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~*~*Chapter 34*~*~

Michael held his intense gaze on Sara for a couple minutes without saying anything. At some point Sara averted her eyes away from his, feeling uncomfortable and couldn’t stand to see what looked like anger in his eyes. She wasn’t sure why he would be angry with her, she was attack he should be mad at her attacker but by the way he was looking at her she knew she must have done something to upset him.

She still stood there in nothing but a white towel wrapped around her and her wet stringy hair. With one foot she started tracing circles in the carpet with her toes and her eyes trained to the floor. She brought her arms up and folded them across her chest as to protect herself from what ever he was mad at her for. She didn’t know how long she could stand the silent treatment and blue steel gaze, she wanted to know what was wrong and somehow make it right. Being use to the silence she jumped back a little when he finally did speak.

“Why didn’t you come and get me?” Michael asked in an angry tone.

Sara’s head looked up at him and her eyes widen; this is what he was mad about. “I don’t know, you were talking with Linc and some politicians and looked like you were deep in conversation about something.” Sara knew this wasn’t a good reason but said it anyway.

“You went after a guy who attacked you less then a month ago alone because you thought I was too busy talking to some politicians.” His voice was loud and he stood up from his seat and started to pace the room.

“I didn’t know if it was really him or if I was just seeing things,” Sara said in a quiet voice.

“You still should have told me or Linc,” he yelled back with his arms flying in the air.

“I wasn’t sure and if it wasn’t him then you would think I was paranoid and seeing things. You would have called more agents and if it wasn’t him then I look like the crazy one” Sara yelled. “The last thing I wanted was to have all these agents to show up and find out it was a false alarm. I wanted to make sure what I saw was right first.”

“YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!” Michael screamed.

“Oh yeah and that would look so bad for you and Linc if the person you were suppose to protect ended up dead. It would ruin your reputations as agents.” Sara snapped back at him.

“That’s not what this is about” Michael yelled.

“Then what is it? What is this job to you?” Sara yelled throwing up her hands. “What are WE doing?” Sara asked meaning the two of them.

“I DON”T KNOW!” Michael screamed at her, and that was the truth he didn’t know what they were doing. Was it just sex? Was it just comfort during this horrible and frightening situation? He had no clue because they never really talked about it so neither knew what the other thought. He slowly took a step towards her and pushed a piece of her wet hair behind her ear. He let out a sigh as his watery eyes looked into her watery eyes and said in a whisper, “I don’t want anything to happen to you, I would never forgive myself if I lost you.” Sara could no longer hold back the tears. “And I don’t mean that as an agent. I care about you so much and the idea of losing you makes me sick to my stomach.” The tears streamed down both their faces as they wrapped their arms around each other tightly as if afraid they could lose each other at that moment.

“I don’t want to lose you either Michael” Sara whispered before planting a kiss on his ear. Pulling back just a little they look into each other eyes as they continued to cry. Michael brought his thumbs up to her rosy cheeks and wiped away the tears and she did the same for him. Both tried the calm down their breathing and control the emotions as they exhaled heavily.

Their foreheads rested together as their eyes closed and their fingers caressed the others neck. “I’m sorry” Sara whimpered softly.

Michael nodded, “Me too I didn’t mean to yell at you I was just…”

“I know” Sara said and the looked up and her lips claimed his with such force and passion. Michael immediately responded to the kiss and cupped her face. They worked on each other’s mouths as if this would be the last time they would ever see each other. Michael tugged on her bottom lip and then ran his tongue over her lip.

With her permission his tongue slid into her mouth and he heard her moan. For quite some time they stood there letting their tongue move from his mouth to hers. They would break for air but in no time their lips connected again. Sara’s hand trailed down his chest unbuttoning all the buttons on his shirt and then pushing it off him to expose his lean shoulders. He let her soft slender fingers caressed his bare chest and back as she felt Michael’s mouth on her neck and leaving wet kissed.

“Sara” he moaned as he pulled her closer to him. Sara wrapped her arms around his back and started leaving a wet trail of kissed down his chest as Michael’s long fingers combed through her hair.

Within no time Michael’s pants had dropped to the floor along with Sara’s towel. Their feet moved them away from the pile of clothes and directed them towards the bed. Sara fell back and started to crawl up the mattress with Michael hovering over her daring not to break their passionate lip lock. As Sara lay back Michael explored every inch of Sara with his mouth and hands.

“I need you, now!” Sara pleaded and Michael grinned. He slowly made his way up Sara’s perfect naked body and let his lips crashed down on hers. One of his hands reached over into Sara’s nightstand and then their separate bodies became one in no time.


After making sure Veronica made it home safe Lincoln returned to the apartment. Swinging open the door, Linc pulled off his coat and made his way to sit beside Sucre on the couch. As he plopped down beside him he let out deep sigh.

“Interesting night?” Sucre asked.

“You could say that” Linc said as he bent forward and cupped his own face in his hands because he was so exhausted. “So where’s Michael and Sara?”

“Well their at it again” Sucre said not taking his eyes off the t.v. “Michael was giving us the silent treatment and then he went into Sara’s room and the two started yelling at each other.

“I figured they would have another fight sooner or later, it’s been about a week and a bit since the last time they were at each others throats,” Linc said as he leaned back against the couch. Sucre then handed Linc a beer and the two chatted as they watched some late night shows.


The two lovers basked in the after glow in each other’s arms talking about pretty much anything. Michael’s arms were wrapped around Sara’s back and held her close to him. Sara head rested on Michael’s chest and her delicate fingers trace over his abs. She felt Michael’s lips against her forehead and she let out a moan as she moved even closer to him.

“You okay” Michael asked as he pulled away to look at her beautiful face.

Sara smiled “I am now. Who knew makeup sex was that good?” Her body moved up his so that her lips could capture his in a passionate kiss. She heard him moan then rolled over onto his back pulling Sara with him.

They kissed for quite sometime and Michael’s long fingers trailed down her naked body over her back and then to her stomach. As she felt his fingers touched the soft skin on her stomach she flinched and started giggling during their lip lock.

“Stop that, it tickles” Sara giggled as she pushed his hands away.

Michael smiled as his head fell back on the pillow, “What this?” he said as his fingers started to tickled her stomach. Sara rolled off Michael laughing and pleading him to stop as she squirmed in his arms.

Michael didn’t give up that easy and turned on his side facing her and continued tickling her as she giggled and tried to push him away.

When they finally settled Sara still lay on her back looking at Michael as he lay on his side staring at her and caressing her face. They remained silent as they looked into each other’s eyes and let their fingers caress the other’s naked body. At one point Michael removed his hands from Sara’s body and rolled over to the other side so he had his back to her. Curious to know what he was up to Sara sat up and pulled the sheet over her body and rested her head on the headboard.

Michael turn back to her he sat up beside her. “Listen I know you have this idea of what flowers mean but not all flowers are doomed to die” Michael said with a smile as her held out an origami rose for her.

When Sara saw the delicate paper flower her eyes widened and a huge smiled spread across her face. “Oh Michael” she whispered and then reached over and kissed him. “It’s beautiful, I love it!”

Michael smiled as he handed it to Sara and then pulled her back down onto the bed. He rolled on top of her and started to kiss her with so much sultry. “This flower isn’t an apology; it’s a promise that I will always be there for you when you need me.” Sara’s arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to her. They both moaned as their fingers caressed the other’s skin.

He felt her legs wrap around his waist and Michael’s body started to react to her. His tongue slid into her mouth, finding hers and their tongues dance between each other’s mouths.

All of a sudden the both jumped as they bedroom door swung open. “Hey Michael…” came Linc’s voice as he found Michael lying on top of Sara and he stared at them in complete shock.
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