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It's Not Over: Game On

Michael Scofield came home after a long week. The week was his honeymoon with is wife Sara Tancredi-Scofield. Sara picked up the mail that was in the box, while Michael carried the luggage. Michael plopped on the sofa and looked at Sara, who was sorting through the mail.

" You don't have to do that now," Michael told her," Sort through the mail later. We've had a long flight."

Sara sat down next to him and put her head on his shoulder.

" It was a great week," Sara admitted," No distractions, just you and me."

" In Baja," Michael told her," Didn't I tell you it's great down there."

Sara looked at him and shook her head. Michael told her about how great Baja was back during the riots at Fox River. Sara knew Michael was only trying to keep her calm at the time, but it didn't work much.

" You did," Sara finally said," It was awesome."

Michael ended up placing a kiss on her, which Sara took in and it didn't let up there. Several hours later, Sara was again sorting through the mail. Michael came up and wrapped his arms around her.

" What are you doing?" Michael asked," Come back to bed."

Sara looked at him.

" Time to get back to real life," Sara told him," We've got work to get back to on Monday. Do you remember what work is Michael?"

" I'm trying to enjoy the free time," Michael said," Before I got back to the office. So what to you say?"

Sara just smiled.

" Bills, magazines, ads," Sara said," Usual stuff."

Sara then saw a big brown envelope.

" This has your name on it," Sara said," But no return address."

Michael looked at it. The envelope was thick and he didn't know what to think of it.

" Are you going to open it?" Sara asked," It looks important."

Michael put it down.

" What's important is now," Michael said," You and me Sara."

Michael ended up picking her up.

" Michael," Sara said," I can walk you know."

Michael carried Sara back to the bedroom.

Several more hours later, Michael woke up and looked at Sara sleeping beside him. He smiled and kissed her forehead. Michael then got up and headed out into the kitchen, where the envelope was. He looked at it and opened it. What came out confused him for it was a map and instructions. A DVD was also inside. It wasn't marked so Michael just put it in. A few seconds later, he saw a face, a face he thought he would never see again.

" Hello Michael," he heard," You might think I'm dead, but I'm not. You think you've moved on, maybe you have, but you can't escape your past."

Michael listened to more, but didn't know what to make of it. In the back of his mind, he did think that Gretchen Morgan was dead.

" Since you're watching this," Gretchen said," I must tell you. You left something behind."

Michael then saw another face and it made him look closer.

" You do remember Crystal, don't you?" Gretchen asked," Or have you've forgotten her because you married Sara. Crystal has forgotten you. So how about it Michael, do you remember?"

Michael shook his head. He couldn't believe who he was looking at.

" Crystal," Michael said.

" Michael," he heard.

Michael paused the video.

" Sara," Michael said.

Sara sat next to him.

" What's wrong?" Sara asked.

Sara then looked at the screen.

" That's not who I think it is?" Sara asked.

" It's Gretchen," Michael said," I think she's the one who sent this. The envelope."

Sara looked at the materials inside.

" What's all this about?" Sara asked.

" Look," Michael said," At the screen."

Sara did.

" As you can see," Gretchen said," There's somebody here who misses you."

Sara then froze the screen on the other woman's face, then she looked at Michael.

" Do you know her?" Sara asked.

Michael nodded his head and looked down.

" Who is she Michael?" Sara asked.

Michael had plenty to explain.

" Her name is Crystal," Michael answered," Crystal Tinsdale. I was with her before I went to Fox River. I hurt her so much Sara. I forgot about her, until now. How did they find out?"

Sara sat back.

" These instructions," Sara said," It looks like a code."

Michael turned back on the video.

" Michael," Gretchen said," How can you forget someone who loves you? Crystal did. I think she still does. I'm going to give you three weeks to figure out where I have her and to come get her. If you don't figure it out, Crystal is dead."

The video then went blank.

" Oh my God," Michael said," I can't let that happen. I have to figure this out."

Sara looked at him.

" Michael," Sara said," You can't do that. We just got married. You don't even know where to look."

" That's what I need to find out," Michael told her," Sara, I can't let anything happen to Crystal. I have to make it up to her. I owe her that."

Sara got up and went back to the bedroom. Michael sat at the table and looked at the materials.

" Some how, someway," Michael thought," I'm going to figure this out and bring Crystal back home.