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Summary: Michael is trapped in Sona, leaving Lincoln and Sara to battle together for his freedom. Nothing is that simple however, and while desperately trying to come up with a plan to stay alive inside the walls of Sona until the day comes to break free, Michael, Sara and Lincoln are faced with obstacles and choices not easy to be made. While attempting to stay strong and sane, some damage seems to be done along the way. ;) Set right after my one-shot 'Again and Again and Again'.

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Rated: R
Categories: Post-Escape, Non-epilogue-compliant, Alternate Universe Characters: Jane Phillips, Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Michael Scofield, Original Character(s), Sara Tancredi
Genres: Angst, Family, Fluff, General, Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Jane, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Spoilers S1, Spoilers S2, Spoilers S3, Work In Progress
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Chapters: 26 Completed: No
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Published: March 21, 2008 Updated: August 05, 2011

1. One Week by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1535 words)
To understand some things mentioned in chapter 1, you may want to read my story 'Again and Again and Again' first.

However, it's not neccessary for the sake of the story.

2. Brother's Keeper by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2101 words)
Chapter 2 - Brother's Keeper

3. Half Filled Glass by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2095 words)

4. 5 Stages of Grief by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3341 words)
This one is a bit longer, maybe to prepare you for a possible longer wait until the next chappie is up. Read and enjoy.

5. The Message by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2679 words)

6. Copper and Pipes by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3907 words)
Ok, finally (!) I got the time to do some writing and as a result, here I give you the next chapter. I made it somewhat longer than the others, but it was a natural thing to do as I was going along with writing it, anyway, hope you will enjoy it still. Oh and don’t pretend otherwise, I know some of you, addicted freaks. ;)
I also wanted to thank all you wonderful people who read as well as those who review, you give me inspiration to write even if I fall down on my nose from exhaustion.
But enough of me now, Gimme some Michael/Sara! Hehe, so here goes…

The biggest thanks to Elle a.k.a ls_silence for doing the beta as well as those wonderful suggestions and changes, honey, you surely deserve all that money I am not paying you! So I am afraid a simple but honest thank you will have to do! You made the most marvelous job and definitely made this chapter a far better one that it actually was in the beginning. :)

7. Left and right Pocket by lizparker6 [ - ] (3786 words)
Aaand another chapter, took me a while to post, but you know, RL can be a real b**** on time. However, here we go again. Many thanks to Elle for doing the betta, all the remaining mistakes are mine. Have fun reading.

8. Call Waiting by lizparker6 [ - ] (3199 words)

9. Glass of Scotch by lizparker6 [ - ] (2573 words)

10. Safe House by lizparker6 [ - ] (4186 words)
So here is the new chapter of Fence Talks. I know that it’s a rather quick update, but I had some spare time. :) Hope you won’t mind. ;) I’ve been really enjoying writing it and hope you guys like it, because for some reason, I developed a soft spot for this chapter.
Anyway, have fun reading!
Again, thank you for the beta to elle aka ls_silence. :)

11. Pieces of my mind by lizparker6 [ - ] (3502 words)

12. Umbilical Bond by lizparker6 [ - ] (3430 words)
So you guys. It’s almost 2am in the morning and in a couple of hours, I am flying to France. But I couldn’t do this to you without posting my new chapter of Fence Talks. I know, I am a sweetheart. ;)
Anyway, hope you will enjoy reading.:) Many thanks to sweet ellen aka ls_silence for doing the beta. All remaining mistakes are mine.

13. Blisters and Fever by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3748 words)

14. First, do no harm by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3270 words)

15. Unpredictable and Challenging by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3322 words)

16. The Patient and His Doctor by lizparker6 [ - ] (1783 words)

17. The Burned Cook by lizparker6 [ - ] (2486 words)
New Chapter, after a long pause. Still somebody out there reading?

18. Secrets and Lies by lizparker6 [ - ] (2367 words)

19. Chapter 19 - Alone in a crowd by lizparker6 [ - ] (2896 words)
A chapter thats been a loong time comming. sOrry for the wait. *hugs all her wonderful patient readers*

20. Not their first Fight by lizparker6 [ - ] (1894 words)
I am really sorry for the long delay in updating, but well, ya know me, busy pesky RL coming between me and my stories...;) But I definitely plan to continue both my POVs, so keep looking...;)))

Hugs ya all who still stick with me despite my terrible time frame, I really value it extremely much!!!!

21. Bedside Manner by lizparker6 [ - ] (2956 words)
Yay, new chapter here, rather light and fluffy for a change from the angst. Hope you enjoy!

22. Stay by lizparker6 [ - ] (1787 words)

23. Never meant to hurt you by lizparker6 [ - ] (1936 words)

24. To Eat like a real Guy by lizparker6 [ - ] (2934 words)

25. Pancakes by lizparker6 [ - ] (3554 words)
I know it's been horribly long since I've update...so please forgive my poor soul for that. I still hope there are at least some of you reading and that youll enjoy the update, even after such a long pause. Either way, let me know.;)

26. Chapter 26 - "Paul Kellerman happened" by lizparker6 [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3183 words)