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~*~*Chapter 24*~*~

The four in the kitchen were silent. Paul got up from his seat and once standing he moved to the side of the table and sits looking down at Jane. “You know Jane, it’s amazing that you were able to fool the whole FBI division,” he said with a smirk.

Jane stares at him, showing him she isn’t scared of him and won’t give him the satisfaction of her cracking under pressure.

“You were able to leak information out of division without being detected” Paul says. “I’m actually impressed.” Jane still remained silent. He leaned in closer to her face and in a harsh whisper says, “You will go to prison for a long time for everything you’ve done.” With a smirk he continues. “How long do you think your pretty face is going to be left alone and safe in prison. You know how some of the inmates are treated. Also who will play nice with the former FBI agent, who probably had a roll in them ending up there in the first place.”

For the first time Jane spoke “You have no way to connect me to anything that’s happening with the governor” she says coldly.

Paul nods his head in agreement with her. “Yet you can be charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, who were at the time trying to solve that case. Are you saying that it’s a coincidence?”

Lincoln and Michael stood leaning against the kitchen counter and watched to see what Jane says or does. Their arms were crossed against their chests as they studied Paul as he worked to get Jane to talk. Lincoln knew that breaking Jane would take more time then it would with their unusual suspects. Jane knew their techniques.

Paul also knew this wouldn’t be easy and it could take time to get her to talk. He knew they didn’t have a lot of time so he had to work fast and efficiently. He continued to stare down at her. “Listen Jane, unless you start talking the judge will throw the book at you so fast because not only did to try to kill three agents, Scofield, Burrows and Sucre but also the Governor’s daughter. There is no way Governor Frank Tancredi will let you walk. So tell me whom you’re working for and we can make a deal, because honestly I don’t think you’re the brains behind this whole operation.

Jane stares at him and makes no move to speak to him. Her cold blue eyes stare at him in the eye as if silently telling him she wasn’t going to fold. Her once neat blond hair in a ponytail was now a mess from after the struggle with Lincoln. A few strands fell in front of her face as she looked down. Paul was finally getting frustrated. Jumping off the table he grabbed her chair and roughly slammed it against the wall. “WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?”

Jane gritted her teeth but said nothing, Paul finally pulled away from her and shook his head. “You had your chance, remember that,” he warned her hinting as to what was to come. He moved to the window and shut the blinds so that no light was coming through the window.

Lincoln walked over to help Paul go through his bag while Michael moved over to the lights. Paul pulls out metal plate that is used for blindfold their suspects. This way Jane will be in compete darkness. Lincoln pulls out a special set of headphones. Paul walked back over to Jane, “I’m sure by now you have figured out what we are going to do now.”

“A sensory disorientation” Jane mumbled softly.

Paul moves closer and places the metal plate blindfold over her eyes. “You will experience infrasound. Sounds humans being can’t usually hear with their ears. The sounds will be unbearable and will cause you to lose track of time. You will feel weak and tired. These sounds can drive your mind crazy.”

Lincoln moved over to place the headphone on her ears. As soon as she felt the headphones touch her ears to flinched away from them. “Are you going to talk?” Lincoln asked her firmly. When Jane said nothing he once again moved to place the headphones onto her ears, she didn’t move away this time.

Paul turned on the machine and placed a small microphone and video camera on the kitchen counter so that they could hear and see everything from the living room. Michael shut off the lights and the three slowly exited the kitchen, leaving Jane to struggle to keep her sanity.

Paul and Lincoln set up the little T.V. to watch Jane. As the two took care of that Michael went to see Sara and Sucre in Sara’s bedroom. After knocking softly, Michael slowly opened the door. Turning his head to the left he saw Sara sitting on her bed with her head propped up on the headboard. Although he knows she heard him, she made no movement to look at him; instead she looked out her window in a daze. Noticing Sucre to his right working on the computer he slowly walks up behind him. “How’s it going?” Michael asked in a quiet voice.

Sucre remained staring at the computer screen but nodded. “I was able to recover everything I had for you guys. We’re good”

Michael leaned down and pressed the palm of his hands down firmly on the desk as he looked at computer screen. “I need you to try and hack into Jane’s user account at work, see if anything suspicious activity.” Sucre nods and gets straight to work. Turning around Michael looked at Sara as she sat in the same position he saw her in when he entered the room. She just stared out the window and was oblivious to what was going on around her.

His attention was drawn back to Sucre as he spoke and told him he was in. Looking at the screen and at her recent activities they learned that Jane was very good at covering her tracks. They found some suspicious things and Michael got Sucre to print out a few pages to show Linc and Paul.

After they printed off a few pages, Sucre took the documents and moved towards the living room where Paul and Linc were. This Left Michael and Sara alone in her room. Since Sara had yet to even acknowledge him, Michael slowly walked across the room and took a seat at the edge of the bed. Still Sara continued to stare out her window looking at the tall buildings. Looking down at her hands he saw her nervously rub her thumb on the palm of her other hand.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked her softly. Sara’s head finally turned to him and he sees the shock and fear in her eyes.

Sara broke their eye contact almost instantly and looked down at her hands as she fidgeted. “Yeah, no, I don’t know. I had gun pressed against my head and then minutes later I was huddled in a storm shelter while a bomb went off above me” she spoke in a shaky voice.

Michael gently reached out for her hand and Sara allowed him to give her a comforting squeeze. Sara gripped his hand tightly wanting him to comfort her. “I promise I won’t let anything happen to you” Michael said to her.

As their fingers intertwined, Sara moves closer to him and lets him wrap his arms around her and she buried her face in his chest. She listens as Michael whispers sweet assuring words in her ear and Sara nods, letting him know she believes him. He pulls back so that he can cup her face and looks deep into her eyes.

He knew this was wrong, their situations. He was hired to watch over her and protect her; that was it. There are rules that forbid this kind of relationship. He knew he should walk away leave everything solely professional between them but the weird part was that even though they shouldn’t be doing it this, it felt so “normal”. He felt so comfortable with her and that was something he had never felt before with a woman. There was something about her that always made him abandon all thoughts of professionalism. His mind was always telling him to back up and walk away, but something also makes him ignore the feeling.

Sara leaned her forehead against his and he caresses the side of her face with his thumbs. Sara looked deep into his eyes and always found herself getting lost in them. She glanced down to his irresistible lips and moved in closer. Their lips moved closer to each other and Sara could feel his breath on her face and it made her whole body tingle with excitement. Their lips were less then an inch apart when they heard a knock on the door interrupting the moment and causing them both to jump back away from each other, looking at the closed door.

“Michael we’re going back in” Paul called through the door. Michael said alright and with another glance at Sara and a smile, Michael got up and headed for the door.
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