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~Chapter 40~

She could hear voices outside her room but couldn’t make out what they were saying, as of now she knew there were three people out there. Nick, Don and an older gentleman with salt and pepper colored hair. They all seemed to be pretty occupied so decided that it was safe and no one was going to walk in. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a cell phone.


As T-bag had her pinned to the bed she cried as he touched her and kissed her body. He moved to lick her belly button and Sara was disgusted “Please” she whispered for him to stop but he never listened to her pleads and cries. “Don’t do this.”

As she looked down at him as he threw her ripped shirt away she discovered his cell phone clipped to his jeans and that gave her hope that she could get her out of this. She could now feel him making his way up her body and once he kissed the small space between her bra covered breasts she let out a moan loud enough for him to hear her loud and clear and so that he would be distracted.

“You like that?” he asked her as he made eye contacted with him. She said nothing and didn’t move she just stared at him with eyes that would make him think she wanted it. He lent down and kissed her again and another sound escaped her. Sliding up her body his face stared down at her face. “I knew you would want it” he said with a grin and then kissed hungrily at her neck. As his body relax his hold on her hands loosened enough so she was free and then let her hands ran up and down his back and toward his waist. Where she was able to get a hold of his cell phone without him knowing. T-bag felt her body arch and press against him and he got really excited although she was actually hiding the phone in her back pocket.

*End of flashback*

Sara held the phone in her hand and glanced back at the men out in the other room and saw them so engross in there argument that she was sure they wouldn’t be paying attention to her so flipped open the phone and dialed a number.


The interrogation with T-bag continued and so far had no lead on where Sara was being held. “WHERE IS NICK SAVRINN?” Linc yelled. T-bag shook his head not willing to give up any more information. Behind Linc was Michael who was nervously watching Linc as he tried to get T-bag to fess up on her location. As time went by Michael worried more and more as to what was happening to Sara.

“What have you done with her?” Linc asked

Before T-bag could say anything Michael’s phone was going off and he hopped off the table and pulled out his phone. Looking at the caller ID he didn’t recognize the number but answered it. “Hello”


Michael’s heart stopped as he heard the familiar voice. He could hear the hesitating in her voice as well as fear as she talk quietly but he also heard how strong she was being and that gave him a little comfort. Glancing up at his brother for a moment Linc eyed Michael with a questioning look and saw him make his way out of the room with the cell phone still to his ear. Quickly Michael pushed open the front door and made his way outside to stand against the stonewall. “Sara, are… are you alright? Where are you? Have they hurt you?”

There was silence for a moment and Michael feared the worst until she finally spoke again. “No. I’m okay,” she told him before letting out a deep sigh. “I don’t know how long I have but I was able to steel on of the men’s cell phone.”

“Okay do you have any idea where you are?”

“No but I’m in some kind of factory or warehouse” she told him as she peeked through the small door window to see the men still arguing about something. Possibly Jane.

“Okay I need you to stay on the line okay. What ever you do don’t hang up.” Michael told her and then started to call someone on the other line.

“Hey Papi” said Sucre’s voice.

“Hey Sucre Listen I’m on the other line with Sara who was able to get a hold of a cell phone without anyone noticing. And I need you to track it.” Michael told him quickly.

“I’m on it” Sucre told him and then got straight to work.

While Sucre did that Michael switched back to Sara’s line. “Hey you still there?” he asked her while he rubbed his forehead as he was getting pretty anxious.

“Yeah I’m here but I’m getting a low battery warning and I don’t know how long it will last,” Sara told him.

“Shit!” Michael hissed as he leaned his head against the stonewall. “Just stay with me and I’m sure Sucre can track you down. Just hang on,” he told her. “I promise you I am going to do everything I can to get you out of there and if possible tonight. I won’t stop until I find you.

Sara nodded her head, “What ever you do you need to be careful, these guys aren’t messing around.”

“Where are you being held? What can you see?”

“Um I’m in a small room, white walls cement floor and a small cot in one corner. There is a small window by the ceiling but there are bars on it. From what I can tell I’m in the basement and I…”

Suddenly Sara’s voice was cut off and Michael began to panic. “Sara! Sara! Sara talk to me please!” he pleaded, but she was gone. “Damn it!” he yelled as he started to have a bit of a fit. Lincoln had heard his brother and came out to see what was going on.

“Hey Mike what is it?”

“It was Sara she got her hands on a cell phone and called me but the battery ran out and I just hope Sucre got a location” Michael told him.

“Did he get it?”

“I’m about to fine out,” Michael said as he switched to Sucre’s line. “Sucre did you get it? Did you get a location on where they are keeping Sara?” Michael said in a desperate tone. Linc stared at his brother’s terrified face as he pleaded to Sucre. It was obvious how much Sara meant to his brother and Linc vowed he would do anything in his power to make sure Sara came home to his brother safely.

“Sucre please tell me you got something?” Michael asked again and was met with silence on the other end.
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