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Summary: Michael and Sara are raising Lincoln's daughter Izzie along with their own family.

This sequel to Izzie's Dad focuses mainly on Izzie as she grows from a child to an adult and all the ups and downs that Michael and Sara face as she gets older.

Rated: R
Categories: Post-Escape, Alternate Universe Characters: Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, Original Character(s), Sara Tancredi
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Romance
Pairing: Michael and Sara
Warnings: Original Characters, Sexual Situations, Underage Sex
Challenges: None
Series: The Izzie Stories
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes
Word count: 188552 Read: 72870
Published: September 19, 2007 Updated: November 01, 2008

1. Big Sister by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5910 words)
If you're new to the Izzie universe I'd recommend at least reading the first chapter of the original which can be found HERE just so you can understand some of the backstory.

This story begins two years after the last chapter of Izzie's Dad.

2. It's a Girl Thing by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4733 words)

3. Making Plans by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5086 words)

4. Halloween by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5202 words)
You'll notice the rating has jumped up a couple letters. I wonder what that could mean? Also, you can thank commenter RDG for Michael's costume and I hope that you don't mind I poked fun at your typo as well. *g*

5. Intimi·dating by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4467 words)
Small reference to chapter 8 of the original Izzie in this chapter in case you're wondering about the promise Michael mentions.

6. Heart Breaker by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4081 words)
Sorry for the wait! Blame real life & a killer sinus infection!

7. Just Friends by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4472 words)

8. Thanksgiving by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (6578 words)
The first part of this could be a separate chapter but it ended up being too short so I tacked the next chapter onto it. Also, this chapter title is kinda lame in its simplicity. Heh.

9. Love & Tragedy by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5525 words)

10. The Mourning After by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3942 words)
Sorry for the delay. The holidays did a good job of stumping my creativity.

11. The Scare by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4640 words)
No doubt this will be a surprising chapter, well I hope so anyway. The kids are growing up and since they're getting older that means they're dealing with whole new problems and situations. Big thanks to Jen/pbswimmer for all her help and encouragement.

12. C2J: Part 1 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (6029 words)

13. C2J: Part 2 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (6804 words)
I should have said in the last chapter's notes that C2J stands for "Come to Jesus" - you can thank Jen/pbswimmer for that term ;)

14. Road Trip: Part 1 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5726 words)
Lots of Izzie/Logan action coming up in the next few chapters but the others will be around as well.

15. Road Trip: Part 2 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5649 words)
This might be the last chapter for a couple weeks since I'm going outta town the end of next week for my birthday and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post again before I leave.

16. Preparations by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5615 words)
Sorry for the long wait & thank you for your patience!

17. Big Night: Part 1 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (6663 words)

18. Big Night: Part 2 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (6361 words)
***This chapter contains scenes of underage sex between two consenting teens. The scenes in question are not graphic, more along the lines of the fic-equivalent to a 'tasteful fade to black'***

19. Boston: Part 1 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4987 words)
Finally a new update! Sorry for the delay but RL and a bunch of other stuff got in the way. I hope you like it!

I know the teens have been the main focus of the last few chapters but Michael, Sara & Lincoln will be back in the shuffle very soon.

20. Boston: Part 2 by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (7793 words)

21. Three Days Later by bnleah [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4925 words)
Thank you Jen/pbswimmer for your advice! I hope I did okay with that particular confrontation...

22. College Plans by bnleah [ - ] (4944 words)

23. Graduation, Congratulation, & Vacation by bnleah [ - ] (5174 words)
*edited to add picture links to the bottom of this chapter*

24. Virginia Beach by bnleah [ - ] (8770 words)
This chapter is insanely long so get comfy before you start reading it.

Alternative titles for this chapter included The Rule Breakers and Virginia is For Lovers. *g*

25. 310 Clark by bnleah [ - ] (5939 words)
This could have almost been two smaller chapters but I opted to keep them together as one. We're getting closer to the end of this story so I think you'll see that time is going to pass a little quicker between chapters. Thanks again to everyone who faithfully reads this story!!

26. Stressors by bnleah [ - ] (7378 words)

27. Wedding Day by bnleah [ - ] (7291 words)
Sorry this one took so long but I took a very nice mini-vacation and barely wrote a word during that time hence the delay.

This chapter features references to the very first chapter of Izzie's Dad which you can read here if you want a refresher.

28. Sickness & Health Redux by bnleah [ - ] (6188 words)
Title is a shout out to a chapter in the original Izzie's Dad. I should probably say a thank you to the Discovery Health channel because a show I saw on there gave me the inspiration for something in this chapter.

29. Father's Day by bnleah [ - ] (7398 words)

30. Movement by bnleah [ - ] (5683 words)

31. Have a Little Faith by bnleah [ - ] (6311 words)

32. Epilogue: Christmas with the Family by bnleah [ - ] (8288 words)

It took a whole month for me to post this and I apologize for that. This ended up being the hardest chapter I've ever written, not because of content but because I just wasn't ready to type the words 'The End'. This is the end however and I hope that you really enjoy it. Creating and writing in the Izzie universe has taken up a lot of my free time over the past two years and it's been a long, fun ride. Thank you to everyone who has ever read any of Izzie and/or Izzie 2. I truly appreciate everyone who has read and reviewed this story because it is 'my baby' and I am very proud of it. I hope that you enjoy this final chapter and I look forward to reading what you think!