review is always welcome, especially on this new years eve! I'll wish you all a Happy New Year and a splendid 2008! I hope 2008 will be one without dephts, but with special moments you will always remember and store in your heart! Now enjoy the update! The epilogue will be up at the end of this week, before Friday!

Melke -x-

53. Epilogue 1: I do by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1871 words)

*composes herself*

Well this is it girls and boys, this is the last, final chapter of my first fic ever! I never thought I would write 53 chapters... but I did! *grabs tissue and blows nose really hard -sorry for that-*

Six months ago I posted the first chapter of this fic, and now I'd reread that chapter, I can surely and proudly say that I became a better writer! The first chapters were just... bleep! Thanks for sticking with me, giving me this chance and thanks for everything! Thanks for all the reviews, nice words, shiny stars,... thanks for everything (I am a broken record I know)! A last but truly ment thank you, goes to B alias Bindi, for all the betaing and the work I gave her. You rock hun!

I hope to see you soon, I have a MISA-serie in mind, about the stolen misa moments in season 1 and what Fox could have added but didn't... And I have another AU-Misa fic in mind, and I start writing that next week... hope to see some readers there too!

Anyway, thanks for everything!

*Hugs, Melke with the teary eyes*

54. Epilogue 2: Whipped cream by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3701 words)

Hello my gorgeous readers,

As you all see, another epilogue is added. But this is really the last one. So this story is completely finished now, after this epi. I hope you all enjoy reading it, I tried to write a hot happy ending, and I would love to know if I succeeded...

WARNING: after reading this epilogue, you will never feel the same when you see a bottle of whipped cream... You are warned!

Read and enjoy!