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~*~*~Chapter 32~*~*~

A couple days went by and they still had nothing new to go by. Sucre had been working hard to try and figure out what everything Don had was for but couldn't match everything up yet. The other three were getting restless; they needed more information but didn’t know where to get it.

On another note Sara and Michael were growing really close and continued to hide it from Lincoln and Sucre. For the last two nights and since the last time they were together, Michael had snuck into Sara’s room after Linc and Sucre were asleep and neither of them expected a thing. After making love the two would lie together in each other’s arm and just talk about pretty much anything.

Tonight was one of those nights where after passionate love they would talk, about their past and dreams for the future. Michael had one arm around her and held her close to his body. As he listen to her tell him a story about her mother and the little pieces she actually remembered.

They were quiet for a few moments until Sara’s curiosity couldn’t wait anymore. She was dying to ask him when she first noticed it but figured it was a private matter but now her curiosity won her over. “Michael”

“Hmmm” he mumbled against the side of her face as he kissed her.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about your toes, or missing toes.” Her hand and fingers caressed his bare chest as her foot rubbed against his legs. She looked up at him to see his reaction and to see if he was upset that she asked him. He wasn’t, he just pulled her closer.

“It happened a few years ago, I was working on a case it was actually one of my first big cases and it involved terrorists. They were responsible for a bomb explosion on a Chicago train. My father was the leader of the investigation and we came across a audio tape that led us to believe a man from the middle east was responsible for the attack, but something about the whole conversation on the tape and talking to the man I believed he was being set up and that the recording was fabricated. Although many agents said he was the man I wasn’t convinced so my brother, Paul and a few other agents tried to prove we had the wrong man and that he was totally innocent in this. We found a computer chip and we learned who was really responsible for the attack. They must have discovered that we found something and came after us. When we split my brother took the chip and made his way back to Division. Unfortunately another agent and I ran into these guys and they took us hostage and tortured us trying to get us to tell them where the chip was.”

Sara moved closer to Michael as he continued to tell her what happen. “They killed other agent. Shot him in the head, execution style. When I refused to tell them what we knew and who else knew they threatened to kill me and cut off my toes as a warning. When my brother called to check in the men who were holding me ask my brother for the chip of I would die. They made me talk to Linc and I was able to give a coded message as to where I was being held. Then a team of agent came in a got me out and the men were arrested and the man the FBI was holding was let go.”

Sara clung to Michael tightly and buried her face in the crook of his neck. She couldn’t believe everything he had been through and the fact he never did what the terrorists wanted him to do. He had stayed strong and was determined to make sure an innocent man didn’t go down for a crime he didn’t commit. While others may have just told them what the terrorists wanted to save themselves, Michael didn’t.

Her thoughts were broken when Michael let out a little chuckle. She looked at him confused wondering what was so funny about what he went through. Michael turns to her and smiled. “Lets just say after that my brother did everything he could to make sure he never let me out of his sight or lose contact with him for two long.” Sara smiled. She had always envied Lincoln and Michael’s close relationship and it was a relationship like theirs that made her wish she had a sibling.

Sara’s fingers ran up and down his chest and she started to leave a trail of wet kiss all the way up to his lips. When her lips captured his, he kissed her back with so much passion and their tongues danced together in his mouth. Bringing herself to rest on top of him, her hands cupped his face and let the sensation of the kiss take over them. Michael’s hands pulled her naked body closer to him and they soon became one and they let their bodies express how they felt.


The following morning Michael was the first one up and was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. There was some big charity dinner tonight that the Governor was attending and had asked Sara to too. After many conversations about whether it was safe or not they decided that if Sara made an appearance it would look less suspicious considering Sara always got involved in different charities.

Seeing as Lincoln was suppose to be Sara’s cousin it was agreed that she would set him up with her friend Veronica since she was also going but didn’t have a date. At first Linc had protest saying he didn’t need a date but Sara told him that Veronica was very down to earth.

As Michael took another sip of his coffee Linc walked into the kitchen, “Morning” he mumbled as he made his way to pour himself some coffee.

“Well aren’t you in a great mood today Linc” Michael laughed as he took another sip of his coffee.

Linc glared at Michael as he took a seat, “Yea well I’m not looking forward to tonight, also why are you so happy you got stuck being Sara’s date and the two of you enjoy bickering about pretty much everything”

“Don’t worry Sara said we just have to make an appearance and then we can leave, we’ll probably be out of there in a hour.” Michael told his brother and he seemed to accept his plan so nodded.

Sara came skipping into the kitchen in a great mood. Both Michael and Lincoln watched at she poured herself some cereal and then a glass of orange juice. “Good morning!” Sara chirped as she took a seat at the table with the brothers.

Lincoln watched her carefully as she ate her cereal. Sara looked up at Linc staring at her and gave him a questioning look. Linc smirked “If I didn’t know that you were stuck in this apartment with us all night I would have thought you got some last night” he said with a chuckle.

Michael looked up from the paper in shock of Linc statement. What Linc said also shocked Sara. “Gee Linc can’t a girl just wake up in a good mood” Sara scoffed.

“Yeah but tonight you have to go be the perfect daughter of the Governor” Linc said with a smile.

Sara’s smile faded “And just like that my good moods gone” she said as she picked up her bowl of cereal and made her way to the living room to eat and watch t.v. Linc smile and looked at Michael who wasn’t smiling.

“What?” Lincoln said innocently.

“You think I’m the one who is always causing problems, she was in a good mood which meant we wouldn’t have any problems but you go and bring up her father knowing it would upset her” Michael told his brother as he shook his head. Linc shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating making a mental note to apologize to Sara.


As the day went by the group didn’t do much, they had gone with Sara so she could get a dress and they got some suits that they could wear for the night. When they returned Sara had disappeared into her room to get ready. As Michael changed in the guestroom, Linc went to check on Paul who was still tied up in the laundry room.

Opening the door he took a seat in front of Paul, he had uncuffed one of his hands so that he could eat the sandwich the he brought him. “Why don’t you save us both the time Paul and tell us who you are working for” Linc said to him.

Paul looked up at Linc and smiled “I work for agent Alex Mahone, same as you.”

“Why did you kill Jane” Linc growled.

“I didn’t she just dropped dead in front of me and I know that sound stupid but that’s what happen. The empty syringe was just a coincidence.”

Linc stood up and made his way to the door. “Enjoy your meal”

As he closed the door Michael was coming out of the guest bedroom dressed in a navy blue suit, a white collared shirt and a navy blue and white diagonal striped tie. Linc went into the bedroom and Michael walked out and over to the couch to sit down beside Sucre, who was working in his laptop.

“Any luck?” Michael asked.

Sucre shook his head “I can’t seem to find way to connect all the dots and that one document for some reason I cant open. Whatever is in it he wants to make sure no one sees it,” he told Michael. “Anyway I can’t work on an empty stomach.”

Michael laughed as he watched Sucre get up and move to the kitchen to make himself something to eat. Michael sat back on the couch and suddenly heard a bedroom door open. Turning around her saw Sara walk out and she looked absolutely stunning. The red in her hair really came out tonight as she left it long and the large curls rested on her shoulders. She had on an above the knee sparkle black dress with thick straps. As she walked over to him, Michael couldn’t take his eyes off her. “You look so beautiful, Michael whispered to her as his thumb caressed the side of her face.

Sara couldn’t help smiling as she looked into his eyes, “You clean up nice too.” Michael smiled at her and brushed his lips against her briefly and then pulled away not wanting to get carried away in the kiss and have his brother or Sucre walk in.

It was a good thing too because Linc soon came out in black dress pants and a burgundy colored dress shirt. As he entered the room his eyes widen when he saw Sara “You look, you look good,” he said. They then heard a knock on the front door and Sara told them it would be Veronica. Sara move to answer the door and Veronica stood there with a big smile on her face. The two women hugged and moved back inside the apartment. Veronica’s raven colored hair was wavy and framed her face perfectly. She had on a thin strap light pink cocktail dress and silver dress sandals.

“Okay so whose my date” Veronica said as both men were standing behind Sara by the couch.

Sara pointed to Linc and then grabbing his arm brought him closer to Veronica. “Vee you remember Lincoln or for tonight as Archie Ryan, my cousin.” Veronica smiled and Linc smiled back and tried to act casual.

“Okay lets go” Sara said as she made her way to the door, before leaving Sara and the brothers yelled back to Sucre as he walked out of the kitchen with his dinner and took a seat in front of the t.v.

A limo had picked them up and dropped them off as Sara’s father insisted. As they exited the limo the four made their way inside as photographers snapped pictures. When they caught sight of Michael and Sara reporters couldn’t help but asks if the two were an item. Sara briefly answered the question saying they were just old friends and Michael nodded. Since Sara’s attacker was still out there somewhere security was really tight and quickly ushered them inside.

“Man I feel like a celebrity,” Linc laughed as he posed for the camera, Sara and Michael were forced to drag him inside.

They were greeted by a number of politicians when they entered and Sara forced a smiled as they made their way passed them all, she notice her father talking to Bruce his right hand man when Bruce saw her he smiled.

“Sara it’s good to see you” Bruce said as he gave her a hug.

Frank watched them but never cracked a smile. “Sara I’m glad you came” was all he could think to say.

“Really I never would have guessed” Sara spat back and then Michael quickly led her away and towards the table they were to sit at. They both sat down and waited for Linc and Veronica to join them.

“So this isn’t that bad” Michael said trying to look on the positive side. “I mean look they have a very expensive filet mignon on the menu.” Michael joked with her knowing how much she like her steak.

“Yeah well this whole dinner thing is a right off, and they look good giving to charity. I bet none of them have actually been into the children’s hospital to see the children.” Sara told him. Linc and Veronica soon arrive at the table laugh and joking about something. Michael found it surprising since Linc was complaining about this whole thing and yet here he was smiling and laughing at whatever Sara’s friend Veronica said.


A guard stood at the back exit making sure no one got in. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a box of cigarettes and lit one. He leaned against the wall and let out a puff. Suddenly he heard something moving in the bushes across from him. He moved closer to check it out. Behind him something moved in the shadows and then quickly the guy was stabbed in the back. As the guard fell to the floor a man in a black ski mask stood over him. He reached in to the guy’s pocket and pulled out his keys and then unlocked the back door and made his way inside. He stayed close to the wall as he crept down the hall.


As the evening continued Sara was now talking to Bruce. Michael was back at the table with Linc and some politicians who seemed to be in deep in conversation. As she glanced over at Michael, she saw how concentrated he was as he talked to the guys. She couldn’t help but stare at him and melt every time he smiled or laughed. Suddenly something behind Michael caught her attention. One the other side of the room she thought she was maybe imagining it but thought she saw the man in the ski mask walk down the hall towards the restrooms.

She figured she was probably just seeing things and didn’t want to interrupt Michael and Lincoln’s conversation if it turned out to just to be a security walking around. She excused herself from talking to Bruce and made her was over to the restroom. As she went down the hall and then down the stairs, she turned left just like she saw the figure do. Slowly she stepped down the hall and something caught her attention. There was blood on the floor and it was coming from under a storage room door. Placing her hand slowly on the doorknob she opened it and was shock at what she saw. It was a guard and he had been stabbed. Sara gasped and got herself prepared to run and tell Michael and Lincoln but two hands grabbed her, one hand over her mouth and the other around her waist.

Sara’s whole body was shaking; her head turned to look at her attacker and saw it was the man in the ski mask. “Shhh” he whispered in to her ear.

Sara didn’t listen and began to struggle, backing up she slammed his back into the wall with as much force as she could. Elbowing him in the stomach Sara broke free of his hold on her and then she punched him in the face. He let out a groan and then jumped at her and causing them both to fall against the women’s washroom door and it opened. He was on top of her and struggled to hold her down. Sara’s knee came up and kneed him in the groined hard. He moved off and groaned in pain. Sara stood up and made her way to the door but he grabbed her and threw her across the room. She could see him smiling and then watched as he locked the deadbolt and then broke the lock handled so that she couldn’t open it again.

Standing up Sara watched as he came towards her, quickly she threw another fist at his face and then pushed him into one of the bathroom stalls and he seemed to have hit his head on the toilet and was having a hard time standing up. Sara ran over to the locked door and desperately tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. As a last resort she started banging on the door as hard as she could and screamed at the top of her lungs praying that someone would here her.