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~*~*Chapter 6*~*~

Lincoln pulls up to Sara’s apartment. Both Lincoln and Michael stare up at the apartment and give a sigh as they get out of the car, heading to the front door. As they enter Michael buzzed up to her apartment.

“Hello” came a males voice on the intercom.

Lincoln spoke up “Hi I’m Agent Lincoln Burrows and with me is Agent Michael Scofield. We were sent here by Agent Alex Mahone.”

“Ah, yes please come up” he calls back and the door automatically opens.

As they entered the elevator, both Lincoln and Michael stood in silence starring at the floor. Michael had his hands in his pockets and was rocking back and fourth on his heels. Finally he spoke out “Maybe she’s nice? Maybe she isn’t a rich, selfish, center of a attention, party girl? I mean she is in her high twenties, almost our age.” He was looking at Lincoln now “We may have stuff in common with her and on a plus side she isn’t some bratty teenager with an attitude.”

Lincoln shakes his head in disbelief and gives a chuckle “She is the governor’s daughter, born with a silver spoon in her mouth.”

Michael smiles “Her father wasn’t always the governor or in politics. He was in the military years ago, possibly before she was born.”

Linc protests “Her family on both sides were wealthy before he got into politics though.” He begins to scratch the top of his head “Baby sitting the governor’s daughter isn’t going to help me get this promotion instead of Agent James Whistler.”

“We can just hope that this all ends soon,” Michael tells him as they exit the elevator and head towards her door.

Michael knocked on the door and then stands back. They hear movement coming from the other side. The door opened and a woman stands there.

“Hi” she says.

Both Lincoln and Michael show her their badges. She nods and invites them in. “Governor Tancredi is waiting for you,” she tells them.

They both enter the living room to see the governor sitting on the couch. Frank Tancredi gets off the couch and walks over to Michael and Lincoln putting out his hand. “Agent Burrows and Agent Scofield, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Frank says shaking their hands.

“Governor Tancredi” Michael says as he nods his head. Frank then leads Michael and Lincoln over to the couch. Michael and Lincoln take a seat on the couch while Governor Tancredi sits on the single seat sofa chair. “I want to thank you both for what you did last night for Sara.”

Lincoln shook his head to tell him thank you wasn’t needed. “Just happen to be at the right place at the right time.”

Franks smiles “Either way I am grateful” both Lincoln and Michael nod. “I assume Agent Mahone explained what you are responsible for?”

“Yes he explained it to us” Michael assured him.

Frank gives chuckle “Well that's good. I broke the news to Sara and she ah she didn’t take it so well.”

“Don’t worry we’ll make she sure nothing happens to her” Linc says.

The three continue talking and Governor Tancredi explains what he expects from them. While they talk they hear the front door of the apartment begin to open. All three men turn to look. They can hear giggling on the other side of the door and then it opens. Sara and Veronica stumble into the apartment hands full with shopping bags. Sara walks into the living room but stops in her tracks when she sees her father and the two agents from last night.
Chapter End Notes:
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