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~Chapter 40~

As he drove the cab he would glance into the rear view mirror at T-bag who was fidgeting and glancing around to see if they were being followed. “This ain’t good they gonna check my car!” he said freaking out.

“It’ll be fine,” a very calm looking “Greg Fillman” said. “We just gotta lay low for a while.”

“And where do you suppose we do that?” T-bag asked.

Suddenly he heard the automatic lock click and the back door locked him in. Looking up at the driver T-bag gave a questioning look and driver just stared at him with his ocean blue eyes. “What’s going on man?”

“Don’t worry everything will be fine as long as you cooperate?” he heard the man beside him say.

“Fillman what’s the deal?”

“Well for starter my name is not Greg Fillman” reaching into his pocket her pulled out his FBI badge that states that he is Agent Lincoln Burrows. T-bags eyes widen in fear and then turn to the driver who is holding up his badge stating that he is Agent Michael Scofield.

“Oh hell no!” T-bag cried as he starts to pull on the door handle and jumping in her seat frantically trying to get out. He yelled out for them to let him go at the top of his lungs.

“Sorry you had you chance to leave but you willingly got into this cab so now you are going to answer some of our questions.” Linc told him as he grabbed hold of him and handcuffed his hands behind his back. T-bag gritted his teeth as he realized there was no escaping this and would have to go alone with what they wanted.

Once they were out of the city, Michael pulled up to a small cabin in the woods. Trees surrounded the place and there were no neighbors for miles. The cabin was small and from the outside looked pretty abandoned. As Michael killed the engine, Linc hauled T-bag out of the car and walked him towards the front door.

“I ain’t got anything you boys want,” he told them.

Linc wasn’t listening as he dragged him inside, “We’ll see about that.”

The room was small and didn’t have a lot of furniture inside. A wooden chair sat in the middle of the room behind a small table and Linc roughly pushed T-bag into the seat and handcuffed him to the chair so that he couldn’t go anywhere.

“Listen we can work something out, if you let me go!”

“Lets see what you have to offer first.” Michael snapped at him as he entered the room with some of T-bags belongings. “For starters where’s Sara?”

“I got no idea who you’re talking about pretty boy,” T-bag told him as his eyes looked up at him and he licked his lips.

Michael just stared at him as he held on to a brown envelope. When T-bag said nothing else he reached his hand into the folder and pulled out a large blown up photo. “Really?” Michael said unconvinced as he slammed the photo down the table that shows T-bag driving the car that took Sara. “What to tell me again!”

T-bag stared at the picture and gave a face of discuss as if he tasted something sour. “Ah you got my bad side”

Michael wasn’t in the mood for his game and slammed his hands down on the table as he stood on the opposite side of T-bag and stared at him. “I don’t have time for this, where the bleep did you take Sara Tancredi?” Michael yelled at T-bag and made him jump a little in his seat.

“You better watch your mouth pretty” T-bag told him. Out of nowhere Linc came over and grabbed hold of T-bag’s throat.

“You give me twenty minutes and I can make sure your mangy bleep in so much pain you’d wish you were dead” Linc said to him. “Do you want to bet against me?” T-bag stared at them as Linc still held a firm hold on his throat. “What do they want with Sara?”

“I don’t know I was only suppose to help deliver her, which was already more then my job to begin with.

“The items in Mexico?” Michael asked.

“Yes that was my job and what they were for was none of my business and never has been. He called me to assist in the kidnapping of Sara once the one at the charity event failed.

“Did Nick give you the orders?” Linc asked and T-bag said nothing. Gritting his teeth Linc pushed the chair back so that it was slammed against the wall. “DID NICK GIVE YOU THE ORDERS!”

“NOOOO” T-bag yelled in pain.

“Was it Don Phillips?” Michael asked from the other side of the room. T-bag’s eyes looked over at Michael while Linc still had him pinned to the wall. “Call your gorilla off me or I don’t say anything.” T-Bag choked out and then when Linc finally let go he inhaled exhaled very heavily and then spit some saliva to the side.

“Start talking!” Linc ordered as he took a few steps back and stared down at T-bag. Michael walked over to the table and took a seat on the end of it and was facing T-bag. “Do you know a Don Phillips?”

T-bag slowly nodded, “I don’t know what he is planning he was just the drop off guy. After that I never saw him again.” T-bag told them in defeat.

“So he has the items you smuggled in from Mexico?” Michael asked but T-bag shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe but I doubt it. He was only the middle man”

“So someone pick up the items after you dropped them off’ Linc stated as he started pacing the room. “So there is another player, Don isn’t our main man”

Michael bowed his head and rubbed his forehead with his long fingers as he thought about how big this thing had become. “Do you have a name?”

T-bag said nothing at first but once Linc made a threatening move towards him he caved, “Richard Mason”

“Who is he?” Michael asked.

Linc came to a halt when he heard that name and something made his think he had heard that name before. “Richard Mason where have I heard that name before?” Linc said aloud and Michael looked over at his brother and both their eyes widened.

Back at Sara’s apartment Sucre was going through some data on the computer as well as drinking a soda when he heard the phone start to ring. Swinging around in his chair he stood up and made his way to answer it. “Hello”

“Sucre it’s me” Michael said.

“Hey Papi how’s it going?” Sucre asked in a cheerful voice.

“We got something but I need you to read me the article about Edward Phillips,” he told him while giving Linc a nodded and a sense of hope that they were getting closer. He could hear Sucre moving around and then shuffling through some papers until he found what he was looking for.

“Okay here it is” Sucre said and then started reading. “The invasion of the island nation of Grenada by the United States of America and several other nations in response to the illegal deposition and execution of Grenada Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. The invasion, which started at 05:00 on October 25, 1983 was the first major operation conducted by the U.S. military since the Vietnam War. Fighting continued for several days and the total number of American troops reached some 7,000. U.S. forces suffered 19 fatalities and 116 injuries. Some of those fatalities involved a number of soldiers who were killed during an ambush involving Sergeant Richard Mason and his squad. Help was unable to get to them and another squad was called off the mission to help them. This squad included a young Frank Tancredi before he got involved with politics and became the Governor of Illinois. Sergeant Richard Mason was one of the survivors but lost some really great men. Edward Phillips was one of those men who never came home. Edward Phillips had a wife Andrea Phillips, an eleven year-old son Don and eight year-old daughter named Jane who he never got to see grow up. He was a great soldier who served his country with pride.”

After he finished reading Michael thanked him and hung up. “It appears our Sergeant Richard Mason also held a grudge against Frank Tancredi” Michael said as he flipped his phone closed and back over to T-bag. “We know he is planning something big and it has to do with Sara so I need you to tell me where Nick is holding her or I can promise you will go down for everything that has and will happen. Now this is your chance to save your butt.”


Nick sat in the room outside of where Sara was held and he was reading over some notes as he heard the front doors to the warehouse open. Turning around in his chair Nick saw Don standing there and didn’t seem to be in a good mood. “Who are you?”

“Don Phillips, don’t worry we’re on the same team. I am working with Richard Mason” he told him and moved into the room.

“I not really working for anyone, just pay my debt to Richard” Nick said. “I don’t know what it is you guys are planning but what Richard has told me and that’s very little.”

Don nodded, “I’m actually here because you have Sara Tancredi”

“Richard told me to keep her here”

“I know, I need to talk to her,” Don told him with a serious face.

“What about?”

“Jane is MIA and last heard to be with Scofield, Burrows and her. They were suppose to be killed in the explosion but since you told Richard they were still kicking I haven’t heard from Jane.” Nick nodded at Don and then the two made their way over to the locked door where Sara was being held.

Sara now had a new shirt on and was pacing the room when the door opened. Her eyes widened when she saw Don walk in along with Nick. They both stood there starring at her but she felt more intimidated by Don who she had a feeling was here because of Jane. With a sigh she stood up straight not going to allow them to bully her. “What do you want?”

Don took a few steps towards her. “You know I’m impressed you have managed to live this long.” Sara said nothing and just stood there as he continued. “You have been sticking your nose in where is doesn’t belong”

“What do you want?”

“I’m looking for someone, agent Jane Parker.”

Sara tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest. “You mean Jane Phillips your sister.”

Don starred at her in shock, they knew who Jane really was. “Where is she?”

“She did a poor job and fail to kill us more then once” Sara said.

Don wasn’t here to play game and move towards her in a threatening manner and wrapped his hand around her neck and slammed her body against the wall.”

“Hey Don!” Nick yelled wanting him to back off, but Don didn’t budge he just starred at her and yelled for Nick to shut up.

“WHERE IS JANE?” he yelled at a terrified chocking Sara who said nothing. Don pulled her back from the wall and then slammed her against it again. “WHERE THE FUCK IS JANE, SARA!”

Sara’s hands came up to try and pry is firm grip on her throat. “She… she…she’s dead” she chocked out.

At that statement Don let her go and stared at her in disbelief. It couldn’t be true Jane couldn’t be dead. In time is shock had disappeared and was replaced with anger and his hand slapped her across the face. “YOU BITCH!” he screamed at her.

“Don that’s enough!” Nick said as he moved in between them.

“What did you do to her?” Don growled at Sara.

“Nothing, she talked and gave you up so one of your guys killed her,” Sara snapped at him.

He made another move towards her but Nick pushed him back, “I was given orders to keep her alive for now so back off and talk to Richard” Nick told him as he pushed Don out of the room and then once again locked Sara in but what he didn’t notice was the fact Sara had stuck a piece of her ripped shirt in the door piece to stop it from locking.