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Story Notes:

I wasnt really sure what to title this but its just a shortish thing about each character and when they were involved in the escape and what they thought of Mike and some events that follow up to their involvement.

This is drabble but its in chapters and its quite long


Marilyn purred gently inside my jacket and watched the other cons in the yard. I stroked her comfortingly behind her ears and she purred louder. I watched the men in the yard. The black inmates over by the recreational area, building their upper bodies. I sat alone as I usually did except with the company of my cat. A new inmate had arrived recently and he had spoken to me, a very strange and interesting young man with piercing eyes. He seemed very intelligent and not suited to a place like Fox River. I could see him now sitting on a set of bleachers, I knew he should not be on that part, it belonged to another inmate, it was his territory. A cruel and disgusting man as well but I was too far away to warn him and it would stray me from keeping my nose clean, Theodore Bagwell was not someone you wanted to associate with in any sort of way. I watched as he approached Michael and they began conversing. I knew the pervert would fancy the young man and then I saw him offering his pocket but Michael clearly refused and walked away. Good boy, I thought but maybe not entirely wise. I liked the young mans company and he was the most intelligent con to pass those gates in a long time. Conversation with him was unlike most, he was a very interesting young man, but I feared he would not last much longer in these walls, especially after getting on the wrong side of T Bag.


Michael Scofield had asked me if I was DB Cooper, I was of course but he had not earned enough of my trust for me to tell him. I told no one the truth. He wanted the money he knew DB had, he wanted it because he was planning an escape. Obviously I wanted no part in it, I had the cleanest record in this place and for that the guards trusted me, I was in here for the rest of my life so I wanted to maintain that trust. I could see it in the boys wise eyes that he knew I was lying. He knew I was DB.

My daughter was dying and they were not letting me see her. I was an old man and my world crashed around me when warden Henry Pope informed me of her illness. She was too young to die, I had already lost my wife and now I was going to lose my daughter, my only child. I had a clean record but they still thought I was a god damn flight risk. If only they let me see her before she died but they refused. So now I am a god damn flight risk, I was going to find Scofield and tell him I was in.

Chapter End Notes:
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