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Author's Chapter Notes:
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~*~*Chapter 19*~*~

All three of them were in the living room and continued to go over possible suspects. Lincoln was resting on the couch and trying not to use his left arm too much. Michael was on the floor again leaning over the coffee table looking over the list of possible suspects and tapping his long fingers on the coffee table deep in thought. Sara was on the other side of the couch going through the e-mails and with a pen in her hand she started clicking the end of the pen.

Linc looked up from the papers hearing Michael’s tapping and Sara’s clicking and neither seem to be stopping anytime soon. “Okay that’s enough” Linc yelled. “God stop with the tapping and the clicking PLEASE!”

“Sorry” both Michael and Sara mumbled together.

Sara went back to reading over the e-mails and something kept bugging her about them. She pulled her feet underneath her body and pulled her auburn hair back. “Umm hey I don’t know about you guys but I find all these e-mails to be all really personal and not about my father being governor. I get the feeling they had a past before my dad became governor,” she explains.

Michael thought about what she was saying. He lifted himself up from the floor and walked over to her. She handed him the e-mails. He began pacing as he read them. “So what ever happened was before he became governor.” Scratching his cropped hair he moves back to the coffee table and started to cross out everyone who came in contact with Frank Tancredi only after he became governor.

Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door. “Open up!” the voice yelled.

“Shit!” Michael cursed under his breath and jumped to his feet. Reaching across the table Michael gathers all the papers in his arms. Handing them to Sara so she puts them under the couch cushion as Linc heads to the door.

“Agent Mahone, ah what brings you here?” Linc asks trying to act innocent. He knew Michael and him weren’t allowed to get involved in the case.

Mahone starred at him and then walked in the door. He entered the living room and saw Michael and Sara sitting on the couch. He was yet to say anything to them. Turning back to Linc he saw his arm wrapped up. “Somebody please explain to me how one of my agents was found at the scene of a crime in an alleyway and abandon shop by the police,” he yelled.

“Look, Agent Mahone they came at me” Linc responded. “The van came down the road and shot at me. When they missed they followed me into the alleyway. After I got out I called the police.”

“You can cut the bullshit! I know you have been working on the case behind my back!” With his hands on his hips he looked from Lincoln to Michael. “This is a warning, stay out of the way and don’t put Jane in the middle. She almost lost her job because of you guys. Do the job I assigned you to. Protect Sara.”

Linc and Michael said nothing but nodded. Without another word Agent Mahone stormed out of the apartment slamming the door behind him. The three remained quiet and avoided eye contact with each other. Michael covered his face with his hands as he ran through everything in his mind. Nothing but the sound of Sara’s air condition could be heard. Linc was still standing by the door scratching over his shaved head with his good hand. Sara reached under the cushion and placed everything they had for the case on the coffee table and let out a deep sigh.

They all practically jumped when the sound of the phone cut through the silence. Michael was the quickest to his feet to pick up the phone. He brought it to his ear, “Hello”

“Hey Papi, I got great news. I was able to tap into the phone calling history of the number at the bottom of that e-mail. I got one number that shows up over and over again numerous times a day.”

Michael let out a deep sigh and looked at the ceiling. “Okay what do you got.”

“I’d rather not do this over the phone, come to my place and you can look at everything for yourself alright Papi.” Sucre told him.

Everything was running through his mind at once. There is a mole in the FBI, Sara’s life is at stake and she was almost shot, Linc was shot and Mahone is ordering them to back off. He was torn between following Mahone’s orders and finding the people trying to hurt Sara. Michael closed his eyes as he answered. “I’ll be there.” With that Michael hung up the phone and saw Sara and Linc staring at him.

“Sucre’s got something and I’m going to check it out. Linc you need to rest and take care of that arm. I’ll take Sara with me and you can really relax.”

Lincoln wanted to protest and go with them but Michael was right so didn’t fight him. Sara got up from the couch so that Linc could lie down. As Michael made his way to the door the phone rang again. He quickly moved to answer it. It was Jane. She was calling to apologize for telling Agent Mahone what they were doing. Michael told her it was okay but they have a lead now. He explains everything and Jane tells him she will meet him there.

The drive to Sucre’s place was quiet. Sara glanced over at Michael and saw that he was under a lot of stress. As they pulled up the driveway she asked, “Are you okay Michael?”

Getting out of the car he looked at her. “Yeah I’m fine” he put his hand on the small of her back and lead her up the front steps. Looking back at the street he realizes Jane hadn’t arrived yet. Reaching out his one hand he pushed the doorbell. A moment later the door slowly opened and a Puerto Rican man with a big smile stood before them.

“Hey Papi” he stuck out his hand to Michael. The sound of a car’s engine could be heard coming up the driveway and then Jane hopped of her car and smiled at the three of them.

After everyone was done greeting each other they made their way down to Sucre’s basement. He brought them in front of a big metal door. Sucre lifted up his hand and entered a code and the big metal door opened. As they walked inside Jane was amazed at the security system. “Wow Fernando this must of cost a fortune.”

Sucre moved to one of the many computers and chuckled “Yeah but it was worth it. I have over $100,000 of technology and equipment in here. See that metal door,” he said pointing towards it. “It’s bullet proof and no one gets in or out unless they know the code.”

Michael moved to one side of Sucre while Sara and Jane stood on the other side looking at the computer screen in front of them.

“Alright so most of the calls from the phone are local but there were a few in and out coming call from and to Mexico. This number here” Sucre says pointing to it. “Shows up the most. They call this number about five times a day, but in the last couple of days it’s increased to about eight times.”

Sucre separates the number from the rest and enlarges the font size. When Michael looks at the number his eyes widen “Oh my God I know that number.”
Chapter End Notes:
Okay and the moment you have all been waiting for happens in the next chapter, you find out who the mole is so this it your last chance to guess. I'll post again in a few days.