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~*~*Chapter 27*~*~

The two stood in the doorway in total shock. Their eyes moved from a still Jane on the floor with her eyes closed to Paul standing over her body. “What’s going on Paul?” Linc asks glaring at Paul, who had a shocked look on his face as he sees Lincoln and Michael standing in the doorway.

After a few seconds to process everything, Michael moved and crouched down beside Jane’s body. He put two fingers to the side of Jane’s neck to find a palse. There wasn’t one. “SARA!” Michael yelled.

Sara came running through her kitchen door and saw Jane lying on the floor with Michael at her side. “Oh my gosh, what happened?” Sara asked as she moved to kneel beside Michael.

“She’s not breathing” Michael told her.

“Okay when I say, I need you to give her mouth to mouth.” Sara pressed her hands against Jane’s chest. “One, two, three and go” she told Michael. Michael leaned down and gave Jane mouth to mouth, but nothing happened. They repeated CPR several times, but there was no change in Jane’s condition. She was gone.

Paul was standing out of the way watching and when Sara shook her head, Paul lowered his chin to his chest and shook his head in disbelief. He was surprised when Linc walked over and gripped his shirt. Linc roughly slammed him against the wall hard. “WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” Lincoln yelled at Paul as he struggled and tried to loosen Linc’s grip on his shirt, but the more he tried, the harder Linc held his shirt.

“I don’t know what happened to her, I uncuffed her and then she struggled. She was able to break free of my hold for a couple seconds and when I got up to get her she collapsed to the floor” Paul told him.

“That’s bull,” Lincoln growled not believing a single word he said.

Michael was still sitting by Jane’s body when saw the syringe behind Paul and notices that it was empty. He moved to pick it up and looked a Paul with a death stare. “How much did you give her?”

“None” Paul answered.

“Then why is it empty? It was full before when we were interrogating her!” Michael snapped at him.

“I emptied it down the sink.”

“Well isn’t that convenient” Lincoln said gripping Paul’s shirt tighter and pressing his other arm against Paul’s throat. “Then how do you explain Jane lying dead on the floor?”

“Look I never went near Jane with the drug, I swear” Paul told them frantically but neither Lincoln or Michael believed him.

“Maybe your upset that Jane talked. Are you one of them?”

Paul quickly shook his head “NO!”

Pushing Paul harder into the wall Linc yelled again, “ARE YOU ONE OF THEM!”

“No I’m not, Linc, Mike come on you know me, you know I would never be involved with these people” Paul said as he can’t believe what he is being accuse of. “I don’t know who these people are, I swear.”

Michael walked closer to Paul and then looked back at Jane. “You know it would make sense for you to kill you were working for these people. Jane talked, she gave someone up and maybe your afraid if Jane talked anymore your cover would be blown so you killed her to cover your tracks. Were you planning to one killing us all and then taking Sara to who ever these people are?”

They were right it would make sense if he was working for them but he desperately needed Lincoln and Michael to believe him. “Look I didn’t touch her and I’m not working for these people. You have to believe me.”

Michael picked up the handcuffs from the floor and handed them to Linc. He roughly turned Paul around so that his front was facing the wall. He grabbed his hands and cuffed them together. Leaning forward Linc growled in Paul’s ear. “We’ll see about that.” Pulling Paul away from the wall Linc led him to the laundry room in Sara’s apartment and cuffed him to a chair. “Please don’t do this Linc. You’ve got it all wrong” Paul pleaded but Linc said nothing. He shook his head and closed the door behind him, leaving Paul to think in the dark about how to get out of this mess.

As all this was going on Sara remained in one spot looking door at Jane, as she lay dead on her kitchen floor. It was at this moment Sara decided that after this nightmare was over she would move. Somewhere she didn’t have to picture Jane lying on her kitchen floor, dead. She could hear footsteps entering the kitchen turning around she saw Sucre. He had come to see what all the commotion was about and was shocked to see Jane lying on the floor. “Is she…?”
Sara nodded knowing what he was going to ask. “Yeah”

“And Paul?”

“Maybe the killer” Linc answered as he picked up his cell phone from the table. “I’m going to call my friend Susan at the morgue, she’ll pick up the body and tell us what the cause of death was.” He flipped open his phone to call he and explain the situation. Michael, Sara and Sucre moved to the living room and sat on the couch and tried to process everything. Michael laid his face in his hands, feeling guilty. He had promised Jane he would protect her. “She’s dead because of me,” Michael mumbled under his breath.

Both Sara and Sucre turned to look at him. “It’s not your fault Papi” Sucre told him but that didn’t convince him.

“Okay, I called Susan and she’s on her way to retrieve the body. She’ll examine the body and then call us with the results. I’ve also explained the situation and she’s on board.” With a sigh Linc collapsed onto the single seat sofa.

“What are we going to do about Paul? Do you really think he’s one of these guys?” Sucre asked.

Michael shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know but as of now he’s are only suspect we have and who witnessed Jane’s death.”

After fifteen minutes the phone rang. Sara got up to answer her phone and saw on the caller ID that it was the front doors to the building. “Hello?”

“Hi I’m Susan B. Anthony,” the woman said.

“Okay come on up” Sara told her and buzzed her in. A couple minutes later there was a knock at the door and Lincoln went to answer the door.

“Hello Archie” Susan said. Lincoln had told her about him and Michael current assignment and for there and Sara’s safety they used their cover name in front of the two other colleagues that she brought with her. She assured Linc that the two others who came with her could be trusted and she knew personally. Yet both agreed for extra protection they would use their under cover names.

Linc led Susan and the two other men with her to the kitchen where Jane’s body was. Susan and her co-workers got right to work examining the body. Michael had also joined them in the kitchen and helped Linc explain to Susan what happened.

“We’ll take the body and finish examining it and run tests to find out the cause of death and get back to you” Susan told the brothers as she packed up her stuff. Her co-workers bagged the body and removed it from Sara’s kitchen.

“Thanks so much for this Susan” Linc said to her.

Susan nodded “And I’m sorry about Jane, I know you two were close” she said to Linc.

Linc shook his head “The Jane I knew never existed.” Susan could tell the he was still hurting, even though he did his best to hide it.

After Susan and the two other men left Linc decided to call it a night and quietly went to his room. Sara seconds that, saying it had been a long day and was in need of some sleep. As she stood up she glanced to her right at Michael who seem to still be beating himself up about Jane’s death. At her movement his eyes turned to her and he nodded his head “Goodnight.”

Sara gave a force smile as she walked away towards her bedroom. Michael noticed something was bothering her, he figured it had to do with everything they had been through during today and decided after Sucre fell asleep he would go check on her. Within ten minutes the lights were off in the living room and Michael was stretched out on the couch staring at the ceiling. Once he heard Sucre’s faint snoring coming from behind the couch, Michael slowly got to his feet and quietly made his way down the hall. He notices light coming from Sara’s room from the small space under the door. After a soft knock on the door, he slowly opened her door and went inside then closed it behind him once he entered.
Chapter End Notes:
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