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Story Notes:
This is very AU and some of the characters might be a little different and their relationships with each other, but i will try to keep things as close to what we're used to. Lincoln is leading a team of good demons, all from the same dimension but all with different abilities. This was originally a story i was writing with original characters but i looked through it and thought it could work as a fan fiction. I just cant stop writing fan fics, i think i need help. lol.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This story might be a bit strange but i hope you enjoy reading it. i've definately got a problem, i cant stop writing fan fics, the season finished so im worried about withdrawal. only joking i'm not that crazy. lol. Please enjoy.

In an oblivious city, unaware of what really happens on its streets, two sides of demons are fighting a war. But what if one day there was a baby to be born, a boy who could stop all of the world going to hell? One day a child to save them, jumping through worlds until the time comes for that child to save mankind and his own kind. What lengths would good go to in order to preserve a world they have protected for centuries?


Darkness cloaked the city and the moon had shied from the world. The sky was a shield of blackness and the city was illuminated by the streetlights and neon lights of the buildings and shops. The air was still, silent and deafening, it held danger that snaked everywhere through the stiffness of the city.

A man fought off demons as he protected his wife and new born baby boy. They ran down an alley towards a point where they could open a portal. The demons outnumbered him but he fought as best as he could. His team appeared behind the demons and began fighting them to help Lisa escape with the baby. Lincoln swung his sword cutting the demons limbs trying to weaken them. Lisa held the baby tight as she chanted an incantation. She called for Lincoln and he threw a potion at the floor near where she had sat and a portal opened in front of them. Lisa had one last look at her husband as he fought off the demons. She ran into the portal and then was gone. Lincoln looked at the portal and saw one of his allies jump through it with a treacherous grin on his face. Lincoln ran to try to stop him but he was gone. He turned back to his fight as the sorcerer began closing the portal. The opposing sides clashed and their weapons flew. The sorcerer was wounded but he continued the closing of the portal.

The demons fled as their mission had failed. Little did they know that things were about to increase their chance at claiming the world.

Lincoln ran to the side of his sorcerer but he had died, but not before the portal had shut.

“This can’t happen, he is the only one who knows how to open and close this dimension!” Lincoln shouted.

“We will get them out, Lincoln,” Veronica said as she wiped her weapon clean.

“This battle was successful, we must prepare for the next,” Michael said as he collected dropped weapons.

“Hey, what are you doing down there, kid?” C Note said as he found one of their team cowering behind the bins in the alley way. He helped him up.

“You need to grow some balls, man,” C Note laughed.

“I trained you for this, Tweener,” Michael said.

“I - I’m sorry, it wont happen again,”

“No it wont,” Lincoln said looking him strictly in the eye with his own burning otherworldly blue eyes.

“I’ll work on finding someone to open that dimension again,” Veronica said.

“Veronica, we don’t even know what dimension we sent them to,” Lincoln replied and they all looked at him.

“What? We could have sent them to hell, Lincoln!” C Note yelled.

“And we probably did,” Michael said as he looked at the sorcerer lying on the ground. “Did he know where they went?”

“He told me that when a portal is opened it could lead to any place in existence,” Lincoln told them.

“Why did we not know this? You bare lied to our faces!” C Note yelled again.

“They had to go somewhere, where the Company could not find them,” Lincoln replied.

“He’s r-right, if they had not g-gone into the p-portal, we would all be dead,” Tweener stammered in his usual manner after a battle.

“How does that work?” C Note asked.

“Well, if the Company had chased us down this alley like they did and Lisa and LJ had no escape plan, all of us would have been killed and the demons would have your son on their side, thus initiating the destruction of the world,” Michael explained.

“We will get them back,” Veronica said again.

“I’m not so sure, we were betrayed, Theodore jumped through the portal after them,”

“He went to protect them,” C Note said.

“No, the way he looked at me indicated otherwise,” Lincoln replied.

“Lisa can handle herself well, she was one of the best fighters in our team,” Michael said.

“If Theodore tries anything, man, dudes dead already, Lisa was a killing machine,” C Note said.

“Thanks men,” Lincoln said. “Let’s get to work,”

They left the alley and the dead demons began to turn to liquid on the ground. The moon was shining brightly behind the clouds and the moon smiled a silvery glimmer of a smile as the team stepped out onto the shy streets of the city.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading, let me know if the idea is too out there, or if you want me to continue. Thanks  xXx