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~*~*Chapter 18*~*~

Sara is lying on her couch looking over Michael’s shoulder as he named off different suspects to her. Michael is sitting on the floor with his back against the couch. “How about a John Spencer, do you know him?”

Sara laid her head on the armrest looking at the ceiling. “He was my father’s right hand man three years ago, but was given an offer to work in Washington I think they ended on good terms.

“Okay” Michael said as he moved John Spencer to a low or no motive pile. He picked up another only this time a woman. “Amber Watson?”

Sara turned to see a picture of her. That woman. Without saying anything Sara looked back at the ceiling. After a while of not hearing Sara answer he turned to Sara and saw anger in Sara’s eyes. Obviously Sara knew this woman and not on good terms.

“Sara what’s wrong?” Michael whispered as he caressed her hand. He sees a tear in her eye.

“My mother is dead because of her!” he voice was full of anger now, but not towards Michael but towards Amber.

Michael was a bit confused. “I thought you said your mother died in a plane crash?”

“She did” Sara started to sit up and pull her legs closer to her chest. A moment later Michael was off the floor and sat her side.

He took one of her hands in his and she took a deep breath. “Amber was my fathers assistant at the time. My father was having an affair with her. When my mother went to meet my father in Washington she caught them together. That’s the real reason my mother left soon after the party and got on that plane. Well a week later was in my room when I heard my father and that woman talking down stairs. I snuck down stairs to hear what they were saying and heard everything. About the affair, my mother finding them, learning my mom was on the plane because of my father and her. Anyways she decided to transfer to New Mexico as to not draw anymore attention to the media.”

Michael put is arm around her as she turned and buried her face in his neck. He gave her a quick kiss on top of her head. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

The remained in that position for quite sometime, neither of them wanting to move. Finally Sara found the strength to pull away and looked at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. “Thank you” she whispered as her thumb caressed his cheek. Slowly Sara leaned in and brushed her lips against his. Michael immediately responded to her pulling her closer as the kiss deepened. She wrapped her arms tightly around neck. His tongue moved to her lips and begged for entry to her mouth. Sara hungrily accepted and parted her lips for him. His tongue passionately massaged hers.

Slowly Michael leaned back so his head rested on the armrest. He pulled her down with him; not daring to break their lips apart as they both felt the sensational feeling the other was giving them. Sara lay on top of him and his hands ran up and down her sides. Soon his fingers found her soft silky hair.

Sara finally broke from the kiss and moved down to his neck to feel and taste his skin. Michael let out a groan to the feel of her tongue moving over his neck.

In the hallway the sound of keys clinging together could be heard as someone tried to find the right key. Someone pushed the key into the doorknob of Sara’s apartment and begins to turn it.

Michael and Sara’s heads both shot up looking towards the door opening. Sara frantically pealed herself of Michael. Both jumped to their feet and began to adjust themselves. After fixing her hair Sara sat on the couch and grabbed to stack of e-mails of the coffee table. Linc stumbled in the door and let out a groan. When he came into view Michael and Sara both saw blood on his arm.

“Oh my God!” Michael says as he rushes over to his brother side. Sara quickly springs from the couch to get the first aid kit. Michael leads Linc to the couch just as Sara returns. “I’ll need you to take off your shirt so I can see the wound.”

“What happened?” Michael asked as he helped Linc take the shirt off.

“I was shot” Linc groaned as he watched Sara clean the wound.

“WHAT! By who?” Michael yelled.

“Your friends in the white van” Linc told him. Michael looked at Lincoln in disbelief and then to Sara.

“I’m going to stitch the you up. The bullet only sliced your arm so it’s not that bad” Sara said.

“No, it’s ok I’ll go to the hospital” Linc groaned.

Sara nodded her head. “Yes you could or you can let me a doctor do it.”

Linc looked at her surprised. “Your a doctor?’

“Yeah, I quit at the hospital I was working at to do some traveling around the world, but your in luck because gun shot wounds were something I handled a lot.”

Linc laughed “And here I thought you were just a party girl.”

Sara smiled “I’m full of surprises” she made eye contact with Michael, which Linc was oblivious to.
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