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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ok... I think I have to do it quickly before I loose my courage... *coughs*

In March I had suddenly one scene in my head and couldn't get rid of it - and so I had written a little One Shot - and it became surprisingly more, it has now (looks into Windows) 180 pages so far and is still running... :)

The start may be a little 'woodenly' - I had made the mistake to write the One Shot in german, and I got quickly distressed in trying to translate it into english.

But I got help from my husband, Alex - who had much fun helping me and laughed much about it... *rollseyes* ;) But - without his help I would have given in, I'm sure!

And I think I'm a little more used to write in english now, and thanks to my first loyal readers I'm now a little more self-confident then in the beginning. :)

Thanks to Nikki for being my Beta, without your help I wouldn't dare to post it...

And thanks to my loyal readers so far and their encouragment: Nikki, Yenneffer & Emma *hugs* You're the best! :)

So... *looks very nervous around* ...to cut a long story short:
I hope you will enjoy it!
Unexpected Complications



He was moody.

This job sucked, and he shouldn’t even be here… Here at this petty place. A total ordinary overcrowded shopping mall.

Normally he plays in the upper league. He was one of the best.

But since her professional advancement he was only an… an annoying relic - being pushed around by the guy who replaced him. The man was right where he should be - by her side…

“Damn!” he grimaced – he had to stop this.

This pondering over and over wouldn’t get him his old job back.

The nasty pressure of a small transmitter and a muted clicking noise in his ear brought him perfectly back into reality,

"Here’s everything clearly so far, they’re just ordering their meals!" echoed Nigel’s voice indistinctly over the transmitter.

“Just watch out - make sure you‘re not spotted!” the final words were uttered and it was silent again.

Paul raised his right arm and spoke only one word into the small microphone hidden there. “Yup!” focusing his seablue eyes on the man he was supposed to observe.

He had a full view of the thai-restaurant from his seat here in the Starbucks on the other side of the street without being spotted by anyone. He chose this place intentionally because he had ran into some people across the way already and they couldn’t recognize him - this would put the whole mission in jeopardy.

Timothy Irons, an aspiring politician, was having a meeting with some investors willing to backup his election run.

The company was also interested in this man, hence why the observation was very important. Irons and his “business-partners” were eavesdropped on, of course.

Paul sighed. Suddenly he felt like he was being watched.

In an blink of an eye every thought about his personal mess was buried deep inside him and the cool professionality took place again. He put down his Frappucino and reached for his briefcase, pulling out a pen and his appointment scheduler. This gave him time to scrutinise the Coffeeshop inconspicuously.

There was not much going on at the moment. Two employees were working behind the counter, serving their customers needs. The aromatic smell of fresh made coffee hung in the air and the sizzling of frothed up milk entwined with the noise of a mixer in which ice was reduced to small pieces to be served with the next frappucinos.

3 people were queuing up, and several tables were used. A couple was babbling in the far side corner, 2 Men were reading newspapers and 2 girls were laughing and trading secrets behind their hands, probably talking about these guys which they wanted to date at this weekend at some party.

Paul smirked a bit to himself and shifted his eyes back to the window and his scheduler.

Doing so he stretched himself a bit and moved his head slowly around to ease his neck and took another examination of the room without attracting attention.

And then he saw her.....

She stood at the counter, waiting for her cappuccino, taking the opportunity of checking him out more closely.

This young woman, probably around 27 years of age, was dainty, not to say diminutive.

She had a creamy skin and her curly hair was short, but not too short. The curls marked a delicate face from where soft blue eyes twinkled at him whimsically.

First he was a bit puzzled at her blunt gaze, but than he returned her look and she smiled openly. He had to admit: her smile was impressive.

As she turned away from him, to pick up her cappuccino and to pay, he felt a strange feeling in the gut – he was disappointed somewhat.

Surprised by himself, frowning, he shook his head a bit.... What was wrong with him?

He wasn’t here for fun, he should observe Irons.

Paul sighed almost faintly and turned to look again through the toned windows in the direction to the men in suits, who had just got their meals served at that very moment.

They laughed about something Irons had said and then laid eyes on their meals.

“May I?” there was a smooth voice right next to him . Paul – totally fixed on the events happening in the restaurant across the street - quivered and almost made for his gun, located in his holster at his knuckle.

He raised his gaze – and his seablue eyes met a pair of lazuline eyes which would draw him into their depths.

He was able to divert his gaze from those lovely eyes with the greatest effort, only to look into the incredibly beautiful face of the young woman. She was amused, raising an eyebrow, still waiting for an answer.

Trying to apologise, Paul jumped up and offered a chair next to him, cursing himself for this.

What was wrong with him today? Usually he wasn’t that tipped by women, and damn – he had a job to do, regardless of how unwanted this job was.

He was supposed to seize her and send her away – what was he doing instead ?

He was acting like a dumb schoolboy who had lost both his tongue and his brain.

As the foreign woman sat down and he readied her chair, he felt silky strains of her hair on his hand and he felt electrified... there was a sensation which made his tiny hairs stand on end.

He sat down and followed her small, slender hand with a gaze. The hand stroked a red blonde strain of hair away from her eyes, only to have him sink into those eyes again....

Tediously he rid himself of this sight and recognized that she actually talked to him, because she looked at him waiting for an answer.

He cleared his throat trying to get back to the present and asked her: “Excuse me? I am sorry, I didn’t get you” and he felt like an idiot.

She chuckled and meant: “ Oh no, please don’t tell me that my Brit-Speak is this bad that you wouldn’t understand me.” And her eyes flashed mischievous in his direction, so he was not able to do anything else, except laughing and adding: “No. Of course not – I was only .. erhm... distracted.”

She took a sip from her cappuccino, smiled and fancied: “ I am relieved.. I said my name is Nikki and would it be possible that you help me?”


Paul wasn’t sure. Should he help her? Hell, yes.. and it didn’t matter what kind of help she needed. He was bewildered as he realised he would help her no matter what.

How could this small person have such an influence on him? He couldn’t quite understand, but before he could get to the bottom of his thoughts he surprised himself by responding, “But of course... how can I help you, Nikki ?

And again he tried to make eye-contact with her.

She looked back at him, and then – as she could see something in his blue eyes – a gentle colouring grew on her cheeks and her eyelashes covered her beautiful eyes shyly.

“For starters-You could give me your name.”

“Paul – my name is Paul” he hurried to say, and he was rewarded with her nice laughter.

“Paul.. Okay” she said softly, and smiled at him.

“Paul, I am new to this neighbourhood and wanted to meet with my girlfriend, but she called to tell me there was a family-emergency and she couldn’t make it. And there I am, an English girl alone in the middle of Chicago and I am in no mood to spend the evening on my own... and”
She turned pink and looked quite a bit nervous and lost and hurried on: ”…and when I saw you, I took a chance and wanted to ask if you would join me for the evening?”

She bit her bottom-lip and with a few seconds delay, she raised her head and looked at him a bit uncertain, the remains of a blush still visible on her beautiful face.

At first Paul didn’t know what in heavens name he was supposed to say – he wasn’t a wallflower for sure, but it didn’t happen every day that you were asked by such a beautiful woman. And, despite himself, his conscience rebelled in the background: “...and especially not when you`re supposed to be observing someone!.”

At the delay in Paul’s reply, Nikki’s cheeks got more pink than before and she said softly,

“Well, usually I have a good intuition for Humans and I had the impression that you would be a nice and honourable Guy and that’s why I talked to you in the first place.”

Paul, trying to divert his attention from Nikki’s perfect lips, drank a bit from his frappuccino, almost choking on it.
Nice? Honourable? Him? The guy that had not one, but many names. The guy who had taken the lives of many people in the name of the Government.

He could feel that he was starring at her with his mouth wide open and he shut his mouth immediately.

“Have I been wrong about you, Paul?” Nikki asked with such a silent voice, so he had trouble understanding her.

Again receiving no answer she nodded to herself, grabbed her handbag and stood up in a fluent motion.

“I am sorry for disturbing you.”

Nikki turned away, shaking him out of his stupor and he reached out, grabbed her hand - and gently held her back.


At the very moment their hands met, it felt as if a spark jumped from Nikki to Paul. He gasped for air.

It looked as if Nikki felt the same way as her breath came in light pants. Their gazes were drawn to each other like magnets and each sank into the eyes of the other, delicate spring-blue drowning in crystal clear sea-blue.

It felt to both of them as if this moment would last for all eternity. Neither of them said anything, neither moved their hand away, neither moved at all... They were drawn to each other, absorbing each others sight enjoying the sudden tension in the air.

Then it was like the two were awaking from a long, deep dream – Nikki blinked, and pulled back her hand from his long, slender fingers, only to bite herself slightly again on the bottom lip - a sign of her insecurity, he noticed.

Her breathing was a bit faster as normal and he noticed that he himself was out of sync with the breathing.

He cleared his throat, looked quickly through the window in the direction of Irons, seeing the company of people still having their lunch and turned back to Nikki.

After that a very enjoyable talk arose between the two of them and – as he admitted to himself - Paul enjoyed it.

He glanced repeatedly across to the thai-restaurant, but he only saw that the circle now had switched to desserts.

Nikki was a very interesting woman. She worked for an international freight company and seemed to be very competent.

But above that, she was very charming, funny, profound, sexy, timid and so much more – she was multi-facetted and she enchanted him. He was magically drawn to her.

It didn’t take long for her to closed in on Paul, only to show him some pictures on her cellphone – and secretly he took a deep breath to absorb another facet of her. She smelled like Honey and Almonds... a very fine and attractive flavour that intoxicated his senses.

Paul could not let go and secretly watched her over and over again when he had the feeling she was not paying attention.

How could there be so much power in such a tiny person?

How would it be if she..... He forcefully shook the image of her, lying between soft pillows in a big bed, out of his head as a rustle and clicking noise sounded in his ear, pulling him immediately back to reality.


Nigel’s voice, sounding stressed, came in through static clicking,

“Spark to Flame.... Spark to Flame – it’s getting hot out there!”

Paul gazed swiftly through the window to the restaurant – and he felt cold and hot at the same time as he realized that the company of people were getting ready to leave. Even worse, two guys - who he knew - were heading right to the entrance of the Coffee Shop.

“Damn it!” Paul snapped between gritted teeth and desperately thought about what he could do now – there was no newspaper lying on the table behind which he could have hide himself and it was far too long to the restrooms for him to get there without being seen.

There was no way he could hide now. It was too late. He had grounded the mission, Kim would be very angry and that could cost him his head.

Nikki, surprised by Paul’s startled behaviour, watched him for a few seconds baffled, watching how the incredibly fascinating seablue eyes narrowed and searched the room - only to stop at her face.

“What’s up?”

Nikki questioned him as he grabbed her, pulled her over – and kissed her...


She was surprised at first, but as the pleasurable feelings took over she allowed the kiss. She allowed Paul to explore her lips and then her mouth...

Her thoughts fell into chaos. All “ifs”, “whats” and “nos” shot through her head but were immediately pushed aside due to the feelings the kiss gave her. She didn’t think anymore, she only felt... and what she felt was incredible.

She pulled back, breathless, but his big hands would not let go – gently he cupped her face, stroking through her silky hair and pulling her closer for another scorching kiss...

Nigel, back in Paul’s ear, asked,

“What the hell are you doing?” But Paul didn’t care if there were some people who could recognize him as a government agent only half a metre away from him - and they only had to turn to see him, but he really didn’t care! He didn’t care what they would think, he didn’t care what Nigel would think. Nothing else mattered, only this moment, this kiss, this woman.

It had been a long time since he felt as alive as he did in that moment.

As he didn’t have any possibility of escape, he realised that Nikki would be his only cover, the only opportunity to attract attention but not get recognized. That’s why he chose to do this, at least that was what he told himself.

But to hold her, feel her, smell her and taste her – that was so much more than he could endure – it was like being sucked into a vortex, into a deep, dark hole and he didn’t want to end it..

Nikki looped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss, allowing it to get more heartfelt, even hotter. He could feel the heat of her body against his, now soft and willingly. He tasted her tongue, exploring playfully against his own.

As they pulled back from each other, their faces slightly red, sharing their sudden embarrassment at their loose of control. Nikki’s hair was messy, her eyes shimmering from the shared feelings. Just as they parted, the door closed behind the businessmen and Paul knew they were heading for the underground garage.

At the desk next to them, the two teenagers were staring at Paul and Nikki, mouths wide open. Paul could not resist a leer in their direction.

Nikki was still sitting next to him, her breath coming in rapid gasps. Her cheeks were still glowing and her lazuline eyes were shining as she starred at him like she had seen Brad Pitt as flesh and blood.

Nigel insisted that Paul hurry up and he knew if he was to save the mission, he had to act now.

He pulled a napkin from the table, grabbed his ball-pen out of his pocket and wrote his mobile number on the napkin.

After that, he stood up, bowed down to Nikki who was looking up at him with huge wide eyes, and took her face tenderly in his big hands, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on her full lips once more.

“Call me, Sweetie.. Unfortunately I have to go, now.”

He grabbed his briefcase and made two steps before making a split second decision. He turned around again to give her a last kiss, now hard and demanding, letting his tongue dance in her mouth.

For a last time, his seablue eyes merged with hers, and the last words Nikki heard were,

”Promise... call me?”

Then the door closed and he was gone...

Nikki was left behind, totally stunned with burning lips, longing desire and many people gazing at her, the smooth hands still holding on to the napkin on which Paul’s number was written....

Chapter End Notes:
Well... that was the little One Shot... :)
Surprisingly it got so much more... and maybe I should mention that everything after that is written immediately in english, so that I don't have the problem again to write first in german and than to have to translate it all...
Thanks again for Nikki, always reading through it to even things out... :)