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Author's Chapter Notes:

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She walked through the door as though a great weight had been lifted and she quickly took in a breath of air. Looking up with her eyes closed she continued to steady her breathing and center her thoughts while standing in the middle of the sidewalk. As she was finding her center, she could hear something approaching. She dismissed it but it got louder and hurried its pace, so she looked to her right and then she saw him. He was coming right for her and there was no where to hide from the inevitable.

She uttered, “Oh My Fairy God Mo-“ he had looked up the instance before he rammed his body into hers. A mighty thud was heard and they tumbled to the ground with books and bodies intermingled. ”Uuuggh” they simultaneously groaned as they hit the ground. It took a moment to process what occurred so they took physical inventory of their bodies to determine what damage, if any, had occurred. With no indication that they had any pain, they continued to take stock of the situation and it was only then, that they appreciated the position that they currently found themselves.

Sara became very conscious of that fact that she had landed on top of Michael. She blushed as she remembered how she dreamt of them in this exact position and she had to admit the reality greatly overshadowed the dream. She looked down and surveyed his body and as she slowly examined him, she wished her eyes could see more of what her body felt. He was soft and hard in all the right places and his dark blue shirt fitted him perfectly and only accentuated his olive skin of his neck and upper chest. He filled her senses completely as he invaded every part of her mind and her body instinctively drew closer. As she continued to feast upon him, she detected that he smelled like a rich mixture of soap and something else that was uniquely Michael. She was nearing complete overload and the nearly intimate connection was wondrous torture as she prayed that it would last forever. Just then, she felt his labored breathing, his bright orbs staring back at her. “He’s beautiful,” she thought.

“She’s beautiful,” that was all his mind could process as she laid on top of him and he couldn’t believe it. She was breath taking, literally, breath taking. He couldn’t get enough air and the harder he tried the more suffocated he felt yet, instead of feeling panicked he felt euphoric. He could live on her scent alone, oxygen be damned. She smelled of lilacs and something else, something sweet but he couldn't place it, but it would be forever stored in his mind as "Sara." The sight of her was glorious and long overdue as he had spent days looking for her and now here she was, her stunning face was just mere inches away, all he had to do was move his head so slightly and they would be kissing. He wanted to touch her, taste her, and make her his own. Forbidden thoughts that had been fermenting in his mind for days were now planning their escape and it took all his willpower for him not to act on his impulses. He felt her breasts against him and felt more of his will fade as he felt her delicately move on top of him. He willed his body to resist the onslaught of desire rushing throughout his body because he would not be betrayed by his own body, not now.

Michael was the first to speak. “Umm, I am so sorry. I got distracted and I didn’t see you there,” Michael blurted out.

“Well that’s the pattern with you Michael.” Sara replied with a coy tone and slight smile.

His breath hitched as he realized that she had remembered his name and he couldn’t help the smile that was instantly plastered on his face.

“Well if all my falls ended like this, I’m inclined to continue that pattern, Sara.” She could only giggle as a response. The way he said her name gave her goosebumps and the low intensity of his voice was intoxicating and she was already feeling tipsy.

She quickly looked around her and then willed her lithe body to get up off of him and it reluctantly obeyed but she instantly missed the contact. He watched her ease up off of him and he wished that he could grab her and pulled her back down, but those thoughts were to remain just that…wishes.

As Michael stood up, he surveyed the complete destruction around them.

“I’m sorry, let me help.” Michael said as he crouched down and started picking up their belongings.

She quickly replied. “No, that’s alright, you had more things …”

They began to stack the books and other objects into piles and then they reached for the last book at the same time, their hands touched and it stunned them both. The electric current surged through both their bodies and they basked in its warming caress and addicting hum. They both saw each other blushing so they quickly looked down and Sara slowly released her grip on the book.

“Shrekspeare’s Sonnets?” he asked in surprise while glancing at the book in his hands.

“Yes, they’re amazing.” She looked down and took a quick look at the pile of books that were in front of her.

“Remarkable Structures throughout history? Some light reading?” she playfully asked.

He chuckled as he replied, “Yeah, a little.”

“Well did you know what Shrekspeare said about your remarkable structures?…” Michael cut her off and said.

“Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;”

Her stomach flipped as his sensual voice breathed new life into those words. She was stunned by the wondrous realization that his mind was just as enchanting as his body. “You surprise me Michael.”

“Well then, would you like to go for a cup of coffee or tea?” Michael could barely contain his anticipation of her answer. He prayed she would say yes. “It’s the least I could do for totally ramming into you.”

She had promised Katie that she would return to the palace, but what if this was their only chance, the thought that this would be her only opportunity to spend any time with him made her heart ache. She needed to bring into focus what her dreams could not…she would no doubt get into trouble but sometimes doing the wrong thing was the right decision.

“That would be great.”


They couldn’t stop smiling as they talked about anything and everything. They had walked through the doors of the 3 wishes coffee shop over an hour and a half ago and they had ordered their drinks, often very telling of what someone wanted out of a mate. She had a strong extra hot cup of coffee while he had a Quad shot chocolate covered whipped cream topped coffee drink. They found a booth that was tucked away in a quiet corner of the cafe and while sitting across from each other, they talked about their likes and dislikes.

While they discussed Michael’s love of architecture and reading, he felt instantly at ease with her and noticed that he could tell her anything and he did. He had never done that before, he was usually very cautious and calculating on what he told new people, but Sara was different. Her warm chocolate pools reflected a kindness and purity that put him at ease and as he gazed further into her soul, he realized that she was someone that he could trust. A familiarity washed over him, it was like they had known each other for many years instead of mere hours. He wondered how he lived all those years without knowing her.

Sara discussed her charity work and her volunteering at the hospital. He had an ease about him that was comforting and soothing and she believed she could tell him everything, well not everything. She didn’t tell him about whom she really was, who her parents were, where she lived and she wasn’t sure if she should. She knew that once she told him that it would change what they had, a magically exquisite bond that energized the deepest parts of her. No, she had to hold out a little longer. She couldn’t lose him, not yet. She was shaken out of her reverie by his question.

“What? I am sorry,” She replied as she felt his hands on top of hers. Their first contact, well first deliberate contact and it was delicious. She lowered her gaze to the merging of flesh and drinking in the sight of how his long slender fingers softly caressed her and she welcomed his warmth as it enveloped her. He kept grazing his thumb across her knuckles as encouragement and she felt her body react to his soft touch. The eloquent sound of his voice made her look up at him, once again totally immersed into his deep crystal blue pools.

“What does your Dad do?” he said again. She sat there frozen, not knowing what to do next. “Umm he...” she had to think of something quick, something that wasn’t a complete lie. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and then let out a breath and quickly blurted out “He’s a worker…at the Palace.” She was silent for a moment as she waited for his reaction. “Wow, the Palace that must be a great place to work at. It must be very beautiful on the inside.” She quickly answered in the affirmative, as she hoped this would funnel the conversation to other topics, but he was unrelenting. He asked her about her mother and she gave him the same answer, wanting it to stop, she quickly tried to steer the conversation away from her. “What about your mom?”

He instantly retracted away from her, lowering his gaze to a spot in front of him, denying her the eye contact that she desperately sought to reestablish. She feared that she said or done something to make him distant himself, all she could do was wring her hands together as she thought of a way to make this right. Before she could delve into what had happened he answered with a slight tremble in his voice that was barely above a whisper, “She died when I was 8. My father was never the same after she died, no one was. She was the best part of us. She was our center, our heartbeat.” She could see the pain and the longing on his face as he continued to stare aimlessly in front of him. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

She saw the complete devastation that he tried to hide. He closed his eyes trying to regain his composure and that’s when it happened. She didn’t know where her boldness came from but she acted without hesitation. She got up from her side of the booth and traveled the short distance and slid into the other side where he was sitting. When he felt something next to him he glanced up and turned to her. Before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and gave him a reassuring hug. It took a moment for his mind to register what was happening, but then he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. Her comforting touch soothed his aching soul.

The death of his mother was something he rarely discussed with anyone but it felt right telling Sara. She molded right in his arms, as if she belonged there, meant for only his embrace. She made him feel complete and he never wanted to let her go. She moved one of her hands from his shoulder to hold the back of his head and soothed him as she gently stroked his neck. She spoke soft words of sweet comfort into his ear as they rocked back and forth in a steady rhythm.

Sara was the first to pull away a little but not completely out of his grasp. She could see the burgeoning tears that welled up in his eyes. They were a whisper away from each other and they both looked into each others eyes and seemed to reach an agreement, but Michael made sure that she was the one that made the first move. She started to lean closer, their lips only millimeters away from complete contact and the anticipation was intoxicating but excruciating at the same time. He wanted to just take her lips and bask in their delight, to taste the very essence of her soul but he allowed her to set the pace.

Suddenly they heard the door chime and someone call out. She instantly recognized the voice and knew that she was in trouble as the voice exclaimed “Sara! I have been looking for you all over the kingdom. I was beginning to get worried.”

She instinctively reacted to Katie’s voice and turned to look at her. The moment was shattered and Sara looked down between them as she couldn’t look up at him when she said “I have to leave.”

It felt as if a thousand knives were stuck into his heart at the same time. He released her but his body was not so easily convinced. He just watched her as she made her way for the door.

She turned around and told him that she had a wonderful time, but that is all she could choke out. She knew if she continued she would start to cry and she couldn’t do that, not here and not now. She turned back to Katie feeling that she missed a golden opportunity with Michael and was unsure if it would happen again.

“Sara, wait!”

He caught her arm before she could leave the coffee shop. She turned back and looked at him.

“Sara, could I see you again? Tomorrow? Or any other time you are free?”
Michael put all his hopes on the answer to his question. Her face turned serious as she told him her answer.

Chapter End Notes:
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