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~*~*Chapter 53*~*~

It felt like everything was happening in slow motion, Paul was on the phone yelling at someone down on the ground to get the governor out of range. Sara was crying and struggling against Michael who was holding her back so if the gun went off she wouldn’t witness her father’s possible assassination. Down on the ground Whistler got Paul’s message and jumped into action. He yelled at everyone to get out of the way and then the governor’s bodyguards stepped forwards and pulled Tancredi off the stage and ducked for cover.

Up in the building everyone held their breath waiting for their fate. As the timer hit zero it beeped three more times and then shut off. Linc stepped closer to the gun to inspect it to make sure it was really disarmed. After double checking to make sure it was off he nodded to Paul so that he could inform those down below that the weapon was disarmed and in their possession. “We’re good it’s off,” Linc said to everyone.

Hearing these words Sara relaxed and allowed Michael to hold her and stroke her hair as she wept tears of relief that everything as going to be alright and her father wasn’t going to be killed. “It’s all right it’s over” Michael whispered and Sara just held on tight to him.

Moving across the room Linc tied up an injured Mason and Paul flipped his phone shut after talking to those on the ground. “Okay well Governor Tancredi is alright, no one was hurt during the ordeal. Agent Sullins, a few other agents and the governor are on their way up here as we speak, also medics are coming up to look at Mason and also your shoulder Michael” Paul told them as he moved over to help Linc tie Mason up.

“So are you going to tell us how you got here when you are suppose to be in custody?” Linc asked as he stood back up and faced Paul. Both Michael and Sara also turned to listen for his answer.

“Well a long story short I have Sucre to thank for that, he found the evidence to show Jane had been hacking into my account to do a lot of her business with Don Phillips because I had a higher security clearance and she could get a hold of information she couldn’t at her level” Paul explained to them.

“Okay but how do you explain her dying when you were the only on in the kitchen with her?” Michael asked.

“Susan B. Anthony got back to us with the results from the autopsy, when Jane struggled against me in the kitchen she broke free for a couple seconds but it was long enough so that she could a take a lethal pill that she had on her somewhere. A poisonous substance she ingested to deliberately used to quickly cause her own death so that she wouldn’t spill any more information. She must have found them at Division where we keep them locked up and for agent involved in special dangerous missions so they can’t leak information if tortured”

“Makes sense” Linc admitted, “Sorry for everything we put you through”

“That’s all right,” Paul told them with a nod ”If I were you I would of thought the same thing.”

“So what happens now?” Sara asked.

“You will all have to answer to me!” came a voice and all four of them turned to see Agent Sullins standing in the doorway with a few other agents and Governor Tancredi.

Agent Lugo and agent Self stepped forward to apprehend Richard Mason along with a couple medics to check Mason’s wounds.

“Richard Mason you are under arrest for the involvement in terrorist activity, for murder of FBI agent Franklin among others as well as well as the attempt to assassinate the Governor of Illinois” Sofia said reading Mason his rights. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney if you can’t afford one, one will be appointed to you.”

Mason let out a groan as he was lifted on to a gurney and then handcuffed to the side by Self. With a nod both agent Lugo and agent Self followed the medics out with the gurney to transport a barely alive Mason to transport him to the hospital.

As they left Sullins stepped aside so the Frank Tancredi could enter. “Sara, oh Sara” he cried practically running over to his daughter.

“Dad” Sara said with tears in her eyes and allowed herself to moved toward him and let him wrap his arms around her. As he held her Sara cried, being so thankful he was alive and that Mason didn’t succeed in assassinating him. “I’m so glad your okay,” she said with her chin resting on his shoulder and her eyes shut tight.

While Sara was embracing her father, Michael watched them as the medic’s began to examine his shoulder. “Are you having any trouble moving your arm and fingers?” the female paramedic asked as she started to treat his arm. Michael wasn’t really paying attention and after she asked him a second time he finally turned to the brunette woman and nodded his head.

“Ah yeah it’s been fine” he told her in a bit of a groan as she tried to control the bleeding.

“We’ll have to get you to the hospital soon, you may need surgery” she told him.

Michael nodded and thanked her just as Linc and Paul made their way over to him. “You alright man?” Linc asked standing next to his brother.

“I’ll be alright,” Michael told his brother and Paul with a weak smile.

“Well I’m glad you’re alright agent Scofield because now you and agent Burrows have a lot of explaining to do!” Agent Sullins said in a firm voice as he came up to the brothers with an unpleasant look on his face. Both Linc and Michael stared at Sullins ready to take what ever he had to throw at them.

“You know I should have both of your asses FIRED!” Sullins yelled. “You both went against my orders after I had both of you were suspended! Actually come to think of it you two were never on the case to begin with!”

“Agent Mahone kept us off the case because Richard Mason threatened to kill his son if we were involved. His son is safe and we caught Mason” Linc argued.

“You went against orders!” Sullins yelled. “I should have both your badges, and you Mr. Scofield having an inappropriate relationship with Sara Tancredi while you were assigned to protect her.”

“Look sir everything they did helped us catch this guy, Scofield and Tancredi’s relationship may have been wrong but it never once got in the way of what they were doing!” Paul said defending his fellow colleagues and friends.

“Have you seen Miss. Tancredi lately agent Kellerman she looks like she was mugged!”

“Yeah and Michael was shot!” Linc shot back.

“Sir if it wasn’t for agent Burrows, agent Scofield and Sara Tancredi we would have never been able to stop this guy or saved Governor Tancredi” Paul urged.

“He’s right” Governor said as he let go of his daughter and stepped towards the agents. “If it wasn’t for agent Burrow, agent Scofield and agent Kellerman I would be dead right now, or Mason would have planned another attack on my life. I owe these men my life so I hope they get the reward they deserve.”

Sullins stared at the governor and then turned back to his agents. “Don’t worry I’m not firing them, as much as disapprove of their actions they did make the right call and were able to stop Richard Mason.” Sullins said as he gave his agents a smile. “There is a reason Mahone calls you his best agents you know how to get results” Sullins said and then stretched out his hand to shake of theirs.

“Thank you sir” Michael said as he shook Sullins hand with his good hand. Linc step up next and then followed Kellerman. After he finished he turned to Sara and stared at her “Thank you for your contribution as well Miss. Tancredi” to he told her and then awkwardly shook her hand. As he stepped away from her he headed towards the door. “I have transport to take you to the hospital Mr. Scofield and then to Division so you can be debriefed.”

“I’m going with my brother” Lincoln said.

“Understandable” Sullins said and then left the room with Paul following behind.

With the ones remaining in the room Governor Tancredi saw is bodyguard and Jen standing in the doorway waiting for them. Jen watched them closely and at one point saw Michael eyeing her and she quickly averted her gazed to the floor.

“Okay Sara it’s time to go” Frank said to his daughter.

Sara looked up at her father and saw him heading over to the door and he expected her to go with him. She hesitated and then looked at Michael as he sat on the desk in the room holding his arm. Looking back at her father she saw him looking at her with a confused look on his face. “Come on Sara we have to go to Division so you can make your statement and then I can take you home.”

“I’m going with Michael dad,” Sara told her father.

“What?” Frank said in shocked.

“I’ll go to Division in a few hours right now I need to go with Michael” She told her father and then stepped closer to Michael. Frank’s eyes glanced from his daughter and then over at Michael. He had heard people talk about some relationship they were having but wasn’t quite sure how deep those feelings were until he saw the way the looked at each other and how she held his hand in front of him.

“I’ll see you when you arrive at Division” Frank said and then made his way out the door.

“Wait Sir!” Michael called out.

Everyone turned to look at Michael unsure of what was going on. Michael glanced out the door at Jen one last time and the leaned over to his brother. “Linc I need you to take the governor back to Division and then run a check on Jen his assistant” Michael told him quietly.

“What why? What about the hospital?” Linc asked all confused.

“I’ll be fine but I need you to do this for me, something isn’t right” Michael told him.

“Alright, call me if find out anything from the doctors” Linc said as he put a brotherly shoulder squeeze on Michael’s good shoulder and then walked out of the room and led the governor, his body guards and Jen down to his SUV to transport them to Division.

Sara and Michael also left the office and allowed the bomb squad to enter then room to retrieve the weapon. Neither Michael nor Sara said anything as they stepped out into the sunny weather and over to the ambulance that was waiting for them. With his good arm wrapped around Sara he held her close to himself. Sara had her arm around his waist and let her head rest on his chest while his head rested on top of hers. They crossed the parking lot over to the ambulance and found the paramedic who had help Michael earlier waiting for them. Stepping into the back of the ambulance they took their seats.

“Are you sure your alright?” Sara asked as they remind cuddled up together.

“Yea I’ll be fine” he whispered and then kissed her forehead. “How about you?”

“I’m glad you and Linc aren’t going to lose your jobs, I mean I would never forgive myself if you lost your job because of me” she told him as her hand rested on his knee.

“Look my job isn’t everything, I mean if someone would of asked me a year ago if I would risk my job for anyone I wouldn’t know what to say but now I realized that I’ve been missing something and thanks to you I found it” Michael told her before giving her another kiss. “I love you”

Sara smiled and squeezed his knee gently, “I love you too” and then leaned in for another passionate kiss.


At Division Linc arrived with the governor, Jen and two bodyguards who traveled with the governor. As they exited the vehicle Linc lead the way into the building with his hand on his gun where it was clipped to his belt. As they stood in the lobby they looked at all the agents running around trying to keep everything in order as the case was coming to a close. Jen started to bite her nails nervously as Linc lead them down a hall and passed security.

“I’m not exactly sure why I have to be here?” Jen asked Linc.

“We’re just tying up loose ends and will need to debrief you about what happened down on the ground” Linc told her with a smile. She seemed to except Linc’s answer followed him as he lead them into a room where there were a few couches for them to sit on. “Make yourselves comfortable I’ll just need to check on a few things and then we can get started.” Nodding at the two bodyguards who were twice Jen’s size he knew if anything were to happen they would be able to take her.

Closing the door, which automatically locked them inside, Linc headed down the hall searching for Sucre. He soon found him sitting at his desk; with a few steps he sat on the edge of the desk and stared down at agent Sucre.

“Oh thank god Linc! When I didn’t hear from you guys I thought something had happened” Sucre said happy and relieved he was all right. Linc smiled but is soon faded when Sucre hit him on the arm.

“What was that for?”

“For not calling me and leaving me to think you and Mike were dead!” Sucre snapped back.

Linc smiled again and started to chuckle, Sucre soon joined in. The laughing soon faded and they sat there awkwardly for a moment before Linc spoke up again. “Listen I need you to run a background check on Jen Weston, the governor’s assistant, see what comes up.”

“Why, I mean they would have run a thorough background check on her before she got her job” Sucre pointed out.

“Yeah but until this point Richard Mason never had a record, just cross reference the names and see what comes up.” Linc told him before pushing him self of the desk.

“You got it” Sucre told him and began typing away on his computer.

Linc walked across the room and as he walked her heard Paul come running up beside him. “Hey so how’s Michael?”

They continued to walk as the talked, “Well he seemed fine, Sara went to the hospital with him, he wanted me to check out the governor’s assistant” Linc told him.

“You mean Jen? You think she has something to do with this?” Paul asked shocked at how many people seemed to be working against them.

“Michael seems to get a vibe from her, but we’ll find out” just as Linc finished talking Sucre came up behind them holding some documents.

“Well she has a clean record but I checked her phone recorded and earlier today she received a call from none other then Richard Mason. I looked further back and the two have been in contact for about two years” Sucre told Linc and Paul and handed Linc the information.

“I think we just got our answer” Linc stated. With one last nod at the other two Linc made his way down the hall towards where he left the governor he found agent Whistler waiting there to debrief the Governor. After sliding his key card through Linc opened the door and found everyone in room waiting patiently. “Governor Tancredi, Agent Whistler will see you now” Linc told him as he nodded towards Whistler standing in the doorway. “Jen I’ll need to speak with you” Linc told her.

“Me?” she said nervously.

“Yeah” Linc told her and taking her arm led her out of the room so she could be taken to another room for questioning. They walked down the hallway very slowly; Jen watched as Whistler was leading Governor Tancredi the opposite way then Linc was taking her and her mind started racing. Glancing down at Linc’s gun she knew that once she did what she was thinking there would be no going back. Mason had become like a father to her over the years and now he lay in a hospital bed dying and she knew she couldn’t let him die without his mission being completed. With her mind made up she took a deep breath and then acted.

Her free arm reached around for Linc’s gun and turned and pointed at the Governor.

“No!” Linc yelled as he grabbed her just after a loud “BANG” rang through the building.