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~*~*Chapter 5*~*~

Walking through the door of Chicago Division both Michael and Lincoln were unsure as to why Agent Mahone had called them both in on their day off. Mahone had seemed as if what ever he needed them for it was urgent. He had told them to come in as soon as possible but wouldn’t tell them why over the phone.

As they walked through the front lobby they saw Paul walking by. When he caught a glimpse of Lincoln and Michael coming in the door he walks over to them. “Honestly even when your off the clock your working” Paul joked with them. “I heard about last night with the governor’s daughter. Why do you two get all the excitement, bank robber, governor’s daughter gets attacked. Look what I get paperwork.”

Michael smiled at Paul “Don’t worry, Mahone told us to come in, otherwise we would leave all the cases to you Paul.”

Paul pouts “Well it’s just not fair I miss all the action and the hot chick” then he gives a mischievous smile.

All three laugh and then Linc speaks out “Your time will come Paul,”

Paul nods and heads down the hallway, but turns back to them one last time “By the way, good job in handling the Tancredi attacker. While being drunk.” Paul continues down the hallway laughing and shaking his head in disbelief.

Lincoln knocked on Mahone’s office door and then they both entered to see Mahone sitting at his desk. When he saw Lincoln and Michael enter he stood up to shake their hands and congratulate them both.

“I heard about last nights event. Nice job handling the attacker and making sure he didn’t harm Miss Tancredi. Excellent job both of you. Now we just have to find the creep” Mahone said.

Both Lincoln and Michael smiled “Thank you sir.”

Mahone gets them both to sit so they can get down to business. Lincoln and Michael nervously take their seats still unsure what was going on. “So what’s going on” Lincoln asked.

Mahone leaned forward over his desk. “Over the last few months Governor Tancredi has been getting a great number of threatening letters and e-mails. He wasn’t thinking much of it until last night when Sara Tancredi was attacked, he has decided to take action and put a stop to this.” Mahone paused for a moment “I am putting a great number of our agents on this case to find the root of these threats.”

“So are we part of this operation?” Michael asked.

Mahone looked at them both as he hesitated a little before responding “No. I have the two of you on a special assignment given by the governor himself.”

Lincoln had a confused look on his face, Mahone tries to explain “You two are in charge of keeping Miss Tancredi safe.”

Lincoln can’t believe what he’s hearing and giving Mahone a look of disbelief. “So you want us to baby-sit her.”

Mahone realizes Lincoln isn’t taking his new assignment well and tries to calm him down. “At this point in time Sara is most likely the main target for these people.” Mahone glances at Michael who is just starring at him and looks equally as happy as Linc does.

Finally Michael broke the silence “We are two of your best agents and should be trying to find the sick person behind these threatening letters and e-mails, instead of baby sitting the Paris Hilton of Chicago.”

Mahone gives a chuckle “She’s not that bad. She has never been arrested or gone to jail.”
He smiles but Lincoln and Michael were not. Mahone’s smile fades and turns serious “What is going to happen is that the two of you will be posing as different men from her family or past. Who come to visit her for a while”

Before he could finish there was a knock at the door. Linc and Michael turn around in their seats to see Agent Mahone’s assistant Jessica enter and motioning for Mahone to step out of his office for a minute, Mahone nods at Jessica then looks at Lincoln and Michael. “I’ll just be a moment” and quickly leaves his office.

As Mahone closed the door behind him, Linc jumped out of his chair and begins pacing the room while Michael just stared into the distance. “Can you believe this, how am I suppose to get myself promoted if I’m being assigned to baby-sit.” Linc begins to raise his voice “Solving this case could do wonders for my career.”

Michael finally came out if his daze and turned to Linc. “It doesn’t make sense that he would put us on this type of assignment instead of having us part of the operation where they are trying to discover who is behind the attack and the threats. They have people who are trained to be bodyguards. I mean why can’t they watch her.”

When Mahone came back in the room and Lincoln remained standing. Mahone came in holding two files and then handed one to each of them. Michael opened his file and sees that his cover name is Phineas McClintock who lives in New York City but used to live in Chicago and went to high school with Sara Tancredi. At this time he is presently visiting Sara during his vacation time.

Lincoln opens his file to learn that his cover name is Archie Ryan who is Sara Tancredi’s cousin on her mother’s side. The back-story is that after Sara’s mother died his family lost touch with Sara and her father due to political differences. After his mother dies he comes to visit his cousin.

Also in their files were some photos that were edited to have either Michael or Lincoln in the picture with Sara. There was a few pictures of Michael with Sara at what was suppose to be both their high school. As Michael looked at the picture he could honestly say that he would buy that it hadn’t been edited.

“If anyone tries to check your stories everything will look legit.” He watched as they reviewed the file. “You are to stay with her at all times day and night. Now the governor would like to meet with you both” Mahone hands Lincoln a piece of paper with Sara’s address on it. “He is waiting for you there.” Lincoln and Michael both nod and walk out of Mahone’s office.