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~*~*Chapter 4*~*~

After the nights events Sara lay in bed staring at the white ceiling thinking about everything that had happened and the man who had attacked her still fresh in her mind.


She could still remember feeling his hands around her neck causing her to struggle because she couldn’t breathe.


She heard someone calling her name. Who was it? She pulled her blanket closer to her hoping who ever it was would go away. Suddenly a strange feeling came over her. She wasn’t alone. Sara slowly turned her head to the edge of her bed. It was dark so it was hard to see, but something caught her eyes. Something was at the edge of her bed. She couldn’t see what it was or who it was but as her eyes focused she could see it. She could see him, the man with the ski mask.


Fear raced across Sara’s face, her eyes not moving from him. Her heart beaded so fast it was as if she had just ran a marathon, but she couldn’t move. Her mind screamed for her to run, but her legs wouldn’t move. She felt she was paralyzed, stuck in that position just staring at him. She thought she could scream for help, but when she opened her mouth nothing came out. What was wrong with her?

“Sara, Sara”

The man moved closer to her, leaning over the bed. Sara thought to herself “This is it. He’s going to kill me and no one would know. As the man face still covered by the ski mask came closer to hers, she desperately wanted to scream, call out for someone to hear. She flinched and turned her face away from his and with that her eyes shot open as the sun beamed down on her.

Sara sat up in bed; it was morning. She looked around her bedroom, she was alone, no man in a ski mask. It was a dream, a nightmare but nothing else. She brought her hands to her forehead and wiped away the sweat. She pulled her long auburn hair away from her face and let out a sigh.

Thump, Thump “Sara, are you in there?”

Sara looked up and gave a groan, she knew who it was. She knew why he was here. Sara slowly got out of bed and grabbed her bathrobe. Making her way out of her bedroom and through her apartment she answered the door.

“Hi dad” her voice not so enthusiastic about seeing him.

Frank threw his arms around his daughter “Oh Sara, thank god your alright”

The way he came at her Sara almost lost her balance. She awkwardly put her arms around him. This was an emotion Sara or her father had rarely expressed for each other. Most of their encounters started with a force smile and in both their minds hoping they could leave the room soon. “I’m fine dad,” said Sara as she tried to gently push him away from her and let him enter the apartment.

Sara guided him over and told him to make himself comfortable as she quickly had a shower and got changed. Since she was still in her pajamas and bathrobe. Frank sat down on her leather sofa rubbing his hands together nervously for so long and fast it’s amazing he didn’t start a fire. He fidgeted waiting for Sara to return. Finally Sara came out of her room to see her dad while she finished brushing her hair. Frank couldn’t hold it in any more and blurt out “I’m so sorry Sara this, this attack on you is my fault. It’s all my fault”

Sara out the brush down and stared at him “What are you talking about? It was just some random guy who came at me. So unless you were the guy in the ski mask or sent him it’s not your fault. Besides I’m fine, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Frank wasn’t buying it and shook his head “Sara, for the last few months I have been getting threatening letters and e-mails from anemones people.”

“I highly doubt they are related,” she said as she walked into the kitchen to make herself some coffee.

Frank followed her “I can’t take that chance. I’m not going to risk your safety Sara not again.

Sara put the coffee mug down and turned to face him. “What are you talking about”.

Before Frank could answer there was a knock at the door “Come in” Frank yelled.

“Hey this is my apartment you can’t just invite people in.”

Just then Jen entered the kitchen “Governor Tancredi, I just got off the phone with Agent Mahone and he has agreed to send two of his best agents over as you requested.” She fixed her rectangle glasses that where sliding down her nose and pushed a piece of her dark brown hair behind her ear and looked at Sara and nodded as to say hello.

Sara’s brown eyes stared at her father then to Jen and back to her father. Sara crossed her arms “What’s she talking about?”

“I have hired some special agents to keep an eye on you and keep you safe.” he said calmly.

“YOU WHAT!!” Sara yelled. “No I don’t think so, I’m not having people follow where ever I go.”

He tries to reason with her “Look you like to go out and stay out late and right now it’s not safe and beside it’s only for a little while.”

“No it’s until you’re no longer governor or stop getting threatening mail.” Sara yells.

Jen tries to comfort Sara by putting a friendly hand on Sara shoulder, but Sara flinches from her touch. She continues “It’s my life and I’m not going to schedule it around you and your problem or Special Agents. Screw you all.” She pushes past Jen, grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

“Where are you going?” Frank asked worriedly. Sara yelled “Out and when I come back you and your assistant better not be here,” She slams the door behind her.

Frank stands in Sara’s living room with Jen “Call Agent Mahone and tell him to send the two agent over here so I can meet them before Sara gets back.”