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~*~*Chapter 11*~*~

Lincoln was in the guest bedroom getting ready to meet Jane in an hour. While he was looking in the mirror, Michael comes in the room. “I thought you two were over?” Michael teases while wearing a grin.

Lincoln rolls his eyes at him. “I’m going to ask Jane about the case because not knowing is driving me crazy.”

Michael leans his body against the doorframe and crossed his arms. “So while you are out on your date, I get stuck here with Sara”

Lincoln begins to laugh, “Well it’s not a date and Jane asked me to meet her, plus I’m older so too bad.”

Michael’s jaw drops “You can’t play the older brother card.”

“I just did” Lincoln smirks as he walked out of the bedroom. “Don’t worry your job can’t be that hard,” Lincoln teases.

As the two enter the living and see Sara coming out of the kitchen eating yogurt. Sara looked at Lincoln to sees him all dressed up. “ooo who’s your date?” Sara asks. Michael starts to laugh.

“It’s not a date!” he tells them very frustrated.

“Okay, well is it a woman?” Sara questions.


“Are you going to dinner?”


“Are you paying?”


“Did you shave?”

“Yeah but what’s wrong with that?”

Sara starts to laugh “Sorry Linc but that's a date.”

Linc rolled his eyes and headed for the door. “Be home by midnight” Michael teases as Linc closes the door behind him.


Wearing a big gray sweater and hood over his head, T-bag walks down an alleyway towards a door. He knocked twice and then waited. A minute later a guy peaks his head out. “Can I help you?” the man asks.

“Carlos sent me here” T-bag informs him.

“Really? Your name?”

“Theodore Bagwell. Are you Tony?”

The man nodded then opened the door and came out and walked over to an old gray truck by the door. He took the key out of his pocket and opened the back doors. When you first look in the back of the truck you would think it was empty but then Tony lifted floor and there was a secret compartment. T-bag looked inside and smiled.

“Is it all there”

“Every piece you wanted” Tony told him.

“Ok give me a second” T-bag said he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Yeah, Don Phillips... I’m here in Mexico and the guy’s says he has everything you need here... Alright the photos are coming.” T-bag hangs up and then turns back to the truck. He starts snapping pictures of all the stuff in the back of the truck and sends them to Don Phillips another person who works for Richard.

T-bag wait until Don gave him the “ok” and then turns to Tony. “I’ll be taking half of the stuff and I’ll be back for the other half next week. I’ll have less suspicion that way.”

“Alright” Tony says. “Just remember though, you tell anyone Carlos sent you here or where I am, your dead.”

T-bag smiles “I’d expect nothing less”


Michael and Sara had finished dinner and were finishing cleaning the kitchen. The two worked pretty good as a team, they had flipped a coin to see who washed and who dried. As Sara put the last plate in the cupboard she said “You know what, I don’t think Lincoln should be the only one who has fun tonight” she grins.

Michael looks at Sara’s sneaky, playful grin. “I don’t think so”

“Oh come on Michael” Sara begged. “Besides you’re supposed to be an old friend from high school and we should be out having some fun.”

Michael looked in to her big brown eyes and his mind was yelling “No, no, no!” Yet, for some strange reason he heard himself say “Sure why not” to her.

“Yay” Sara said as she ran to get ready.

In half an hour Sara came out of her room wearing a nice pair of slim blue jeans and a black haltertop. Her hairs large curls rested beautifully on her shoulders. “Ready to go?” Sara asked.

“Ready as I’m going to be,” Michael said standing at the door. He had on a pair of expensive beige pants and a white button up shirt and the top two buttons unbutton, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.

As they left the apartment they headed down to the limo Sara had called to pick them up.


Lincoln arrives at the restaurant and is taken to his table. Moments later Jane enters the restaurant. Lincoln stood up so she could see him. After they greeted each other they took their seats. Shortly afer the waiter came and took their orders.

“So how are you and Michael getting along with Sara Tancredi?” Jane asked him.

Lincoln gives a little chuckle “ We’re getting through it. Although Michael and Sara still like butting heads with each other once and a while and I hope I don’t go back to the apartment to see that one has strangled the other”

“Sounds like a lot of fun for you then.” Jane laughs.

“Yeah” Lincoln laughs. “So how is everything going with the case?”

Jane gives a sigh “The investigation is pretty slow moving. The guy who attacked Sara is still out there. Every time we think we are getting closer we lose him.”

“Do you have any suspects?”

“At the moment we’re trying to find out who has motive to hurt the Tancredi family. Right now the trail has gone cold.” Jane tells him. “If we don’t get any leads soon they could attack again but this time could be successful.”


The limo pulled up to a club and Michael looked out the window. “I don’t think so, I thought you meant a movie or something.”

Sara giggled as she pulled Michael out of the limo. “Come on Michael, you need to relax and have some fun” she grabs his hand and pulls him into the club.