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~*~*Chapter 49*~*~

“Sir we have agent Paul Kellerman in interrogation room 1, and Nick Savrinn and Theodore Bagwell are being sent to interrogation 2 and 3 as we speak” agent wheeler announced as he entered Mahone’s old office where Agent Sullins was taking over in the present time.

Without looking up from the document he was signing, Sullins nodded his head, “Alright have Agent Whistler question him. I want to know how involved he was in this operation”

“Right away sir” Wheeler said before ducking out the door and returning to the floor.

Walking down the hall of Division Wheeler made his way to Whistler’s station and handed him the filed for Paul Kellerman. “Agent Sullins wants you to question Agent Kellerman and find out what else he knows.”

“Okay I’ll take care of him,” he said to Wheeler as he took the file. “Agent Lugo I want you to go to interrogation 2 and see if you can get anything out of Savrinn, we need to find the where about of Agent Mahone’s son.”

“On it agent Whistler!” Sofia said getting up from her seat at her desk and made her way to the interrogation room.

Whistler watched her walked down the hall and once she was out of sight he took his file for Paul and made his way to interrogation room 1. Pushing open up the door he found Paul leaning over the table with his forehead resting on the metal table. Slowly as he heard the door opened Paul raised his head tom look at Whistler as he entered.

“So how long are you guys planning on keeping me locked up here?” Paul asked while Whistler took a seat in front of Paul on the other side of the table.

Whistler didn’t answer at first; instead he glared at Paul and then opened up his file on the desk. He sat up straight and seemed to be intimidating from his side of the table looking over at Paul. “Your not going anywhere until you tell us everything you know about what Richard Mason is planning.”

“Well considering I’ve been locked up for quite some time” Paul answered with a bit of a smirk on his face.

Whistler ignored him last comment as he flipped through the papers within Paul’s folder. “How long have you known Jane Phillips also known as Agent Jane Parker?” James asked leaning forward and clapping his hands together on the desk.

“I’ve known her as long as she’s been an agent here at Division, so three years,” Paul said with all confidence.

“What were the two of you hoping to accomplish why working with Richard Mason?”

“I’m not working with Richard Mason, I don’t even know the guy!” Paul yelled.

“Then why did you kill Jane and why did you leak information out to him!” James snapped back as he slammed his fist on the table.

Paul remained quiet because they already had too much evidence against him. Whistler glared at Paul from across the table. “So are you ready to talk?”

Paul’s face remained facing down at the table and his eyes slowly looked up at Whistler, “I want a lawyer.”

Gritting his teeth Whistler closed Paul’s file and got up form his seat. As he moved across the room to the door he never took his eyes off Paul. Reaching for the doorknob he shook his head at Paul. “I never expected this from you Paul” Whistler told him.

“Just get me that lawyer!” Paul snapped at him. With a nodded Whistler swung open the door and walked out and slammed it shut behind him.


Sullins walked back into Mahone’s office that was temporarily his just as his phone started ringing. He moved over to the desk and as he did so, Wheeler came in behind him. “Sir some of the agent are waiting for Mahone to tell them their next moves.”

“Well tell them I am in charge and all agent are to report to me from this point forward.”

Sullins picked up his phone that was still ringing just as Whistler walked into the room and stood beside Wheeler. For a quick second Whistler glared at Wheeler but quickly turned his attention to Sullins.

“Agent Sullins, Paul is requested a lawyer.”

Sullins made eye contact with Whistler and then quickly told the person ion the other line to hold for a moment. “What does he know?”

“He’s not talking without a lawyer, look sir Paul specializes in interrogation he knows all our technique and knows what to expect. Our best option is to allow Mahone to talk to him who has a lot more experience in interrogation then us and possibly Paul.”

“Mahone can’t help he’s been suspended” Sullins told Whistler calmly.

“Then, unsuspended him for a day so that we can finish this, get what we need from Paul or we’ll be at this for days!”
“NO! I’m in charge now and you are going to have to find away to get the information out of Paul on your own!” Sullins ordered him. “Now if that all get back to work before I kick you off the case!”

Whistler bit his bottom lip and swung around and left the office.

With Whistler gone Sullins went back to his original mission and answered the phone, “Agent Sullins, director and Chicago representative in Washington”

“Agent Sullins its agent Patterson.”

“What can I do for you Patterson?” Sullins asked.

“We have a little problem”

Slowly taking a seat in the chair he kept the phone close to his ear. “What’s wrong?”

There was a bit of hesitation in Patterson’s voice before he just quickly let it out, “Sara’s missing”

“What do you mean she’s missing?” he said in a firm voice as he gripped the phone tighter in his hand.

“She’s not in her room and she never came out of her room. There is also a fire escape from her bedroom window and the window was unlocked we think…”

“DAMN IT!” Sullins yelled into the phone. “I want you to find her and find her now, we can’t let word out that she is missing again within less then 12 hours of the last time being held captive!” Slamming the phone down Sullins stood up and started to pace. Things were getting out of hand and he needed to control it. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a few seconds later Aldo stood in the doorway.

“Agent Burrow” Sullins said with a shock expression on his face as he stood at the elder man. “What bring you here.”

“I’m here about my sons,” he said firmly.

“I’m sorry sir but there’s nothing I can do about that now I have a possible terrorist threat to deal with.”

“Agent Sullins it is a terrorist threat”

“How do you know?”

“My sons have figured out what Mason is planning” Aldo told him.

“Look I have everything under control, Agent Burrows and Scofield have been suspended and I am planning to increase security around Miss Tancredi”

“That’ be kind of hard considering you don’t know where she is don’t you think?” Aldo said as he took a seat in front of Sullins desk.

Sullins let out a nervous laugh, she’s with Scofield and Burrows isn’t she?” Sullins said shaking his head. “Look I have agent who can protect her and I am planning on…”

“You can put 200 agent on her it wouldn’t make a difference, sure she probably would have never gotten out of her apartment but it wouldn’t change anything because Sara Tancredi isn’t the main target.”

“Then who is?”


Sofia sat in interrogation room 2 with Nick and just sat there glancing a this file. She hadn’t said a word to him since she had entered the room and now just sat there reading his file. Nick was beginning to get uncomfortable and started to fidget in his seat.

“So do they always send the hot agent to do the interrogating because honey I don’t mind if you get physical with me” he told her.

Sofia gave him a smile and then leaned forwards as she closed his file. In the other room watching from a two-way mirror was Agent Self and agent Sucre. The two men watched closely as Sofia stood up and started to circle Nick as she talked to him. “So you get sent to prison for murder and should of spent the rest of your life there except someone came forward and admitted to the murder of Leticia Barris.”

“I never killed her!”

“So what Mason pays off your debt but in return wants you to do a few jobs for him?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about” Nick said shaking his head.

“A Gus Fiorello took the fall for the murder and prison records show us that he had contact with Richard Mason. Are you telling me this is a coincidence?”

“I never killed that woman!” Nick yelled.

“Fine but you did everything you could to get out of there, including making a deal with Mason!” Sofia said in a firm and controlled voice as she leaned down close to Nick’s face.

“I was innocent and I had to get out of there!”
“What did Mason want in exchange?”

“For me to keep tabs on Sara” Nick said in a quiet voice.

“What about Cameron Mahone?”

“He wasn’t my responsibility” Nick told her as his hand s came up and covered his face.

“But you knew about him”

“Yes… No… Don talked about him”

“What did he say?” Sofia asked Nick who then remained silent. Slamming her hand on the desk the sound echoed through the room and Nick jumped out of his seat a little. He unfortunately couldn’t get far due to being handcuffed to the table.

“Where’s the boy?”

Nick said nothing. Walking around him Sofia kept her eyes on him with an intense glare. “Five years for kidnapping, and 25 to life for involvement in terrorist activity. I can add adding and abetting child abduction as well and you will never see the outside of a prison yard Mr. Savrinn. So what’s it going to be?”

“What about a deal?”

“You help us find Cameron and stop Mason and your looking at 5 years” Sofia tells him and Nicks eyes widen, they would drop his involvement in the terrorist activity which was good because he had nothing and knew nothing about it. As eh thought about it Sofia pulled out the document and passed it over to Nick so he could read his terms he was to follow.

After a moment Nick signed his name and then pushed the document towards Sofia who was now seated across from him. “Don mentioned that a Brad Bellick was holding the kid in a small house at 78 Greenlen Cres.”


Sirens blared as a number of government agent SUV’s traveled through the busy streets of Chicago to get to the location Nick had given them. Getting out of the car Whistler organized the teams and squads to go and surround the house. Whistler banged on the front door calling out for Bellick and when he got no answer he kicked down the door. With their guns raised a number of agents followed Whistler in as the searched the house for any sign of Bellick or Cameron.

“I think I got something” an agent called out as he found a locked door. Kicking it open four agent ran into the room with one of them being Whistler and they found Bellick and a young Cameron.

“Put your hand up!” Whistler yelled with his gun aimed at Bellick.

Bellick was quick to obey his orders. “I never touched him, I never hurt him!”

Moving into the room Sofia had he gun trained on Bellick as she moved across the room to where Cameron was huddled in the corner with red teary eyes. “It’s okay Cameron, you’re safe now,” she told him.

Behind her Whistler and another agent tackled Bellick to the ground and roughly handcuffed him. Cameron watched then led his abductor away and once he was out of the room he reached out for Sofia and allowed her to carry him out of the house.

Screeching tires came from around the corner as Mahone came to the scene. Jumping out of the SUV he ran across the lawn to where Sofia was holding his son. “Cameron!” Mahone said desperately.

“Daddy!” Cameron cried turning to see his father. He reached out for him and was soon wrapped tightly in his arms. Mahone held him so tight as he couldn’t believe after everything he finally had his son back. Tear streamed down his face as the though of losing his son almost became a reality.

As chaos moved around them and Bellick was being taken away Mahone remain in the same spot holding his son and vowed to never let anything like this happen again to his family.


Sullins was walking down the halls of Division when the sound of running footsteps came running towards him. They got louder and louder and then finally he heard Sucre’s voice call out to him in a tone with urgency. “Agent Sullins!”

“What can I do for you agent Sucre? If you haven’t notice we are in the middle of a terrorist threat and the governor’s life is endanger. Now if that wasn’t enough one of my own agent is involved! SO WHAT IS IT!” he yelled out of frustration.

Sucre stared at the agent Sullins in shock and confusion, why the hell would he yell at him when he’s doing his job. It finally dawned on Sucre why there was a party three years ago when he was transferred to Washington. “Look sir you’ll want to have a look at these” he said handing a large brown envelop to Sullins.

“What is it?” he asked as he reached inside and pulled out some documents. As he read through them Sucre stood beside him and watched as Sullins’ eyes widened in shock. “Wow this changes our theories completely.”