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~*~*Chapter 13*~*~

Lincoln sat on Sara’s sofa with his laptop. He was determined to get to the bottom of these threats. He thought since he spent most of his time here why not keep busy. While he sat there looking at the computer screen Michael wondered out of the kitchen and sits beside him. “What are you doing?”

Without looking at Michael he answered, “I’m working on the case.”

“And how do you plan to solve it” Michael asked.

Lincoln turns the laptop screen to Michael. “I’m looking through some old press releases on the governor to find anyone who disagreed with the governor’s choices or somehow was affected by his choices in a negative way.”

Michael isn’t totally convinced he can do this. “Linc there is no way we can do this without the help of the FBI.”

“Jane can help us and possibly Paul too” Lincoln tells him. “Plus all we do is sit around here with Sara anyway, why not keep ourselves busy.”

While Michael sits there and thinks about it, Lincoln tells him he’s going to call Jane and leaves the room. Michael stays where he is. At some point his eyes glance at Sara’s door. Memories of the kiss they shared play over and over again in his head. He knew they needed to talk about it at some point. This morning they had tried to avoid each other as much as possible. Never being in the same room as the other. Slowly Michael got off the couch knowing that sooner or later they had to talk. With Lincoln on the phone with Jane, Michael knew it was the best time. Moving towards the door he knocked twice. He could hear movement within her room and then Sara opens the door. Michael takes a deep breath “We need talk about last night.” Sara nods and allows him to enter. Michael turns and closes the door behind him as to make sure Linc can’t hear them.

Michael starts “Last night shouldn’t have happened.” Sara isn’t looking at him but nods her head. “We were both really drunk and got a little carried away. I’m sorry for allowing it to go that far and I hope we can put this behind us” Michael says.

“Yeah I’m sorry too. I think we both would have been better off if we didn’t have those last few shots, and I agree we should pretend it ah, ah never happened.”

Michael looks at the floor and nods, hoping that the talk would allow them to move on. Before either of them can say anything else there is a knock at the door.

“Hey Sara, is Michael in there?” Linc asks from the other side of the door.

“I’m here Linc” Michael tells him.

Linc opens the door to see them both standing in the room. “I talked to Jane” Linc tells him and walks back to the sofa. Michael looks at Sara once more before leaving the room and joining Linc. Linc was writing some notes down when he says to Michael “Jane will keep us informed of any leads as long as we tell her what we find out.”

“Find out what?” Sara asks.

Both brother heads turn to see her standing in the doorway. “Nothing” Michael tries to convince her, but she’s not buying it.

Sara’s eyes wonder from Michael to Lincoln and it is as if a light bulb lights up in her head. A slight grin crosses over her face. “Wow you two really don’t have a life outside the FBI” she laughs.

Neither Lincoln nor Michael say anything. Sara continues “Hey I’m not complaining, I want this thing over just as much as you two do. Is there anything I can do to help?” She asks moving closer to them.

Lincoln and Michael both answer “No” at the same time.

“Oh come on, there is a lot I can offer if you let me help.”

Lincoln decides to hear her out. “What do you mean?”

On the other hand Michael doesn’t want to. He looks at Linc wondering what he is doing. Linc gives him a look as to tell him to relax. He turns his attention back to Sara. “Look I have closer and important connections then your computer could ever get you. I know things about my father no one else knows”

Lincoln and Michael both listen to what she is saying and are in deep thought about it.

“I can get information the FBI can’t” she smiles.

Lincoln looks at her and shakes his head as he stands up. “It’s not safe for you.”

Sara argues “I will never be safe until this creep is found. Having you two watching me doesn’t guarantee nothing will happen to me. I mean while we’re talking right now someone could come in and kill us all. Besides I’ve watched enough ‘Law and Order’ and ‘24’ to have an idea how this works. Also playing detective could be interesting and fun.”

“This isn’t a game Sara, It’s not the same thing as a t.v show.” Michael tells her.

“I know, Jack Bauer would have caught him within 24 hours.” She teased them.

“It’s dangerous Sara” Michael said.

“Well that’s where you two come in. You get to not only find the guy but possibly be the heroes and save the day.” Sara grins. She had made up her mind whether they like it or not. She’s helping them track this guy down.