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~~Alchemy: The scientific and spiritual art of transmuting metals and plants into valuable elixirs, from the Greek words to separate and to bring together~~  What forces shaped Michael, Lincoln, and Sara into the incredibly strong people they are today?  This story will explore the early developments of the Burrows and Tancredi families, beginning in 1975 and ending in Panama, post-escape.  The company will be there throughout the years, waiting to pounce...

I wanted to share this lovely banner that Julie (cutepoison) made for this story!

The Alchemist's Family

Rated: R
Categories: Post-Escape, Pre-Escape, Pre-Series, Alternate Universe Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Aldo Burrows, Brad Bellick, Caroline Reynolds, Fernando Sucre, Frank Tancredi, Henry Pope, Jane Phillips, Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield, Nurse Katie, Original Character(s), Sara Tancredi, Veronica Donovan
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Humor, Romance, Tragedy
Pairing: Lincoln and Jane, Lincoln and Veronica, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Rape, Sexual Situations, Work In Progress
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Published: January 03, 2008 Updated: December 27, 2008

1. To Separate by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2810 words)

The Alchemist’s Family

Hello PB Fans!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had several questions since I started my Prison Break obsession:

1) What were the circumstances forcing Aldo to leave his family, in order to protect them from the company?

2) With all of their resources, why didn’t the company find Christina, Lincoln, and Michael after Aldo left?

3) What was Sara’s childhood like?  At what point did Frank Tancredi become entangled in the company’s web?

4) Sara and Michael joke about having met before Fox River, but what if they really did?  How would that prior meeting affect their interactions?

5) How did Jane become involved in the anti-company?

6) And lastly, how did Michael, Lincoln, and Sara become the amazing characters they are in the series?

I figured that I would write a story exploring my own fictionalized answers to these questions.  Of course it will involve lots of detailed descriptions of Michael’s beautiful eyes, many references to mental health issues, meandering autopsies of character emotions, and delving into dysfunctional family dynamics (my favorite!)

There will be some MiSa action but it will not be the main thrust (hee hee) of the story, much like the story arc in Bad Blood into Good.

The story is based in canon but it will veer wildly into the wacky musings of my own version of events…somewhere between canon and AU; C-AU if you will. ;-)

Though the story is titled “The Alchemist’s Family”, there will be little discussion of chemistry after this first chapter, since Chemistry was my absolute worst subject in school!  (I must have been smoking crack when I decided on the title).  And if any of you are chemists, please suspend disbelief on the scientific parts!  Many thanks to Ina for helping beta the first chapter.

2. E.L.O. by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3958 words)

Beginning to explore the childhoods of our favorite characters... :)

3. Snap, Crackle, Pop by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2585 words)
Here's a peek at nerdy smarty-pants third-grade MiSa! :D

4. The Fundraiser by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3996 words)

5. Fire Drill by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3007 words)

I have chosen to spend a fair amount of time here on the families, since their inner workings fascinate me, but we will get to some action soon. :) 

6. Smoke by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3952 words)
Thanks to Juile (cutepoison) for her great 80's suggestions (parachute pants, Smurfs, etc.)  :)

7. Fire by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2717 words)
Like Elke reminded me, "Where there's smoke (Chapter 6), there's fire (Chapter 7)."  Enjoy!

8. Chemical Reaction by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3545 words)

9. Cancerous Company by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3924 words)

10. Goodbye by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4452 words)

I am so glad that season three has improved.  It still has not recaptured the PB magic in my opinion, but I enjoyed episodes 11 and 12 much more than the first 9.  How are you feeling about Season Three?  All they need to do is bring back Sara and they would have me at hello.

Sadly, this chapter is all about goodbyes :(  Elke (martinibaby) and Julie (cutepoison) inspired me to share some pictures of how I saw 8 year-old Michael and 7 year-old Sara:

Mini Michael

This is the actress Ashley Buccille, playing mini Sara.


11. CRS, 1947-1983 by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2937 words)

Michael and Lincoln

Dialogue and photo taken from English, Fitz, Percy.


12. Making a New Home by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2547 words)

Wow, I think this is my longest hiatus ever between posting chapters...a whole week and a half!  *gasp*

But I have a good excuse...last weekend I met up with two PB fans in real life!  That's right, Lorne and Amy and I hit the home of PB, Chicago, and had a fabulous time.  How awesome that people I met through Prison Break have become such lovely friends to me.  I feel very blessed.  They are a freaking riot too! 

We drooled over WM in some season one epis and then had a good laugh with Pete the cabbie, who gave me a hard time for drinking a Diet Coke en route to the Cheesecake Factory, which features the motherload of caloric entrees (not to mention the dessert, yum).  Pete also tried to marry me off to his Army stepson, so maybe there's some romantic hope for me yet.  If you read Swimming Against the Tide, you know how much I love men in uniforms!

I decided to write an update on the major characters in this chapter.  They're all struggling with their separation from each other. :(

Thanks for reading!  Jen

13. Bright Boys by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4474 words)

Hello my lovely readers!

This chapter focuses on Christina.  The company has had their way with her and her family, and the tough times continue, but there is also a shred of hope for her to begin healing.  I'm introducing two new characters based on our own Leah (bnleah) and Jacki (pbaddict4va); I hope they like their ficcy representations!  And thanks for Julie (cutepoison) for planting an idea about Marilyn the cat, hee hee.

14. The Dance by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3165 words)
Hey everyone!  This chapter is dedicated to Nikki (ncoop) :)

15. Metal Mouth by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3633 words)

Since I haven’t been updating this one as often, here is a little Recap: 

Christina and Aldo are living in an apartment next door to Leah and her two sons.  Christina is slowly healing from the rape with the help of psychologist Jacki, and is babysitting Leah’s boys. 

Aldo is keeping track of Jane but cannot locate his sons in foster care. Jane is in the wonderful foster home of Nikki and Adam Barrow.  She is being romanced by Bill Kim *shudders* though Paul Kellerman swooped in and crashed their date at the dance. 

In this chapter we will catch up with the brothers.  Thanks for reading!

16. Kimmy Kim Kim by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2391 words)

Hola!  It's been quite some time since I updated this one, but I haven't forgotten about it.  I'm still so freaking happy that Sara is coming back!  Yippeeeeeeee.  All is well with the PB world. 

We're turning back to Christina in this chapter (maybe the title should be Chrissy Chris Chris but I just enjoy taunting Bill Kim too much.  He has a very superfluous role in this chapter, actually) :)


17. Pershing Avenue by pbswimmer [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3180 words)

If you have not realized the content of this chapter from its title, allow me to give you a MAJOR SADNESS WARNING.

We will explore Michael's foster home experience.  Here is a picture of the lil' cutie:

Lil' Michael

*hoping that karma smites any person who treats children cruelly*

18. Extraction by pbswimmer [ - ] (3070 words)

Well I'm back for some more sadness with Aldo and Christina's family.  This chapter centers on Jane.  Here is a picture of a mature Jane; please use your imagination to picture her as an almost-seventeen year old:

Kristin Lehman, aka Jane

19. Extraction, Part Two by pbswimmer [ - ] (5787 words)

Thanks to Jacki, Anja, Elke, Riem, and Ina for encouraging me to keep up with this fic.  Because it has been eons since I updated, here’s a little recap:


Aldo just rescued seventeen year-old Jane from foster care after learning that her best friend Elizabeth Kim was the daughter of a company man.  Creepy Colonel Smith (the future general) had Jane in his clutches but Aldo helped her escape.  Jane was shocked to find out that Christina was still alive, and she did not react well at all.


Christina and Aldo are going crazy, not knowing the location of their two sons.  Fourteen year-old Lincoln is still in juvie, while nine year-old Michael is still living with mean Mr. Crews on Pershing Avenue, where we resume the story. 


*If real life is getting you down, you may wish to skip this chapter.  It’s kind of dark*


20. Fissure by pbswimmer [ - ] (3598 words)

Has it really been four months since I updated this story?  *sheepish grin*  I apologize for the long hiatus between chapters in this fic.  Thank you to Jacki, Ina, Elke, and Riem for encouraging me to continue.  Some recent events in season four have also motivated me to get back to this one, though I'm not sure how many chapters I will write here before I start a sequel to another story.  If you haven't seen episode 4.16 then I discourage you from reading the author notes at the end of this chapter as they contain spoilers for that epi.

If I still have readers left (*crosses fingers*), here’s a little recap:


Aldo first got Jane out of foster care once he discovered that Jane was involved with the Kim family (who is Company), and Jane didn’t take too kindly to finding out that Christina was indeed alive.  Discovering that Michael was in an abusive foster home, Aldo then rescued Michael. 


Currently Aldo is returning to Christina and Jane after killing Mr. Crews on Pershing Avenue and dropping off Michael at Children’s Services.  Christina is still dealing with the aftermath of being raped by Padman’s son, Jonah Krantz (I’m changing Colonel Smith to Colonel Krantz now that we know his real name).


Sara is back in Springfield with her state senator father and alcoholic ballerina mother.  We will be getting back to her story at some point.