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Story Notes:

 There is no conspiracy except that against all of the rebels and the taking over of the whole city by the company, who are always looking for a way to bring the rebels down.

The city is split into two halfs, the half that the company is in control of and the half that the rebels and all others unwilling to obey the company have taken up living in. the rebel half of the city is chaotic and run down.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Reynolds and the company are very much present in this story and they have ultimate control of the city, except the rebel part.

Chapter 1: Supreme Ruler


He stood looking out over the city he used to love but had now come to hate. The people happily behaving like mindless slaves to Reynolds and her supreme rule. He stood, a rebel to her rule, her enemy and there were many of them. He felt a presence behind him but he knew it to be his older brother and he joined him at the edge of the buildings roof.

“We should get back, Reynolds wants our heads,” Lincoln said.

“Its already too late,” Michael muttered as he saw the unmistakeable cars pulling up by the building and Reynolds’ men had already seen them. They began shooting at them and they ran further onto the roof. Suddenly two fast planes, more like pods landed on the roof and a man got out of each dressed smartly in a suit. The brothers stopped to face them as they were stuck, they looked over the edge of the roof and saw a smaller building. They jumped down onto it and the agents followed, shooting at them. They hit another roof and then climbed down onto the road below. The agents were still close behind them and they ran until they came to a cliff and stood at its edge. They were trapped between the drop and the agents.

“Your finished, boys, just give up,” One of the men said. The brothers looked at each other and then back at the agents.

“Go screw yourself, Kellerman,” Lincoln said and the agents watched as the two men jumped off the edge of the cliff and plunged into the rough waters below. Kellerman and his partner ran to the edge but there was no sign of the brothers.

“They’re dead, no way could they survive that,” Daniel said.

“Stupid sons of bitches,” Kellerman muttered and they returned to their transportation.


Caroline Reynolds was sitting at her desk but she was not working she had partners around her and they all relaxed to a social drink. She was dressed in her deep navy robe that was flowing down to the ground and clung to her waist. The stress she was facing was evident on her brow despite this period of relaxation. She had a man rubbing her shoulders as she spoke to her men. The phone ran at her desk and she sighed.

“Work never stops,” She muttered.

“Not for a supreme ruler, madam,” One of her men said and she flashed him a smile as she answered the call.

“Madam, downtown is in uproar again,” the voice said.

“Listen, I don’t care what the lowlife’s do in their part of town as long as it doesn’t touch ours, you understand? Now just double up watchmen and soldiers on the border and keep the trouble out of this area, is that too hard to do, would you like me to send some help down to you?” She replied making the other person feel really small.
“No madam, I can manage it,”

“Good,” Caroline said and hung up. Her door opened and two of her agents walked in. “Now what?” She asked impatiently.

“Madam, we have some good news,” They said and her eyes widened intrigued. “The brothers, Burrows and Scofield, they’re dead,”

“What about the other rebels, did you find their base?”

“No madam but we’re working on it,”

“Good, now bring me the bodies,”

“Well we haven’t actually recovered their bodies, madam,” Kellerman said.

“What?” She asked in a cross tone.

“Well … they … jumped into the ocean,”

“You have no bodies, Paul, that means they are not dead!” She raised her voice.

“I assure you madam they are,”


The noise downtown rang out, the streets were a mess with people, rubbish and burning trash cans. The people sang and danced to loud music that bleared out from buildings and old car stereos. The night sky cloaked them and the flicker of the flames danced on the walls of the buildings and cast them in warm orange. The smell of decay was thick and increasing but these people were used to it and the smell of human waste was sickening. Smoke from fires floated around snaking through the street and around the people.

None of the buildings were secure and they were either drug dens or party houses, some were there for people to sleep in if they could find a space on the floor. There was a man asleep against the wall, he had more likely passed out as the partying continued. A fight broke out but that was the normal occurrence. There was one building that was reasonably secure and that was just because it was owned by John Abruzzi and he had many men to keep it out of bounds from the people. He was sat in a chair sitting back, he could hear the people outside, shouting, laughing, singing, fighting. He closed his eyes and put his head back listening to them all with a smile on his face.

There was an explosion as a car was blown to pieces and this was followed by cheers from the surrounding people. Some had been killed in the explosion but just another death had no impact on the people of this part of town as they continued to rave.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading yet another story i have written. lol. xXx