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~*~*Chapter 37*~*~

Paul was woken from his slumber when Linc barged in and quickly turned on the lights, he could tell by the look on Lincoln’s face that something was wrong. He watched as Linc moved towards him and then pushed his chair into the wall. “What the hell Linc!” Paul yelled as he was rammed against the wall.

“I’m done playing games Kellerman! I want to know who you are working for and I want to know what you plan on doing” Lincoln yelled his face inches away from Kellerman.

“Linc quit it out I’m not working for these people! Now get the fuck away from me!” Paul spat at him and then kicked Linc in the stomach and sent him flying back and fell back into the washing machine. “Do you want to tell me what all this is about or you expecting me to guess what has you going all gorilla on me.”

Linc sat up with his back against the washing machine and let out a sigh, “Sara’s missing,” he told him.

Paul started smiling, “Well, well, well you really suck. How did you manage to do that? I mean I heard you guys talking earlier.” Linc said nothing and stared at the floor and Paul caught the guilty look on Linc’s face and this made Paul laugh. “Let me guess you found out about MiSa’s night time activities?”

Linc looked up at Paul shocked and confused. “Whose MiSa?”

“MiSa a combination of Michael and Sara. You know like Beniffer or Brangelina” Paul told him and Linc just look at him as if Paul was crazy. “Hey don’t judge me Linc, you’ve got me tied up in this laundry room and sometimes my mind wonders and also I could hear Michael sneak into her room when you and Sucre are asleep.”

“I kind of lost it tonight when I caught them and Sara took off and now she’s missing. Listen Paul I need you to tell me where she is, if we don’t find her it’s my fault and Michael’s gonna hate me.”

Paul looked at Linc’s pleading eyes and then averted them down to the floor, “I can’t”

“WHY NOT!” Linc yelled as he stood up and moved towards him.

“Because I have nothing to tell you! So why don’t you uncuff me and let me help you look for her. I can help you find her,” Paul said.

Linc seemed to find that statement funny and laughed. “How stupid do you think I am, I let you go and you’ll take off and make sure we never find Sara, you killed Jane Paul and the two of you were partners, you knew everything about each other and you expect me to believe this whole time you had no idea she was playing for the other team?”

Paul smiled “Well you didn’t know Michael was fucking Sara” Paul spat out. Linc glared at him and then turned off the lights left the room and leaving Paul alone in the dark.


When Michael arrived back at the apartment they all got to work, working on into the early morning and were still stuck with nothing. They couldn’t find any really information in why Nick would be doing this and where he had gone. It was almost like he disappeared into thin air, along with Sara.
They were to all take turns sleeping but Michael kept working and always came to a dead end. They had blown up the photo of Sara being held captive and printed it out so that they could try and determine her whereabouts but it showed nothing but an empty room with a small cot and Sara sitting on it.

It was now eight in the morning and Michael sat on the couch concentrating on working on finding Nick Savrinn when Linc came back into the apartment with breakfast and some other things. “Did you get the surveillance tape?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, but before we look at that there’s something you have to see.” Lincoln told him and led Michael into Nick’s apartment. Upon entering Linc walk over to the bedroom and then into the walk in closet. They both stood in the middle on the closet and Michael watched as Linc stepped forward and pushed away the clothes the hung on the hangers and behind them revealed as collection of photographs of Sara, and them.

“Oh my God” Michael whispered as he moved closer to inspect the photos. He saw a few of himself and Sara dancing and having fun out at the club, outside the Chinese restaurant the day of the car chase, in the parking lot sharing a kiss after the car chase. He had been watching them as well as Linc ever since they were assigned to watch over Sara. He had also seem to be watching Sara a little longer and the saw pictures of Sara out with Veronica and Katie shopping or by herself walking down the street “He’s been watching us” Michael said in a horrified voice.


She didn’t sleep much, probably got about two hours at the most if that. She lay there in the small empty room on the cot staring at the ceiling. Nick had come to check on her at least every hour to make sure she wasn’t trying anything. Each time she pretended to be sleeping hoping he would just leave with out starting anything. A few times she had seen T-bag look at her through the window on the door and he would run his tongue over his lips in desire, she figured since he never entered the room he didn’t have a key which gave her some comfort because he had made it pretty clear of his intensions with her were while she was locked away.

Letting out a sigh Sara ran her hands over her stomach and then to the pocket of her jeans where she felt a lump. Reaching into the pocket she pulled out the origami rose Michael had made for her. She intertwined it in her fingers and stared at the red and green paper flower. It was only hours ago Michael had given this to her, it was the last time she felt so happy and so safe and she couldn’t believe how everything changed within less then an hour of that moment. Linc found them and flipped and then she was taken hostage by Nick and T-bag. She brought the rose to her lips and closed her eyes thinking of the perfect moment Michael had given her the flower.

“This flower isn’t an apology; it’s a promise that I will always be there for you when you need me.” Michael’s words echoed through her mind. She needed him now more then ever, his strength to help her get out of this situation alive. She had no idea what Michael was doing now or how he reacted when he saw the photo Nick had sent him. She wanted to be back in her room with him away from everyone, from the world, she was determine to remember their moments together and pray there would be more to come.

Suddenly her head jolted up when she heard the door unlock and someone enter. She sat up when Nick entered the room and he had a serious face expression. “Alright it’s time we get the ball rolling on this thing now.”

She watched as he set up the voice alternator and dialed a number. Looking over at Sara he gave a smirk, “Lets see how your boyfriend is doing shall we?”


“Okay so we have a stalker on our hands and now he’s taken Sara” Linc said as he paced the living room in Sara’s apartment while Michael sat on the couch looking at the photos and other documents they had.

“This doesn’t make sense? I’ve looked over all of our information for Frank Tancredi and Nick Savrinn probably never even met the guy. Jane and Don are connected by their father and blame Frank for their fathers death while in Grenada, but Nick has no connection to Frank Tancredi or even Jane and Don. The only link is that he lives beside Sara” Michael said in frustration.

“There’s got to be another player involved, you said Don was on the phone with someone giving them an update like he was working for someone else. We need to find out who that person is and that might link up to Nick some how,” Linc suggested.
Michael thought about it and nodded, “Jane also said she didn’t know everyone involved, if her part was to leak information out of Division then she probably didn’t know everything, Don seem to be the person she dealt with and Don dealt with someone else.”

Before they could brain storm anymore the phone rang and both Linc and Michael look at the phone in fear. Reaching over the coffee table Michael picked up the phone to answer it, “Hello”

“I think it’s about time we talk about meeting my demands” the voice said.
“Not until I speak to Sara and know she is alive,” Michael said firmly.

“Very well”

There was silence and Linc watches as Michael bit his nail and nervously waited for Sara to come onto the other end. He watched as his brother was desperately trying to hold it together enough to talk to her and make sure she was alright.
“Michael…” Michael heard Sara say in a small voice.

“Hey” Michael said quietly to her as he stood up from the couch and moved to stand be the window, “Are you alright, has he hurt you?” Michael asked her.

It was silent for a few seconds before he heard Sara’s responds, “I fine and I am been treated well here” she said and Michael could tell in her voice she was repeating what ever he was telling her to say but when she spoke it gave him hope that he wasn’t hurting her.

“Listen remember the promise I made to you, earlier?”

“I want you to know that I plan to keep that promise and I will see you soon okay”

“I know” he heard Sara say with so much trust in him. He leaned his forehead against the window and tried to prevent himself from letting the tears fall that were welling up in his eyes.

“Alright times up” Michael heard the low voice say replacing, Sara’s small but strong voice. “As for my demands you are to make sure that three days from now, Governor Tancredi day schedule doesn’t change and everything goes as planned, and you are not to tell anyone about Sara unless you want me to put a bullet in her head, ARE WE CLEAR?”

“Yes” Michael said although he was a bit confused as to what was so important about the Governors plans three days from now. Before Michael could say anything else the line went dead.

Turning back to his brother he said, “I think they’re planning something to happen in three days, but we need to get Sara back before then.

“What are they planning on doing?” Linc asked.

“I might have an idea” Sucre’s said as he made his way out of Sara’s room after using her computer, “And it’s not good.”
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