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Author's Chapter Notes:
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~*~*Chapter 17*~*~

Morning of the following day, Lincoln met with Jane in a small cafe. He is telling her everything that they had discovered after she left. Telling her how Sucre had discovered a possible mole within the FBI agency.

“I can’t believe it, I mean it’s impossible” Jane tells him. “Wouldn’t Agent Mahone notice?”

“No, the person used an alias name so it wouldn’t come up as an agent’s name. Who ever the opened the e-mails was in Division and you can’t just walk in off the street,” Linc tells her.

“Do you know who?”

“No, but in the first e-mail a phone number was given. Sucre is trying to hack into the calling history and we’ll be able to possibly find out who he/she is calling and getting calls from.

Jane has a look of disbelief. “I can’t believe this, in this short time you and Michael have discovered more then a hundred agents at Division could.”

They talked a little longer and finished their coffee, but when Lincoln gets a text message from Michael he tells Jane that he has to go. He gives Jane a quick hug before leaving the cafe. He headed for his car that was parked just around the corner from the cafe. As he walks down the street a white van drives up behind him. Lincoln just happens to look back at the road just as the man in the passenger seat of the white van pulls a gun out and points it at Lincoln.

As the man takes the shot, Lincoln dives to the ground. The van drives past but slams on the brakes a few feet way from Lincoln. The side door slides open and three men jumps out and heads in Lincoln’s direction.

Lincoln pulls himself off the ground and runs down the alleyway leading the three men away from the public. As the men headed down the alley they form a triangle. One man was in front and the two others behind him, with their guns in hand they searched for Lincoln.

“Come out Burrows” the man leading the way, yelled. He hears movement up a head and fires his gun in that direction.

Lincoln moves from behind the big garbage bin he quickly stands out and takes a shot, hitting the man in front. After, he moves back to behind the garbage bin trying to decide his next move, he can hear bullets hitting the side if the garbage bin. He knows he needs to think fast.

A few feet away from him, Lincoln sees a door and he has a 50/50 chance that it’s opened. With his mind made up, Lincoln wedges himself in between the brick wall and the garbage bin. Using his foot Lincoln pushes the garbage bin to block the two men’s path.

Lincoln makes a run for the door “Come on, come on” Linc grunts as he fiddles with the doorknob.

When it doesn’t budge, Linc begins to use his well-built body to break down the door. After applying enough pressure the door opens to an abandon shop. Linc enters the shop and finds a place to hide as the two other men follow him in.

“I’ll check the back rooms” one man said as they separated.

Lincoln watches the two men from behind a shelving unit. He watches as the one moves towards the back rooms leaving one in the same room as him. He saw the guy move to check behind the counter across the room. He slowly started to make his way over in Linc’s direction. He came right beside the shelving unit his gun in front of him.

“Anything?’ Linc heard the guy in the back room call.’

“No nothing, he’s not here,” the man said who was practically standing in front of Linc with his back to him.

A moment later Linc stood up and wrapped an arm around the guy’s neck. With his other hand Linc reached for the guys gun. The guy was beginning to choke and then Linc hit him over the head with his gun, knocking the guy out. Slowly Linc lowered him to the floor without making a sound. Standing up and with his gun drawn moved towards the room at the end of the hall that was probably an office once. He slowly moves to the door and peaks his head in to see the guy standing on the other side of the room pointing a gun straight at him. He takes the shot and Linc quickly moves away for a brief second and then fires back.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Linc yells to him but the guy just keeps shooting at him.

Linc moves into position and takes a shot but quickly dives for cover as the guy takes another shot. Unfortunately Linc wasn’t quick enough and the bullet ends up slicing the side of his left upper arm. “Ugh” Linc grunted as he moved away from the door and grasps the cut on his arm.

Leaning against the wall in pain as he hears the guy moving towards the door. Lincoln backs up and moves behind the counter listening as the man enters the room. Before the guy can register what is going on Linc stands up and shoots him. He watches the guy fall to the floor. Taking a deep breath Linc moves back against the wall and slowly slides down holding his right hand on his left arm. He looks down as blood drips down his arm.
Chapter End Notes:
I figured since Michael and Sara were a dangerous situation it's only fair Linc should get some action. Tell me what you thought, your comments and reviews tell me what your all think about my story so please review if you can.