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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay here is the next chapter and let me tell you if you thought the last chapter was a cliffhanger then this one will defiantly drive you insane but I couldn't help myself. All I ask is before you try to kill me for what is about to happen you wait to read then next chapter I promise not to take so long because it would just be totally mean if i made you all wait a week or so to read it so without further a due here it is. *goes and hides as you read*
~*~*Chapter 51*~*~

With his gun held out in front of him, Lincoln stepped into an empty hallway and started to slowly make his way down the hall looking for any sign movement. It was quiet, too quiet in fact as he walked down the hall. As he checked his surroundings he realized he was near the location they had assumed Richard’s rented space was. Suddenly he felt the vibration of his cell phone going off in his front pocket.

“Burrows” Linc said into the cell phone.

“Agent Burrows” Lincoln heard the voice on the other end say. Lincoln recognized the voice as his boss Agent Sullins. By the tone of his voice he seemed annoyed and frustrated over the situation as he said Lincoln’s name. He new his dad had gone to Division earlier that day to talk to Sullins about what they had discovered over the last few days so figure now Sullins wanted to talk to him.

“Agent Sullins, I’ve been expecting your call” Linc said quietly as he stepped into a doorway so that he wouldn’t be seen if someone were to walk down the hall unexpectedly.

“Where are you?” Sullins asked.

“I’m sure you have talked to my dad about what is going on and right now I am going after Richard Mason so I’m going to need back up and extra security covering the governor as we take over Mason and his weapon. Now I gotta go.” Lincoln said quickly.

“Burrows!” but before Agent Sullins could get another word in Linc flipped his phone shut and started to continued searching for Mason’s rented space with his gun held out in front.

Walking slowly down the hall Linc found the office that was suppose to be Richard Mason. Slowly with his back against the wall and his gun placed close to his chest Linc slid against the wall towards the door. As he got closer he noticed the door was ajar and there was some movement inside. He assumed Michael and Sara had already found the office so slowly pushed open the door and stepped inside.

As soon as he looked into the room he stopped dead in his tracks at the scene in front of him that made his heart skip a beat and what he saw made him panic as his eyes caught sight of both Michael and Sara tired up to chairs and duck tape over their mouths. His jaw dropped as his eyes moved over to Michael, he seemed unconscious and blood was dripping down to a puddle on the floor by his chair. Suddenly he heard Sara start to mumble and frantically trying to get his attention, but it was too late.

Linc heard the office door slam shut and Mason step out from behind the dark corner behind Linc. As Linc turned to the door he was met by Mason with a smirk on his face, “So glad you could join us Burrows” he said just before he hit Lincoln over the head with the end of his gun and sending Linc to the floor with a thud.


Slowly his eyes opened and the room was very blurry a first. When his eyes adjusted he could see Mason leaning against the wall in front of him with his arms crossed and his handgun still in his hand. He tried to move but he realized he was now tide to a chair and a piece of duck tape covered his mouth just like Michael and Sara. He started to struggle to free his hands but stopped when her heard Mason start to clap his hands together and he started to move closer to them.

“Bravo, bravo” Mason said with a smiled as he continued to slowly clap. “I have to say, you three have surprised me completely. You figured everything out from beginning to end. So what have you won for a job well done? Window seat to watch the big show!”

Since Michael was still unconscious Linc and Sara both turned their heads to the side and could perfectly see the stage where in several minutes all hell was going to break lose. Sara stared at the stage her father would soon stand on and be in perfect range of the automatic sniper Mason had aimed straight at the spot he was to stand. Just thinking about what was to happen caused Sara to panic in her seat.

Richard watched her struggle and with a smile made his way closer to her in an overpowering manner. “Sara, Sara my dear” he said in a dark tone that made Sara’s blood run cold as he came closer to her. “You must feel so terrible right now, I mean you were a horrible daughter. Ungrateful and selfish brat, nothing he did for you was ever good enough.” His words cut deep as he continued to throw it in her face about her relationship with her father.

Tears steamed down her face as she listened to his words of venom. One punch after another, he didn’t stop bad mouthing her and her father. He began to circle around her chair like a snake before it jumped on its prey. Sara tried to follow Mason as he circled around her, taunting her. Her body was shaking uncontrollably with discomfort and it only got worse as she felt his right hand run across her shoulder slowly and suggestively. Tears continued to fall down her face as Mason continued to taunt her and touch her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“You know Sara” Mason said with a sigh as he moved to stand by the window and look at all the people starting to arrive. “It’s a shame you’ll never be able to fix your strain relationship,” he added and then glanced over a Sara who had pleading eyes.

After a moment Mason started to seductively walk towards Sara and moved to stand in front of her. As he looked down at her he had a very seductive look on his face as he stared at Sara and raised his index finger and started to caress her chin. “It’s so sad that something as beautiful as you will never leave this room alive” he said to her in a whisper.

Suddenly the sound of Linc’s chair rattling as he was mumbling frantically wanting Mason to get his hands off Sara and get away from her. “Shut up Burrows or I’ll put a bullet in your head!” Mason yelled at Linc. With his attention on Linc, Sara started to try and loosen her hands and feet out of the rope Mason had tied her with.

Mason’s voice was so loud when he was yelling at Linc that Michael started to come to. Michael was sitting in the middle of Sara and Linc and was very confused about what was going on. His shoulder was in so much pain and he couldn’t remember why. Much like he wasn’t sure what he was doing tied to a chair. He saw Linc on one side of him all tied up and on the other side he saw Sara tied up as well and Mason was standing in front of her and his hand caressing Sara’s neck and face.

“Well Agent Scofield I’m glad you were able to join us,” Mason said with a smirk as his one hand slowly wrapped around the back of Sara’s neck. “You’re just in time for the opening act.” He growled with a smile and then without warning he ripped the tape off Sara’s mouth and then his rough lips pressed against Sara’s painfully.

Both Michael and Lincoln started to mumble as loud as they could and fanatically try and free themselves as Mason’s hand slowly and seductively traveled up Sara’s body. He had her chair leaning back on its back legs as he started his assault on her neck so rough he was leaving red marks. Michael was freaking out and yelling at Mason as much as he could with tape covering his mouth. His hands worked furiously behind his back to try and free himself so he could get that son of a gun away from Sara.

During Michael continuing fit, Mason looked up at him and smiled. Pulling Sara’s chair back so it was on all fours he took a step back and looked at Michael and then at Sara then let out a chuckle. “You know, Nick told me about the little affair that was going on between you two and I didn’t believe it at first. I mean Scofield I have to say the news shocked me that one of Chicago’s most respected and valuable agent is spending his time fucking his assignment. I mean you were assigned to baby-sit her and then next thing we know your both sneaking around like a couple of teenagers who are forbidden to be together. Kind of got the whole Romeo and Juliet thing going on here and I promise I’ll make sure you two get the same ending as well.”

Michael was glaring at him and his breathing was so fast his chest raised and lowered as if he had just finished a race. He never took his eyes off Mason as he stepped towards Sara again. “Now where were we?” he said in an amusing voice before his lips violently pressed against hers.

Linc and Michael started to yell again but the tape on their mouths still prevented them from making a lot of noise. Mason seemed to be enjoying himself so much that he never noticed the rope tied around her feet was coming loose. His mouth moved over Sara’s and then unexpectedly Sara bit his bottom lip so hard it started bleeding.

“AAARRRGGGHHH” Mason groaned as he stepped away from Sara and covered his mouth with his hand. He started to wipe away the blood as much as he could and it was all over his hand. “You little bitch!” he yelled and stepped back towards her and slapped her across the face. Not wasting time Sara was able to free her feet and kicked him in the groin so hard Michael and Linc couldn’t help but wince knowing it must hurt like hell.

As Mason fell into the fetal position on the floor Sara was leaning forward in he chair, her hair was almost covering her face as she gritted her teeth and stared at Mason with so much hate. Slowly she saw Mason get back on his feet while he let out loud groans and moans in the process. Once he was standing on his feet he glared at Sara and she glared back.

He took a few steps towards her and slapped her across the face. She could feel his hand print on her face as she looked at Michael with tears in her eyes. Both Michael and Linc were trying desperately to free themselves and get Mason away from her but it was no use. When Sara turned back to face him she got another blow to the face this time on the opposite cheek.

“Your nothing but a piece of shit, just like your bastard of a father!” Richard growled at her before jumping forward and wrapping his left hand around her neck and held his gun to her temple with the other. I’m going to put a bullet in your head much like the one your father will soon get” he told her in a quiet but terrifying voice. Looking out the window to Sara’s right Mason saw the crowd start to clap and cheer as Governor Tancredi made his way to the stage in the park down below. Mason smiled and turned back to Sara. “Its’ almost time.”

Sara was now crying and tried to plead with Mason but he just told her to shut up. Stepping away from her and pointing the gun at her he gave a devilish smile. Michael was tried to plead with Mason but it just sounded like he was mumbling and Mason ignored him. He then lowered his gun that was once pointed at her head so that it was pointed at her knee. “I will kill you, but what kind of person would I be if I let you miss the show? No I will shoot you in the knee so that you are in so much pain but just can’t die. You and your fellow partners will watched the assassination of Governor Tancredi and then I will kill all of you.”

Sara was in full-blown tears and Michael and Linc were going nuts and freaking out because there was nothing they could do to stop this man. “You brought this on your self Sara” he told her and Sara shut her eyes and prepared for what was to come.

Chapter End Notes:
(Okay I know it's a horrible cliffhanger ending for the chapter but I did warn you. I promise to update very soon. Thanks for reading.)