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There was a loud “BANG BANG BANG” and people screaming in the background. A man held a gun in his hand in a bank screaming at the bank manager. “BANG” “Fill the bag now” as he throws a bag at the manager.

In the building across the street agent Lincoln Burrows was watching what was going on in the bank. Lincoln put down his binoculars and grabbed his walkie-talkie “Agent Scofield we have John Abruzzi with the gun pointed at the bank manager, there are five hostages in the room also. There are two hallways leading out of the main lobby. Your best bet is to enter from the right side, it will take his attention off and back to the hostages.”

“Copy that” agent Michael Scofield said as he climbed through the ceiling of the bank. He pulled one of the ceiling tiles up so he can determine his position. When he lifted the tile he saw the hallway on the right and headed towards it. Once Michael was is the hallway he climbs down from the ceiling and pulled out his gun. “Ok I’m about to make my move” Michael said into his small Microphone to inform Linc.

“Copy that agent Scofield. Agent Jane Parker has all the exits covered.” Lincoln told Michael.

Michael moves to the doorway. He can see the hostages on the ground and Abruzzi giving the bank managers orders. Michael reveals himself “FBI” he shouts holding his gun.

Abruzzi looked at Michael and points his gun at him and shoots “BANG” the hostage’s scream and Michael dives to the floor. Lincoln sees the shot fired. “Agent Parker he’s taken a shot at agent Scofield, I’m going in.” Lincoln then takes off running out of the building. Abruzzi misses Michael and take off running and Michael isn’t far behind him.

“What is your position Michael?” Lincoln called into the walkie-talkie.

“He’s headed down the hallway on the left to the back of the building, does agent Parker have it covered.” Michael asked while chasing Abruzzi.

Lincoln started running towards a black SUV when Jane approached him “Agent Burrows I have all exits covered but if he has ran down the hallway on the left there is no exit door”

Lincoln hopped in the SUV “He doesn’t need a door to get out, there are other ways to get out.,” he told her “Agent Scofield back up is on its way” he spoke into the walkie talkie.

Abruzzi ran up the stairs to the second floor. He looked around and saw a window. He opened it up which set off alarms in the bank. After he hesitated for a second he then threw the money out the window and then jumped out after it. Michael wasn’t far behind and he caught a glimpse of him jumping out the window. Michael runs to the window and sees Abruzzi running down the alley. “He is out of the bank. Where is my bank up” Michael yelled in frustration.

“We’ve got it Mike, if he comes out of the alleyway we’ll cut him off.” Lincoln told him as he drove to his new position.

Michael jumped out the window and sprinted after Abruzzi. Luckily there was a fence to slow Abruzzi down. As he began to climb it, Michael yelled, “Freeze” but Abruzzi jumped on the other side and continued running. As he made his way out of the alley a black SUV pulled up. Lincoln and Jane climbed out with guns in hand. Abruzzi quickly turned and headed down into the subway. Michael came out of the alleyway “He’s down into the subway let’s go” Agent Parker said as they all made their way down.

“Notify the station to make sure no trains leave the platform.” Michael told Lincoln as he and Jane started telling people to leave.

“Back up has the exit of the subway blocked no one gets pass unless we let them” Jane informed Michael. Lincoln split from Michael and Jane to search for Abruzzi. As Michael looks around he noticed someone as they enter the subway train. As they entered the train they see Abruzzi sitting in one of the seats with his back to them. A woman sits beside him. Michael and Jane begin motioning for people to exit the train quietly and slowly. The woman beside Abruzzi sees everyone leaving and as she stands up. Abruzzi grabbed her; he faces Michael and Jane and puts a gun to the woman's head.

“Whoa, ok John just calm down ok. We can work something out just let her go” Michael said calmly pointing his gun at him.

“I don’t think so” Abruzzi responded “She is the only thing that is stopping you from coming any closer. So step back or her blood will repaint this train.”

Both Jane and Michael nodded and stepped back, but kept their guns on him.

“Good now here is what is going to happen. Me and her are going to walk out of here without any trouble and then once I’m away safely I will let her go” Abruzzi told them.

The whole time Abruzzi is talking, Lincoln has been able to seek up behind him. Michael notices but keeps his eyes on Abruzzi.

“Any questions” Abruzzi asked them.

“Yes can you look away ma'am?” he asked the woman just as Lincoln makes his move.

The woman turns her head away from Abruzzi. Lincoln twists his arm behind his back. The gun fell out of Abruzzi hand and to the floor. Lincoln pulls Abruzzi away from the woman. The woman is free from his grasp and falls to the ground. Michael quickly goes to the woman's side to make sure she is all right and Jane heads to grab the gun off the floor. Lincoln slams Abruzzi against the wall of the subway train and hand cuffed him and read him his rights.

Jane guides the woman out of the subway, while Lincoln and Michael take Abruzzi into custody putting him in the back of the SUV. As Lincoln closes the back door of the SUV his cell phone rings. “Agent Burrows” he says.

“I need an update agent Burrows” the man on the other end says.

“Agent Mahone everything is under control, Abruzzi is in custody,” Lincoln answered.

“Good, now bring him back to Division” Mahone told him.’

“We’re on are way” Lincoln said as he and Michael got in the car. After he hangs up Lincoln turned to Michael “Man after this I need a drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more” Michael said with a smile as they drove off.
Chapter End Notes:
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