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This started as the sequence of events I saw following "Bang and Burn." I was compelled to write what I foresaw happening to Michael outside the walls of Sona. But, as we all knew, the writers would put him right back in, so this is my alternative take on the rest of the third season. I added a few characters who I hope are endearing. It is a different twist on the season, but one I hope you will feel lives up to the PB standard.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Post-Escape Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Fernando Sucre, Gretchen Morgan, James Whistler, Lechero, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, Original Character(s), Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
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Published: March 30, 2008 Updated: March 17, 2009

1. Chapter 1: Back Inside by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1597 words)

I have written the whole "episode," but it seemed to long for one entry, so I'll add soon if you like.

2. Chapter 2: New Contact by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2025 words)

This one's mostly just Linc and Sucre. Setting up for the next part.

3. Chapter 3: The Mystery Woman by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1902 words)

4. Chapter 4: Getting to Know Her by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (866 words)

This is a little shorter than I had planned, but I really wanted to continue the story. A little information about my new character, but not too much, yet. I have so much planned out, and a couple of really light work-weeks to do it in. I have meticulously planned the rest, just like my OC. ;} Hope you like it.

5. Chapter 5: A New Alliance by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1131 words)

As promised, Michael-heavy. I am really looking forward to these two strong personalities meeting/colliding, but it seems that I still have a bit of development left before I can get there.*

6. Chapter 6: Michael's Choice by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1683 words)

I am getting close to the two protagonists meeting, I hope you enjoy.

7. Chapter 7: A Different Kind of Freedom by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1098 words)

I had a little trouble making this flow. I hope it's okay.

8. Chapter 8: Scofield Ain't Goin' Nowhere by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (948 words)

I will finish getting into Sona this week, I promise! Getting out of Panama will be a lot of fun for me. Hope you like it.

9. Chapter 9: You Need My Plan by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1630 words)

10. Chapter 10: Enemies Unite by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (1424 words)

I did it! It took a little longer than I expected, but I got her inside!

11. Chapter 11: The Grande Debut by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (731 words)

12. Chapter 12: First Contact by putu2sleep [ - ] (1146 words)

This is the first interaction of any kind between Michael and my OC. I hope it flows okay.

13. Chapter 13: The Unusual Client by putu2sleep [ - ] (989 words)

There is a lot of ground to cover in the next 24 to 48 hours in Sona. It wll move very fast, so I hope I can make it flow.

14. Chapter 14: Stalemate by putu2sleep [ - ] (2628 words)

This is longer than usual, I hope that's okay. There's a lot of ground to cover before the escape.

15. Chapter 15: Back in the Game by putu2sleep [ - ] (3289 words)

Yay!!! I finally solidified my escape plan. I've had a few details to work out, but now, I'm ready! Just a little more build up. Hope you enjoy!

16. Chapter 16: Allies and Accomplices by putu2sleep [ - ] (2532 words)

This entire chapter covers only a few hours, Saturday afternoon to evening. As Michael says, "Timing is crucial." Everything to follow, preceeding the escape (attempt), and after is on a fine timeline. This is going to be the most challenging and the most fun for me

17. Chapter 17: It's All In The Timing by putu2sleep [ - ] (3278 words)

Okay, finally, this chapter finishes Saturday night. I'm so excited, tomorrow is break day!!

18. Chapter 18: An Unexpected Loss by putu2sleep [ - ] (2066 words)

This covers from 2 AM until about 9 AM, Sunday. I had intended to go through 4 PM, but I have too much to cover.

With extra time in my schedule, I will get through the escape (attempt) this week, without a doubt!

19. Chapter 19: A Hoax and a Plan by putu2sleep [ - ] (3078 words)

Thank you, Vivian, for your advice. I struggled to figure out how to reveal some escape details in this chapter. I hadn't thought about including the details of the escape plan yet, but once I did, I realized there was no way I could have covered it all during the actual escape(attempt). I really appreciate your input.

20. Chapter 20: An Unexpected Save by putu2sleep [ - ] (1213 words)

I wanted to add some very serious Lincoln to the story here, I have always felt that this is a story of both brothers, so I have serious ground to cover. I will still get through the escape(attempt) this week. Please forgive the short chapter. I just felt the need to emphasize Linc's dilemma

21. Chapter 21: Revelation by putu2sleep [ - ] (2635 words)

I did it! Finally, I got to 4 PM on break day(and a little more). Less than an hour to go!! I am so excited, and a bit stressed to be honest.

22. Chapter 22: Caught In The Act by putu2sleep [ - ] (2997 words)

I am once again humbled by the project I have undertaken. I tried very hard to get through the escape attempt but, even though I have it mapped out, I had no idea it would take so much work (and words) to get there. I stopped at the point I felt it would still flow, but if I tried to get through the whole thing, I'm afraid this chapter would have bordered on 10,000 words!

23. Chapter 23: The Book by putu2sleep [ - ] (3869 words)

Oh, I hope they make it...Oh, I hope they make it...Oh, yeah, I'm writing it so I get to decide. YAY!

I am compelled to get OUT of Sona. This is my longest chapter, I hope this works.

24. Chapter 24: Going, Going...Gone by putu2sleep [ - ] (2208 words)

This is a huge transition for me. I am leaving "familiar" territory and heading out on my "own" after this (I'm so excited).*

25. Chapter 25: New Territory by putu2sleep [ - ] (2181 words)

I had hoped to write a bit more, but this setting is so different that it took me a while to capture what(I hope) I wanted to .

26. Chapter 26: A Note and a Name by putu2sleep [ - ] (3375 words)

This was really fun to write. Michael and Alex are going to have to adapt to a whole new world. One that Cam seems very comfortable in.

27. Chapter 27: A New World by putu2sleep [ - ] (6287 words)

This chapter is quite lengthy. Hurricane Dolly swept right through my community and I was without power or internet from Tuesday until now.

Most of this was written by candlelight! ;)

I could have divided it in half, but my personal favorite part was in the second half, and I was anxious to get that out.

28. Chapter 28: A Plan For Alex by putu2sleep [ - ] (3397 words)

Sorry this took so long. I had to spend a little time reformulating my plans for Alex. His character evolved enough in my story, that I had to make some adjustments.

I hope you like what happens with him through the rest of the story as much as I think I will.

29. Chapter 29: With Hope Comes Color by putu2sleep [ - ] (1279 words)

This is a bit short, I apologize. I have been working (in my mind) very hard to create the upcoming "battle" scenario, and I have it nearly the way I want it. Still a bit of build up, hope that's okay.

30. Chapter 30: A Formidable Foe by putu2sleep [ - ] (2765 words)

Sorry, no Michael in this chapter--next one, I promise.

But now, a little more information about Cam's background.

31. Chapter 31: One Step Ahead by putu2sleep [ - ] (1980 words)

This is where the tension starts again, I hope. :)

32. Chapter 32: Making Connections by putu2sleep [ - ] (3787 words)

Cam and Michael learn more about each other. The bad guys are still out there.

33. Chapter 33: Know Thine Enemy by putu2sleep [ - ] (3003 words)

The plan starts to unfold. Hopefully the pieces will start coming together soon.

34. Chapter 34: Bait and Revelation by putu2sleep [ - ] (2884 words)

Alex makes his first move. Cam learns a little more about herself.

35. Chapter 35: Common Ground by putu2sleep [ - ] (2609 words)

Okay, now the bad boys are out!! I tried to cover a lot of information in this chapter. I am anxious to get to Columbia! Still a ways to go, though.

36. Chapter 36: Legacy of the Fathers by putu2sleep [ - ] (3084 words)

37. Chapter 37: Planting a Seed by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2901 words)

Tomorrow is a new day! This one has been a long one for everyone. Good guys and bad guys.

38. Chapter 38: The Hunt Begins by putu2sleep [ - ] (4227 words)

All the players are in place, the days should move a little more quickly now. Building up to a small crescendo, and then a big one!

39. Chapter 39: What's In a Name? by putu2sleep [ - ] (2908 words)

Okay, this took me a little longer than usual. I am a bit nervous about part of it. I think you'll figure out what I'm talking about.

I hope you enjoy.

40. Chapter 40: Natural Leaders by putu2sleep [ - ] (3712 words)

Okay, here goes. *Gulps* Lots of dialogue, you know how much that scares me!!!

Deep in the jungle now. The real one and the metaphorical one! :)

41. Chapter 41: A Greater Love Has No Man by putu2sleep [ - ] (6164 words)

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to get through Tuesday this Chapter.

The path toward a conscience revealed.

42. Chapter 42: Showing the Way by putu2sleep [ - ] (3520 words)

On to Wednesday. The timeline is shrinking for everyone.

43. Chapter 43: Springing the Trap by putu2sleep [ - ] (6164 words)

I am so excited. The real action is starting. I worked really hard on this chapter, I hope you like it!

A little violence here, hope that's okay. :)

44. Chapter 44: In Harm's Way by putu2sleep [ - ] (3067 words)

I had to add a bit of Gretchen's POV here. It's Gretchen's turn to experience a little of what she gives out. Poor baby! ;}

A little Lincoln and Sucre, too!

45. Chapter 45: Cat and Mouse by putu2sleep [ - ] (3068 words)

Okay, I'm a little dark here. I promise to lighten up a bit. Although I don't plan on easing the tension much until the end. I'm evil.

Still, Gretchen gets what she's earned.

46. Chapter 46: Going Underground by putu2sleep [ - ] (3836 words)

Michael and Cam are scrambling to stay one step ahead of Company agents.  But Cam has a plan in place.

Lincoln and Sucre have finally made the connection they need to move on to the next step  

47. Chapter 47: Trust and Promises by putu2sleep [ - ] (6398 words)

This is a chapter I had mapped out for months.  I am well on my way to the finale.  

48. Chapter 48: Everything Is Under Control by putu2sleep [ - ] (2647 words)

I am so sorry for the delay. I had another writing obligation, a conference, and the holiday season all keeping me from writing this chapter. But I am back on track. I did not cover all that I wanted to here, so I will post the next chapter this weekend! Thanks for your patience.

49. Chapter 49: You Can Rely On Me by putu2sleep [ - ] (3120 words)

I promised an update this weekend, so here it is! I hope you like it. It may take a different twist than you expected, but I think it is still quite in keeping with the overall story (In other words: believable). :D I am so excited about what is so close around the corner.

50. Chapter 50: Partnerships by putu2sleep [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (3582 words)

Emotions are taut, everyone is on edge. Closer and closer to the...

51. Chapter 51: Caught In the Middle by putu2sleep [ - ] (3596 words)

Lincoln and Sucre are in a bit of a mess. Cam and Michael start their journey farther south, still oblivious to what else is going on.

52. Chapter 52: Beyond Panama and Favors Repaid by putu2sleep [ - ] (5593 words)

Hi-ho, hi-ho, out of Panama I go...

53. Chapter 53: A Not-Quite-So-Simple Life by putu2sleep [ - ] (5756 words)

Everyone has made their way down to Cartagena.  Too bad for them that they won't have the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of this amazing cuidad

54. Chapter 54: Back In Action by putu2sleep [ - ] (3347 words)

Everything is moving quickly now.  All the key players are within a few miles of each other and keenly aware of each other's presence.

55. Chapter 55: Broken Laws by putu2sleep [ - ] (4935 words)

Things are moving straight for a Sunday morning conclusion. Lincoln is making demands, and Bagwell is getting a little more information.

56. Chapter 56: A Reunion, a Revelation, and a Price by putu2sleep [ - ] (5204 words)

Truth revealed

57. Chapter 57: Goodbye, Michael by putu2sleep [ - ] (6034 words)

What can I say? Second to last y no mas (and no more).  At least, I hope.  :)

58. Chapter 58: Best Laid Plans by putu2sleep [ - ] (6461 words)

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I really expected to get this last part all in one post, but it has grown too large for that. Thanks Vivian, Jen, and Marilyn, for letting me off the hook, and allowing me to feel okay for rescinding my promise to finish this at Chapter 58.

59. Chapter 59: Mission complete...Mission begun by putu2sleep [ - ] (8007 words)

I've done it! I can't believe it. I am popping the cork tomorrow. I know it's mid-week, but I don't care! :D

60. Epilogue: 14 months P.C. by putu2sleep [ - ] (7292 words)

Well, here it is. Nearly a year's effort. Hard to believe!