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~*~*Chapter 8*~*~

The rest of the evening Linc and Michael didn’t really see Sara. Once in a while she would come out to get dinner or snacks. She never said a word to them. Both Linc and Michael were sitting on the couch watching TV. She would cross her living room to her kitchen without as much as a glance their way and on the way back as well.

The two brothers didn’t feel like dealing with Sara tonight so decide to watch some TV. There wasn’t much on so they decided to watch a show about a man on death row for a crime he did not commit. His younger brother was a structural engineer, who planned to break him out of prison. During the show Lincoln turned to Michael. “Hey if I was in prison and on death row would you break me out?”

Michael turned his eyes away from the TV to look at Linc. “I don’t know. Are you guilty?” Michael asked.

“No I was set up. Like this guy on the show.”

Michael chuckled “I don’t know, I mean I know how put people in prisons, not break them out. Plus with you out of the way I would be next in line for the promotion” he gave a grin.

Linc’s jaw dropped in shock at Michael’s answer and playfully nudges Michael in the shoulder. They both started laughing.

“Well I think I’m going to call it a night. I call guest bedroom and you get the couch, you career choosing brother over me” Linc jokes.

Michael nods to Linc as he watches him leave the room. Before Michael calls it a night he heads to check on Sara to make sure she is alright. With a quick knock on the door, he called out to her. When he doesn’t get an answer, Michael slowly opens the door to peak inside. He glances around the room but Sara was nowhere in sight. He calls out to Sara wondering if she was in the bathroom but the lights were off. Michael looked over the once more and then ran out of the room.

“Linc, Linc, Sara’s gone!” Michael yelled.

Lincoln came running out “What do you mean she’s gone.”

“Like the way it sounds. She’s not here!” Michael yelled.

Lincoln followed Michael back into her bedroom. “She must have gone through her window and down the fire escape!”

Michael put his hands on his head. “You have got to be kidding me. Where could she have gone, Chicago isn’t a small city.”

Lincoln glanced around the room and then looked at the computer. As he approached the computer he noticed her e-mail inbox page was still up. Lincoln clicked on her latest message from Veronica. Linc gave a grin. “I think I know where she is”

They both read the e-mail to see where she is and then they both ran out the door and headed for the club she is at.

At the club Sara and Veronica were dancing back to back with their hands up. As they danced to the music they took turns swirling the other. While they danced, two men were watching them from across the dance floor. They followed Sara and Veronica as the two made their way to the bar. Sara and Veronica were already pretty drunk when the two men offered to buy them drinks. Sara and Veronica flirted with the men. After they finished their drinks Sara took one of the guys hand and led him out on two the dance floor.

When Lincoln and Michael arrive at the club, they decide to split up and search the club. Lincoln walked through the crowd on the dance floor looking for her. As he made his way through a few women tried to dance with him, blocking his way and moving up close to him.

Michael walked up to the bar scanning the area for Sara. As he made his way along the bar women were starring at him hoping he was looking for them. “Well hey there, can I buy you a drink?” a woman asked from the bar stool beside him and smiling at him.

Michael shook his head.

Lincoln catches sight of Veronica and makes his way to her. He taps her on the shoulder and catches her off guard. “Hey what are you doing here?” she giggled. Lincoln knew that Veronica was really drunk. “I’m looking for Sara,” he yelled over the load music.

Veronica was still dancing “She’s probably dancing. Come on dance with me” she said taking his hands.

Lincoln quickly pulls away “Not now” then continued searching.

Michael starts to make his way through the dance floor and a woman with auburn hair catches his eye. He sees that she is dancing with a guy. As he gets closer to them he never takes his eyes off him as he dances with Sara. At one point the man puts up his left hand and Michael notices that he had a wedding ring, which brings a smile to Michael’s face. As the man continues to dance with Sara, Michael slowly moves up behind him. He taps the guy on the shoulder and the guy turns his head to Michael. He whispers in the man’s ear “Hey there is a woman here claiming to be you wife” the guys eyes widen and run off scared to death of what his wife will do to him.

Sara turns around confused of his sudden departure and then sees Michael standing in front of her and he’s not smiling. “Oh” Sara says as she gets a guilty look on her face.

Michael continues starring at her. “Lets go,” he says in a firm voice as he took her arm leading her out of the club. Sara tries to struggle out of his grasp but is too drunk to fight him and followed him out. Once they were outside Michael turned to her and gave her an intense stare. “You can’t go wondering around like this by yourself” he yelled.

“Well I’m not going to live locked up in my apartment until everyone in Illinois stops sending threatening letters and e-mails to my father.” She yelled back.

Michael and Sara continued to fight, but what they didn’t know is that across the street, someone in a dark blue car is watching them closely.