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~*~*Chapter 2*~*~

“After chasing him for a month it’s finally over” Lincoln said taking a drink of his beer. Him and Michael were sitting in a bar in downtown Chicago after a long stressful day at work and celebrating the fact the criminal that had them always on their feet was now behind bars.

“Yeah maybe you’ll finally get some sleep tonight” Michael chuckled.

“You can hope, but after you were almost shot” Lincoln was no longer smiling.

“Oh come on Linc, I’m fine. I was trained just like you how to react in those types of situations. Also you were assigned by Mahone to run the operation from outside and I was to be inside, and by the sound of it Mahone seems to be happy with how you handled everything” Michael told him.

“Yeah well I’m still not happy he chose you to go in the bank by yourself, you’re still my little brother.”

Michael gave a sigh “Mahone gave me that position and not only am I your brother I’m also an FBI agent too so you can’t make me sit back and watch you Linc. Besides you can’t do both run the operation and been inside, and other than you I’m the best man for the job you know that like it or not bro.”

Linc took another sip of his beer “Don’t remind me, I know.”

Michael does the same “You can’t do both”

Just then agent Jane Parker and Agent Paul Kellerman come over to their table. Jane sits beside Michael “If Linc had his way he would do everything himself and the rest of us would need to find new jobs.” Everyone laughed.

“Man you know it’s not fair, out of all the days this week I got stuck doing paper work today and missed all the excitement” Paul complains.

Linc laughs and jokes “Paul when I get Mahone's job I will make sure you are in the field more and not doing paper work.” Paul nods his head as to say thank you.

“Yeah he’ll have me doing paper work,” Michael points out and everyone laughed.

“Oh no Michael I wouldn’t do that. You could get a paper cut.” Linc laughs.

After finishing up their drinks Lincoln and Michael get up to get another round of drinks for everyone, while Jane and Paul sit at the table. As they reach the bar counter Michael turns to Linc. “So everything seems to be good between you and Jane now”

Linc answers “We work together and now we’re just friends, we’re being adults about it.”

Michael chuckles “Or you are hoping she will think about giving you two another try?”

Lincoln picks up two glasses of beer “Just friends” and walks back to the table.

Michael picks up the next two “Of course” he smiles and joins Linc, Jane and Paul. “Alright next round is on you two.”


“Governor Tancredi, we need to talk” a woman said staring at the governor.

Governor Tancredi was sitting in his office reading over some files when his assistant Jen walked in. “These threatening letter and e-mails are becoming a lot more harsh and are becoming verbally violent, I think it’s about time we think about how we are going to handle them.”

Tancredi put down the file he was reading. He put his hands together and looked at her. “I think there is nothing to worry about Jen. I think nothing will happen and threatening letters are just part of the job.”

Jen was becoming very stressed out. “At least let us bump up your security, just for now.”

“No” Tancredi argued, “I don’t need more security and if you don’t mind I have work to do, please.”

Jen gave a sigh of defeat “Yes Governor Tancredi” she turned and exited the office.


Back in downtown Chicago the other Tancredi was letting her hair down with some of her closest friends at a club. Sara Tancredi enjoyed going out and having fun.

Her and her best friends Veronica and Katie were heating up the dance floor. “Come on Sara bring it down a bit your making the rest of us look bad” Veronica said as she twirled Sara around.

“What would your father say?” Katie teased

Sara laughed as she danced back to back with Veronica with her hands up. “Honey if my father saw me he would have a heart attack” pointing out she had on a really short slim black strapless dress on. All three of them laughed.

The three girls danced in a circle with their hands up. “Don’t look now girl but there is a hot guy at three o’clock checking you out Sara”

With that said Sara automatically looked and smiled at the tall dark hair handsome guy across the dance floor. Sara gave a smile to him and he walked towards her. Sara turn to her friends “I’ll catch up with you guys later” and then turned to walked to him.

“Behave Sara” Veronica called as she and Katie went to find guys to dance with.

Sara stopped in the middle of the dance floor and let him approach her “May I offer you a dance” he smiled.

“It would be rude if you didn’t” Sara smiled back.

He moved closer to her and the two started dancing. Sara had her hands up and he had his hands on her waist. “By the way I’m Nick Savrinn”

“Sara” she said a bit loud so he could here her over the loud music.

Sara turned and put her back against his chest. Nick brought his mouth to her ear and said, “I don’t know if you know but we’re neighbors”

Sara looked at him confused “Really?”

Nick nodded “I just moved into the apartment next to you” he smiled.

“Oh my god I didn’t recognize you?” she said because she never really paid attention to her neighbors. He smiled at her and the two continued dancing.

Sara and Nick danced together for a few songs and then said goodbye. Sara headed back to Veronica and Katie. “Well look at you hot stuff,” Katie laughed.

“What can I say” Sara smiled.

It was about one in the morning when the three decided to leave. “Well Sara someone had the hots for you” Veronica teased as she put an arm around her and they walked down the street.

“Oh come on V, I saw one of the guys you were dancing with, he was all over you” Sara laughed.

Veronica and Katie said goodbye to Sara as she headed for her car. Once she was at the car door she dug through her purse to find her keys. Suddenly Sara heard footsteps, she lifted her head and looked at her surroundings. Sara shook her head telling herself she was imagining it. She tucked a piece of her auburn hair behind her ear and started looking for her keys again. Just then a hand grabbed her arm and another one was around her mouth. She is pined with her back against the car door; She lifted her head as she struggles to break free to see a man in a black ski mask.
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