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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thank you for reading this! The prologue is a short summary of LJ's promise without the details so we can start Looking for Answers.


After being released from Sona and securing LJ’s release, Michael disappeared for about 2 weeks. He spoke to Linc on the phone and via email but he never eluded to where he was or what he was doing. Almost every time he spoke to Linc in those two weeks, Linc told Michael that LJ desperately wanted to speak with him. The truth was, Michael wanted to talk to LJ too—or at least part of him did. He needed to hear about Sara’s final moments but he really believed that once he heard about it, he might not survive it.

As short as their relationship was, Michael truly loved Sara. Sara had captured his mind, his heart and his soul. It surprised everyone, especially Michael. It made sense in that she was beautiful and super intelligent but never was it part of his plan to fall in love at Fox River.

After returning to Chicago and talking to LJ, Michael’s desperation was much worse. He had to end his suffering or he knew it would destroy him. Michael’s sense of responsibility for Linc and LJ spurred him on to say “Goodbye” to Sara at the cemetery. In saying goodbye, he vowed to never ponder her memory again. He felt that he owed her that much. Knowing that he loved her but also caused her death was more than he could bear. So, after visiting the cemetery, he removed Sara, Sona, and Fox River from his mind. His LLI allowed him to do that.
Chapter End Notes:
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