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Story Notes:

This story is completely AU. Some of the characters in this story are a bit different. The biggest change that you will probably notice is Sara. I took her and made her into more of a 'suductress bad-ass type.' =)

I hope you enjoy my attempt into AU no mans land.


Author's Chapter Notes:

So, I decided to start yet another story. Lately I have had all these ideas for PB fics swirling around in my head. I am still newer in the whole fanfic world, so let me know what you think

Good?Bad? let me know if you think I should keep going.

Also- if you have any suggestions or anything else to say, I would love to hear from you =)



He strolled amongst the upper crest of society with fluid ease. His attire sharp and streamlined- much like the presence of slick confidence that he exuded. He was calm. Cool. He was known in the inner circles for his uncanny ability to keep cool in even the most desperate of situations. His stare was unwavering, and many would even say hypnotizing. His confidence was almost cocky but quiet and unassuming.

How one man could exude such exact opposites was anyone's guess. No one knew what to make of the man behind the sleek, navy business suit, sharp tie and stylish cuff links that seemed to always catch just the right glint of light. Such a man was almost un-natural. But there he was, watching over the sea of people like an eagle watches their prey. His latest mission was to observe. Like any good associate, he took in the whole picture, assessed, then struck if necessary.


Mice at play were easy to watch. However, there was one thing that was throwing off the entire scene before him. A new piece of the picture emerged before his eyes. As though he had made a new discovery, he waltzed over to the bar and ordered himself his usual scotch on the rocks. He was able to get closer to the sight his eyes were feasting upon. She was a towering sight of beauty. He inwardly sucked in his breath, taking in every inch of her. Her body was wrapped in a beautiful black, strapless silk dress. The material hugged all the right curves and then gently flowed away from her sensuous form. She had her hair twisted up with all but a few whisps framing her beautiful face.


She felt eyes boring into her back. She smiled inwardly. There was no need to turn around as she knew who was staring at her. She loved how the very sight of her could reduce powerful men to nothing more than helpless little creatures. She was also vastly aware that the man to woman ratio in the room also worked in her favor. Most of the women were nameless, faceless creatures dressed up in expensive gowns. They were mere arm candy for the men to feast upon. She was never any mans arm piece, and then again- she was no ordinary woman. 


This game of cat and mouse may become old and drab to some, but for her, it became a drug. She thrived off of the unbridled power she held in her hands. She gave it a matter of a minute and then in the most calculated of fashions, turned and walked directly over to the bar. She was now face-to-face with her prey. There was something different about her latest target. He exuded an air of mystique she was not used to seeing in the eyes of men. If he had been thrown off guard by her initial presence, he certainly was not showing it.


He tilted the liquid amber in his glass to his lips. The liquid fire burned down the back of his throat- just how he liked it. The exotic creature was now standing beside him, leaning in a seductive manner against the mahogany bar. A battle of wits was now certainly at play.

Who was she? It was rare to see a woman that held such a presence and power in this world- their world. He could tell by how she carried herself. Was she new to the game? Why hadn't a spark of recognition ignited in his mind by now? He was never a man who forgot his prey or adversaries, much less one that was so enigmatically beautiful. He could feel her eyes watching him methodically sip his drink. As he took one last sip and slid the glass back on to the elaborately ornate bar, she finally spoke.


"Mr. Scofield, we finally meet."


She stated the words so simply. Her tone was cool yet authoritative. There was an underlying seductive manner in which she spoke. She believed since she was a woman, she would use it to her advantage. In these circles, it was her greatest asset- and weapon. She waited for a response from the man in front of her.

She saw the faintest flash of surprise in his eyes. He was a master of deception, but the subtle change in his eye contact was enough to tell her he was unsure of the last player in the game standing before him. She decided she would have pity for the pretty creature standing before her and properly introduce herself.


"My name is Sara Tancredi. You were an associate of my late father, Frank Tancredi."


It was then that everything made sense to him. Frank Tancredi had been an unexpected casualty of the latest heist. He certainly went down in history as a legend of sorts in their circles. His name swirled on the lips of those in this crust of society. Many had wondered what would happen to his fortune. He had built a dynasty of sorts surrounding him. The power behind the man was remarkable- to say the very least. All the questions surrounding his recent death and lasting legacy were instantly answered in the presence of his successor- the powerful astute older man was being replaced by the statuesque seductress known as his own daughter.


Mr. Scofield turned and offered his hand to Ms. Tancredi.


"Ah yes, a pleasure to meet you Ms. Tancredi. I believe there are many people who would be very interested to know who the mysterious woman of the evening is."


Sara's lip curled upwards ever so slightly at his response. She did not have time for small talk and decided they needed to talk about matters in a setting away from prying eyes and ears. She leaned in only inches from his ear. Whispering in a barely audible tone,


"Mr. Scofield. I have a proposition for you. I suggest that it is in your best interest to meet me up at suite 2012. I will turn and retreat to my room right after this. You will follow suite twenty minutes later. Knock four times, then two. I will be waiting for you."


Like a ghost, she was gone. He was intrigued by this mysterious woman. What did she want from him? Frank Tancredi had always been a great ally of his, but he never knew of his daughter. If he didn't know any better, she was going to be even more of a force to be reckoned with than her father. Ever the professional, Michael ever so discreetly checked his watch. He had exactly 17 minutes before his meeting with the mysterious Ms. Tancredi.


"Bartender, I think I would like another Scotch on the rocks."


Michael Scofield nodded at the bartender as he quickly obliged.


‘Things were certainly about to get a lot more interesting,' he thought to himself.

Chapter End Notes:

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