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~*~*Chapter 16~*~*

As Michael and Sara walked up to her apartment, Michael has one arm protectively around Sara and the other was holding the Chinese food. Leaving the elevator they see Nick leaving his apartment.

“Oh my God Sara are you alright?” Nick asked all concerned.

Sara didn’t say anything. “She’s alright, just a little shaken up. We were almost in an accident,” Michael tells him.

“Thank God your alright” he tells them. “Listen if you need anything I’m just next door.”

Michael nods and then takes Sara into the apartment. Lincoln comes running over to them. “Where have you two been?” Lincoln asked all annoyed, but his mood changes when he sees Sara’s face. “What happened?”

Michael handed Lincoln the Chinese and then leads Sara over to the couch where Jane was sitting. “Is she okay?” Jane asked.

Lincoln came over to the couch. Michael sat on the armrest of the couch beside Sara. “We were leaving the Chinese place when a white van and dark green truck started following us. I knew something wasn’t right, so I tried to lose them. They started picking up speed and before I knew it the white van was ramming the side of my car. We lost the van for a while, but the person in the green truck stayed behind us and at one point shot at us.”

“YOU WERE SHOT AT!!” Lincoln yelled.

“Don’t worry we weren’t hit. Anyway when the white van found us again I was able to get the truck to crash into the white van and we got away.”

“I can’t believe this” Jane said.

Michael looked right at Lincoln “You know what this means Linc” he says. “The person we’re looking for isn’t working alone.”

The four of them sat in silence trying to digest everything. Suddenly Jane’s cell phone rings, she glances at the caller ID. “I have to take this and I should be getting back to work anyway. Agent Kellerman, Agent Reynolds and I have files to go over for the case.” She hugs Lincoln goodbye and heads out the door.

Lincoln moves over to sit on the couch beside Sara and was holding all the e-mails to the governor. He turned to Michael “We need to trace the location of where these e-mails are being sent from.”

Sara speaks for the first time “How do you plan on doing that?”

“I know a guy who can do anything or find anything using a computer” He smiles at Michael.

Michael smiles back. Sara on the other hand has no idea what’s going on. “Fernando Sucre” Michael says.


“Fernando Sucre, he’s a computer specialist at Division, but he also has his own equipment at home.”

A few blocks away a man is sitting at a large desk that has five computers screens around the room. His phone rings and he answers “Sucre here”

On the other line Linc says “Hey man”

“Papi howz it going with the babysitting” he laughs.

“It’s fine, listen the reason I called is that there is something I want you to do for me.”

“Anything Papi”

“Good, alright I want you to find an original location of where some e-mails were sent from.”

“Oh come on give me a challenge,” Sucre teases. “Alright send them to me along with the account they were sent to. It may take a couple of hours.”

“Thank you” and then Linc hangs up the phone.

Sara turns to Michael who is still sitting beside her and asks. “How is finding the original location of the e-mails going to help?”

“Well it’s a start” Michael tells her.

They ate their lunch while they waited for Sucre to call back. Just like he told them it took two hours for Sucre to call them back. Lincoln rushed to pick up the phone.

“What you got?” Linc asked.

“Well Papi I have some good news, bad news and some good and bad news.”

“Ok the good news first.”

“Well I was able to find the original location the e-mail was sent from.”

“The bad news” Lincoln asked.

“The location is a public Library”

Lincoln let out a deep sigh of disappointment. “What else you get.”

“Well the person would send the e-mails out around the same time each time. Sometimes the person would send e-mails to the governor at 11:25 and then send another e-mail somewhere else at 11:30. In the first e-mail to the other person there is an encrypted message at the end of the e-mail for this person. It’s a phone number.”

“Ok well that sounds good, what’s that bad part of this news?” Lincoln asks.

“I was able to track down where this e-mail was being sent to. It’s an unknown name at one of the computers at Chicago Division.”

Lincoln’s eyes widen and he slowly turns to Michael and Sara. “We might have a mole in the FBI agency.”
Chapter End Notes:
Ok thanks for reading, now I want to see if anyone can guess who the mole is. Now throughout the story so far a number of agents have been mentioned and one of them is the mole. Don't count anybody out because it could any of them. Hell it could be Lincoln or Michael for all you know. There are a couple chapters before the mole is revealed so let's see who can guess it. I would love to read your comments.