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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay here we go, the mole is revealed and it's shock and I'm not just talking about the mole.
~Chapter 20~

Michael stares at the number that is screaming out at him. How is this possible? Out of all the possible suspects how could it be that person? Michael looks at the number closely just to see if he had maybe read it wrong, but he didn’t. He griped the side of the desk out of anger. How could this be the betrayer?

Before Michael could respond he heard Sara gasp and saw her backing away from the computer. Turning around he saw Sara’s eye widen in fear and shock. Her whole body is tense. Michael eyes wonder over to the barrel of the gun Jane had pointed directly at Sara’s temple.

“You” Michael growls at Jane “Why?”

Jane just smiles at him while pressing the gun harder into Sara’s temple. “Well I guess I owe you a congratulations on figuring it out, but it’s a shame you won’t be able to tell anyone.”

Sucre and Michael remained where they were, their eyes moved from Jane to Sara and back to Jane. Michael had both hands up and tries to negotiate with Jane. “Look Jane please just let her go. We can figure something out, just let her go” Michael says trying to remain calm while he sees the fear in Sara’s eyes and her breathing increased.

Jane remained holding the gun to Sara’s head and gave a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t worry I’ll let her go, it’s just none of you are leaving the room.” She turned her attention to Sucre. “What’s the code for the door?”

“Wait what are you going to do?” Sucre’s trembling voice asked.

Jane wasn’t in the mood for any games and yelled “The code damn it or the bitch dies right now!”

“Just give it to her” Michael said to Sucre even though he never took his eyes off Jane and Sara.

“Ah 746745” Sucre finally yelled.

Slowly Jane pulls Sara in one arm with her to the door and quickly grabbing her purse and while juggling the gun she punched in the code.

Michael hasn’t blinked since the gun was aimed at Sara. “Why?” Michael asked again.

The door opens and Jane reaches into her purse and pulls out a small device. To Michael and Sucre it looks like a bomb. She gently places it on the table and activates it. Once the timer starts the count down at 10:00 minutes. She looks at Michael “Its pay back. Now you all have ten minutes to live, use it wisely.

With that said Jane pushes Sara over to Michael. Without hesitation Michael opens his arms and catches Sara and pulls her close to him but dares not to take his eyes off Jane. She has the gun aimed at them and smiles as she smashes the code keypad with the end of the gun. She waves to the three and then closes the big metal door behind her. Leaving Michael, Sucre and Sara stuck in the room with the bomb. “What do we do?” Sara asks as she held on to Michael tightly and rests her head on his chest.

Michael holds her close and rubs her back and honestly says, “I don’t know.”


After having a well-needed nap, Lincoln felt well rested. He still had the pain in his arm, but as long as he didn’t use it too much he was okay. Making his way to the kitchen he made himself some coffee. Sitting at the kitchen table he glances at the clock. Michael and Sara had been gone for about an hour and thought maybe he should call him to see how it’s going.

Just then the phone rings. Linc gets up from the chair and moves to answer the phone. “Hello”


“Jane hi, weren’t you with Michael?” he asked her.

“Yeah I was. Listen Michael told me you were shot!” her voice full of concern.

“Ah yeah I’m fine. So did you find anything out?”

“Yeah we did, but Michael is stuck with Sucre at the moment. Why don’t I come by and I can explain everything?” she asks him.

Linc agrees. “Yeah come on over” then hangs up.

Before Lincoln can even turn around the phone rings again “Hello.”


“Michael, hey I heard you figured out who the mole is that’s g-”

Michael interrupts him before he can finish. “It’s Jane. Lincoln it’s Jane, she’s the mole.”

There is silence on Linc’s side of the phone. “How could it be? No it couldn’t be Jane, not Jane,” he thought. “Michael that’s impossible” Linc says with his voice loud and firm.

Michael let out a sigh knowing this wasn’t something Linc wanted to hear, knowing his past with Jane. “Her number was on the call history Sucre found and then she ran.”

Linc was still in shock not wanting to believe what his brother was saying, but Michael would have nothing to gain by lying to him. “She’s coming over.”

“Alright you need to act as if we never talked that you have no idea what’s going on”

Linc nods his head in agreement. “Okay yeah, just get here as soon as possible.”

Michael ignores Linc’s last comment and responds “Don’t let her get away” he hangs up before Linc can question him anymore.

Turning around he puts his hands on Sara’s shoulders and looked at Sucre, who is studying the bomb. “Is there another way out of here?”

Sucre looked up from the bomb with a worried look on his face. “No the metal door is the only way out and without the code key pad working it won’t open.”

Back in Sara’s apartment Linc was pacing the room. Jane was the mole, but how, she was helping them? Maybe she just wanted to keep them close, but why, why would she do this? What does she have against Sara and her family? All these thoughts were running through his mind and then there was a knock at the door.

Moving to the door, Linc takes a deep breath and opens the door to see Jane standing there.

“Oh my gosh are you okay!” Jane asks as she wraps her arms around him. As she reaches up to his neck for the embrace, her shirt rises up and reveals the gun she has tucked in her pants.

“So would you like a drink or something” Linc asks acting very calm.

“Water would be nice” Jane smiled as she entered the apartment.

Linc watches her and sees the gun. As he slowly makes his way to the kitchen but surprises her by pinning her hand against the wall, grabbing her gun and pointing it at her. “I talked to Michael and he told me that you’re the mole.”

Jane doesn’t even look scared. She smiles and asked, “Did Michael also tell you that him and the cute redhead are about to be blown up?”

Linc freezes at her comment. What was she talking about? Before Linc could react he heard a loud “BOOM” in the distance. Linc turned his head to Sara’s window and saw smoke filling the air over in the same area Sucre lives. Linc released his tight hold on Jane out of shock. “No it can’t be,” he thought. Suddenly something hit him on the head hard and everything went black.
Chapter End Notes:
Well hope you liked it, more to come so thanks for reading and I would love to know what you think. I'll update more soon.