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Alternate MiSa Universe all the way. As usual, Sara is late for work, and as she crosses the street -without looking-, a cycling music teacher, better know as our dearest Michael Scofield, must do all he can to avoid her. But the collision that follows will change their lives for good.

Rated: R
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Fernando Sucre, Frank Tancredi, Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield, Nurse Katie, Other, Sara Tancredi, Sofia Lugo, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, Veronica Donovan
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Published: January 11, 2008 Updated: July 19, 2009

1. Chapter 1: Pulling a Tancredi (part 1) by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3167 words)

Hello hello!

As you all can see, I am back! Martinibaby is back in da house with and Alternate MISA Universe! I promise that it's not going to be that long as 'Life's a beach' and that the angst will be... well let's say that I am not going to overload you with angst. Not overload, but there will be angst off course -giggles-. 'Angst is all you need', the Beatles once sang, right?

Thank Pbswimmer, for the betaing of this story! I bow for my master -^°-

Now enjoy all! And see you on the reviewside -hint-

2. Chapter 2: Pulling a Tancredi (part 2) by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3415 words)

He wonderful reviewers!

You guys are the best, you know that! All those amazing, brilliant, wonderful, make-me-blush reviews, I adore you all! A big 'thank you' to you all!

Here I am back with the second chapter of 'Collide'! The next update for the 'Stolen Moments' series is at my beta's as we speak -for the ones that are reading that one too-, so I hope to update that one too, hopefully soon!

And thanks again to the wonderful beta Pbswimmer aka Jeneral! And a colleague and I made a banner for this fic last week, if you want to see it, click here.

I hope this second chapter doesn't disappoint, if it does let me know!

Now, go, read and enjoy! *hugs*

3. Chapter 3: Mrs. Jennings by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3676 words)

Here is chapter 3!

Ooooooh wait my dear, just this: this is NOT the lunch date chapter I promised. I had planned that this part would be 500 words but instead, it turned out to be more than 3600... But I promise you, the next one will definitely be the lunch date, with a lot of... flirtations ok? *giggles*

Thanks to Pbswimmer for the amazing beta! She is the turbo beta!
And if anybody is interested in the banner my colleague and I made last week, you can check that out right HERE! Thanks Dieter, for the help! Oh, and thanks Foxriverinmate for the word sexercise, it's hers! *giggles*

Now go and enjoy reading it!

PS: I'll answer all the reviews later this weekend, sorry but it really was a hectic week!

4. Chapter 4: The Lunch Date by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3645 words)

Chapter for is in the house.

Thanks again to Pbswimmer for the turbo betaing!
And before you read it, THIS is how Michael looks in this chapter. BUT watch it on your own risk: "Warning - hotness ahead. Pad the area around you because you will be passing out!"

Now go and read!

5. Chapter 5: McCatchMe by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3893 words)

Just this: thanks again to Pbswimmer for the turbo editing, and for the suggestions you made. She made is more readable and interesting (read less boring) *huggles*

And remember: he is still looking like THIS. WARNING: look at the pic on your own risk! *g*

Oh and just this: part two of the stolen moments series is up too, if anybody is still interested in that!

6. Chapter 6: The Luckiest Accident Victim by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3558 words)
Hey gorgeous readers,

I won't excuse for the fact that I didn't update this fic last week, but I had a zillion of personal reasons for NOT to update. Reasons I don't feel the need to/have the energy for to explain. There is however one thing I would like to explain to you all, because it's something really important, for me that is.

When I was a kid -and that's been awhile- I never felt the need to write. When my teacher told me to write an essay or an article about a specific subject, I NEVER could come up with something interesting or creative. I was/am more the mathematic and sciences person. But last year, in may, when I came home for the hospital, I suddenly felt the huge need to start writing fan fiction myself.

‘Life's a beach' is the first real story I wrote, without being told by a teacher to do so. And I KNOW that fic wasn't that great. But read chapter one and read the epilogue and you will see how much I have grown as a writer *luckily*

What I am trying to say is: I am not very confident about me writing stories. And let confident be THE understatement of  2008! Believe me, I am not confident at all, not in real life and not in fanfiction life. But when it comes to writing fic's, I feel angsty and scared every time I post something new.

E V E R Y T I M E!

And it doesn't decrease with writing more fic's, in contrary, it only seems to increase... I really considered to stop writing fan fiction, but it seems like a primary need to open my laptop and write...

*swallows hard and lowers gaze while saying the next*

But you guys can help me with that, just by letting me know what you think of the update: like, dislike, suggestions, tips, hot pictures, a one word review or an extremely long review,... anything! Really A N Y T H I N G! Everything helps to feel MORE confident... SO this is where I, Elke, asks you extremely politely to let me know what you think of the update. And not only for today, or tomorrow, but for always... Please? *puppy look*

Let this be the last time I beg for feedback, and I really mean it. I will NEVER ask it again. I just hope that from now on, you guys KNOW how much I need the feedback to go on... *crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs, other limbs,...*

And please don't get me wrong: I DO LOVE all the reviews I got by now, god, I ADORE you guys for that! I really want to thank you who reviewed your ass off before and make me feel an itsy bitsy less confident: THANKS!

*hugs and sloppy kisses to show my appreciation*

And now it's time for chapter 6! Go read and enjoy!

*huggles, Elke*

Oh, and if someone is interested in how Michael looks in this chapter, check out THIS pic! But be warned, drooling is possible when you open it! *giggles*

7. Chapter 7: Mimosa by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3971 words)

I am not in a very talkative mood today (luckily for you), I have only 6 short things to say:

- Thanks for all the amazing feedback you guys left me after chapter 6. It warmed and still warms my heart. Thanks!

- A special thank you and big hug + sloppy kisses for Ms Showdown and Mikoki for being my saving angels when I was surrounded by darkness. I love you more than you two will ever know *huggles*

- Thanks Pbswimmer for the extremely quick beta and the superb suggestions and changing you made! You rock Swim!

- Thanks Merry, for the AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL banner you made for this fic. You guys can see the banner HERE.

- I posted a one shot (Linc/Sofia: A new start) and the second but last epilogue from Life's a beach today!

- I saw the movie 'Juno' and 'Step up 2' this week and god I loved both of them! Hilarious humour in Juno and amazing, breathtaking dances in Step up 2! And both with some romance... mmmm :)

Now, feel free to read and enjoy! *huggles*

8. Chapter 8: Mojitos and Muses by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (3318 words)

Hey friends!

I didn't plan to update today, but the begging from several friends, overloading me with sweet reviews and attached pictures, organising elections about when to post the next update... Well, all that convinced me to give you this Riley-Sara chapter.

I hope you guys don't hate me after reading the update, or throw tomatoes or eggs at me... But if you want to, feel free: I'm waiting right here, but please, just try to avoid my boobs, they already hurt a bit (PMS-related I guess...).

You should thank Pbswimmer for the turbo-beta and for making it readable. For any mistakes and boring paragraphes however, you should be with me: I'm the one to blame!

And just this: a PB friend added THIS MiSa-video to a review, because the song that is used in this vid is... 'Collide' from Howie Day. Please check it out, but be aware that you can cry while watching it (read: Elke cried while watching it).

Enough rambling, read the update please!

9. Chapter 9: No Way to Live, No Way to Love by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3850 words)


It's a sunny day in Belgium -where I live- so it's time to go out I think! But not before I updated this fic. I kinda had hoped I could update yesterday, but real life obligations forced me to stay away from the computer.

But here it is, the next chapter, I hope you all have fun with it *wiggles eyebrows*. Thanks again to Pbswimmer for making is readable and delete all the crap out of this update. Turbo Jen rocks! All mistakes however are still mine.

Just this: in the NEXT chapter, Sara will look like this:

I know, rather casual. And I've been looking for a rather casual picture of Mister Lover Lover himself, Wentworth Miller but I can't find a good casual picture. I want him to wear a casual, free time outfit. Something like: jeans,  a nice t-shirt and sweater instead of a shirt but I have the impression that Mr. Lover Lover always wears a shirt and he is a huge fan of chequered (is that the right word???) shirts...

Feel free to help me find a good picture...

*Huggles* and have a great weekend!

10. Chapter 10: You Are My Evening Star by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4456 words)


First of all I want to apologize for the delay. It's been awhile since I updated but I had my reasons. One of them is that I'm still recovering from the stomach flu... I had a really good bond with the toilet these past few days and it's hard to say goodbye...

Thanks again to Pbswimmer, for the turbo-beta!

Okay I'm sidetracking again. A few visuals for this chapter:

Veronica looks like this

Robin Tunney

And her husband is so hot when he looks like this...

Sara is adorable sexy when she is dressed like this *points downstairs*

And Mr. Lover Lover is god dam sexy if he looks this way:


Oops, sorry my mistake. I went last night to 27 dresses again, I know, the second time but I loved it even more this time and the man upstairs is the one to blame! but where were we? Oh yeah, Michael! Here we go!


Yeah I know, hot don't you think?! Thanks to all the ones that left me Wentworth pictures, I loved them all! *drools*

AN: I made a jump in time, 3 or 4 weeks. Michael and Sara have seen each other every Thursday on their weekly lunch date. They also call and text each other regularly. Sara is still with Riley (*hides*) and she thinks that they are doing a better job as a couple; but we all know that she is fooling herself, don't we?

11. Chapter 11: Bittersweet Symphony by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4887 words)

Ho ho ho (imitation of Santa Claus)!

Look what I have here gorgeous friends? Chapter 11 of Collide.

*hides it behind her back*

Oh no no no, not so fast. Before I give it to you, you have to check out my LJ to see some clips (I cite those clips in this chapter, it would make a bit more sense and it are hilarious clips so it's in your best interest to watch them. This is the link to my LJ, where you can find them: http://martinibaby1.livejournal.com/, scroll down to the post of March 24!

Pbswimmer has to be thanked for this chapter, because she did an extremely quick turbo beta again. Thanks Jen!

And if anyone missed the Stolen Misa Moments series, part III update, you can find it HERE!

And now, here you go, enjoy!

-huggles Elke-

Edited to add: I'm sorry, I probably won't update this week... too busy with work and real life....

12. Chapter 12: The Glue for a Shattered Heart by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (5206 words)

*lowers head in shame while typing my chapter notes*

I am so sorry, sorry for the delay in updating this one. After my trip to Budapest, I had so much renewed energy, energy I've spend at work, with my friends and family and I ignored the computer intentionally. And do you know what? It felt and still feels god damn good not to be controlled or obsessed by my laptop anymore, because lately, my social life was nihil, due to fanfiction and my PB-obsession. But I'm very proud of myself because I dare to say that I'm not that  obsessed aymore *proud*

Anyway, you aren't probably interested in my real life but you just want your fix. Just this:

- thanks Pbswimmer for the quick beta and the amazing suggestions you did! You rock!
- thanks Jacki, PBaddict4eva, for the help with the descriptions of Sucre's singing skills.
- thanks Showdown, for the help with the search for a perfect song for Michael to sing!
- thanks Mikoki, you are the personalification of craziness but woman, I adore every single bit of you!
- thanks Leikvin, for the incredible support these last few weeks!
- thanks Buttons, for the kickassincrediblefuckinglongbutohsoamazing review you left and the inspiration your reviews give me! The dress Sara wears is your input babe!
- thanks to ALL of you, because you waited so patiently, read 11 chapters with NO/ZERO/NIHIL sex... I promise it won't take 11 more chapters to come to that point of the fic you are all waiting for!

Wait, a few pictures for this chapter:

Sara looks like this!  Fernado Scure is mind blowing breathtaking kickass sexy when he looks this way! Oh and some more Sucre-eyecandy HERE! And last but not least: our beloved, piano playing Michael Scofield: HERE And stop looking at his crotch, you dirty girl :)

Now, go and read!

13. Chapter 13: Positive by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4081 words)

Hello Hello!

It's the old gal, MartiniBaby1, speaking here finally! Yeah I know, it's almost a month since I updated but here it is, the update you've all been waiting for. Since it's officically my birthday today -turned 26 on May 11 and don't feel my age at all- I thought it was time for an update. See it as a gift from me to you.

But I want at least one review from every reader in return, okay?! It is my birthday after all, you can't say no to that, don't ya?!

Thanks Pbswimmer for the amazing turbo beta and the song she wrote for this fic! You rock Jenita!

14. Chapter 14: My Light in the Darkness by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (4747 words)

*knocks knocks*

Hello *waves hand to anyone that opens the door, while a nervous giggle leaves my mouth*

Thank you all for the amazing reviews, b-day wishes, b-day emails, b-day cards,... You guys are the best! *is honest*

Here is the update. Jen did a lot of editing and made it so much better. She gave some great suggestions as usual and I won't ask to review for me, because I did a horrible job. But this time, please leave a review to thank Jen to make my crap into this piece of art.

Thanks Pbswimmer, you did a great job! *bows for the beta-master*

15. Chapter 15: Role Reversal by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (4369 words)


Chapter 15 is here... finally. Thanks for being so patiently and for overloading me with reviews. I love you all for doing that, so a truthful thank you to all of you.

This chapter is dedicated to two amazing people (but you're all amazing, remember that); Priscou because it was her birthday last week. This is some kind of b-day present for you, although I'm a few days too late. And this is for Bindi, because she betaed my paper for the congress I'm attending in less than a month. *getting nervous*

This chapter wouldn't be up so quickly without the amazing Pbswimmer who did a turbo-betaing again. Thanks sweetie!

PS I wrote a short one shot a week ago, called Trapped², which you can read HERE! Now go and read the Collide-update!

Hasta la proxima!

16. Chapter 16: Loss by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (5206 words)

Hey sweeties,

Except for one huge bump on my left leg, there's no sign anymore from the myserious skin disease (called the skin disease of Gibert) and I'm relieved. I'm sure that all your sweet words and stars made the bumps go away. So I'm very grateful that you made sure that I'm not a walking braille book anymore!

I wanted to thank you all for getting this fic into the top 10 of most reviewed stories, I'm a proud  girl. But I couldn't do it withouth the amazing beta Pbswimmer, without you, you, you ... *points to all of you* and all your amazing, heartwarming, breathtaking, hilarious and sweet reviews. Thanks sweeties!

Now, here is the next chapter,
hugs to all of you!

Ellebelle -x-

17. Chapter 17: Hold On To Yourself by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (5069 words)

Link to the newest PB promo, and you HAVE to see it, because THEY are in it, oh yeah Michael and Sara, together! squeeeeee!!!!!!

My dear sweeties,

I would like to thank all of you who kept their fingers crossed last Saturday while I was speaking or sent/reviewed/texted me to wish me good luck. I adore all of you, I really do. The presentation itself went well -not perfect, but well- and I got some positive feedback afterwards, which is always nice to hear. Now, I'm enjoying my two weeks holiday although the weather isn't with me. I need to spend most of the time inside -writing, reading, sleeping, watching movies,...- . So, here is the update I wrote this week; I hope another one is coming your way next week. Enjoy it cuties, although I have to WARN you: this chapter is rather DARK!

Maybe something to lighten the mood a bit to start? What about the season 4 promo they aired this week (thanks to Nika for the link). You can watch that promo WITH Sara in it -and her head isn't in a box this time- HERE. And if that doesn't satisfie you, check this out , but maybe you should check it out after you read the update, it's rather... well, it makes your senses and imagition/dreams about Wentworth Miller alive. Very alive. Oh well, make that very, very, very alive :)

A special thank you and sloppy kiss goes to our beloved and sexy showdown who knows why she is thanked for (if she didn't forget it already -snickers-). Love you! And an amazing sloppy kiss to Mikoki, whose company yesterday increased my womanly crush some more. Thanks for that you gorgeous friend with the cold toes -giggles-. Now, go and read and remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel...  And as usual, thanks Pbswimmer for the incredible beta!

18. Chapter 18: Need Versus Want by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (4299 words)

Hey chica's,

Sorry for the delay in updating, I feel a little bit like my friend Mikoki *giggles*, promising an update next week and taking 3 weeks to update eventually, but hey, it's here now so enjoy it. I have only one excuse, or make that two: I have been very lazy and ill... still am by the way.... So some pep talk would be appreciated...

Thanks Jen for the amazingly quick and perfect beta. hugs to all of you! Ellebelle -x-

ETA: Still feeling sick.... bah :(

19. Chapter 19: Regret by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (5646 words)

Good Friday everyone! *waves*

It's Friday night here -Belgium- and I wanted to give you all a present for the weekend. Here is the chapter you all have been waiting for... but it isn't the one I've promised you... I don't like the number 19 (20 is a much better number for MiSa to get together, don't ya think?) and this chapter would be massively long so I decided to cut it into two.

I counted the votes for Sara's dress and this is the final result: 20 persons voted.... 1 said she didn't mind.... 7 said that they'd wanted THIS picture, 12 preferred the other one. So, THIS is how Sara will look like during this chapter. I would love to thank all of you who are still reading and always take the time to leave me a review, I adore every one of you. *hugs*

Now, enjoy it -although I'm pretty sure that some of you will like to kill me afterwards- *hides under a rock again*

20. Chapter 20: Second Chance by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (6752 words)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii poezewoelewoefkes!!!

YES! THAT'S RIGHT! Not Elke, but Supermikey's in the house right now! BOOOHAAA!!!

Okay, don't know why I'm so hyper. I still haven't seen the latest eppie. It's almost half past one here, and I need to go to work in 5 hours, and I just barged in at my best friend's place, keeping her from going to bed, because I needed her internet and pooter to post this. Sorry, Eva!!! , ...

So, you see, no reason to be hyper and happy. But still I am. Maybe it's because I promised my girl Elke that I would post this, and apparently it's a chapter that will make you all VERY happy! I can't know, (cause I'm still at chapter 6 with the stupid asshole of a bf *feels Elke spank her from Italy*), but YOU, ladies and gents are in for some SERIOUS Misa treat!!!

So yes, knowing I will make YOU all happy (without having to do much! HA!), apparently makes me super-hyper as well!

And of course there's the fact that I have Elke's password for this site now, so I can start doing all sorts of indecent things in her name!!!!! *gets evil gleam in her eyes*


Anyhow, here's a word from our lovely friend too, written just before she started her road-trip to Italy!

Author's notes: Hey you crazy Pb-fans! I hope you are all enjoying the fresh start of the 4th season of PB, I had a blast watching the first two epi's with my dearest friend Mikoki. I even cried a little, but most of the time we squeeeed and screamed, holding on the each other with eyes big a sausages! Mikoki and I decided to not watch the premiere before we'd finished our update, so now, tell me who the most devoted writers are?!! This is posted by Mikoki btw, since Elke is enjoying her trip in the sunny Italy, doing nothing but hanging out and playing guitar hero...

I would like to thank Jen aka Pbswimmer for the amazing beta and the suggestions she always have for this chapter. *bows* Now, enjoy the update and see you on the other (review)side!

21. Chapter 21: Piano Loving by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (9571 words)


*grunts* I've posted this the first time but it disappeared somehow. Anyway, I'm going to make it quick since Leikvin, Marilyn, Nicole, Mieke, Priscou, Nynke,... are waiting for me to update. Just a few things:

- if someone is interested why I didn't update for so long, check out my LJ HERE. You will see why real life was such a bitch!

- thanks Jen for the amazing quick beta of this massively long smut chapter! Make sure that you guys have a bowl of cold water next to you or your partner to stradle after reading the update! because this is (smut+smutxsmut)² :) Because you guys waited for it for soooo long, so here it is! finally!

- for those of you who missed the stolen moments update, you can read that HERE. For those of you who have already read and reviewed it, thank YOU! Bindi and I will answer your reviews soon! *hugs*

- this is how Sara will look like in this chapter! And Michael will look like this:

- This chapter is dedicated to Nicole and you know why *hugs* and to Showdown, because I love her so much... more than she knows! Now go and read!

22. Chapter 22: People Always Leave... by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (4777 words)

Thank you all for the amazing feedback you gave me for the latest chapter. I hope you enjoy this one as well. Nothing really happens actually, it's an in-between-chapter and it gave me a hard time to write it...

Thanks to Jen for the amazing turbo beta, and this chapter is dedicated to Misafanatic who is visiting me and Mikoki later today and stays for a few days. Now enjoy!

23. Chapter 23: Beautiful Failure by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (4577 words)

The real chapter 'Beautiful Failure' is updated...

Thanks for all of you who supported me through these past few weeks and months that I classify under 'personal hell which I hope never to experience in my life again'. I know that I'm far from good... Hello?! I doubt that there will be one day I will feel healthy again, but still, feeling a little bit better is appreciated. I'm making babysteps forward in the right direction.

I have a good doctor and therapist who look out for me, I have the best friends, family and colleagues in the world and I regret that they will never read these words. I love you all. You, you, you. All of you. Thanks for the support girls, I'm not sure if I would still be fighting against this if it weren't for all of you. I don't want to scare you, and you don't need to be scared at all, but I thought about stopping to fight these past few months, stop taking my meds and see what destiny had in mind for me, but if it wasn't for the amazing Showdown aka Rikkepikke and her mental support, I would have given up. And I know Rikke, that you will never read this and that if you do read it, you will never believe me, but your text messages where always a light in the darkness. I couldn't have done it without a few others as well, so a special and big thank you to Leikvin/Ina, Mikoki/Mieke, Misafanatic/Pauline, Foxriverinmate/Mar for the amazingly strong friendship, (virtual) hugs, postcards, emails, quotes, cinemadates,trips we've planned... You guys make it worth living for... I love you girls and I'm crying right now, remembering all the things you did and will do for me. I know it's maybe not as big for you as it is for me, but it means the world to me! *hugs you tight*

And to end this melodramatic author's note: this chapter is dedicated to Nicole as a b-day present... sorry for being late but I tried to write faster, just for you girl. Hugs, and b-day kisses, elke xxx

A last but extra special thank you goes to Pbswimmer: thanks for the great, fast and perfect beta. This story would be rubbish without your help. Congrats on the 1000 and more reviews... 

Hello to all of you who read this...

I know I have been a bad writer the past few months. I don't update that regularly anymore and the quality of the update isn't always that great either -in my opinion-. I wasn't really sure if I would explain this, but I think you all have the right to know why the updadates aren't coming that frequently anymore.

Real work life has been hectic lately (last 2 months) and I'm speaking at an international conference in Barcelona in 10 days and until then, everything will be ever more hectic. I hate that, I have hardly time to answer emails (workrelated or private ones), am not able to chat with the people I chat daily with (sorry Tipou...)and it frustrates me. But I know it will not change until after the conference (November 29th).

Real health life has been a pain in the ass since the trip to Italy in September. I have been tested a lot lately, from bloodtests to scary braintests and I can't sleep. I really can't. You have to imagine a week where you only sleep 6 hours a night, and those 6 hours are interrupted twice, sometimes three or four times. You would be worn out, right? Well, I have been sleeping 6 or less hours a night not for just one week but for 3 months now, and I think you all understand when I say that I'm a mess. I hope you believe me... because it's the trust and nothing but the truth. 

The free time I have, I spend it on reading the Twilight books. I started reading the first one on October 29th, read that book twice because it was so good (the first time I read it so so fast, eager to find out what was going to happen that I sometimes skipped pages just to find out what happened), and then I read the second, the 3rd and now I'm reading Breaking Dawn, which I will finish this weekend. I know that I could write a chapter whenever I read, but thing is that reading those books was the only thing my brain could handle and that I was looking forward to. So I'm sorry that I spend my free time reading teen vampire love novels (but they are just so great and addictive...).

After Barcelona, I promise you to write updates more regularly, even if the health is still so bad, I don't care about it. You guys are so great for being so patient and I will do my best to post a chapter every 2 weeks. I promise to do my best to increase the quality and make it interesting again -sorry for the boring stuff in the last chapter-. 

So no update right now, but I promise on my own soul that there will be an update in the week after Barcelona (the week from December 1st). Thanks for those who have been sticking with me and I'm very sorry for the readers I've lost. I know I'm the one to blame, and not them...

Have a great weekend,

love, ELkex


24. Chapter 24: Surprise by MartiniBaby1 [ - ] (5401 words)

I'm writing this chapter on December, 21st and it's the third day of the Music for Life-action in Belgium.

*sees question marks all over her beautiful readers' face*

Let me explain what that means. Three radio presenters lock themselves in a house made of glass and they make music 24/24 (six days long), with no food (only water and nutrition drinks) and every song they play needs to be paid for. It's really amazing how everyone in the country organizes things, from old people to young kids, doing actions like Walk for Life, Run for Life, or just sing in their city and collect money... It touches me deeply that people do this, for the 3rd year that is now. At work, we're doing some things as well and we are going to the House of Glass on Monday, to donate our money.

I see that some of you are wondering why they are donating for... Well, every year they have a special theme where they donate money for and this year it's for fugitives (of war and violence) on the run (in the Congo, ...) and they concentrate mostly on women (and kids) on the run. Last year they collected 3 353 568 euro... for those living in the US... that's 4,669,341.84 dollars... Doesn't that give you goose bumps all over your body? That young and old collected that much money for the good cause... It makes me all emotional and excited... That is the kind of world I wanna live in for the rest of my days.

And since I'm updating this right now -when Music for Life is finished- I can say that this year we broke last year's record. € 3.503.246 will be spend on mothers on the run... that means a lot of mothers and kids, families,... will be helped which is amazing. Oh and I almost forgot to say that I was on the radio when we donated our money with the colleagues *is proud*

But enough emotional nonsense, you wanna read the update right? Well here it is, enjoy! Thanks Pbswimmer for the encouraging words and feedback. You are SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!

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Sara will look like Sarah Wayne Callies">this at the end of the chapter, but with her hair hanging in long, lose curls.

And Michael like Wentworth Miller">this, hot, don't you think?

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I found this picture on the www a few weeks ago; and I think it's so funny that I need to share it with you too. This is how a MiSa baby could have looked like if the writers didn't decide to remove that fuckinghotandsexy blue ink on Michael's chest. Hopefully we can see MiSa making some babies... finally *is hopeful and writes another fanletter to the Fox staff*


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Luckily there is fanfiction and great people like Marap who edited the last episodes and made this (http://homepage.mac.com/ianpage/Sites/rippledwings/rippledwingslivejournal/videos/michaelsara_happyending_med.mov) wonderful video. You see only happy moments -like it should have been- and you get happy feelings while watching it. This is the happy ending they should have had and this is the denial land I'm living in, for the rest of my days. So watch it peeps, it will make you feel better.

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